Minister Minors: Nail Technician Training Initiative

August 29, 2012

[Updated with video] A new programme to train Bermudians in the cosmetology field will be getting underway next month, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Patrice Minors said today [Aug 29].

The Certified Nail Technician Programme is being undertaken in partnership with the National Training Board, the Bermuda College and industry partners.

Classes begin on September 4 and end December 21, 2012, and each participant is expected to attend class room instruction 3 days a week, Monday to Wednesday from 9am to 4pm, and on Thursdays and Fridays they are required to work in the industry to gain practical experience.

They had close to two dozen applicants and 12 successful candidates were selected: Teresa Bean, Tahirah Baker, Shawnel Burt, Cammie Caines, Jessica DeCosta, Melanie Dunn, Cinamin Lovell, Shermaine Murphy, Dawnelle Outerbridge, Jerkeisha Simons, Chikira Smith and Tunisa Wales.

“The NTB has had extensive discussions and consultation with experienced cosmologists in our local industry and they have all indicated that there is a need for highly skilled Bermudians in this field,” said Minister Minors.

“Therefore, with the introduction of this programme, the 12 young ladies you see here today will have an opportunity to learn the right skills, knowledge, and competencies required to work as nail technicians. The 3 month full time programme is a combination of theory and practical experience in a classroom and a salon setting – here in Bermuda.

Minister Minors said: “Another wonderful aspect of this training initiative is the community service portion where these young women will provide services to some of our seniors by treating them to pedicures and manicures.

“So we see this as a well rounded initiative which aims to teach skills, build confidence and character and help them become self sufficient businesswomen.

“Finally, we recognise that the challenges of a troubled economy have resulted in our people losing jobs. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, through the NTB is making tangible efforts to provide fair opportunities for Bermudians by creating and implementing programmes to enhance their ability to become economically stable.”

Minister Minors full statement follows below:

Good afternoon,

It was roughly two weeks ago when I announced that through the efforts of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, 18 young Bermudian men were afforded an opportunity to travel overseas to receive their Level 5 Drywall Certification.

We are an equal opportunity Government – and today, I am pleased to announce yet another job training initiative which will benefit 12 more Bermudians – the young ladies you see behind me.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Certified Nail Technician Programme is an initiative being undertaken in partnership with the National Training Board, the Bermuda College’s Professional and Career Education Division or PACE, and industry partners.

The NTB has had extensive discussions and consultation with experienced cosmologists in our local industry and they have all indicated that there is a need for highly skilled Bermudians in this field.

Therefore, with the introduction of this programme, the 12 young ladies you see here today will have an opportunity to learn the right skills, knowledge, and competencies required to work as nail technicians. The 3 month full time programme is a combination of theory and practical experience in a classroom and a salon setting – here in Bermuda.

Before I outline the programme further, I want to take this opportunity to introduce Lynn Hamilton, the owner and operator of the Face and Body Shop, who will be taking the lead in ensuring that these individuals, once they have successfully completed their training, will be afforded an employment opportunity.

Lynn, on behalf of the Government of Bermuda, thank you so much for your commitment.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a phased programme and the eligibility for participants is as follows:

  • Candidates were required to be registrants at the Department of Labour and Training with the status ‘unemployed’;
  • Candidates were required to have a high school certificate or equivalent;
  • Candidates were expected to attend a mandatory orientation/assessment seminar;
  • Candidates were expected to attend a mandatory Customer Service workshop;

We had close to two dozen applicants and based on the criteria, 12 successful candidates were selected. They are:

  • Teresa Bean
  • Tahirah Baker
  • Shawnel Burt
  • Cammie Caines
  • Jessica DeCosta
  • Melanie Dunn
  • Cinamin Lovell
  • Shermaine Murphy
  • Dawnelle Outerbridge
  • Jerkeisha Simons
  • Chikira Smith
  • Tunisa Wales

Congratulations Ladies!!

Classes begin on September 4 and end December 21, 2012, and participants will be assessed by the results of their quizzes, examinations, projects, lab work and performance in industry.

