Teenager Remanded In Custody, Bail Revoked

July 30, 2012

In Magistrates Court this morning [July 30], 18-year-old Tahj Robinson who has been on bail and mandated to wear an electronic monitoring device [EMD] had his limited freedom revoked.

He appeared this morning and had to answer to an allegation that he had breached his bail conditions which required him to be at his stated residence 24 hours a day.

The facts reported to Senior Magistrate Archie Warner were that in the evening of Friday 27th July, Mr Robinson’s EMD had malfunctioned. Mr Robinson had reported the matter and had been directed to go to the Hamilton Police Station. At the police station the matter was resolved and he was given one hour — starting at 10pm –to get back to his stated residence.

However the EMD’s GPS tracker indicated that at 10:43pm, he was in the vicinity of Horseshoe Bay and well away from his stated residence. Police followed up and went to Mr Robinson’s home at 11:00pm and found that he was not home.

The Court heard that Mr Robinson did not turn up at his stated residence until approximately 2am, several hours late. At that time Police took him into custody. In Court this morning Mr Robinson admitted being late arriving home that night.

The Senior Magistrate revoked his bail and ordered him remanded into custody until an already scheduled appearance tomorrow.

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Comments (13)

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  1. Enforcer says:

    How stupid can this guy be! He gets a curfew and still tries to beat the system. Give an inch and they take a mile. Someone in his household must have known he was out beyond his curfew! Maybe they should get a bracelet too.

  2. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    HaHaHa HA!
    served his @$$ right!

  3. me says:

    o well mommy I am sure your in tears.I guess you have one too.

  4. Oh Well says:

    You can’t help stupid! He wanted to do as he pleases, now he has to pay the price. Just a waste, a good example to other young people of how NOT to direct your life and carry yourself.

    As we used to say “ser you right”!!

  5. coke boi says:

    FREE DUKEY AMerica N G STREET quality G S

  6. Just a Young Mind says:

    When are you gonna learn. The life your trying to live aint worth it. Guys are 18 going court and wearing bracelets and all that like its some fashion statement. Yah just a dumb yout caught all up in d hype smh

  7. One Way says:

    Dumb bies I tell you. Where’s ya boys when u need em? Not on curphew! Learn ya lesson idiot.

  8. liz says:

    Really seems like this judge has a problem with the teenagers of Bermuda he just wants to locked them all up. It was cupmatch you had people drunk driving and riding home. He is 19 how are the family members suppose to be watching 247 oooh hello that’s right you all want to call them momma’s boy’s. Know you want to talk about where was the household to. REALLY!!! Make up your minds!

    • yeehaw says:

      stop trying toblame everybody else ist’s the parents fault, simple as that. You don’t raise them right and then want to blame everybody else when their stupid asses get in trouble. some of you need to not be parents simple as that

  9. Quality Street 110 says:

    Free Dukey! Soon be free shotta!

  10. MsFedUpWithDisNonesense says:

    send d bie bootcamp dammit … cuz these youth have no drive nothing to live for … fatherless boys out there getting into lord knows what, defying authority, forsaking all in their path that is good and lawful … this kid obviously opposes rules … and for that he should be locked up but not without being taught a lesson. part of his parole should be linked to another person in his scenario and offering them guidance UDNER the guidance of a probatoin officer … in order to teach the lesson he needs to self reflect and be forced to relive it through someone else so that he could affect change in someone else … positive change … inturn affecting change within himself / bless.

  11. Quality st 110 says:

    Free duke Free G-street Free Jones free da squad ! Str8 like dat!