Photos: CedarBridge vs Berkeley Rugby

March 7, 2012

CedarBridge Academy hosted the Berkeley Institute at the Police Field for a Rugby battle yesterday afternoon [Mar.6].

Berkeley sported eight youngsters who played on National Team and they were looking to repeat their last performance against CedarBridge which saw Berkeley winning big. However CedarBridge was looking to show how much they had improved, when the battle was over CedarBridge emerged victorious 25 – 15.

Cedarbridge got tries from Tahj Toussaint, Wendell Anderson, Avery Williams, Ndavyah Williams and Tyler McGlashan, while Stefan Edwards scored two tries for Berkeley who also got a try from Joshua DeAllie.

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  1. Sean Field-Lament says:

    Congratulations to Cedarbridge- good game of rugby- nice to see the game of rugby picking up amongst the youth! Well done ro the BRFU on their visionary youth development program.

  2. Winnie says:

    I concur Sean, great job all around by all, I see where the BRFU programme is paying off. Saw a bit of this game the youngsters especially CBA are growing into the game by leaps and bounds.

  3. Beyond says:

    Well done CBA,
    Your team is improving every week, and you play as a team, one unit with a common goal.
    Berkeley it is time to step up your game, and great opening game ‘OJ’ !!
    Bernews are these all the pictures? Some of the players want to design posters and things and would appreciate the originals, even the blurry ones.

  4. Drew says:

    From a spectators point of view the reff made some unfair calls on berkeley’s part. Like at 1:00 in the video #4 knocked a stray ball over the cedarbridge players head and caught it and was about to score, but called him back saying you can’t do that. Please correct me if im wrong, but isn’t a knock on when the ball goes forward from a players hands and touches the ground? Good game though, well played Cedarbridge and Berkeley.

    • Beyond says:

      The match was mainly to help introduce new players without putting league standings in jeopardy, yes some things did slide in order to build confidence and get some continuity, selective calls by the official are necessary (and normal) to aide development and prevent bad habits in younger teams. Note that despite the call he followed the instruction without arguing with the ref or throwing a fit.
      But yes, you are correct; if you knock the ball forward and it does not touch another player, body part or the ground you can play on.