Search Continues, Drugs & Ammunition Seized

January 28, 2013

[Updated] As of 9pm, Christopher Duerr remains at large, however the police said three other persons were arrested and a quantity of drugs and ammunition was seized from the house.

Police have been searching for Duerr from approximately 11am this morning [Jan 28], and have stated they believe he is armed.

A large amount of police personnel — including the Armed Unit, Canine Unit and Marine Unit — descended on the Boaz Island area this morning, and have maintained a heavy presence in the West End all day as they continue their search.

An updated photo — provided by Police — of Duerr is below

Christoph Duerr [More Recent]

The police said that as “part of an ongoing proactive police operation to address gun crime,” they attended a residence on Seawall Drive in Boaz Island to effect a search.

“As police arrived a man bolted from the residence clutching what is believed to be a firearm. A search to locate the man was commenced. However, he remains at large,” said a police spokesperson.

Video statement from Chief Inspector Nicholas Pedro from the scene this afternoon:

“Three other persons were arrested at the residence and are in police custody. A quantity of drugs and ammunition was seized from the house,” said a police spokesperson. ”

“Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Mr. Duerr is urged to call 911 and report his location. We are advising the public to not approach Mr. Duerr and allow the police to make contact with him if seen.”

The full police statement follows below:

As part of an ongoing proactive police operation to address gun crime, armed officers attended a residence on Seawall Drive, Boaz Island, Sandys Parish at about 11am on Monday 28th January, 2013 to effect a search.

As police arrived a man bolted from the residence clutching what is believed to be a firearm. A search to locate the man was commenced. However, he remains at large.

Three other persons were arrested at the residence and are in police custody. A quantity of drugs and ammunition was seized from the house.

The Bermuda Police Service is seeking the assistance of the public to locate a person of interest. He is Mr. Christopher Duerr. Mr. Duerr is urged to make contact with the police as soon as possible.

Armed officers remain on patrol in the Sandys area and will continue their search to locate Mr. Duerr.

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Mr. Duerr is urged to call 911 and report his location. We are advising the public to not approach Mr. Duerr and allow the police to make contact with him if seen.

Or of course persons with information can contact the confidential Crime Stoppers hotline at 800-8477.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the area residents and business owners for their patience and support during this operation.

Update Jan 29, 6am: There is no ‘news’ of any new developments happening overnight at this time, however we expect the police to provide an update later this morning.

Update 7.34am: Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines confirmed that Duerr is still not in custody

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  1. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Hunt him down !

  2. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Rising star…not!

  3. duh says:

    Funny how this don’t happen up Spanish point lol….

    • Second says:

      Don’t speak too quickly! Never used to happen in Somerset either!! My prayers are with his family and Somerset.

    • @Duh says:

      That’s because the system works with you Town RATS

      • cant fool me says:


      • crying shame says:

        I wish people would just understand that ALL SIN is WRONG regardless of who is comminting the Sin. Round up all the rats from Country straight to St. Georges. The guys from country are no better then the ones from town they are ALL doing wrong. The total disregard for LIFE in general is what needs to be addressed in this country. No loss of life through this war is good, having being personally affected by it I won’t wish this type of hurt on the family of my worst enemy.

      • Streetlife says:

        Get It right parkside rats work with the man

        • crying shame says:

          No you’re not getting me Murder isn’t Justifiable no matter who is commits the crime all this eye for an eye tit for tat BS isn;t getting us nowhere. The only people benefitting from all these murders are the funeral homes. I’m choosing not to choose a side All murders need to be brought to justice.

    • Enlightened says:

      Actually it does. Its just been a while. There were quite a few incidences of shots fired and drug bust out point so dont be so ignorant. smh…people like you need to stop trolling news boards if you dont have anything constructive or intelligent to say.

    • You got couple wanna be thugs out point to………

    • sweety says:

      Y spanish point if U no so much Y arent U reporting it instead of putting comments on bernews

  4. tired of the petty people says:

    Ah, this photo will scare people more than the original innocent looking boy! Not that I want to be judge and jury on people by their looks, just the first photo made everyone go “awww, such a nice quiet boy he was” …

  5. Gang Star says:

    He looks like a charming young man to me. I’m sure he’ll get a job at an accounting firm or a bank quite easily. Tattoos, facial expression and finger gesticulation are incidental I’m sure. He’s probably on his way to get flowers for his Momma.

    • WTF says:

      or a job in the house of assembly

    • Richard says:

      lol I was with till you said finger gesticulation come on now lol he threw up the Peace sign lol

  6. Donna Butterfield says:


    • Um Um Like says:

      A little late for prayers…

    • Nuffin but de Truth! says:

      as usual,someone had to bring religion into it!

