Two Shootings In 20 Mins, 28-Yr-Old Man In ICU

January 16, 2013

[Updated: There were two firearm incidents at around 9.30pm this evening. One in the Curving Avenue area in which no one was injured, and another one a few minutes later in the Khyber Heights Lane area of Warwick.

The Warwick incident saw one man — approximately 28 years old — shot in his upper torso. He is presently in stable condition in the ICU. It also appears a dog may have been shot in this incident.

The Curving Avenue incident involved two people who rode up on a cycle and fired a gun.]

At sometime around 9/9.30pm this evening [Jan 16] there was a shooting in Warwick and also one in the Curving Avenue area.

Police Media Relations Manager Dwayne Caines confirmed there were two firearm incidents in an approximate 20 minute time frame this evening.

One happened in the Curving Avenue area, and the other occurred in Warwick. Mr Caines said early reports indicate one person was shot in Warwick, and it does not appear anyone was injured in the other incident.

Updates will be posted as able, scroll to bottom for latest:

Update 10.07pm: There is a heavy police presence in the Khyber Heights Lane area of Warwick…

police car khyber heights lane

Update 10.18pm: Police are still arriving at the Warwick scene, and are beginning to string up crime scene tape. There is also a police presence at the hospital, which is standard procedure when a shooting victim is brought in.

Update 10.35pm: In addition to the person who was shot in Warwick – it appears a dog may have also been shot. The dog is still alive, remains on the scene, and apparently veterinary care is being sought for it.

police car khyber heights lane 2

Update 10.46pm: The dog was injured in its hind leg [pictured below]. It’s not confirmed the dog was shot, as it is not as if anyone can ‘see’ a bullet in the dog’s leg, but the owner seems to think the dog was shot.

dog injured after being shot

Update 10.50pm: The police confirmed that the first shooting was in the Curving Avenue incident at around 9.30pm this evening. They also confirmed that someone was shot approximately 10 minutes later in the Warwick area.

The nature of the person’s injuries are not known at this time. The victim is a male, approximately 28 years old. The police also noted that a dog was ‘possibly’ shot in the Warwick incident.

Video of Police Superintendent Darrin Simons speaking at the scene:

Update 11.45pm: It appears the dog was taken away to receive care

KEN_2318 injured dog

Update 12.13am: The police confirmed the 28-year-old shooting victim from the Warwick incident is presently listed in stable condition in the ICU. The full police statement is below:

Police responded to reports of two confirmed firearms incidents that took place on Wednesday night.

The first incident took place at approximately 9:30pm on Curving Avenue where two individuals rode up on a cycle and discharged a firearm however no one was injured as a result of this incident.

The second incident took place at 9:45pm at Khyber Height Lane in Warwick, where a 28 year old man was shot, he was then transported to KEMH where he presently being treated for gun shot wounds to his upper torso. The 28 year old man is presently listed in stable condition in the ICU.

Police are appealing for witnesses in both incidents to contact police on 2950011.

Update Jan 17, 9.03am: The shooting victim remains in stable condition in the ICU.

Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact the main police number on 295-0011 or the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.

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  1. One thing is for certain,change of government does not change behavior.

    • Um jus sayin.... says:

      Why would it…usual suspects who have no government affiliation or interests!!! All about self.

      • What a joke says:

        The OBA can’t do $h!t. All the talk is hype but they better do some thing and do it fast next the boys in the hood will be shooting at them when they run out of targets to hit. These guys don’t care. Dunkley these guys need a good cut A$$. And why have i heard these guys have cable in prison }}}}F-CK!!!!!!! Programs don’t work trust me on that.

        • Serious Though says:


        • BermudaGirl says:

          Why blame government for bad parental behaviour? What is the government supposed to do with a gun-toting wannabee when the parent(s) are no better? Most of these parents who weep and wail about their innocent little boys were out drinking and “partying” instead of parenting when the kids needed them. Now you want government to clean up your mess? Stop whining and take some responsibility. EVERYBODY should be hanging their heads.

          • Micro says:

            As usual, blame the parents. I know several persons who came from good two parent homes that have fallen to the way side. What’s the excuse for them?

    • Kathy says:


  2. I wonder says:

    Rolls over. Goes back to sleep. Yawn

  3. craig looby says:

    end prohibition……

  4. Prayers says:

    I hope no one is seriously injured!

  5. Nok says:

    They shot my boy thaT don’t bother anyone!!!so heartbroken!!!!!!

    • tricks are for kids says:

      Really….r u sure….because as soon as the area was mentioned his name was the first called as who they thought it was. ……

      Shame though…..never ending……

      Don’t know what its going to take to make these young men pay attention …….they have no fear……

      • Villiger says:

        One thing i could agree with Nok he dont bother a fly!! Wrong place wrong time..simple.
        Pull Thru my man #1

    • Inspector Gadget says:

      I know that area and I know the type of people who hang on that street/hill… I’m pretty sure he wasn’t walking his dog at night… You are who you hang around. You are who your friends are.

      • ha says:

        Actually I do KNOW him and if YOU KNEW HIM you would have KNOWN that he usually DOES walk his dog that LATE at NIGHT!! So im pretty SURE you need to SHUTUP!!