Upon graduating from this programme, these candidates will have acquired the following skills prescribed by the Milady’s Standard Nail Technology widely known in North America.

Each participant is expected to attend class room instruction 3 days a week, Monday to Wednesday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

On Thursdays and Fridays they are required to work in industry to gain practical experience.

To add to their practical experience, the Bermuda College has agreed to market the programme in such a way to allow students at the college the opportunity to receive nail treatment services at discounted prices.

This is wonderful collaborative effort and will no doubt assist these candidates to build their clientele over time.

Another wonderful aspect of this training initiative is the community service portion where these young women will provide services to some of our seniors by treating them to pedicures and manicures.

So we see this as a well rounded initiative which aims to teach skills, build confidence and character and help them become self sufficient businesswomen.

Finally, we recognise that the challenges of a troubled economy have resulted in our people losing jobs.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, through the NTB is making tangible efforts to provide fair opportunities for Bermudians by creating and implementing programmes to enhance their ability to become economically stable.

And we are very pleased that we have the help of our private sector partners in this very worthwhile endeavour, because together we are demonstrating that we are standing up for Bermudians.

Thank you.


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  1. Fruity says:

    Will there be any other courses given in this field? Preferrably at night.

    • swing voter says:

      dry wall and nail technicians? talk about knee jerk….so much for high tech and post college academics ;-(

  2. All In says:

    I can’t believe I’m seeing another political photo op from this Minister!
    The economy is in a state of emergency and is getting much worse. Qualified Bermudians are out of work, and loads of established competent construction companies and other well run businesses are closing down, or suffering and barely able to keep their doors open. We need our Minister of the Economy to focus efforts on generating business and investment in this country, and to focus on people at the top – investors and business owners, not people at the bottom.
    Train as many unskilled as people you like; if there are no employment opportunities for them because the needs of business owners aren’t being addressed then you’re wasting your time and our money!
    Can the PLP please put a competent person in charge of this important Ministry, not someone who just wants to look good to the Party’s voting base!

    • Stop critisizing the PLP. They are trying to win the election, not increase jobs or grow the economy. Don’t you know what is more important.

      • richard says:

        lol that is mad funny Little lol but so true so True. First you have to love what you do how many of these girls are really going to do three or four Petties a day lol. Bermuda has a lot of Barbers good ones but as soon as they get a name they come in a crazy hours they want you to come at a crazy hour then they just stop cutting. I wish these ladies the best but they have to love what they do it not as easy as it looks when your getting it done and the real world is different then class room setting.

    • The P.L.P is doing the right thing by letting these nail technicians become certified so that they can do the work presently being done by others in our hotel industry and private sector,so I look at it as having the mindset that P.L.P is putting Bermudians back to work with this initative as well as the 18 young Bermudians that are as of todays date starting another certified program in Atlanta for dry walling and that to would help those Bermudian families to be apart of the working community,so I congradulate their efforts. there may be some things that we can moan about when it comes to the present government but dont keep trying to paint it all as being bad because the O.B.A is no knight and shining armour either.

      • wizeazz says:

        this is a run on sentence wiht maney spellink mistakes and pour gramars sew must comed from a too year old…wow

        • And once again…. Here comes the effing race card. Y don’t people just grow up. No one can help what color their skin is…. So STOP judgeing them by it!

          • alsys says:

            Race card? Who are you talking about. neither of the above comments say anything about race. Read much?

            • Cinamin Lovell says:

              Please do not get smart. That’s is my mother!

      • Soooo says:

        Wonder how many of these girls are of the misguided impression that this “qualification” will get them a job is a hotel or spa? Spas don’t hire “Nail Technicians”, they hire “Beauty Therapists”. These Beauty Therapists hold internationally recognized qualifications and are required to have years of experience.

        Nails are a very small part of the day to day business of a spa, it would never be financially viable for them to hire a person to nothing but nails.

        • pebblebeach says:

          I actually wondered about that, thanks for the clarity…

        • Bermudian Observer says:

          Perhaps the Minister should have done the honorable thing and released the number of Nail Technicians on work permits then folk would understand the need to get Bermudians qualified.

