Player Arrested After Incident At Rugby Classic

November 12, 2012

[Updated] A South African rugby player has been arrested following an alleged assault that took place during the World Rugby Classic on Saturday night [Nov 10].

A police statement said: “Police are investigating a report of assault that took place Saturday night at the World Ruby Classic (second game). As a result a man has been arrested in connection with an off ball assault that took place during the USA/South Africa match.

“Police are appealing for witnesses, specifically anyone who may have video images of the assault, to contact Sergeant Derek Berry on 295-0011.”

Update 8.19pm: The man arrested was a South African player. During the South Africa/United States match, he was sent off for an alleged “off the ball” incident that left an American player laying motionless on the ground.

The American player was attended to by medical staff, and placed on a backboard before being transported to the hospital. Following what we understand to be an official complaint, the South African player was arrested.

South Africa defeated the United States 43-10 in the match.

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Comments (23)

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  1. dean says:


  2. Come Correct says:

    Now there’s hardly any safe place left to go
    Someone’s bound to come
    And try to spoil the show, oh oh

    Beres! Hammond!

    If the violence continues, no one will remember the songs that used to make us rock away, when love used to reign.

  3. Wheerzs Waldo? says:

    Book em Danno.

  4. swinginfromchandoliers! says:


  5. SoFar Bye says:

    I went to fight and a rugby game broke out , wohooooo!

  6. terry says:

    Book em Danno part deux…..

  7. media says:

    I heard he was air ambulanced off the island. Sounds like a very serious incident.

  8. Cranberry says:

    It appears that all of you know nothing about the game…

  9. NiceoOne says:

    This is an unfortunate incident for both players involved, however it is part and parcel of the game. This thuggish behaviour is less prevalent than it was a couple of decades ago. Generally the police would not get involved in an on-field altercation, what normally happens is that his teammates would get together and surreptiously give some feedback to the opposition offending player in the bottom of the next ruck or maul. On the whole though, none of this is in the spirit of what the classic event has become and the offending player should be sent home if this was intentional.

  10. Slow Down Bda says:

    The incident was unintentional and occured on the field during the game. This should have been dealt with at the time, on the field, by the players and officials. Americans are just a tad too litigious. SMH

    • outkasted says:

      I saw the slap from the other end of the field dude slapped the Sh*t out of other dude. It was clearly intentional. I don’t believe he was air ambulanced out though.

      • Brian Andrews says:

        Did you report what you saw to the police and if so what was their comment/reaction?

  11. Limey says:

    Ive never met a nice South African, and thats not very suprising mun!

  12. dean says:

    maybe they don’t need to come back either, bring on Samoa,Tonga,Hong Kong or someone else. off the ball is “OFF the Ball and that wasn’t even close, look at the video, plus check his prior he is Mr Clean.

  13. Ringmaster says:

    There is video of the incident and it is an absolute disgrace what the South African player has gone through. There is no way he should have been arrested and endured the adverse publicity. Rugby is a contact sport, and there are far worse incidents that go unpunished. Disgusting to have been blown up out of all proportions to arrest someone.

  14. Brian Andrews says:

    A friend was speaking to the USA player earlier today and he was informed that the specalists have told him that he will definitely never be able to play rugby again nor will he be likely to be able to be involved in any for of physical sport/activity (eg sking, surfing, golf, tennis, etc0 and he will have to be extermely carefull that he does not suffer any sudden jolt or bump (eg falling on an icy path,falling up/down stairs, being involved in a car crash, a heavy plane landing, etc). In other words his life is basically over, and the THUG again gets off free.

    Also, what will be the final cost of all his treatment for the rest of his life.

    My friend also asked him about the actual event and he said that he was walking back to his play position by himself, with his back to the area of play, when he felt the bang and snap in his back and as he was falling say the Sth African player going past him. He was not sure but he thought in that split second that he was falling to the ground he looked up and saw that the Sth African player had a great smile on his face. If this is the case, then it was definitely deliberate and a definite criminal assault.

    Although we will probably never know, one has to ask, what pressure the Sth African team’s management put on the Bermuda police/proscetutors to have the matter dropped!!!!!!!!!

    Also, I find it hard to believe that there were not hundreds of videos being taken of the game and that virtually none of those captured in detail the event taking place. There must be incriminating video out there somewhere.