      • cant fool me says:

        Shut the f%^$ up %^$# u thk everybody that li ves inna neighbor hood is into crime dumb a#s they were jus dat neighbor hoods were ppl live before the police n media put labels on them

  6. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:


  7. Random says:

    Excuse me but its not jones village it’s khyber heights

  8. .am says:

    Who the hell shoots a dog?!

    • smh says:

      smh shooting a dog? really? that is ridiculous.

    • Sorry Sir says:

      Somebody who’s getting attacked by one?

    • dthtoo/ says:

      You dog-kissing-loving folks are always concerned about damn dogs. Human life is more important!

      • Student says:

        Dogs dont go around shooing people though. Innocent victims, unlike some of the humans.

      • Come Correct says:

        What exactly makes human life more valuable than a dogs? Your own self-righteous mindset? Funny, I’ve never seen a lumberjack dog involved in mass deforestation of a planet that thrives on oxygen. I’ve never seen a dog dumping toxic waste into water…that we need to survive. I’ve never seen a dog designing nuclear or biological weapons to kill in mass amounts or render large parts of our planet useless for decades (Chernoble?). I’ve never seen a dog jump on the back of a bike whith a loaded gun and the intention to take another life. There is no doubt in my mind that in a troubled situation my dog wouldn’t hesitate to lay his life down for me or my family, more than I can say for anyone I know, but somehow you believe you are above a dog. Everyrhing has a place on this Earth, you would do well to find yours.

        • TWithheld says:

          Aw shucks I love my dog. He is my protector and when I was pregnant barked at anything that came near me. Even at a digger that was parked in front of our yard for 3 hours straight.

          If the dog was hurt he is likely a hero who was protecting his owner – the hand that feeds him.

          That area used to be so quiet. I thought they were trying to fly under the radar.

        • Y-Gurl says:

          Dogs won’t shoot you

    • Judge Dredd says:

      Who the hell shoots a HUMAN?! What Da F$%K!

  9. Too Old 4 Fairy Tales says:

    I thought the OBA Fairy was gonna wave her magic wand over the island and make all our problems disappear.

    • jredmond says:

      How is being so clever working out for you?

    • I would not be at all surprised if you were one of those lowlifes that defaced the OBA signs last month. And in your attempt to be smart, you turn out to make no sense nor have a concept of time. Congrats, I guess.

    • Step Forward says:

      I can see you are part of the problem – instead of the solution,

    • huh... says:

      u must b dumb too

      • haha says:

        wow, you give the plp 14 years to royally f our island up, and cant give the oba 1 month to try and fix it…seriously mate you might as well stick your head in the sand

    • COB says:

      @Too Old 4 Fairy Tales::::

      I need to ask a question: Hopefully you can give me a Simple answer and not sound so :STUPID: LIKE YOUR COMMENT ABOVE: “GEESH”

      1: Can you count (numbers that is) Like 1,2,3,4,5,etc:
      2: How many days have the OBA Fairy (Quote,Unquote) been voted in to (wave her magic wand over the Island and make all our problems disappear: Quote: Unquote:)
      I am certain with our PLP Leader Marc Bean this Island will be cleaned up all in due time: Please take a break blaming these parties for what you young man have created. I anticipate a huge change on this Island once the OBA & PLP join forces this Island
      Will be rocking like the song:
      You will be saying:” STOP THE WORLD I WANT TO GET OFF”

      Please next time think before you blog like so many others do:
      Why don’t you come and join my school it is called as follows:

      Peace Out! May God Bless Your Mind so that you may Blog correctly:

      • crying shame says:

        You OBA supporters are such hypocrites when the guys were arrested last week for the murder the comments were “great job OBA’ and “a new sheriff is in town” but now today after this shooting it’s “count the number of days they have been office” and “give them a chance”. Who cares who gets the job done just get it done already.

        • COB says:

          @crying shame:

          where you in the booth when I voted: Hell No:
          By The Way I Voted for PLP: ” I AM PLP ALL THE WAY”:)

          Now Put that in your PIPE Or SPLIFF and SMOKE IT”

          You are the flippin “HYPROCRITE” I bet you did not even vote.

          I was amongst them that had to fight to Sit in theatres: Jack Azz.

          Signed: PLP go Marc Bean do your stuff: Thumbs Up.

          @crying shame:
          I invite you to reply to this comment and I being THE EDUCATED PERSON,I WILL MAKE YOU SOUND LIKE “CHOPED LIVER”
          #UGH #umjussayin

          Pat on my back: Self Praise No Recommendation:
          Peace to you have a Blessed Afternoon:

          • young black and educated says:

            I can obviously tell that you have some sort of anger problem… or maybe its a Napoleon complex. There is no reason to attack and be so aggressive on this forum…. I’ll gladly sign up for your so called school of hard knocks, pass with flying colors and replace the headmaster. I suggest you count to 10 before you respond to my comment before you have a heart attack. Nobody needs another casualty curtesy of the school of hard knocks!

