Transformer Explosion Causes Power Outage

July 26, 2012

[Updated] BELCO has confirmed that the power outage in Hamilton this afternoon [July 26] was caused by a transformer explosion inside BELCO’s Park Road Substation at 3.18pm. As Park Road is one of four transformers feeding the City of Hamilton,  approximately one-fourth of the City lost power at that time.

A BELCO spokesperson said: “Electricity service to all customers was restored at approximately 4:15 pm, after, at approximately 3:18 pm, a transformer explosion occurred inside BELCO’s Park Road Substation, whilst the substation’s second transformer was off-line, outside, undergoing maintenance; no one was hurt.

“Park Road is one of four transformers feeding the City of Hamilton, so approximately one-fourth of the City lost power at that time, particularly in the northern section between Park Road, Par-la-Ville Road, Church & Reid Streets and Burnaby Hill.

“Please note that traffic lights serving the area have been affected. Work to restore electricity service to affected customers began immediately. BELCO estimates that service should be restored by 4:30 pm. The Park Road Substation will continue to operate with one transformer, as work is undertaken to make permanent repairs.

“This power outage was not related to increased summer load. The cause of the transformer fault will be investigated. BELCO apologises to customers for the inconvenience caused by this incident and thanks them for their patience.”

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Comments (17)

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  1. holeupwaitamimit!! says:

    These surges can prove very costly, any chance of some discounts being offered BELCO, saying sorry still doesn’t fix the amount of money these outages can cost.. wonder how long it will take to repair”explosion” fallout.

  2. terry says:

    And I told Chris Famouss to check engine four 5 hours ago.

  3. Opressed says:

    And the beat, doesn’t go on!

  4. Cathy says:

    Belco needs to manage their emergency line messages much better – if there’s a major outage then say so before you make the customer listen to a suggestion that you haven’t paid you bill and what the charge will be if the repair man has to come out. Very poor customer relation management but I guess they don’t really need to put much effort into it being a monopoly!

  5. Flywheel says:

    You should read the headline on the story before talking about people. It was a transformer that was the issue.

    • Well says:

      Actually, if there was any anomalies leading up to the explosion, with all of Belco’s monitoring systems, its very likely trouble could’ve been spotted well in advance.

  6. Liars! says:

    all these Belco problems sound alot like when ENRON bought out the state of California’s Hydro system, then turned around and made up a bunch of problems so they could hike there cashflow up as they were in the dragnet.

    Remember the PLP telling them how to run there business too?

    Well get ready, l think there is alot more to come of this “explosion”

    • Da real says:

      We should have long jumped on board with alternative energy!!
      Why are we still stuck in the 50′s depending on one Electrical Company that literally owns the monopoly and still has the audacity to even publish an article suggesting they are feeling the effects of the Recession…
      Correct me if I’m wrong, but how is it they control 90% of the electrical population within the country and still wanting to raise our price on electricity. Is anyone out here really paying attention to this?? Cause there are so many ways to generate electricity and we are being stagnated finically.
      Pay attention to what’s really going on and work together towards positive change, if not, the road ahead will be even longer then what it looks now!!

      • Future says:

        What a load of nonsense. If you want credibility, post about how you achieved energy independence otherwise the only energy you are creating is from the hot air from your words. No offense but this is a technically inept commentary.

  7. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Belco playing stupid games AGAIN . Ever since the old Bermuda money decided to pull up stakes and sell their shares in BELCO we have had our service interuppted on a weekly basis . Stop playing games BELCO and give the people the service that you said you could .

  8. tricks are for kids says:

    Belco …..all this issues since government turned you down…I hope all these “problems” are not intentional…….

    • Future says:

      Stop this juvenile talk. Belco has enough problems. Deliberately causing equipment failure is not on their agenda. They would face even more pressure, not less. Higher insurance bills. More pressure for the public. More pressure from govt. less profits from an already bleeding bottom line. This is not deliberate but does point to how under informed the public are. BELCO must do a better job of communicating in layman’s terms.

  9. Spilt milk says:

    For all you Who think its a big game.. 1 outages hurts the economy so y would Belco perposley shut power off in d city….
    N 2 somebody way almost injured from d explosion so chill!!
    Actually f@&$n chill

  10. I guess its time for another business trip to Bermuda.

    We can look after your back office systems in Canada; reliable; lower cost; highly educated, professional workforce; secure systems; always on power supplies, high speed internet connection allows you to access your data from anywhere, anytime (as long as your power is on)

  11. Lady says:

    I find it interesting that it is stated that “Electricity service to all customers was restored at approximately 4:15 pm” I sat at my desk until 4:45, and the building was still without power when I left.