      • Ole says:

        What exactly is wrong with prayer?

        • auslander says:

          It doesn’t work.

          • Truth (Original) says:

            John 9:31 (KJV)
            Now we know that God heareth not sinners: but if any man be a worshipper of God, and doeth his will, him he hears.

            Not for you.

            • Dante's Inferno says:

              Too bad for all those kids in Africa, right?

            • Judge Dredd says:

              God hears ALL who praise Him. And aren’t we all sinners? Wouldn’t that basically mean that God doesn’t hear any of us if it were true?

              • Truth (Original) says:

                I know you would like to think that God hears ALL but scripture teaches to the contrary. Those words are in your Bible as well. It doesn’t however go on to tell you who he does hear in the same verse that I posted;

                “but if any man be a worshipper of God, and doeth his will, him he hears”.

          • Bermudian says:

            It doesnt work for you because you probably pray without faith

            • auslander says:

              I dont pray. Praying may be a comfort to those of faith but it sure doesn’t help those who are being prayed for. Because really there is no god to listen to the mumblings of the brainwashed. It’s all make believe.

        • Mr. Happy says:

          What auslander said ^^

        • Will says:

          look, when all this started people were praying first of all that it would never come to this, it did; second you all start praying for no more shootings after the first one, more came; you constantly pray to end this violence and yet there is more……wake up and smell the coffee..its all for nothing…logically prayer does not work, logically religion is a pile of mess similar to our gang situation.

      • Judge Dredd says:

        @nuffin as usual someone has to bring their atheism into it.

    • wtf says:

      and what the f$%^ is praying going to do. nothing…. people need to do less praying any more doing. everything something happens people are quick to say lets pray but do not wan to act on it.

      • mixitup says:

        You obviously don’t understand the spiritual warfare at play here. It’s an epic battle between good and evil coming to a climax. How else do you explain the identical happening in the Caymans, Trinidad, Bahamas, USA everywhere! Ever read news from these areas? You would swear they were talking about a story in Bermuda. Open your eyes!

        • Mr. Happy says:

          What a pile of hooey.

        • cant fool me says:

          Tbese jokers dnt kno wats happning around the world they only kno wats on BERNEWS

          • Sad Day says:

            It’s a sad day when people laugh at the truth, it is indeed a sign of the times and no arguments will change peoples opinions. It happened to Noah, Elisha even Jesus. Brothers and sisters be strong.

        • Dante's Inferno says:

          LMAO, yeah and the world ended in may of 2012

        • Dante's Inferno says:

          By the way, the world is a lot bigger than the western hemisphere.

        • DarkSideofTheMoon says:

          We just get information faster and from more places, there is no angle conspiracy going on.

      • Judge Dredd says:

        @wtf asking wtf is prayer going to do is like asking wtf is thinking going to do, wtf is hoping going to do, wtf is dreaming going to do, wtf is conditioning your mind to be optimistic and summon powers within us greater than the situation we face? I’ll bet you buy into the law of attraction and the universe bestowing what we attract toward us upon us. It’s just that people are so afraid of having a committed relationship with anything that can respond to them or hear then so they seek to objectify God too. Try prayer.

    • Mister_Bermudaz says:

      Go 2 sleep…. Lol!

    • Even though the family requires prayers at this time, but from his appearance n atheletic skills, he had been raised pretty good. It was his peers, that the family should have been praying for; to not lead their son astray. But! like so many that can’t find a job, he took a detour in his journey, family put up with it for a time, until it blew out of proportion n control is no longer theirs. Yes, the WHOLE island needs prayers during these desperate times with desperate measures. Even though prayers changes things, there comes a time when we MUST make amends for ourselves. Returning back to basics is a must. There is no other way. Selah.

      • Richard says:

        So your saying all this is going on because these guys can’t find Jobs riiiiiiiiiight.

        • Sad Day says:

          The break down of the family unit, the failing of support systems to fortify our communities (education, extended family, marginalisation, a prolonged period of an overheated economy, superficial churches)is the cause of Bermuda’s issues. Weak families make Bermuda weak. It’s very simple.

      • hmm says:

        you do realise this guy had a 9-5, he worked everyday as many people from somerset could tell u, so the no job excuse doesnt wash

    • The Cormorant says:

      er why? I couldn’t give a $h1T about them, all i care is that this scumbag is behind bars fast.

    • Tank Rain says:

      Wonder Twin powers activate….