          • crying shame says:

            You have serious issues and your response shows that you clearly have way too much time on your hands. I applaude your freedom fighting and I thank you for your efforts that have helped in affording me the liberties that I have today. Yes I did exercise my right to vote as it was my responsibility to do so. Secondly I am very much educated I graduated with a double major from University. My apologies for assuming you were a OBA supporter but nothing in my previous comment was a fabrication I read these comments everyday and my comment was based on the comments that I have read. Unlike you I refuse to bash or try to belittle others for their opinions I in turn take what I can from them and move on. On that note you have a blessed day as well.

          • crying shame says:

            @ COB

      • Too Old 4 Fairy Tales says:

        You may call me stupid, but you OBA supporters are the blind stupid ones. You can’t have it both ways- after the Christmas shooting and quick arrest, you were all singing “Things are better already!” I read comments ranging from “My trash is being picked up on time” to “The police are doing a better job now” all within weeks of the election. I think you all even swore the air smelled fresher after the OBA got in. However, when crime continues, you all beg “Give them time.” PLP, OBA, criminals will be criminals regardless YET if the PLP was still in you would have found a way to blame them!!!

        • Y-Gurl says:

          Is this an OBA or PLP issue or should we be looking at the weak an ineffective police service as far as I’m concerned we see these guys running wild unchecked, that’s not a governments job to deal with crime, government sets the rules

          • Too Old 4 Fairy Tales says:

            Y-Gurl pleeeze shut up. Our police service is highly efficient. The police can only go by the information they receive. If nobody talks then just what are they supposed to do? Consult their crystal ball?

    • Micro says:

      Aint s#$t gonna change til we stop waiting for somebody else to clean up our mess.

      • Judge Dredd says:

        Thank you! It seems the majority of the population is like a cattle waiting to be herded. Governments are not supposed to tackle moral problems, that’s a job for the spiritual communities and people of conscience in families and other civilian institutions. Government can make laws and such but they can’t make a person abide by the law. Neither can the police. Why has that become such a difficult thing to understand?

  10. craig looby says:

    end prohibition….n make existing jobs pay better…and reformat the economy…..n the war zone will end…corrupt system makes money from war zone

  11. Oh Please says:

    The authority’s need to stop pussy footing around and get these guns. Kick doors down scan the damn island. Search all these delinquents. Come on man get these weapons out of their hands!! This island is almost the size of Central Park. OMG SMH..

    • Micro says:

      Remember they did that not to long ago and you all complained?

  12. Ongoing says:

    Where’s Craig he said he was going to stop the shootings! Don’t say things you can’t do Craig! Gracious it was a shooting on Christmas day now this! Things seem to be getting worse! Let’s go OBA put your plan into action all that talk you had!

    • Step Forward says:

      Another ignorant PLP supporter I see. Show me where he said those words! Not where another PLOP supporter said it, but show me a video and news story where he said that…. I will be waiting?

      • B3rmud!@N says:

        Actually he did say it before the election, I do remember seeing it on Bernews just sayin. He may have not said the exact words but it was implied.

      • Tracy says:

        You are a stupid OBA supporter who believes in Craig! gg Craig also said he was going to create 2000 jobs as of December 18th 2012 and he created one someone who didn’t need it! He said his party will stop the violence and it’s still going on! No matter who is in power they cannot stop it!

        • Black but not just a face says:

          You people are such ignorant PLP supporters, u expect major changes to happen overnight?! SO dumb!!

          • cant fool me says:

            Ya well your oba promised alot jus so ppl like u can vote for them n the sad part is it worked

          • Tracy says:

            call us what u like they have done nothing! Just like the jobs they promised!

      • Staying focus says:

        The OBA did place all the blame of Gang Violence on the PLP, leading up to the election. The OBA did use this as part of their election campaign and promise they would fix it. This issue should have never been made into a political football, and the OBA did just that to win political votes. The OBA set out to give folks a false promise, of hope. They failed to be honest, transparent and realistic as it regarded Gang Violence, and now it coming back to bite them in the tail.

        This is a serious matter that our community is faced with, and it does not matter to the gang members whom the government of the day it. Gang Violence started in Bermuda long before the PLP was the government, folks just did not use guns than. The social climate did nothing to assist our young man.
        This was something the OBA failed to understand, more so the real underlying implications of gang violence on any society. So folks will hold the OBA accountable to find the answers they promised the people. OBA did say they can fix it, and put an end to gang violence. OBA put them in a difficult situation of making so many promises that now they are not able to make good on them.

    • COB says:

      You sound just as STUPID as:Too Old 4 Fairy Tales

      Geesh think before you comment or whatever it is called blogging:
      WHAT EVER:


  13. smh says:

    Gosh. hope the dog will be ok. so tired of the shootings. same area as before. sad.

  14. amazing says:

    Khyber Pass Jones doesn’t matter someone has been shot and this needs to please don’t make it like Jones Village has a good reputation I grew up in the Jones Village Khyber Pass neighborhood..that is my cousin that got shot on my families RANDOM I’m sure you are one of the snutty nose brats that has sat around the same place the shooting took place..its all one neighborhood…it doesn’t make a difference if it was up the hill or down the hill the point is someone has been shot..its happening anywhere in any neighborhood..

    But this shooting stuff needs to end instead of using bernews as a comic book we need to all come together and be part of the solution..

    • excuse me says:

      Nah! Get ya streets in order! Lol well I live smiths avenue so call it what u want!

