Photos/Video: 2012 Bermuda Corporate Games

October 29, 2012

The 2012 Corporate Games took place this weekend, with over 85 participating companies and close to 1500 athletes competing in 15 different sports.

According to the Corporate Games, athletes not only represented Bermuda, it also attracted up to 70 athletes who travelled from Toronto, Orlando, Bucharest, Istanbul, New York, Colorado, the United Kingdom, Miami and California to compete.

The Games, which took place from Thursday to Sunday, saw every day athletes compete in sports ranging from badminton to beach volleyball, golf to netball, tennis, to ten pin bowling, squash and seven other sports, in a spirit of friendly competition.

It is not clear if the sports were actually scored or not, as results were not released by the Corporate Games, however we will update as able.

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Comments (9)

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  1. Paula's sheeple says:

    And how much did we spend on this?

    As usual the dept. of tourism is not exactly transparent.

    • Kelly O'Conner says:

      Not to worry Paula, our companies paid for this not the government.

      • Not Quite says:

        Actually, both paid. The Government also paid a large sum.

  2. um says:

    U’v got to be kidding me. This event was not ultimately surrounding the Bermuda Gov’t. Yes international events will always reflect or effect our tourism in someway but otherwising this Corporate venture to me from what i observed and experienced was a great tool in bringing not just the Corporate world together but the community as well. Why is it that when such positive things like this surface in our country we turn it into something negative? And when the negative things surface we complain and have no solutions….smh

  3. Autumn Fire says:

    Congrats to The Bermuda Police Service for being overall champions! Congrats to all teams that participated, and thanks to those who organized the event – great for Bermuda. Go! TEAM BERMUDA! Good job everyone considering the weather!

    • um says:

      Co-sign Autumn Fire! although I thought for sure Argus had it LOL! I think BPS and Argus we’re neck in neck with points. Looking forward to the next Corporate Games for sure!

  4. Foxy - T says:

    THank you Bernews for the coverage! An event that was definitely a lot of fun and well worth tha pain I am in now…..Thank you to all the organizers and those who helped to make the event an enjoyable one. Hope to see more people at the softball diamond in the very near future…..on the field and in the stands!

  5. Participant says:

    Is there anywhere a website on which all photos from this event are posted. We are hunting for pictures from various events and can’t locate them.

  6. Sooo tired but loved every min! says:

    @um…thank you so much for your comments and all others who support it! If you really knew the blood, sweat, tears and pain the organizing team went through…you would be praising not critizing!