    • Islander says:

      Once Bermuda repents, then will the Lord heal our land!! From Politicians on down – for years of wrong that we as an Island have done, individually and corporately – none of us are innocent or pure. There was a day of prayer held recently – this should be everyday – corporate prayer in the parks from 12 – 2pm. Stop having outreach services behind the 4 walls – time to break down the walls and truly Reach Out not only to Christians but to the back sliden, the unsaved, the confused, the depressed – everybody needs the Lord! Churches this is the time the Lord has been telling you about -it is time to drop “Spirit of Religion” and take up “Spirit, Walk, Talk and love of JESUS”!

    • GO AWAY DONNA says:


  7. St.D says:

    How tragic and sad. The fact is the boy and the man are the same person and the boy now needs to be a man and turn himself in before more people get hurt.

  8. jt says:

    tough guy

  9. Triangle Drifter says:

    When he is found be sure to take whoever is hiding him to jail for a long long time too. Sleep well tonight. It may be the last night of freedom.

  10. asher says:

    Did I miss something, Ok the police are going to a house that obviously they have received information on, person bolts from the house, ahh please tell me good sir where was the canine??? Or maybe he was to fast for the dog.

    I mean wouldnt the police me going ready for action based on intel they have received and prepare for any runners??? Let me tell someone stop and they keep running, this is something that would make Fido very happy ingiting his wonderful prey drive. I would say, Hey Fido , look at blondy go, get him boy. Of course once I hear the screams as I take my good ole sweet time, I reward reward mans best friend with a scooby snack rather than incurring more overtime for bermudas finest. I swear this is a script.

    • .am says:

      Would that not depend entirely on what the dogs were being used/had been trained for? Could have been there to aid in finding illicit substances ..and not so much gnawing his arm off.

      • SMH says:

        Well they did have armed officers as well y they didnt shoot him in the foot oh thats right in bermuda they have to wait for the ok to shoot!!!!!

  11. Parent says:

    First off it’s never too late for prayers. Secondly, if religion were a little more enforced in the family we would not be seeing crap like this!! Some of us have departed from believing in Jesus Christ our Savior and have given the devil more power. I will pray for this young man and his family, that he will turn himself in, and for the family that if they have not already to turn their lives over to God. I do believe in the power of prayer.

    • Bergarl says:

      Religion is not what is needed in Bermuda. Praying may make some people feel better but its only masking the problem. A dose of reality is more important than snake oil. Better education and a nuclear family are the solutions. Look around the world, the best schooling is in the most stable and prosperous and democratic countries, which are also majority secular. Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Japan etc. While the most religious nations are also the ones with the lowest education standards and usually wracked with serious social issues and crime. Want to start getting rid of crime, dump religion and get a highly educated work force.

      • In Love says:

        That’s because religion does not equal being saved. A relationship with Jesus, talking, spending time with HIM that type of stuff does! Big difference!

    • Free says:

      You’re joking right? You religious folk need to DO MORE and PRAY LESS or do both in equal amounts! God gave everyone free will so do something instead of wishing, hoping and praying. Religious people are some of the worst people I have ever met and the most hypocritical, especially in the case of Bermudians! You don’t need Jesus or to go to church to know right from wrong. That’s the last thing Bermuda needs is more church.

      • Dante's Inferno says:

        Yes we need more Jesus!

        Thankfully evidence points to the contrary. The safest and most healthy nations on the planet also happen to be the most secular.

        Put your bibles down..

  12. He who knows not,and knows not that he knows not, is a fool..avoid him…

    He who knows not and knows that he knows not, is simple…..teach him….

    He who knows and knows not that he knows, is asleep……wake him…

    He who knows and knows the he knows,
    is a wise man …….follow him.

    Which catergory does these young male adults……fall in?
    If we avoid them, then they still would not know why we are avoiding them as they still know not………
    We can try to teach them, but there is no guarantee they will learn……
    And if we should wake them, we know not their response for waking them….
    And we know factually that they apparently are not wise, for if they were, we would not have what we are facing with this unrest……
    So we have to deal with avoidance, teaching them all over after we try to wake them up in order to find their wisdom…and a sound mind.
    God will!!! take one…. from disgrace.., and give them dignity. Let’s stop the violence n the nonsense. This is not play-station3, this is real life. Stop ya nonsense…rethink n not regroup. Bless up Bermuda during such a crisis…….BLESS UP.

  13. No joke says:

    I think marijuana should be legalize, so that a large chunk of power these gangs have would deminish, no illegal drug money, no guns. You don’t hear about crime in the two states that legalized it because there isn’t much to report on (and crime in the news makes ratings, hence money)

    • The Cormorant says:

      Yeah, yeah whatever. how about the police bust down 100 doors and sort this lot out, i don’t want my kids near any drugs, you can leave your zion selassie nonsense out of this, you’ll never convince me that drugs are ok.