    • I agree with you all the way

    • dthtoo/ says:

      Amazing, you said: the point is someone has been shot..its happening anywhere in any neighborhood..

      Correction: The point is it isn’t happening anywhere in any neighborhood – not Fairylands, not Trimingham Hill, not Tucker’s Town nor on de big hill overlooking Pembroke dump, nor de hill in Prospect, Devonshire. Until that happens, then the red blood of Black men will continue carpeting the grey asphalt. I am an ANGRY, SAD and FRIGHTENED Black woman and I am not alone in my thinking. Only when the guns are pointed in those directions we will then see certain and swift action/change. I know that I’m not alone in my thinking.

      • Come Correct says:

        I thought you said you were an “extraordinary godess – blessed with an uncanny wisdom”. I thought you would have had this all figured out by now.

        Correction: You’re an extraordinary racist with an uncanny mental health disorder and unfortunately I believe you are correct that you aren’t alone with that mentality. Let’s shoot some white people and it will stop…STFU.

        • Bermuda Cat says:

          @ Come Correct,

          Your being a little harsh. You do understand what she means, so don’t be so ignorant. She was simply stating that if these shooting were taking place in the upper income neighborhoods, there would be more urgency in dealing with this problem.

          • Come Correct says:

            I know exactly what she meant but guess what, I don’t live in an upscale neighborhood, there’s been a lot of break-ins recently (not my house for very good reasons) and guess what I saw yesterday?…. A police foot patrol! So that tells me along with the multiple police cars driving through on a daily basis that steps are being taken to reduce or deter crime in the area. This is a result of not only people being tired of it but also remaining vigilant and reporting ANY suspicious activity in the area. This same thing needs to happen with shootings. Its not just that simple though. In order to tackle a relatively new situation new measures need to be put in place as well as new legislation if not you’ll just have these clowns back on the street doing what they do. What does that take? TIME. If you jump into something without the proper thought, you end up with unforseen circumstances. Its a process, it takes time. People want to rant about the new government when the previous one did NOTHING! They put a legislation in place so gang members get extra time…how the f@ck do you prove someone is a “gang member” beyond any reasonable doubt? How many people have received harsher sentences because of this? Now I want you and dthtoo/ to ask yourselves, why don’t shootings take place in these areas mentioned? Aside from the fact that one example is government house and another is the old police HQ…and I’m being ignorant.

          • crying shame says:

            It’s just like all the Gun legislation and reform that is taking place in the US right now as a result of the Newtown Shooting..While this event was reprehensible and evil beyond belief kids in the ghetto get shot everyday and lose their lives but for the most part it doesn’t even make local news. Whether we want to believe it or not race and social class play a big part in the way the WORLD is run. People don’t care if little black or poor kids die but you let a white rich person get shot and it’s a national tragedy. I know I may get some backlash for this but until people begin to be honest with themselves and stop tryining to sugar coat situations than maybe we will start to win this war

            • Come Correct says:

              So we haven’t legalized and taxed marijuana to cut their funding and use it against them because why? Your analysis of the situation is pretty correct but there’s still more to it. Just like pharmaseutical companies do with anti-marijuana ads, if a RICH PERSON gets shot, they have the ability to throw money at the problem. If you have money you have influence.

      • cant fool me says:


      • BermudaGirl says:

        It is black on black crime. What else do you expect?? Where are the white gangs located exactly?

  15. Observer says:

    As someone from the neighborhood who has lived here my entire life the idiots who complain about the street name is ridiculous. Someone was shot…a helpless animal was shot Have a heart. & you idiots making this a political issue please just Shut up. Gun violence in this country needs 2 stop period and us as a community need to stand up.

  16. Take it easy says:


    • P*S*Y says:

      Unfortunately it was the dog, and not you.

      • Take it easy says:


        • BdaLuvin says:

          You are what is wrong with society .
          what makes you think your life is more important than a dogs? we are all earthlings we share one planate educated yourself you sound like a idiot.
          watch a documentary called earthlings maybe that will help you.

        • BermudaGirl says:

          Seek help TODAY!! You have serious problems.

    • Smh says:


    • cant fool me says:

      Cause ppl care about animals more then humans life

      • Take it easy says:


      • Student says:

        Humans are animal; and you are one angry, aggressive animal.

  17. Speak my mind says:

    It would be nice if we can moved forward together and get off the political tip on every incident that takes place. We need to be sensative to the fact that these young men and women are someones son and daughter and are caught up in this violent lifestyle. It takes all of us as a community to get it under control. The females,also are in the mix too, as informants to these young men. The adults in their lives are well aware of their family members lifestyles but choose to cover their eyes and ears and see and say nothing out of fear for their own lives. This island needs to become UNIONIZED, “United WE Stand Divided We Fall”!!!!!!!

      • amazing says:

        I don’t need to get my streets straight (if you was referring to me)..that is my neighborhood born and raised and like I said it doesn’t maTter if its up or down the sound ridiculous..instead of bitching about if its Jones Village or Khyber Pass we need to get together as a neighborhood a community and figure out a way we could get our neighborhood didn’t matter back in the day if you were from on top of the hill or from the bottom of the hill and it shouldn’t matter now…

  18. Richard says:

    They need to find that person shooting the dog might have been for fun we don’t know

    • Oh Please says:

      @Richard: Its illegal to fire off a firearm in public and its illegal to own a fire arm. That’s why they are going after the dog shooter.