          The govt is working to get young Bermudians in employment…..I’m not going to knock them for that!

    • Wow… What I see is our government training Bermudians. I feel so sorry that an expat can be sent home, as there is now a Bermudian to fill that position. Haha

    • Nail Tech Student says:

      People at the Bottom you said… Hmmm, I have a Diploma and Certificate in Cosmetology, Computer Information Technology, Accounting, and Human Relations. I have businesses and I am very professional and up to standards. And guess what I am taking this intense course to benifit me and my business in the future.

  3. markus says:

    Training people to work in a salon during a recession is like training people to work at Sonesta imo

  4. Malachi says:

    From what I can see on the road, maybe we need to train Bermudians to drive a van. Almost every one I see is driven by an Asian!

  5. bornbermudian says:

    Ministers Salary – More than they deserve
    Training Program – More than its worth
    Nail Tech Salary – Less than they were told
    Fabulous nails – Priceless

    “Gerl um got no food on the table, but chek des nails!”

    Disclaimer to all tourists reading this comment: Bermuda is a lovely place, you can get your nails done almost anywhere!

  6. richard says:

    And I am sorry Minister Minors where are they going to send next how many strikes do you get.

  7. xfiles says:

    Why not send all the future nail techs to train in China Town in Toronto for a month.Put them up in a nice hotel,buy them meals,give them a daily stipend.Then when they come back they can join all the drywall techs in the unemployment line.
    How lame is this???

  8. Opressed says:

    No word of lie. I saw this woman today, not a tooth in her friggin chops, but the nails were done to the hilt. Gotta have your priorities right you know.

    • (0.0) says:

      you dont need insurance to get your nails done! :p

      • Opressed says:

        Ahhhh, a new business venture, NAIL Re. We could corner the market!! We’ll be rich , we’ll be even more famouser. Everybody in the world has nails, right?? Let me get my retirement plans squared away now!

  9. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Well done Cinnabon .

  10. tricks are for kids says:

    Congrats to all recipients….If you successfully complete the course remember you have the option of working for someone or working for yourself. If you offer a mobile service, and offer attractive prices you have it made…..forget what the naysayers have to say…….

    • Nail Tech Student says:

      I know that’s right!!! My best friend worked for herself and has her own business and she is very successful. Very busy and has clients coming faithfully. When you’re just dumb you say things you just don’t know about. All this negetive talk, lol… I will see them in a chair when they need their feet and hands done…

  11. Nail tec says:

    DONT HATE ON THE EDUCATION THAT IS OFFERED. accept the fact that these young girls are motivated enough to get the education in the area they love. TIME TO STEP UP AND DO FOR YOU AND BE MOTIVaED like they are… congratulations girls see you in class #kisses…..

  12. Liars! says:

    PHOTO OP…….like we need to spend more money just before election time…….lm with xfiles on this one LOL……LOL………….LOL drywall course for a month………LOL…little boys cant even talk that alone be a man on a contruction site….LOL….you want to do something good Minors, put them in Health & Safety….LOL…….maybe scaffolding next? …LOL….no black people in there yet……..LOL

    • Drywaller says:

      The men afforded the opportunity to attend the drywall course have all already completed the OSHA course. Scaffolding and fall protection was a major component of that course. Give these men some respect. The will be the ones putting up the ceilings you walk below in the future, glad they went and got trained properly?

  13. Unbelievable says:

    I feel like something nice ahhhhh lobsta and Fuh fries eh eh na look I tired!

  14. sarcastic mister obvious says:

    Great job PLP! We were so sorely lacking in the local nail technician market, but now thanks to this incredible initiative the market will surely flourish and the economy will begin to return to the heights that the PLP once lead us to. I have complete and utter faith in this ingenius group of Bermudians that we know as our leaders. Leading us into economic prosperity, one nail at a time.

  15. Congests Cinni. Am proud of you

  16. bornbermudian says:

    Forsooth, perhaps the proverbial “Last Nail in the Coffin!”