      • Namaste says:

        Who said anything about ZION SELLASIE? Judge not lest u be judged…~ashay~

        • The Cormorant says:

          I did. Your culture promotes the use of illegal drugs, drugs which often lead onto tougher drugs, so many heroin, meth, crack addicts start out with weed, so you can say all you like about that’s not us, but as a parent i will stand up for what i believe, and the promotion of drugs in any form is wrong. This island is way too soft on weed, its everywhere. kick them doors down bps!

          • young black and educated says:

            You are obviously delusional… Bermuda has some of the toughest laws on marijuana(next to china). And I’m not arguing for the legalization of marijuana but did you know there is not ONE reported death from smoking or consuming marijuana…. Would you like the statistics of deaths from consuming “LEGAL” drugs? I’m sure any educated PARENT knows this already tho….

          • Rasta yout says:

            @ the cormorant Shut the F*** up you sound dumb and predjudice againt ceratain people marijuana dont lead to hard drugs a weak mind does nobodies culture promotes that you dont have people of our culture on the sidewalks preaching smoke weed. You have some parents that raise the chilndren with lots of love and show them attention and they still stray the wrong ways as if they came up in a bad living enviroment ya got kids from fairy lands that turn junkie and ya got ghetto youts that smoked that weed and turned lawyers and underwriters so so dont down no one cause of wat they do

            • NeverKNow says:

              ^ Thank you for putting across my point.Saved me a lot of writing. Some persons need to be educated a little more or statistics and benefits of marijuana.

          • Bermuda Cat says:

            @ The Cormorant,

            If you can say that the Zion Sellasie life style promotes illegal drugs, you must really be ashamed of the life style you live in now. Cigarettes & Alcohol kill more people, and cause more medical problems for people that weed ever has, and they are legal.

            Let’s be real, the only reason weed is not legal today, because some white guy in America said it is. Remember, at some point that alcohol was illegal as well.

            • BermudaGirl says:

              WHAT does a white guy in America have to do with Bermuda law? I asked this before and never got an answer.

          • Dante's Inferno says:

            All drug addicts start with breast milk brother man.

            Do you see how easy that was?

          • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

            @ the Cormorant : Just had to let you know that most drug addicts started with alcohol, not weed. And most relapse to alcohol first before resorting to their drug of choice.
            When Bermuda finally admits and accepts that alcohol is a drug, and begins to deal with it as the scourge it is (more alcohol related deaths than almost any other cause!), then perhaps we will see something different.

      • I agree says:

        Why don’t you go back from wherever you came from mate. Not to go off topic but alcohol and incidents of drunk people are FAR worse than Marijuana not only locally but world wide. You sound like a uneducated, narrow minded fool. I don’t even smoke weed but I do believe Bermuda needs to revise the laws and make adjustments as far as marijuana is concerned. Do you want your children smoking cigarettes? Well they sell those in stores, why not marijuana as well. As long as people (more importantly children) receive the correct information about the related health concerns concerning marijuana then it should be up to the individual to make his/her own decision when they become of age. Take it from someone who was hit by a drunk driver in broad daylight and almost lost his leg and has to learn to walk all over again. #conspiracy

    • Your joking says:

      Do you really think if you legalize it all this crap will stop and the boys will go ..ok.. Let me get a real job now????…..the gangs will move on to harder drugs…theft..or home invasions….So things may even get worse..

      • cant fool me says:

        1ST OF ALL HOW CAN A PLANT B CLASSED AS DRUG????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

        • Zombie Apocalypse says:

          Even if it’s a plant, it might be dangerous to ingest. It may kill or injure. It may have serious side effects.

          • Tommy Chong says:

            Thousands of years of cannabis use has proven that it is no more deadly or dangerous than a cup of coffee. The tar in the plant may cause cancer but the psychoactive ingredients have proven to be safe. There are tools that can be used to filter 100% of the tar out but in Bermuda are illegal to posses. There are many more plants that can legally be grown in Bermuda that are proven to be deadly & dangerous. Some of these plants have been known to be used as drugs in the United States & have killed many people through use. i won’t even get started on legal alcohol & cigarettes because if you too ignorant not to know what dangers & death these cause I’ve just wasted my energy on typing what I have so far.

            • Zombie Apocalypse says:

              But the idea that “It’s natural so therefore it should be available to everyone” is a false argument. Plenty of ‘natural’ things (i.e. plants etc) can be potentially harmful. That fact that it’s natural is a non-argument.

