Two Males & Two Females Arrested After Assault

December 2, 2012

[Updated] Two men and two women [all aged 18-19] were arrested on Friday night [Nov 30] following an attack in Sandys parish which left two teenagers with injuries requiring medical care.

A police spokesperson said: “Around 9:30pm on Friday, November 30th police officers responded to a reported disturbance on Butterfield Lane in Sandys parish.

“It appears that a 17 year old Sandys parish man and an 18 year old Sandys parish man were outside a residence when a dispute occurred with other individuals in the area. As a result, both men were assaulted.

“The victims were taken to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital via ambulance for treatment of their injuries, which are not considered to be life threatening.

“Two male suspects and two female suspects aged 18-19 years old were arrested in connection with this incident and remain in police custody pending further inquiries by detectives from the Somerset Criminal Investigation Unit.”

Update 7.34pm: Unofficial reports indicate that the two young men were jumped by a group of people brandishing various weapons such as bats. Although four people were arrested in connection with the incident, indications are that more than four people may have been involved.

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  1. sss says:

    ghetto pieces of trash

  2. mixitup says:

    Ladies and Gentleman may I introduce to you, The Next Generation. SMH

  3. 4Dppl says:

    you know it was over some dumb nonsense too… standard case of island fever. Probably too poorly educated to know better.

  4. Gabbani says:

    Lmao! Ya right trash indeed

  5. swing voter says:

    whatever happened to getting the full story before making silly comments

    • Island Watcher says:

      Stfu, ignorant dumba** no one needs the full story!

      • ... says:

        Clearly dumb***es like you do need the full story. To say something stupid like that. Some people are so ignorant to the fact that media sites such as bernews, royal gazette, etc don’t always have the full story when reports first come out, but they go with the information that they have even though there is a possibility of it being wrong…just to inform the publis. And yes as a neighbor of these boys I would say you do need the full story before passing judgement.

        • Wha ya slow? says:

          YOU sound dumb “…”! The public doesn’t need the full story. The facts were given. Now since you’re their “neighbor”, maybe you’ll enlighten us on “The full story” which I’m sure will justify their actions.

  6. Awake says:

    Where’s the parents??? What do they have to say about their BRATS???

  7. One Eye says:

    Hope this is not expat bashing…..

  8. Linda Wales says:

    Thank you neighbor.

  9. Linda Wales says:

    Like most Bermudians as usual you get part of the news, half truths, no truth etc, etc but you run with it rather than getting the facts. As you all see my name because I don’t give a damn about any of you knowing my real identity because I have something to say to all of you who have that mind set. Many of you are so clueless to what you read in the media and quick to make your assumptions and take it all in as fact. I want to let you all know that first of all it wasn’t a group fight and the two the media claims was taken to the hospital was residents of the neighborhood. The assault took place just minutes from where they resided and ended just outside their doorstep. Another damn fact is that the media also claims they have 4 people in custody, 2 males and two females but what you all need to know is that it was 4 males they should have in custody along with the two females.

    Another fact is that it wasn’t mentioned that the victims were unarmed and the assailants had metal and aluminum objects attacking these young men. Before any of you ask how do I know all this is because it took place right outside my home and my son was one of the victims being attacked. I witnessed from my window my son being attacked by these wangster wanna be gangsters. As a mother I didn’t care about my own safety at the time as I saw my child was in danger I ran outside to help and was threatened by these fools. I witnessed my son being beaten all over his damn head with the objects they all carried. I saw my son was weak but he kept up trying to defend himself but after they threatened me it was as if he gained a burst of strength from God because he managed to get them down although he was so weak and being beaten all over his head.

    I saw my son was beginning to stagger and at that point I managed to get him inside than locked the door. He had a gash to his head and was bleeding profusely. They kept kicking and banging on my door threatening me and my son and the next door neighbors who did try to help. I honestly thought my son was going to die because once I got him in the house he kept staggering over everything and falling but yet still trying to stay up to protect me and the neighbor. I know it was all strength from God and I give praises to Him because my son could be dead right now if I didn’t manage to get him in the house when I did because from what I witnessed they were trying to kill him. So you can choose to believe their story or the truth from someone who witnessed it. Bottom line please get the facts before you make your comments.