  19. BDA says:

    No one loves money no more like really what is this war for

  20. Heartbroken says:

    Just say prayers in general for the person the animal n even the island its a unite that’s why this island is the way it is cause no one has a care in the world its such a bloody shame it really is. Until it hits home for u ppl who obviously don’t care @ all then u will not understand but until then shut your mouth and keep your opinion to yourselves , yes you are entitled but its rude n disrespectful to the family and friends of the ppl who are effected and you are commenting so you are breathing so yes u do have a heart so use the better half of it smh! God bless the negavtive Positive Vibes Always !!!

  21. mmm says:

    Oh so you’re Blaming the OBA for something that people with their OWN minds did? Stop it. You sound ridiculous. What, the OBA was suppose to pull up on the scene and dive infront of the bullets? Stop your noise.

    • tricks are for kids says:

      @ mmm…..OBA supporters blamed the violence on the PLP when they (PLP) were in power…now the shoe is on the other foot……so maybe its you that needs to stop your noise…..

      • ignorance says:

        you guys are expecting all the crime in bermuda to be solved in a couple weeks?! are kidding???

        • tricks are for kids says:

          Please read my comment again. …this time with understanding. ….

    • dthtoo/ says:

      mmm, you and those other demons blamed the PLP for every freaking thing from the moment they took office on November 9, 1998 until they departed on December 17, 2012.

  22. time for change says:

    the bermuda bad boy’s r getting like the yaardie bad boy,,shooting man, woman ,cat dog or puss,,r#s cloud mon cool down yah temper,,

  23. Bermuda is Devil's Isle says:

    Maybe the dog belongs to the guy that got shot and was protecting his owner what dogs usually do, and if u think this is the 1st time a dog been shot think again this is the third time I remember a dog got shot and died 2 times… Personal info not sure if it ever hit the media though!!!

  24. huh... says:

    Can anyone who voted tell me how OBA can stop shootings… I got an idea… pay every “so called gang member” $10000 per gun… that will save government/tax payers thousands instead of spending time Westgate. NO MONEY ON THE STREET TODAY… It will work… Trust me

  25. what?? says:

    I’m not from Jones village. But like how some people call the whole parish of Sandys, Somerset; Jones village crew (JVC) consist of khyber heights spice hill Rd random lanes and whoever else plays football down that playground on Good Friday.

  26. Let’s hope the dog gets the proper medical attention he deserves here. Thankfully he does not appear to have been seriously injured during tonight’s violence.

  27. Concerned for Bermudians says:

    Bermudians, you need to stand up for you rights, chatting and quibbling on here aint going to resolve nothing, uniting together and outnumbering these shameless people destroying Bermuda for tourism and investments is hurting you all, and the government more, what will you all do with no revenue from the outsiders?

    The Island does not need toppling down, it does not need to go bankrupt, it needs to work with the people, and get out some of the overseas workers you have there who are working in a job you could be in, we all know they dont do as good a job as the Bermudians, they are shite at customer service in the restaurants and bars, there shite at most the jobs they are doing, this is not helping the economy, its getting Bermuda a bad name around the world for losing its honest, reliable service staff, many tourists are not coming back due to bad service on their last visit…

    Stand up Bermudians, do what it takes to get your island back, rid the gun scum bags, and work together to reunite your homeland. Neighborhood watch, working together as a Team, and quit ya bitching if your not willing to help yourselves and your island paradise. Its up to the people and the governments to work together, make a difference for Bermuda, have a peaceful march, and show the world you care….

  28. Time Passages says:

    I have it on good authority that the dog was not a gang member.

  29. Time Passages says:

    He vuss a god dawg you no. Nawer in no trobble. Ain’t in no geng a nufn.

  30. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    Bring back the Rope…HANGING!

  31. Oh Please says:

    I believe that the root cause of gang violence is the presence of profiling. A gang is nothing more than an amassed group of powerful people whose aim is in the wrong direction. This happens because society literally profiles gang members, bringing our piers together. Often gang members are the ones whom have decided that they will fight for what is theirs. Which sometimes is less than the right to breathe. Once we acknowledge these facts then we can begin to stop this nonsense.

  32. Oh Please says:

    To help stop youths from joining these violent gangs we must find the root of the problem. Young people join gangs because they grow up in environments where gang members are viewed as role models. The youths emulate the gang members and hope that one day they can be accepted by them. To combat this problem, the city of Salinas has organized youth centers and clubs where teens find temporary escape from their negative environment.

  33. Oh Please says:

    person, as a psychopathic personality, whose behavior is antisocial and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience….

  34. time for change says:

    where there is smoke there is fire !

  35. Ayisha says:

    Fix the education system first.

  36. Ongoing says:

    Those that voted for the OBA|UBP|BDA it was mentioned in their platform that they where going to stop violence ie. Shootings….Things seem to be getting worse! Talk is cheap! They will say anything to swindle a vote. Wise up! And where are the 2000 well paying jobs coming from! Oh I know the OBAUBPBDA is going to stop the recession!