              • Tommy Chong says:

                I agree natural does not always mean harmless & should be available to everyone but at the same time adults in a society that claims to be democratic should not be restricted to choosing what they put in their own body. It’s like if coffee was illegal because too much of it can cause neurological disorders. Just because to much of the drug caffein in coffee can be bad for a person does not give the government reason to make laws they warrant the arrest & incarceration of those who use coffee. This is a fascist ideal just as prohibition is & has no place in a society that would like to strive for the better.

                Oleanders, Angel Trumpet Plants & Cassava Root contain some of the most poisonous chemicals known but there are no laws against growing or ingesting these plants in Bermuda. It is extremely degressive for society to be under prohibition laws & is the number one reason why we have so much violent crime & burglaries in Bermuda.

        • Let's Think About This... says:

          It’s classified as such due to its affects on the human body, especially the brain.

          Drug: a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body; a substance taken for its narcotic or stimulant effects, often illegally.

          • Tommy Chong says:

            Coffee, Red Bull & Monster drinks are substance taken for their stimulant effects but these are quite legal even though scientifically proven to have adverse effects on the body. Alcohol has an extremely narcotic type effect but is only illegal to anyone underage. Cannabis even though classified by law as a narcotic but scientifically is not neither is it classified as a stimulant it is scientifically classified as a mild psychedelic. Just because laws say what is doesn’t mean it truly is.

            The only TRUE reason cannabis is illegal is because a racist red neck named henry anslinger the first American drug czar in the 1930s wanted an excuse to put minorities in prison or get them deported. Since most minorities at the time used cannabis for recreation as people use alcohol it was the perfect excuse. He duped world leaders into thinking the drug was deadly through underhanded means. The world leaders bought his trickery as they were not scientist & signed an agreement that they would make cannabis illegal indefinitely. This is an outdated racist law that has seen millions of minorities imprisoned & lives ruined not because of the drug but because of the law.

      • Tommy Chong says:

        Um! Do you really think these wanksters don’t already sell harder drugs. I guarantee that they make more off of hard drugs in a week than what you or I make in a month working a legit job. Crack only has a ten minute high & on the come down from it the addict starts immediately going into withdrawal. This makes crack very profitable & is the reason why there are so many break ins in Bermuda.

      • Bermuda Cat says:

        @ Your joking,

        New Flash, they do that sh*t now, what are you talking about?

  14. pray pray pray! says:

    this island needs lots of prayer, for those that don’t believe that, i will send some extra prayer up for you!!! this island is in great turmoil and to say that we need to do less praying and more doing is contradictory….praying IS doing something….we need to bring God into the equation….that’s whats wrong, not enough praying so mister_bermudaz….u go sleep!! and while u are sleeping, i’ll pray for you…….SMh!!

    • Dat guy says:

      There are 6 churches or so in the 42 area @ pray pray pray they don’t seem to be working. I have a great idea though let’s build more that will solve it. 95% of church goers are hypocrites, holy on Sunday eff everyone else Monday to Saturday… Also before you talk about introduce god how much wars have been fought are being fought in the name of God or someone’s version of him he may be your saviour but he is also the worlds destructor crusades prime example in the name of God

    • Dante's Inferno says:

      Yeah, prayer works so well, look at the condition of the rest of the world. It’s clearly working.

  15. Limey says:

    He looks stoned, or on crack or heroin, I hope I am wrong!

  16. Just wonderin says:

    Is that a peace sign or the amount of victims?

  17. Just wonderin says:

    @ no joke. Those states also r showing signs of a surplus!

  18. yout mon says:

    If this dude is on foot he aint to far I bet you he is in 1 of them boat yards or in a boat sumwhere..think outside the box ..2 plus 2 will always be 4..what I’m trying to say is that if you do the same thing over and over you gonna get the same results..stop think plan and persue..these man know what the police are gona do when they do sumthn so they plan sh!t mix it up

    • Tyrone says:

      Yes yes because everything that the police have to deal with is pre-planned. Also, the police surely get advanced notice of incidents such as this…… Great advice yout….

  19. Bonsai says:

    Maybe the police should send out a warning..’Armed and Dangerous and will be shot on site along with anyone harbouring him’. I am sure that he will be put out on the streets.