    To all the residents in the area I just want to say thank you. Now before you all start patting yourselves on the back just know I’m being sarcastic. You didn’t take the time to even come and try to assist and help these young men in any way as I’m sure some of you heard the commotion taking place but yet as the ambulance was driving my son and neighbor to the hospital you were all standing outside of every damn house as they drove of the hill. I do sincerely want to thank my neighbors who did however assist in any way. Now that is the truth, choose to believe it or not that is your prerogative.

    Before anyone asks the question or make the assumption about it being gang related, No! it wasn’t, these were just fools in someone else neighborhood making trouble as they often do as they are well known to the police. My question still remains if they only have 2 males in custody where are the other two and why haven’t the police mentioned that? I know for a fact that as of yesterday one they don’t have in custody. The other two is either someone with dreads, or one I’m not too sure how to spell his name but later on I will be posting it if I find out he is not in custody. I will not rest until they are all in custody because my son could be dead because of these asses, for all I know I could be too if they gained access to our home. So if you want to do something call the police if you should happen to see any of these fools in passing. Thank you for your time.

    • Myzterri says:

      Wishing your son a speedy recovery and extended jail time for the thugs, IF they can adequately prosecute the thugs (all of them) responsible for this act of barbarianism. To even want to beat someone that badly with weapons, while they are unarmed shows a sense of weakness within themselves.GOD bless OUR island home, and may you give ppl the courage and strength to rise up and fight this terrible plague that is affecting our beautiful island.

    • well Linda you know I am MAD as hell & proud of you, knowing what you done, you have always done whats best for all your children, you are a strong black single woman, very proud of you.just protect what God has loaned you sister.

    • Real Talk says:

      Hey Linda I’m very disturbed to hear that of your son (who is my sons 1st cousin). I know you 2 are very close n his a nice , handsome young man. Please hang in there with him as I know u would n don’t let the streets claim him. What I mean is let him know that a violent reaction to the violence set upon him will only escalate to more violence. Just know that JAH doesn’t sleep n in time those cowards will get theres. Hang in there my peeps stay strong!!!

    • Impressive says:

      I feel for you, but you can’t blame your neighbors, times have changed,, People dont know who is going to be carrying a gun and with someone in a rage, no one is going to risk their life.. The young people are unpredictable and heartless..

  10. Withheld says:

    Way too many little rotten apples in Bermuda. And now they have guns. My heart goes out to you moms, I would have not been able to watch what you did. God bless you and your son and his friend. He sounds like a warrior and that’s rare on an island of evil little foot soldiers. Warriors follow the laws of God and soldiers just follow the orders of idiots. Keep him safe or get him out of there. I took my daughter and I left the island, she will Not grow up like these fast, uneducated, God-less island girls – or end up fighting them bc they are immature and ugly inside.
    Yes there are good apples, I bet they want to leave too.

  11. Xman says:

    More to come – much more.
    Thanks to Mrs. Sh– Cooper and her BS organization.
    the worse is yet to come.

    • Paradise Lost says:

      Really, Xman? And I suppose that in Jamaica where parents and teachers are allowed to beat their kids senseless, there are no gangs and no violent crimes. Right. Find someone else to blame.

  12. sunshine says:

    Dear MS. Wales,

    First of all I noted the hour that you wrote your message.I hope you were able to get some rest. My heart goes out to you and your son, what a horrific act to not only witness but to have it involve your son. I wish him and the other victim a speedy recovery.I also hope the courts do the right thing with all the perpetrator’s involved.

    Hang in there, I admire your courage, please keep safe! This is not the Bermuda that I remember when I was growing up, I am sure you can identify with that sentiment. Don’t let the cruel comments on these social networks wear you down….

  13. Worried Mommy says:

    Its crazy because I’m 18 and I have a 4month year old little boy; and I’m trying my hardest to get out of this country in the next 4 years; I want my kid to have the childhood I had, not one full of gangs & violence; but I’m sorry Ms.Wales; I hope you and your son are ok.(I used to go school w. him)

  14. anonymous says:

    The fact that I know the two victims is really crazy, my heart goes out to you moms (ms wales), your son, & his friend. Keep your head up. I hope they stay safe. (a friend of your son).