Police Car Crashes Responding To Burglary

April 12, 2012

Yesterday morning [Apr.11] the police received a call just past 11am reporting that a burglary took place at a Devonshire residence, and a marked police car responding to the burglary was involved in a collision with a Government van.

“Around 11:20am on Wednesday, April 11th police responded to a reported burglary at a Chaingate Hill, Devonshire residence,” said a police spokesperson.

“An item of jewellery was reported stolen during the incident; however just prior, the occupant was able to escape to a neighbour’s property where police were called and promptly attended.

“A marked police car responding to the scene was involved in a damage only collision with a Government van in the area. The police vehicle received front end damage while the Government vehicle received relatively minor damage. There were no reported injuries.

“Inquiries are ongoing and police are appealing for anyone who may have seen any suspicious activity in the Chaingate Hill, Devonshire area between 10:30am and 11:15am Wednesday, April 11th to contact the Hamilton Criminal Investigation Unit on 295-0011.”

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Comments (11)

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  1. Whistling Frog says:

    Why don’t the police hire people like me to drive and all they have to do is jump out the vehicle and catch um…. With all these police cars being smashed up, I think they should go back to the paddle bike days… SMDH

  2. all clogged up says:

    hahahahah another Tax Payer asset written off…..their driving skills don’t improve no matter how many driving courses they take, authorized drivers are not allowed to exceed the speed limit are they? level one or whatever the hell they call it aren’t much better than the average civilian driver…..no accountability str8 the way through the civil service….another example of over paid under performing government workers costing us $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  3. enough says:

    The police vehicle received front end damage. Would indicate to me that the van entered its path, ie was at fault. Can envisage the police choosing to drive straight into an imovable object unless avoiding another or unable to react quickly enough to an unforseen happening.

    You can be F1 standard driver but nothing accounts for another’s idiocy.

    Anyway, I know you lot like to blame the police for all the Islands’ ills so I’ll leave you to your usual programming.

    As you were.

    • Seen it with my own eyes says:

      While driving to and from Spicelands the other day, I was nearly taken out by SEVERAL speeding police vehicles!! They came so close to hitting me from behind that it shook my entire vehicle!! I was literally shaking when I got to where I was going. On my return, the same thing happened only this time it was a long line of speeding police bikes. What on earth is going on out there?? I asked at a local shop out there and the reply was “oh, they do that ALL DAY LONG out here!!” Mind you, there are 2 schools in that area. What are they doing? Practicing scaring people and school children to death?? Someone is going to get hurt. If these were training practices, then they need a heck of a lot more training because they are horrible high speed drivers.]

      Oh, and I would like a refund on my taxes for the 5 police cars I have already paid to be fixed. Thankyouverymuch!!

      • cant_win says:

        …The police have to train too…

        If they didn’t train, you’d complain that they cannot ride/drive.
        When they train, you complain that they cannot ride/drive.

        Maybe, you should just focus on getting out of the way when you hear a siren?

        Should the police avoid passing school’s at high speed? What about pedestrian crossings? What about when they are speeding to your house?

        Get a life.

      • enough says:

        Did they have any emergency equipment showing? Were they liveried?
        Had you been using your mirrors, as you should be, every 8 seconds or so, you’d have seen them coming, indicated and moved safely to the side at an appropriate spot….but of course, it couldn’t be your poor awareness of road conditions around you that caused this ‘shock’? Yeah, thought not.

        Literally shaking when you arrived? Sounds like you were in no fit state to complete your journey after this heinous incident of shocking police driving, yet you continued in your distracted and distraught state to drive your one ton weapon of mass distruction around these tiny roads with us innocent drivers all around you. Great.

        Your taxes already pay for mechanics to be employed full time to deal with regular wear and tear on a police fleet which is expected to do far more miles than your soccer Mom mobile. Yes, accidents cost more money but your bias is obvious here as you assume that the police were at fault and thus were liable for the damage in these 5 incidents of which you speak. They may well have been, I don’t know but neither do you. It could be that no tax dollars were spent as the other party was at fault and thus their insurance company paid. Didn’t think of that though did you?

      • Finally left! says:

        How do you not notice a police coming?

        The only time the scare me is when I only notice them when they are right next to me, and thats my fault, not theirs…

        lol you lot worry about the police driving over there, which is baffling because i was absolutely astonished when i realized ambulances and firetrucks in the UK CANNOT speed… the thought that emergency vehicles must keep pace with the rest somewhat scares me.

    • Finally left! says:


      Funny.. .people are one day praising BPS for their job, calling for them to get raises on another day, and then bashing their driving as if they’re some taxpayer liability… A tree could fall on their car on the way to an incident and somehow it would be their fault it seems lol

      I think your second paragraph is the best, adn really should apply to ALL drivers.. everyone may think they are the best, and generally i would agree… its the OTHER person you always ahve to worry about.

      • enough says:

        It’s comical really. Call 911 and whine about response times, then whine about fast driving.

    • Bda Jayme says:

      Not necessarily – the police cat that struck me received front end damage and I received rear end damage. No he didnt have his siren going – I was stopped for a red light and he didn’t simple as that. His excuse – his foot got stuck under the brake – go figure that one out.

  4. WTF BDA says:

    Must have had the call sent directly to his cell phone as he/she was driving to the scene and had no hands free device so they could use some of the driving skills that the taxpayer spends a fortune on.
    This is like the fifth vehicle this year.
    Oh wait maybe they got a special deal on “bridgestone” tires that aren’t good on Bermuda’s roads. NAH!