  20. Sucker ass n%^&% hurting the game with this so called gangster crap. No business in the wild you scum of the earth……..nerd ass n&^%$

  21. Eyes Wide Open says:

    Government gotta put some $$ up if they wanna get the guns off the streets… Don’t take a rocket scientist to figure that… Match the hard money wadges or beat it…

  22. Amazed says:

    It amazes me how people judge so much when they know so little. The statement from the police does not say they know for a fact that he was the person that ran from the house nor does it say for a fact that they can say for sure whoever the person is that ran was holding a gun. It says it is believed to be a firearm. It also amazes me that people can sit up and talk about families and how children are raised, when the way children are raised has nothing to do with the decisions they make in life. And one more thing is that everybody is happy when they lock these young Bermudian men up for murder and the like, but don’t you think that its strange that Bermuda is the only place in the world where someone can go to jail for 35+ years without substantial evidence. Wouldn’t it be something if the real killers were still living among us??? How would we know if we just accept what is told to us??? Who are you to judge?

    • .am says:

      “when the way children are raised has nothing to do with the decisions they make in life.”


      • Free says:

        That’s really sad that they not only believe that but typed it for everyone to see. If this is what we are dealing with in Bermuda then there is no hope for the future. :( :(

    • tricks are for kids says:

      The real killers are still amongst us…..they wear suit and ties to work everyday…..

    • Owner4Comment says:

      finally someone with sense i concur mam/sir. I swear some of these folks commenting get up everyday awaiting for some stuff like this to comment on! Bermuda has the most unscripted judges per capita #BieITellU

      • cant fool me says:


  23. I will tell you all, if the police shoots this young man it will be war, so please think before you act, While the POLICE is up the WEST the WAR will start in Town, cause EVERYONE knows the SYSTEM is for the RATS in Town.

  24. PROMOTER says:

    mothers and fathers stop beenin blind. the way a child is raized has everything to do with the choices he makes when he becomes a man.
    WE WIN AND LOSES, BY THE CHOICES WE CHOOSE. I will pray that the Police dont shoot him cause thats what looks what is going to happen if he dont turn him self in. Youths stop think about yaself and start thinkin what u all r doing to your mom, dad, sista,auntys,cuz,and grannys. It effects everyone who love u, Come on dude turn yaself in. I know ya mom and dad. dont do this to them,its bad enough as it is. Please dont make it any worst for your loveones. Again stop thinking about yaself.May God have grace on the youth and his familty

  25. Think logically says:

    I brought my children up in the church. However one of them, highly educated, with a thirst for knowledge remains a crimeless atheist. Go figure!

    • street wise says:

      Knowledge will trump religion every time. And knowledge applied is wisdom. That’s what we need more of… wisdom.

    • cant fool me says:

      He probly a p%^^$# bwoy

  26. END THE CYCLE says:

    Wow. . . , Bermuda .. we’ve let it come too far, violence is no longer getting out of order but has become the norm, when will “us” Bermudians stop blaming the government for people’s bad decisions & choices in life?.. when will us Bermudians decide to stand up & create change…& stop blaming the corruption in our community on simple things like government, drugs, jobs & poverty.. Bermuda Is one of the few places in the world that Have it relatively easy there is help there are outlets there are ways to educate yourself and become better ..Bermuda put your pride aside & use these things become better .., & stop adding our country to the list of states in “America” with the similar issues I applaud BPS for their efforts .., but you CAN be doing BETTER … I find this cycle very disturbing .., I really do not want to result to l leaving this beautiful island because ..I see a day coming when the ugly in some of Bermuda s people will minus from the true beauty that this island posses we are taking all the positives and creating negatives, soon tourist aren’t going to find our island very appealing to travel to you are making it harder for the new government to fulfill their promises in providing more jobs …, who wants to travel to an island where people are being shot every month?.. END THE CYCLE

  27. Bermuda is Devil's Isle says:

    Are we so sure Chris is the guy they looking for, Last I checked Chris was chris as fuxs he is a cool guy will give u his plate of food if u was hungry, have they checked Lagoon Park maybe the Devil Worshipers that run that part of the island have put him in their Clan, I’m Just saying that’s a Western Side of the Island Urban Belief but who knows go check Lagoon Park!!!

    • Owner4Comment says:

      absolutely right he is cool as fux always looking out for people. I remember one time I sold a piece of jewelry and he knew it had belonged to me prior to me selling it and he called me up to say he spotted it and asked me if someone had stolen it. So to the bloggers talking ish judging before the full truths are made aware #GTFOH!!!! Now about your devil worshipping comment don’t u think thats a bit much? :s especially after highliting how cool as fux he is?

      • Logic says:

        In which case, given as he is absolutely innocent of any wrongdoing, why doesn’t he just hand himself in and clear his good name?

  28. smiths says:

    put some cash up…10K for his whereabouts that leads to the Police picking him up.

  29. street wise says:

    We need a gun “amnesty” or “trade-in” event, where Gov’t pays up to, say, $5,000.00 per real gun turned in – no questions asked. The last time the Cops tried a gun amnesty, no money was offered, and as a result only a couple of fake guns were turned in. It would cost us just $50,000 to take 100 guns off the street. What a bargain!

