UBP’s Charles Swan Asks ‘What’s Going On?’

October 7, 2012

Opposition MPs continue to speak out about the Park Hyatt development plans, with UBP MP Charlie Swan saying the “Government’s silence causes speculation and in that regard we ask – Is it that the PLP is staying silent so they do not have to go on record?”

The ongoing discussions about the old Club Med property in St George’s started years ago, with initial press statements on the matter saying construction was supposed to have started some time ago and resort would open in 2012.

Last week Tourism Minister Wayne Furbert told ZBM the agreement with Park Haytt was “terminated,” later saying he “misspoke” and what he meant to say was that the agreement has “expired” and “lapsed.”

A few days after that, the developer Carl Bazarian told The Royal Gazette that construction on the new Park Hyatt resort could begin by the end of the year, and the hotel could be open by early 2015. The Ministry has, thus far, declined to comment on Mr Bazarian’s statement.

UBP MP Charlie Swan said: “Since the PLP are intent on giving our valid questions and by extension the people of Bermuda the cold shoulder – we may get the attention of the Cabinet by singing to the Minister of Tourism. In that regard, we have chosen two appropriate songs: Johnny Nash song There are more questions than answers and the late Marvin Gaye’s What’s going on

“As the PLP Government’s silence causes speculation and in that regard we ask – Is it that the PLP is staying silent so they do not have to go on record?

“Notwithstanding, it must be pointed out that: Even in a general election period; Even where St. George’s is an EEZ; Even where the authors of the Tourism Plan have identified St. George’s as a “Hub”; Even where the Mayor has spoken on every media in the land and is desperate for a hotel in St. George’s; Even where the UBP have revealed that the lease is “broken”; Even where the Tourism Minister has claimed to have “misspoken” that the lease had been terminated; And, even though the MP responsible for the Towne of St. George’s is a Cabinet Minister………..

“The Government is still sitting on its hands in a dark corner and keeping quiet,” said Mr Swan.

“Could it be that the Premier does not trust the Minister of Tourism to talk to the People of St. George’s? Could it be that Cabinet has voted that no Cabinet Minister will speak after Mr. Bazarian? Whatever the reason this just is not good enough.

“My colleague [MP Kim Swan] and I can inform the people of Bermuda and St. George’s that it is our duty to you, to stand up and be counted when these important issues that affect our country and communities demand action.

“Our livelihoods and futures are too important for the politricks and spin of this PLP Government, the Bermudian voter deserves better,” concluded Mr Swan.

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  1. Kim Smith says:

    Are there any lawyers out there willing to prepare a case against the government to gain access for the people to the agreements struck with Mr. Bazarian? Surely those should be a matter of public record! Thinking about it… what’s the status of the legislation arount Public Access To Information? Big hearted lawyers we need the donation of your expertise, please!

    • Verbal Kint says:

      I agree with your letter, Kim. But you will likely have a long and fruitless search for a big-hearted lawyer on this Rock.

    • pepper says:

      I agree, with you Kim.

  2. As Bermuda sinks! says:

    This needs to be addressed immediatley…….either the Premier or the Tourism Minister needs to say something to the people of Bermuda and show us the contract. The property belongs to all of us… NOT YOU.

    • pepper says:

      Bermudian sinks..you will never see the contract!!!!Wayne and Paula are taking care of them selves…and if you think they care a rats a$$ about we the public you need medication..

  3. Opressed says:

    Ewart will step in, play the race card at the last minute and all will be forgotten.

  4. plato says:

    Problem is — paula and wayne are in qatar trying to wangle some cash out of the uae ….

  5. swing voter says:

    Hello hello is the UBP party still there. Didn’t the people tell you already the UBP sucks. Come on now Charles did you not get invited to the new party. Put a suck in it and stop beating a dead horse. Who are you keeping the party open for? No ones coming back we all left in 24 hours.

    • Charlie Swan MP says:

      Whether the voice comes from a party or from an individual, the important message I hope to portray is that I will speak up on the issues of the day, the issues that affect ALL Bermudians and those that affect the Constituents of Southampton West Central. The Park Hyatt issue is one. Evans Bay public dock is another.
      I trust that the constituents of Southampton West Central will see me for that, I am here because of and for them, and all Bermudians….24/7/365!

  6. pepper says:

    We need more people like Charles Swan.

  7. Charlie Swan says:

    @swing voter….my colleague Kim Swan and I both respected the party under whose banner we where elected by the constituents of our respective areas.
    We both decided to do this until such time as the next election was called.
    As the date has now been set, we will shortly be going public with the news that we will be running as Independents.