“We Do Not Support The PLP Or The OBA”

November 21, 2012

[Written by Erwin P. Adderley & David J. Tavares]

We have read with interest the responses to our letter of October 18, 2012 entitled “Independents can be your balanced change”. Almost without exception the responses have been that “a vote for an independent candidate is a vote for the PLP”. Let us make it quite clear that support for the PLP, or the OBA (reconstituted  United Bermuda Party), is not our objective.

We are firmly of the belief that while they are two different political parties, the political party system in not necessarily an ideal solution for Bermuda’s continued political process. You are still left with two political parties who put their self-interest ahead of the interest of the country by strategicly keeping us devided as a people.

Our primary objective is to try to unify the community by offering a choice other than the two diametrically opposing points of view. It has been our belief that the electorate should always vote for the best candidate. It is our belief that the people of Bermuda should demand the best and settle for no less than the best, especially if the best happens to be an independent candidate.

- Mr Adderley and Mr Tavares both plan to run as Independent candidates in the upcoming election. Mr Tavares plans to run in C#8 Smith’s South against Cole Simons [OBA] & Wayne Perinchief [PLP] while Mr Adderley plans to run in C#19 Pembroke West against Vince Ingham [PLP] & Jeanne Atherden [OBA].

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  1. Verbal Kint says:

    One of the weaknesses of the Westminister system is that a vote for an independent deprives the voter of a say in which party gets to lead Government. In a place as small as Bermuda, this is significant. When the party carrying the seats gets to establish the executive, there really is no place for independents. The system is broken. It needs to be replaced.

    • George says:

      Damit VK you beat me to it! That will teach me to be more succinct with my posts in the future! ; )

    • Out of flight says:

      The minute they started with “WE” they became a party. That is how it worked in the pst and will work in the future. They will both fail and fade into the sunset.

    • Independent r NEEDED says:

      On the doorsteps we are hearing that neither party has lived up to putting bermuda 1st.

      People are crying out for Independent thinkers who will represent. I’m voting for my Independent candidate, if you want your vote to matter, vote for the person with your voice not for the person with their party voice.

      • street wise says:

        It continues to amaze me how so many Bermudians will vote against their own well-being.

        Voting for an Independent in Bermuda is a wasted vote, IMHO…. Independents have no political power or backup to help constituents with their problems… and no clout in the House of Assembly. Unless they are in cahoots with one of the established Parties… but then we are back to where we started with political parties again.

        The plp. No talent. No plans. No ideas. No solutions. No future.

        Vote wisely….

  2. George says:

    That’s all well and good Mr Adderley and Mr Tavares but what is well known and has been repeated ad-nausea on blogs and in political discussions, is that due to Bermuda’s unrepresentative Westminster political system, independent candidates, if elected, have no effective say in the running of a Government. At least historically this has been the case as either one party or the other has had a large enough majority in the House to not need to rely on an independents to pass legislation. The argument therefore is that although constituents would be voting for a candidate rather than a party (which is the way it should be IMHO) until we change the system of Government i.e. proportional representation, then a vote for an independent potentially takes away from the total number of votes any of the party candidates would receive. With closely contested seats this could effect a change of Government one way or the other, hence the suggestion in this case that a vote for an independent is a vote for the PLP (or the OBA depending on the seat being contested). So the argument does hold some validity and shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand!

    • Amazed says:

      I agree with George. I wait to see if this push for a “CHANGE” will mean a push to get rid of the Westminster system. Since that will probably mean independence I doubt that it will happen.

      • George says:

        @Amazed I don’t think you are correct. A change from the Westminster system doesn’t necessarily mean breaking our ties with the UK and becoming independent. There are other Dependent Territories which don’t use the Westminster system but keep the Queen (& the UK) as the head of State. I believe the choice is ours but the constitution will need to be changed and possibly a referendum called to gauge whether the voting public support a change in the system.

  3. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    I’m so in-sync with you two refined gentleman . It takes a lot of courage and strength to do as you’re doing . Good luck and, get as many votes as needed to accomplish the goal .

    • Happnin Boy says:

      Wouldn’t a true ‘independent’ write his/her own letter?

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      But we know you won’t be voting for them even if you are where they are running……………


  4. Garry Marshall says:

    Fools is all i can say :(

  5. Hey says:

    OBA self interest is to make a better Bermuda for all Bermudians. Everyone else is in it for their pocket filling.

  6. pebblebeach says:

    Both of you are wasting your time as there is absolutely nothing that you can do to influence policy or implement action…even by a mircle you win, your still a lone voice in the dark…

  7. Awake says:

    How the hell is the OBA keeping the country divided? You both must be sleep walking!!!

  8. Ringmaster says:

    How about changing the system so there is a vote to elect a Government based on the Island as a whole no boundaries. The top 9 form the basis of the Government. Every important decision, to be defined, is put out to referendum.

    Then you vote for Parish Councillors who look after local issues.

    This type of arrangement makes Parties irrelevant, and allows Independents to be elected. It means there are no safe seats as it is basically a popularity contest, voting for the person, not the Party.