    • out there says:

      ahhh, maybe not $$ (as $$ will only increase gun AND drug activity).. what about grocery voucher or clothes for the starving-cold kids 18 and under?

  30. LORD HAVE MERCY says:





  31. cant fool me says:


  32. Smh says:

    BDA I have the answer to fix ALL the gang violence in this island. Invite ALL the gangsters to a FREE drug party consisting of Alcohol Herb Cocaine Heroin etc @ National Stadium for 1hr after that hour is up give all the gangsters weapons of choice Guns Knives Swords etc once all the gangsters have their weapons blow an air horn to start the “BDA’s Top Shotta Gangster War” once all of them have killed each other the LAST one standing is the “Top Shotta Gangster” of BDA. Dig one BIG grave have one BIG funeral for all the families to grieve together once & for all. Then take the “Top Shotta” to the flagpole on front st & beat him with the Cat & 9 tails before sentencing him to life. End of problem back to the old way of life in BDA!!!

  33. Winegum says:

    I feel very sad looking at his various photos on the Internet. It looks like he was headed in the right direction in life with ambitions to be an accountant or similar, and somehow veered off into this other life. My sympathies to his parents who must be worried sick. I hope he is able to turn himself in and maybe turn his life around.

  34. its time says:

    hope the police shoot his ass
    and all the rest of those damned cockroachces
    cleanse the crap oout of this island once and for all
    who needs em?

    who wants em?

    f’n wannabes, every single one of them

    all tryin to be something they saw on Scarface or some movie.

    we should send them to Africa, and see how the tribes like the gangs.
    i bet those G’s would be strung up like antelope in a week

  35. Bermudian says:

    To the people that are saying it is the way he was brought up. He was brought up in the church with God’s word. This is his choice not his parents choice. We as parents can only do so much with our children when they get adults they make their own decision. Stop talking trash when you don’t know people.

    If you all have a solution to this problem lets us have it or else stop talking crap.

    • Ann says:

      @Bermudian…you are correct.

    • la la dy says:

      I fully agree with you Bermudian. All we can do is raise them up and instill in them our values and core beliefs, but when they come of age, the choices they make – positive or negative – are thiers alone. We can only hope that the good things we put in them will come out.

  36. Let the LORD guide us says:

    If we ALL believed in the LORD and in PRAYER and lived a more CHRISTIAN life…This world would sure be a GREAT place! That would decrease all of the negative and dangerous behaviour – that I know for sure. Im sure only my Christian folks would agree. This is all so sad…may the LORD guide those who are struggling in this life and may he bring peace to them and to Bermuda

    • Dante's Inferno says:



  37. SMH says:


    criss as fux or drunk as f$%x most of the time?

    P.s check the attic lol

  38. Xman says:

    30 years in Prison

  39. LORD HAVE MERCY says:

    sheesh ber news y you always block my comments, im starting to feel that you dont want me making comments

  40. Somerset OG says:

    Religion is crap. I bet not one of you bible thumping, knee bending jesus freaks would stand out at Woody’s and preach to MOB. None of you would go up to Parkside and 42nd street and preach the word to them. Go on. Prayer will protect you. Patrol the streets with your bible brigade and see what good it does. If you see a bunch of gangsters on a wall, go sit on the wall too and spread the word. How come you religious, faithful wing nuts aren’t turning criminals in left and right? Everyone wants wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die. What are you afraid of if heaven really exists? Instead of sitting in church, why don’t you go out into the streets once a week? Scared? Where is your faith?

    • auslander says:

      amen to that bro!

    • la la dy says:

      Somerset OG, there are people who do that, they just don’t broadcast it. These boys know real from fake. They may play like they do not want to hear about a God who loves them and is concerned about them, but I believe that somewhere deep down the message has been taken in!

    • SMH says:

      So your telling you have never seen church folk set up outside Jamacan Grill Court Street, Parsons Rd Play Ground Pond hill buss turn around grassy area by woodys navel field oh I forgot your to scared to go to those places to and are sitting behind the computer talking crap… Pray on My brothers and sisters!!! GOD is Coming!!

      • Somerset OG says:

        @SMH. I’m always in Woody’s when I’m on the island and I have never seen any church people up in there trying to rehabilitate anybody. His father is pastor too? Hmmmmmmm! Prayer works! NOT!

    • Fed Up says:

      don’t run on about things you know nothing about. you evidently have never been and sat and talked to theses young men, but guess what I have and so have alot of other “religous nuts” as you put it. get the facts next time please before you sprout off ok. You ever been to an all night prayer vigil at albouys point, no sorry you don’t even know what that is………………….

