Murder Remains Unsolved Two Years Later

April 2, 2012

Kimwandae Walker nov picTwo years ago today [Apr.2], 35-year-old Kimwandae Walker was gunned down in front of his two children at a Good Friday kite flying celebration, with his brutal murder remaining unsolved two years later.

Mr Walker was attending a ‘family fun day’ with his two young children at Victor Scott school field on April 2, 2010.  At around 2pm he was flying a kite with his two young children when two men on a motorbike burst onto the field and opened fire at him, shooting seven bullets into him as he tried to flee.

Mr Walker’s mother Michelley Walker has previously spoken out saying, “One moment he was frolicking with his children, teaching them to fly kites and generally enjoying his time with them.

“The next moment he was running for his life as he was being chased by persons with a gun determined to end his life – and this they did, while his children ages 9 & 4, watched in horror.

“They will forever have the memory of seeing him shot down like an animal in their hearts and their minds. To see the pain on their faces breaks what’s left of my heart.”

Video compilation from last year’s vigil in memory of Mr Walker:

Mrs Walker appealed for peace and asked people to speak up for the families and the children of those of have been left fatherless. She called for the community to end gun violence, and said she prays for God to look over everyone.

To date, no one has been brought before the courts for Mr Walker’s murder, and the case remains open. Police have determined that the offenders were riding a light coloured 125 scooter, one of the shooters had a green scarf over his face, and one of the shooters possibly had scarring

Police continue to work on the case, and have appealed many times for anyone with any information about the murder of Kimwandae Walker to come forward, especially anyone who may have video and or photos from Victor Scott field that day.

Anyone with any information on Mr Walker’s murder is encouraged to contact the Serious Crime Unit on 295-0011 or the independent, confidential Crime Stoppers Bermuda hotline on 800-8477 or via their website, where tips can be left anonymously.

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  1. Bermudian says:

    It’s sad that no one has come forward. With all the witnesses at the field, someone had to have known them. People need to stop being scared of these little punks. If you know who they are, bring them in. Who are they to take someone’s life?

    • Shaking My Head.. says:


    • Tommy Chong says:

      How would any of the witnesses have known them? They had their faces covered & all were running for safety. The only ones who might know are the wannabe gangsters on this island & I’m sure they’re not about to run to tell. Unless our government legislates a law making gangs illegal there will not a way of getting information from the members of them.

      There were 2 men arrested as suspects of this murder. What happened? They must have been arrested because the police knew something about them. Maybe they were gang members who had some connection to the case but since being a gang member is not illegal the police can’t hold them without further evidence. We have dumb laws in Bermuda that allow gangs to profit while we lack laws that could be used to stop gangs. Don’t blame the witnesses blame our security minister who has done nothing so far except getting a useless book published that tells us what most of us already know.

  2. Ya Gota B Kiddin says:

    This Island is Finished!!! Or should i say “That Island.”

  3. gimme a break ! says:

    The thing that amazes me is that people here make it there business to know your business,but when it comes to using information for good they dont no (nuffin)

    • bermuda is another world says:

      @ gimme me a break…that is so true!! Bermudian will be all up in your Business, nothing to do with them, but when it come to something like this there lips are sealed.

  4. People Are Scared!! says:

    Of course people wanna do the right thing and come forward and report who it was that murdered Kimwandae Walker but then what is gonna happen to them. We can’t count on the government and police to protect us after they have recieved our information as you can see from previous cases which is totally UNACCEPTABLE! Do u think peole are gonna put their lives in jeopardy and get NOTHING in return? Hell No! You would be a FOOL to do that in a SMALL community like Bermuda. You better give people a much better and SAFER incentive to cooperate. I will never come forward and tell on a murdurer if i knew that no one was gonna protect me afterward! Thats the problem right there! U need to send me and my family to another country, buy me a house, support me until i can support myself and then and only then will you get the information you need! Nothing Less!!

    • bermuda is another world says:

      So true I’m surpise, …. didn’t come forward with info, after all that who the police listen to. I’m just saying

  5. gimme a break ! says:

    @ people are scared
    WOW ! Thats is my point, bermuda has become a place where
    every one wants a fast buck or something with out working for it, a place where we sit around and complain about the bad things going on in our society but we really dont want to do any thing about it because we would have one less negative thing to gossip about.
    ps. I dont know the people involved but I do wonder how do people would feel if something happened to some one they cared about, whether they where involved in a gang or some one just minding their own business..wouldnt you want some one to to come foward..

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Not every one wants a fast buck or something with out working for it in Bermuda. Many of us even if we have a job that pays good money struggle because of the high price of housing, electricity & food to feed our family. There’s a misconception that all Bermudians can afford a yearly trip, fancy cloths, cars, jewelry & cell phones. Maybe some of us lead on this misconception by charging to our credit cards & taking out loans for what we know we can’t pay back but this happens globally & is actually one of the reasons for the recession.

      Another misconception is that we all gossip & this is not true as many don’t want to hear about something that will ad to their stress. Also even if quite a bit of us gossip it doesn’t go as far as who murdered who because that information is not something that is let out from the source that easily. Yes there may be some who go on about, “That so n so sits on the road all day selling drugs & buys his mamma a new car every year.” This is the type of gossip I’m sure has reached the BPS ears already but there’s little they can do with it. The police can go & search the so n so being gossiped about but I’m sure the person doesn’t keep the drugs on them & has a runner operation that can easily be learned by watching one of the many gangster films. I know I have been harping on other post about BPS not being hard on the gangster wannabes while the poster named enough throws policing procedure laws back at me. The poster enough is right police will be reprimanded if that came down on gangster wannabes just because of gossip & did not follow procedure. Maybe I shouldn’t pester this poster so much because I’ve always known about procedure but I feel some police should just take that risk & go dirty harry on these punks. I do realize this may cost them their lively & is not advisable I just get frustrated when violent crimes continue to happen. This is why I’ve realized & can’t keep on about police when their hands are tied by law. For this same reason people can’t go on about witnesses because if you were not there or did not see exactly who the perpetrator was your gossip will not hold up in court. Who’s case we need to get on is our government who can make laws that make gang affiliation illegal. If it was illegal to be in a gang it would give power to police to arrest these people twisting their fingers up & getting gang tattoos plus others who blatantly shout out their membership. If the police were allowed to do this they could bring in small time wannabes & leverage a confession about a shooter or big timer over setting up a new life for them abroad. This would be better because small time wannabes have less to lose & know more facts then a member of the public with a decent job & family who’s heard some hear say that may put them in danger IF it turns out to be true.