  17. Grizz says:

    Wow…UNBELIEVABLE..Why are people so hell bent on being negative? Is it so bad that these ladies are being given the opportunity to pursue certification in something THEY love to do? @Liars – those little boys that can’t talk have a ‘trade’, why would you be so insulting? You may have a little education and can talk proper but WHAT DO YOU BRING TO THE TABLE?! You may even have letters behind your name but just how smart are you? Stop crying down those that are less fortunate than yourself and start encouraging. To the ladies..congratulations and all the best in your studies. RESPICE FINEM – Keep the End in View!!

    • Liars! says:

      Ha, l am a realist in these trades……l know what l am talking about. This is a waste of money, nuff said.

      • Cinamin Lovell says:

        For one this course isn’t a waste of money. I am one of the young ladies that got accepted to do the course. I’ve have bEen wanting to be a nail tech since I was 15 I’m now 21 and a mom of 3. I thank government for doing this course its giving me an opportunity to do something w/ my life instead of downgrading people. I see the people who are commenting these hatred comments have nothing better to do w/ their lives & for the people who are congradulating us women I just want to say thank you

        • Nail Tech Student says:

          when people don’t know anything they talk what they don’t know… When they see you in your new salon and succeed they will look even more DUMB

  18. joe says:

    OK. This looks good and can give these girls a leg up, so to speak. However, I think one blogger for the PLP pointed out that they can take the jobs currently held by non-Bermudians. Indeed, if so, then this becomes a loser’s game. If government just trains locals to take jobs of foreigners, and they leave, then we have not created employment, and government revenue is decreased. What we have to do is create NEW JOBS. So everyone, think that these ladies will create new jobs in an expanding industry, making more money for them and us.
    But of course, this is not the case.
    More foreigners leave; less revenue all around.
    Sort of a simple concept.

    • Goose says:

      Still leaves 18 less on social assistance if they do displace 18 expat nail painters.

      Albeit it is a drop in the bucket with our current unemployement numbers and the amount spent on social assistance. It’s a band-aid. An overly glorified, highly glossed band-aid, but it still does some good in the grand scheme of things. And the potential for a lot more good to the individuals that are benefitting.

      Unless these young women don’t think that $12/hr is worth turning up to work for. Then it’s a colossal waste of resources.

  19. epsom salts! says:

    Bermuda has quite a number of so called foreign expertise on the island in the viccinity of Beauty therapists..There are too many Jamaican, European,and Asian beauticians or spa la la las.. This is merely the beginning..Why don’t we have training in Bermuda from all of these areas , why isn’t it included in their contracts to train Bermudians all these years!!!!These categories are very necessary as most hotels have spas orr beauty salons and gyms ect..Some job categories need to be closed to ONLY BERMUDIANS!! i.e. nail technicians, cashiers, truckers, gardeners, Nursing assistants, caregivers, masons, mechanics,grocery store workers..In 2012 itisunbelieveable that we do not have qualified persons to cut up meats and vegetables!! I guess now we see the need versus the wants, since our economy has taken a nosedive..I still see too many foreigners working in fields that don’t involved sophisticated education..This government needs to better form the immigration papers to include ” when in extenuating circumstances unforseen or unavoidable by the host country we expect all expats to understand and respect the situation and kindly make arrangements to vacate the jobs that can be fulfilled by jobless Bermudians.. Lots of people are back home from U.S.A.after being axed from their jobs because U.S. citizens have priority.. Needless to say we are not invited to work in many other countries that are represented here so I’m sure they know that a country must look out for its people FIRST.. The P.L.P.have forgotten this for many years and have allowed the situation to get to the point where a photo op is announcing a programme for NAIL TECHNICIANS, WOW!!We are so far from the first P.L.P. platform to build a Bermuda for Bermudians, I don’t call this standing strong for Bermudians when it should be news when a foreigner is hired ANYWHERE in the island in a position that Bermudians actually qualify for..

    • Soooo says:


      To answer a couple of your questions:

      To become a Certified Beauty Therapist requires considerable training (not a part time 3 month course) in the UK it takes 2 years. The training not only includes the basic, massage, waxing, nails etc but also goes into biology and treatment of skin, nail and hair conditions. They also learn health and safety in the workplace.