      • Dante's Inferno says:

        Look how much good that all night prayer vigil is doing.

      • Somerset OG says:

        Why would I go to an all night prayer vigil that wastes time? Tell me how well that prayer vigil worked? I have talked to some of them! Some of them are my cousins. Prayer doesn’t work and the education system is a failure too. A lot of people young and old old can’t spell to save their lives. This guy doesn’t look like he’ll be a doctor or a dentist any time soon. He thoroughly enjoys not reading any books.

  41. Triangle Drifter says:

    This is a little island. People know where he is. Somebody is providing shelter. The search costs us tens of thousands per day. Time spent by the BPS that they can be doing other things.

    Offer a reward for his whereabouts. Give it a time limit. 2 days, then the offer is off. If found guilty of giving shelter there will be automatic shelter in Westgate.

  42. Yagayo says:

    Wow…. Lets get dis str8… The freaks of the BPS saw him and let him run? Dat goes to show who’s scared of who.. Bda police is a joke oba needs to fired d whole force ( not force but sissies )… Get a life idiots…

    • Fed Up says:

      It doesn’t show anything except that this dude knows the area and which way to go so they wouldn’t get him. stop dissing the police you might just need them one day

  43. BermudaGem says:

    To be honest, this island is only so small, so, here’s what should be done: Since this is a person of interest, and he’s on the run, Police should start, systematically, arresting persons of interest to this fugitive until either someone talks or he turns in himself. Should this fail, then Police needs to cordon off Somerset, get the naval and Regiment police involved, and start going from house to house. All of this tomfoolery and aiding and abetting criminals has got to stop, as generally most who wind up aiding and abetting the criminal get some light fine and then go back and help the next fugitive.

  44. Bermy$hotta says:

    look lyke ah weirdo to mi

  45. whatnexx says:

    Somebody is hiding this where’s waldo look a like. This guy and all of his accomplices are gonna be fuel for the fire in hell, or as I like to say they will be going straight to hell with gasoline pants on!!!!It is a disgrace, that Bermuda has come to this…what happened to just doing the right thing in principle.Come on Bermuda turn this guy in. I’M JUST SAYN LETS CALL IT OPERATION WHERE’S WALDO,bet you will find him then..By the way please i BEGGGGGGGGGGG of you BPS and MEDIA in the event that you find him hiding in a residential, occupied dwelling, make sure to put SATAN AKA LUCIFER’S WORKSHOP ON BLAST!!!needless to say every rope has an end!!!

  46. Dianne says:

    Drugs & Ammunition found in his house. Didn’t see where it said gun found.. He sounds armed and dangerous to me.

    And if you street thugs on here commenting are so tuff, then use your real names. Ya’ll are nothing less then a bunch of cyber bullies that have been cut short a few ass woopings during your childhood! The nerve of you little brats using cyber space to try and intimidate people!! COWARDLY as HELL!!

    People are out there killing people! Who cares what team they are on or who started it.. Ya’ll need to grow up and stop the crap.

    If this young man is innocent or guilty, he needs to turn himself in! If the police have no evidence to charge him then he walks. So why go through the trouble of hiding like a rat. If you have to go through all of that, then you may as well go to prison. You can walk around freely.

    To hell if I will let a bunch of snot nose brats take over this island!!

    • tricks are for kids says:

      @ Dianne…… These young men are no different then the so called adults (who also by the way use pen names) who comment on this page using name calling, insults and the like to get their point across……..I guess you all fall into the Cyber Bully category as well……..

  47. Uncle Bob says:

    There are many places to hide out in Dockyard…these foreign cops no nothing about Dockyard, damn, the local cops barely do….SMH

  48. Are you all dumb enough to believe the BPS these %$#@ don’t know there A$# from there face. Chris ain’t got mo gun keep listening to the Feds see we’re it gets you.

    • Fruity says:


    • Somerset OG says:

      So he’s just running for his health? His New Year’s resolution is to get in shape by running from the cops? I didn’t see him with a gun but innocent people don’t usually play hide and go seek with the law. Not a good look.

  49. Satan says:

    I am here to remind everyone to pray more. It works great.




  50. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    ya’ll muth@f$%ker$ need jesus!

  51. Fruity says:

    PURE ENTERTAINMENT at our expense!!! #angry!!!

  52. sistadee says:

    just by all the negitive comments that people make on bernews i can see why bermuda has change even though children from town and country used to get along a lot of country grandma would refere to town people as rats
    very hurtfull people you have good and bad people everwhere

  53. sistadee says: