Driver Arrested For DUI, Cyclist Flown Overseas

August 13, 2012

[Updated] A 28-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of driving whilst impaired after his car collided with a motorcycle in Paget early this morning [Aug 13], sending a 22-year-old female pillion passenger to the ICU with serious head injuries.

A police statement said: “Police responded to a report of a road traffic collision that took place at 1:09 this morning at the junction of Middle Road in Paget and South Shore Road.

“It appears that a man in car was traveling east on South Road, when he collided with a cycle that was traveling in the opposite direction.

“As a result the cyclist, a 25 year old Warwick man and his pillion passenger a 22 year old female from Sandys where taken to the hospital where the man is being treated for non life threatening injuries, however the female is being treated for serious head injures in the ICU.

“The driver of the car, a 28 year old Devonshire male was arrested for suspicion of driving whilst impaired. Police are appealing for witnesses or anyone with any information to contact PC police on 295-0011.”

Update 3.23pm: When seeking a condition check on the 22-year-old woman who was in the ICU, we were told she has been transferred overseas.

Update 5.24pm: An updated police statement said: “Police are appealing for witnesses for the road traffic collision that took place this morning at 1:09am at the junction of Middle Road in Paget and South Shore road. It appears that a man in a car was travelling east on South Road when he collided with a cycle that was traveling in the opposite direction.

“The male victim is currently in hospital being treated for leg injuries and the female victim has since been flown overseas for further medical treatment for her injuries. Witnesses or anyone with information regarding this incident can contact Police at 295-0011.”

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  1. In Mark's Opinion says:

    Wish the woman can pull through and be back to normal soon. There are many camera’s at that juction , do they record anything ?

    • Family Man says:

      They sure don’t seem to record all those people who run that light.

  2. Over the limit says:

    I am so sick and tired of hearing of yet another DUI on our roads.

    These types of accidents seem to be a weekly occurrence, it is despicable and the punishment needs to be severe, so that it will make people think twice about drinking and driving.

    • BdaLuvin says:

      But alcohol abuse and drunk drivers murdering people( including tourists) on our streets is a petty crime in comparison to growing Marijuana

      • Herbalist says:

        I can’t even wrap my mind around that one BDAlovin!!! So you would rather some1 in the dirt (unnecessarily) than the herbs in the dirt?

        • KS18 says:

          I don’t think that BDALuvin is saying he agrees, he is just pointing out how backwards our justice system is!

  3. betty Rech says:

    OMG…. so sad to hear this news frist thing this morning… i pray for you guys… if there is anything our family can do we are here

  4. swing voter says:

    If caught DUI fine = $5000 first offence, $20,000 2nd offence (morgage the house)

    If caught DUI causing injury, $20,000 fine and $20,000 to injured party(insurance)

    If caught DUI causing death, eye for an eye, tooth for tooth and life for life

    • Mayan says:

      In addition to jail time, if you get a DUI conviction EVEN ONCE and even if(by the grace of God) you haven’t killed someone, you should lose your license for life. That may seem harsh, but driving is a privilege and not a right. If you are that careless and irresponsible, and don’t care about your own life never mind someone else’s, then you should not be on the road.

      Lots of people drive while impaired a few times before they even get into an accident. Therefore, an assumption should be made that those caught will probably do it again because they think they just got unlucky the time they were caught, and will chance it again even after a conviction. Therefore, take their license permanently to teach them a lesson and as a deterrent to others. At the very least, take it away for something like 10-15 years. You want to drink and drive, lose your license and hoof or bus it…

      • Over the limit says:


        The fines and jail time is minimal. The minimum fines are $1000.00 to $4,000 and the maximum jail time is around 7 years depending on the number of offences committed.

        The Road Traffic Act 1947 needs to be amended again to include stiffer penalties.

        Then again, even if the laws are on the books, they are only effective if they are enforced….smdh.

      • blessings says:

        The drunk driver should be ordered to pay the both victims hospital bills in full if convicted

      • andre says:

        We would have no motorist!!! We would make citizens seek social assitance cause they cannot find a job. etc etc.

  5. Truth is killin' me... says:

    This Government cares about votes and not people’s lives. Never gonna happen. I have four words for you SPOT CHECKS and MANDATORY IMPRISONMENT!!!

    • RME says:

      The previous Goverments never imposed spot checks, hefty penalties and mandatory jail time either and drunk driving has always been a problem. So I guess they cared more about votes than lives prior to 1998 as well, huh.

      • mixitup says:

        Some of these people are so obsessed with this Gov’t… Can we have a thought about the victims recovery? Or is that too much to ask?

      • Head up high! says:

        The current government was voted in because they were going to change the ills of the past – remember???? Volte PLP – Make it Happen?

        If they werent intending to change things we should have kept the UBP! At least we wouldnt have the current national dept!

  6. hammer time says:

    I can see why they don’t let random people run the country because u people have the most irrational idiotic ideas for punishment. Law or not people will break them everyday because nobody expects to be caught or suffer consequences for such actions.

  7. mixitup says:

    I pray for her full recovery…

  8. *** says:

    So where is the picture of this idiot who was arrested for being drunk!!

  9. Ignorance is bliss says:

    It amazes me the amount of people on here calling for tougher sentencing and amendments to our laws. Laws and rules have been around since the beginning of time and they have been broken and disregarded by mankind since then. Did you know that you can drink two beers and be considered over the limit depending on your size?!? I weigh 110 pounds and can drink a six pack without even feeling a buzz, without my speech being slurred, or my eyes even glazing over…. BUT if the Police pull me over I’d have to spend the night in jail, be fined, and lose my license for a yr because I smell like alcohol. I don’t think it’s fair for me to have to paya $5000 fine simply because law states I’m driving drunk when in actual fact I have FULL control over my actions.

    Amywho, enough with that…. I came to simply wish the female a speedy recovery, because at the end of the day my sympathy for people who are injured from senseless people who can’t put pride aside and admit they are over THEIR limit and catch a taxi home instead of risking their lives, let alone others overrides any debate about tougher punishment.

    • chris says:

      you have got to be joking.

    • smh says:

      you must live in bliss!

    • J says:

      Wow…its because of people like you that there are so many drunk driving accidents to begin with. Your comment depicts the exact reason people get behind the wheel after drinking, putting themselves and others in danger – because they think they are invincible and the one exception to the rule. There is no possible way you could drink 6 beers, ESPECIALLY if you’re only 110 pounds, and drive as if you were sober – to think otherwise is indeed ignorant.

    • Fruity says:

      I actually agree with you..

  10. N/A says:

    DUI is one of the most selfish things someone can do, im stunned that so many people are still doing it. And this, “we are Bermudian and drinking is part of our culture” is complete BS! I wish the 22 year year old female a speedy recovery, i will pray for her.

  11. D.C. says:

    to the family.. we are praying for her… thinking of you guys and family

  12. betty Rech says:

    I hope the courts take this matter serious just like they did to two other people who got done for the same thing If convicted Lamont has to do time just like the portugese man that killed the guy on Cavendish and also the young lady who hit the boy and both did time for it and Lamont should not be any different… he was allegedly drunk and almost killed both people.
    because he is a runner big deal i don’t care who he is he is charged with almost killing a close families daughter…and her boyfriend

    do the time

    • Fruity says:

      Now he is …. 6months I believe. Sad but this has been two close calls now. May ALL recover