Videos: New BDOT Marketing Campaign Ads

August 16, 2012

The Bermuda Department of Tourism [BDOT] unveiled their new, $4.8 million, multi-media campaign today [Aug 16] which was developed by BDOT in conjunction with its new North American advertising agency Fuseideas.

Highlighted by a new logo featuring the slogan “Bermuda – So Much More”, the new campaign is the culmination of months of research and, according to Minister of Business Development and Tourism Wayne Furbert is a reflection of the direction laid out by the recently introduced National Tourism Master Plan.

The seven videos below are all part of the campaign, and the BDOT said that Bermudian actors and models were utilized for the majority of images in the campaign.

Video #1:

Video #2:

Video #3:

Video #4:

Video #5:

Video #6:

Video #7:

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Comments (14)

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  1. Liars! says:

    Kindergarten is all l can say

  2. g-gurl says:

    Did’nt see or hear enough to JUDGE !

  3. Strap On Steve says:

    Zzzzz. Is this what 4 .6 million dollars gets you in video. The guys who done the rock jumping video done more for Bermuda in terms of marketing for nothing than this government nonsense.

    • Cha boy says:

      Dat money vent tew de ad campaign tew get de video ontew d ‘murican netverk dun. :)

      (Said purposely like a Bermudian)

  4. John E says:

    And everyone thought that a local firm couldnt do A-Class video spots.
    Nicely made !
    Who did them and how much did they cost?

  5. ABM says:

    Great Videos!! Water scenes were awesome! Nice to include the gombeys as well.

  6. Joonya says:

    How the F*#k did Wayne hire Don Johnson….??

  7. Just Sayin says:

    Not Bad!

  8. martin says:

    it made think the only shakers and movers in Bermuda are the gombays! no wonder the island is going under! How stupid and dangerous to make people believe the golf ball in the tea cup, I have witness the damage they can do and further more if this is to attract visitor in that age group you just lost them! How fake boring and un attractive the person that hired this firm should be fired 4 plus million for something that could have bee better done with my cell cam and some free shots of tourist out and about would have being real and fun ! it is a sad day when no one cares, the quality of Bermuda’s adverts ..

  9. Realist says:

    Couch Critics…