      A makeup artist will continue on for further training.

      This is not something that can be taught “on-the-job” there needs to be a proper structured classroom and curriculum. There also needs to be practical training under the guidance of a qualified instructor.

      As for why there are few Bermudian’s in the Spa’s… That’s easy… 12 hour days, working Sundays and Holidays… and the pay ain’t great..

      Yes, I agree there are some jobs, (truck drivers) as mentioned above, that Bermudians could and should be doing. but there are others that you need to be properly qualified (and I don’t mean the NTB’s fly by night certification) such as a Butcher, Nurse (even an assistant).

    • salon owner says:

      The main problem is there is no where to train them and no money to do so. This is a first step and we are working towards all the rest.

  20. Alicia says:

    @Grizz…. SO TRUE. There is too much negativity being posted under something that is positive. 95% of everyone posting is not seeing that YES this is positive. The ladies are fulfilling their dream… trying to make something of themselves or have something to do on the side or a PLAN B as most of would call it. Maybe these ladies are unemployed, so instead of staying home and running up the AC bill that eventually WE will be paying for because they are on financial assistance they have taken the opportunity to do something positive. And no they may not be making new jobs if we take away the foreigners and replace them with Bermudians, but WHO cares. We need to put our OWN first. We may not have the glitz an glams of having the foreigners families visit us and build up tourism but tourist who do come can appreciate a country who puts their own first. As long as we can bring A+ service they will tell a friend who will tell a friend an tourism will prosper yet again. We need people coming to this island because of its positive reputation not because just because their sister is working here. Not back to the subject. The instructors have been given opportunities as well. Teaching someone your passion is rewarding and may be generating them income as well. A win win situation if you ask me. And @LIARS…. You’ll be the first one to want …. aceboy who can’t read to come “hook you up” for a reasonable price because he is EXCELLENT at his trade. Everyone has gifts in different arrears. If we all were just book smart and knew how to type on a computer we wouldn’t have anywhere to type in the rain. I’m sure your office has plenty dry wall up. STOP being so negative. We should be for uplifting ESPECIALLY for our own. To the girls CONGRATS. This is only the beginning of something GREAT. Ughhhh I just want to ramble on. The negativity has irritated me so much. So I WILL run on a little more. Many of you say the spas on the island hire Beauty Therapist NOT nail techs. Hey all you with a degree or few degrees I have a question… did you earn them all at once. NOPE. You didn’t start out running either. We must creep before we crawl and walk before we run. An before we got accepted as undergrad we needed our high school diploma or GED and before we could apply to graduate school we needed our undergrad. This is a starting point for these ladies so pleaaaaaaase stop with the shenanigans an stop being one track minded and see things from outside of your own head. I’m DONE!!!!

  21. Average says:

    omg the negativity under such a positive artical is UNREAL! This is why we are so divided as a country! I know some of these young ladies, I know their backgrounds and what they’ve come from right down to the point that they could have chosen to be out on the streets caught up into other things; hence, I am proud of their acheivement. They have come a long way to even receive such a reward.

    All of us know what if feels like to finally acheive and be rewarded. Did you ever stop to think that some of these people have never felt this feeling up until now?? And here we are getting all political amongst other things??? Not everyone deems to be a doctor, or lawyer or business owner etc. Some find or have a talent and would rather expand on this talent because it has become a form of refuge as they’ve faced certain hardships in life. This skill or talent could have been a strong hold, something for them to take pride in and has kept them out of trouble and pressing forward in life yet here we are bashing them out like what they’ve accomplished is worthless, pointless and all for the glory of politics??? NOT EVERYONE’S PATH IS THE SAME.

    To the acheivers ’nuff’ respect for your accomplishment. Now that you know you can accomplish and be reward, always look to expand upon what you already know. You also have the ability to teach AND motivate and i encourage that even more because there are a lot of young people out here who just do not have the drive or motivation to fulfill anything. Or if they express what they want to do in life they’ve got older people crushing their dreams because the ADULT feels that particular dream is worthless and will not take them anywhere. All the best to you all in your future endeavours….

  22. All In says:

    You and the other supporters of this Minister’s focus are so naïve! This Minister hasn’t a clue what she’s doing, except when it comes to scoring cheap political points from people like you who don’t understand economics and the real world we live in. Keep voting for the PLP and 2013 is going to be one hell of a year. The few jobs these training courses create already pale in comparison to the number of jobs lost from not having competent people leading the country.

    • Grizz says:

      @ Allin – My focus wasn’t on the Minister but on the ladies that have been given an OPPORTUNITY to get a little further. How much further and where they will end up is not my concern and shouldn’t be yours. My focus wasn’t on politics AT ALL! Whilst I can understand that economics and the ‘real world’ we live in come into play, I am far from naive and like you have an opinion. You have no idea who I vote for now or have voted for in the past; you just ASSUME that because I agree with the initiative I am PLP and whether you are right or wrong in your assumptions your way of thinking actually makes you a little more naive than anyone! Just leave politics out of it! I remain happy that they are making positive steps

    • Liars! says:

      Amen to that Brother!!!!

  23. Alicia says:

    @All In…. like I said one track mind. You’re focusing on politics. Not anywhere did I read that this was a politial stunt. You have made my blood boil considering that all the other silly comments had already started to heat me up. GROW UP an empower our young women. You are the one who is indeed naive. and whoooooooooo said anything about voting or the PLP… like you have a serious obsession with them because I never said anything about the PLP or voting. I spoke about these young women doing something positive. This is why our society is the way it is. Because YOU ALL want to criticize and bring down the next person. STOP focusing on negative things. This is something positive for our ladies. So what if it is not a whole business being formed. At least this can bring in income for the lady who may have NONE at this point. How about YOU pay for them to go to school to do something that YOU feel credible. Then bring them back to work for the BIG BUSINESS you own. How about that. You are really getting to me now. Because it is sad that you and a few of the others with negativity as comments are focused on the wrong things. Empowerment should be the case but NOPE and instead of blaming government blame yourselves for our society for being the way it is. NEVER that inna. So get over it… it is what it is but this article is about the ladies doing something positive for themselves.

  24. Winnie Dread says:

    This is a good move, the type of hand up initiative we need. My only thing is why all these thing are been rolled out on rapid, what happened to two, three years ago.

  25. Winnie Dread says:

    things are now just been rolled out, why not before when it is obvious that most of the persons working in this field are guest workers. We should be doing things to help enhance the skills and employability of Bermudians for that purpose only, and not to gain political mileage because an election is drawing close.

  26. Bianca Devereaux says:

    Just wow at these comments… I rarely read the local blogs, (or rather the comments under the news articles), as I find the comments more often than not extremely vile. But NEVER did I expect to read the disgusting comments on an article about young women doing something positive. What really takes the cake is to see young (majority Black) women in a program, pursuing their dream and building a career, referred to as “people at the bottom”; it’s just… disgraceful. As a young, Black, EDUCATED Bermudian woman, who was blessed to have parents that could afford to educate me, I think it’s amazing to see those who may not have had the same educational interests or opportunities as me have a chance to learn a trade that can very well lead to many personal, financial, etc. successes. Reading these comments shows that RACISM is alive and well in this little island. But at the same time, it’s interesting to read how certain people really feel when hiding behind the anonymity of the internet… But back to the intent of the article, I commend the Government for this initiative (and hope to see many more programs to get our young people trained/educated and working), and I wish the young ladies in this course nothing but success. And as Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”.

  27. Obvious says:

    Where are they now? can we get a follow up article on this program? Did all 12 pass or did once again the BERMUDAIN mentality kick in and drop down to half graduates. How many have potential jobs? Cinamon & Student can you respond as you have been defending your program as a great iniative….

  28. m says:

    I know one of them got a job after doing this at a salon

  29. somuchless says:

    And cinnamon made prior headlines before today, wow. This girl is good.