  37. Xman says:

    Regardless who the Govt..of the day is – the violence isn’t going to stop
    Unless very unpopular radical steps are put in place and used with a level of military aggressiveness the people of Bermuda have never seen.
    These senseless killers can be wiped out in a short time ( navy seal ) style but can we stomach it.
    Example:I know we as a people won’t like the idea of a (professional Snipper put in place to pick of gang members.
    Or any other radical way of dealing with this problem that’s why it’s going to be with us for a long time.
    I expect more to come.

  38. Time Passages says:

    Ongoing: You speak complete iggrunce. Can’t fix it all in a day. The PLP were a bunch of ganstahs themselves. It will take the OBA years to undo the damage those a-holes did you our island.

  39. Kathi Bean says:

    People Please reserve your negative comments. I have lived in the area for 35yrs. We have had our ups and downs like other neighbourhoods. Someone and his dog has been shot can we at least back up and think this could happen anywhere. He is a good guy and doesn’t bother anyone. So try Praying for Peace and Unity in all hoods.

    Heavenly Father, I come to you right now concerned as a parent, Lord Bermuda needs you more then ever before. Even now as he lays in the hospital bed, cover him with your blood. Make ways outta no way.Bless every instrument and every Doctor and Nurse that has to provide care for him. Lord touch him even now. I am expecting miracles Father God in this situation. Continue to shower us in this hood with your Love. Amen. And Amen….

  40. St.D says:

    It breaks my heart that in the midst of violence and hatred EVERYONE IS BICKERING LIKE A BUNCH OF CHILDREN! Focus, people!

  41. NoPoliticsPlzz says:

    I do know the young man that was shot; not sure why they would target him. I sure hope he makes a full recovery.

    I know this young man through a local sport; he is a sweetheart. I am sure there are things I don’t know about him but overall he has always been a very respectful person to me.

    I truly believe our young “black” men are in trouble. They are killing each other and this is so wrong. I don’t know what the answer is or what is will take to make this stop but I pray to God that there is a solution soon.

    Guns are getting into our Island some way some how. This needs to be explored and to all the people that know something, speak up.

    We need to all put an end to this craziness.

    Heal fast Young Man!

  42. So Sad says:


  43. 80's Baby says:

    The OBA have been in power a damn month people! Be realistic, they are people just like us how are they supposed to fix an entire island in a month or even a year?!? It took time to screw it up so it will take time to fix it, give them a chance. People will do what they want regardless, so instead of blaming the govt for peoples nonsense blame the unknown person behind the trigger!! SMH, I’m reading pure ignorance…

    • dthtoo/ says:

      Oh, so you want us to ease up on the OBA when you and your kind gave the PLP HELL! No, you are gonna get your share of licks too!

      • sonoso says:

        and when did people of 80′s baby “kind” give the PLP hell? why the generalization? the point they are trying to make is give the new government a chance! they were only elected into power 1 day less than a month today! ease up bredren!

      • 80's Baby says:

        Looks like you need to lay on a couch, don’t generilise me. I didn’t say to ease up on anyone, but yes think like a rational, mature adult. Further more, people didn’t give PLP hell they in fact did it to themselves, from every action there is a reaction. This island will never go anywhere if people continue to have a state of mind like yourself, everyone points fingers, places blame on others and never acknowledges any good in what people do and/or are trying to do. United We Stand, Divided We Fall…the proof is right in front of us all. Give this govt a chance they are already on a good path…

      • Bermy Gooner says:

        And zealots like you gave the PLP a free pass for 14 years…

  44. Catch 22 says:

    As we all wake up with our own opinions, negativity and ulterior motives we as a country do not realize that this is exactly why we are here today. Bickering, Bitc@n and Blame will never solve this gun violence issue.
    When I heard of this tragic double shooting, my subconscious wanted to get dressed and run out the house to help. Idk what I expected to do but my heart felt the need to do something.
    The village scenario does not exist, love thy neighbor as thyself is dormant and treating those how you want to be treated is dead. We cannot expect politicians to solve problems, these childrennnn have parents, aunts, uncles etc. of which SEE their idol hands. So who is really to blame? Yes the PLP allowed this to happen by way of not being proactive in the budget or should I say naive. The OBA are newbies just settling into their seats so we cannot expect miracles overnight and that is with any new positions.
    How can this country heal if our children see us as adults Bickering, Bitc@n and Blaming? WE need to lead by example, wean out the bad fruit, support the powers that be and realize God did not create the world in a day so never expect a MAN to fix Bermuda gun violence overnight.
    So please stop wasting time with negativity, sarcasm and immaturity. This is our lives, our home, our serenity. Remember these same KIDS that are shooting, scheming etc. are waiting for the props or entertainment that get by which YOU as the Bermuda community fuel them via Bernews, Facebook, Royal Gaz, twitter etc.

  45. its time says:

    public hanging

  46. 80's Baby says:

    Seems as if there were two fools riding around on a bike looking for someone to shoot at…smh bored much?? Go chase females or money or an education!

  47. Guy Carri says:

    A dun, someone tell OBA to hire Andre Curtis n get him to tell these guys stop de shootins…

  48. Pooch says:

    Woof woof woof, woof woof wooooof!

    Translation: Bye I can’t believe my ace dog got clipped. He ain’t in no gang you know – he’s a good dog reeeally!

  49. Where do I "BUY BDA" says:

    The very first comment on this story mentions GOVT. Guess who from….. the biggest CLOWN that walks the face of this earth. (call a name and I will whistle). One day he will grow up..

    @BERNEWS – I can just picture you guys rolling on the floor with laughter at some of the most assinine comments of recent history.

    If the news predicts the weather will be sunny but instead it rains….. is that the GOVT’s fault also.

    I keep telling you people… a 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzle will keep you busy for quite a while. (i already have one) GET A LIFE

  50. WOW says:

    Such a shame, more and more shootings on our tiny island. I’ve heard many say they’ve lived and grown up in these neighborhoods all their life. As one of Bermuda’s main past time is gossiping, you can’t tell me that the people of these neighborhoods don’t know who the bad seeds are. We need to take our streets back! Politicians aren’t able to solve these problemes no matter who is in office of the day. Make that anonamous phone call and rid yourselves of the vermen in your neighborhoods. Yes, i know everyone says they are afraid of retaliation if they “rat” anyone out, but there are ways to give information and not be known. The only way anyone would find out you “ratted” is if you tell someone yourself. To the Bermuda Police Service, i’d like to see any information received taken seriously as i know that some tip off’s are disregarded as nonsense. You ask for help from the public then follow up on every tip no matter how insignificant they may seem to you.

  51. LOL (original TM*) says:

    It’s unfortunate this is happening but if people do not realize it’s all of us to blame then we are truly a gangster’s paradise. Mothers and father please be more proactive with your kids. They need your complete attention and you must know them well. Understand your behavior is being watched at all times as kids a like sponges they listen to the music you listen to they carry your speech patterns and they learn their morals and values from you. You are the first line of defense. Neighbor’s you are the second line of defense without you being able to guide the kids back to their parents (if viable). You may need to also guide the kids in the neighborhoods get to know your neighbors speak up about things that are not right call the police if necessary if you do not expect more shootings outside your door or at you. Friends and other family you are in line with the second line of defense if anything remember that those kids’ actions also represent you and your family name as you are all connected. Police if you are called do your job and INVESTIGATE. Too many time do you let small crimes that aid in larger crimes occurring to go unpunished ex. bike theft (where do you think they get bikes that aren’t recognizable to other from) drugs (admit it not all smokers are those behaving in this manner) either decriminalize it or stomp out those who bring it in someone knows who these people are or do we need and outside force to do this for us as we seem unwilling to do this for ourselves. Police you are the last line of defense between you and the politicians and the governor come together and attack this head on proactive policing and corrective measures once these people are caught. Politicians listen to all the people in your constituency. Both PLP (Marc Bean as this is where he ran) and the OBA (Governing party) call a meeting with this neighborhood and find out from it what can be done to protect it from out side people wishing it harm something everyone can agree on either cameras (that work and are regularly checked on) or something else. (I would hate to see gated communities in a once proud island community but I fear this is what its coming to even though I think that gated communities attribute to gang behaviors. We could always wait till they start shooting your kids say new bourns – 9 years old to get at you if you all want they already shoot at mothers in their homes today a dog tomorrow…………

    This is where I would normally sign off but I don’t want many pen name to be insulting as it was chosen to point out hypocrisy with politicians it just doesn’t fit here. Political parties call a joint meeting get ride of this us vs them mentality meet with the hood and find out what they are willing to except to keep our..your people safe!

  52. Staying focus says:

    The above Comments reflect that OBA gave the people of Bermuda a false sense of hope, that they had some magical power to end Gang Violence. This election ploy is now coming back to haunt the OBA. Gang Violence should have never been used to gain the votes of Bermudians and the reality is it was. So folks cannot get angry when folks ask for solutions from the OBA, they ran a campaign on doing just that, and now folks are holding them accountable. It was huge mistake by the OBA, as their only goal was political power. The OBA has no great solutions, as this problem is extremely difficult to fix, and few countries have had great success with it. We must address the social ills within our community and give these young men a sense of belonging to Bermuda.

    Bermuda has to come together as one, to fix this serious illness within our community. It can not be made into a political issue, as that will not fix it either.

    • Bermy Gooner says:

      You just made it into a political issue specialgirl….

    • sonoso says:

      or just gave YOU a false sense of hope. what magical power did you think they have? the magical power the PLP had when they were the government? give me a break lady

    • 80's Baby says:

      Yes the OBA may have said they were going to combat certain things and maybe they still do plan to, but as an adult we should already know that the world doesn’t have super heros and that EVERYTHING takes time. So to think they were going to come into power and magically fix things overnight and control all of our minds to not be HUMAN is just ignorant.

    • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

      Oh dont worry Bda is gonna come together as one alright …but it’s not gonna be the “one” that you’re thinking of…Martial law will be implemented if you all continue crying like babies that cant do for yourselves…totally dependent on someone else ie: the GOVT. To Control what is going on THEY NEED TOTAL CONTROL! I sure hope you all know what your doing…The People need to take back what is slipping before totally out of our grasp. Or you can jus continue on and again…the poor will be enslaved by the rich. WAKE UP MY BERMY BLOOD!

  53. fido says:

    d poor dog….chuckle.. chuckle …media makes me laugh with the pic reminds me of those late night informercials save the animals …lol all jokes aside i hope the violence stops in bermy cha smh

  54. iCT says:

    Y do ppl keep comming on here n debate about politics? Its a shooting not the election, shootings are gonna happen reguardless no matter if its plp or oba.

  55. Hmmm says:

    @ Staying focus. No the Oba did not give anyone a FALSE sense of hope everyone is very excited and optomistic that we have new people in power to deal with these problems,
    We waitied year after year after year after year for plp to do something about the violence, guess what nothing ever happened, no special task force nothing.
    To the problem at hand an operation cease fire will not work there will need to be a 200 plus army force going from house to house rounding up people and putting them in jail that is the only way the violence will stop. A lot of these guys (Drug Dealers,guys in gangs) have jobs and some have children they are not all in the streets.
    It is time for an all out crack down on this mentality and sickness in order to save bda or expect more of the same.
    No more short sentences like 3 months and 1 year like we have seen in the past few days. start handing out 10 – 15 years with out parole and when it is time for a parole hearing you should have to go up against 12 people like a jury.
    Crimes against women should be increased an automatic 10 years.
    BRING ON CLEANSWEEP!!1) Go house to house if anyone is on drugs or selling drugs round them up! 2) If anyone is not wanted in their own homes because their families are in fear of them round them up and put them in the van. 3) Start taking away licences and passports for life.
    4) Anyone who is known to the police or even suspected in being in a gang should be labelled and rounded up.
    5) A website should be started to name and shame a lot of men who are dangerous and living this lifstyle to the public, the same way people are demanding a web site for a paedophile.
    It is time for bermuda to take this to a new level.

    • Too Old 4 Fairy Tales says:

      OK, so how about you draft the law that would give the police the power to do that. Under PACE and the other laws the police work under, they cannot just go door to door. You would be the first to complain or want to sue when they kick in your door without a legitimate cause.

  56. Hmm says:

    There was a case a few days ago where a women did not want to testify in a case against a young man that came in her house with an imitation firearm ,the case was dismissed possibly because she was afraid of testifying.
    The same thing is happening in a lot of housholds in Bda a lot of families are afraid of turning in their sons thinking they will come back for revenge. So it really is up to the police and a task force to fix this problem people are just too afraid.
    And in my earlier post i meant to say 20 years should be giving out not 10 years.
    A clean sweep will have to happen we do not have much of a choice men will have to be ripped out of their homes. Doors will have to be kicked down at 3am.

    • tricks are for kids says:

      Great idea ……but will they kick in the doors that REALLY NEED to be kicked in?….thats the burning question. ………

    • Too Old 4 Fairy Tales says:

      People need to research what the law is. I get so sick and tired of people asking for “doors to be kicked in.” Regardless of who is in power, the police have to operate within the law. The police cannot break the law to enforce the law. So NO, they cannot just randomly kick in people’s doors so get that silly notion out of your head.

      • Hmmm says:

        And that is exactly why we have the problems we have today.
        If the police cannot do this because of the law like you suggest then maybe the laws need to be changed.

  57. A photog says:

    I heard that one police Sargent was more concerned with his picture not being in the paper than taking care of the crime scene I hope that doesn’t reflect the attitude of all the police service towards the media’s coverage of these incidents.

  58. BDAGIRL says:

    Instead of blaming the PLP/OBA or whomever. We should all ask ourselves what can we do to prevent Gang Violence.

    Establish Neighborhood Watch – Youths loitering or “hanging out” is a breeding ground for gangs. Contact the Police and have them removed.
    Cooperate with the Police when gang activity is in your neighborhood.
    Parents are the first lines of defense.

    Talk to you children on a daily basis, find out what they are up to. Many of our children join a “Gang” because they don’t feel loved. And others join cause of the excitement, money or intimidation. Don’t accept that flat screen TV if your children are not out working a real job. Don’t allow your children to wear “Gang clothing or colors” Watch them on the computers. Don’t allow pictures of your children with “Gang signs” posted on social sites. Become involved with your children’s school activities. Go to all school meetings and find out if your child is behaving. Sit at the dining room table every night and discuss what is happening in this Island. Spend some quality time with your children.
    We need to get back to communicating with our children. Remember you are the ones in charge.
    Let them know there is ZERO TOLERANCE in your home.

  59. Too Old 4 Fairy Tales says:

    Bda Girl your advice is good and dandy when they are young, but this was a grown man (not saying he was in any way responsible just stating his age). Sometimes, although parents do the best that they can, their children still go astray. These young guys join gangs for multiple reasons, one of the top being due to peer pressure. They could have been raised by Mother Theresa and still go wrong. I took slams for my earlier comments, but my whole point was to stop blaming the government for these guy’s behaviour. We need to get to the core of what is really happening. People state that poverty is behind it, but again not totally true because most of these guys are rolling in dough yet they STILL kill each other. The only way to do that is get from behind the desks, stop pushing papers around or holding meeting after meeting and take to the STREETS and talk to the people that are in the know.

  60. Ongoing says:

    The OBA-BDA-UBP is to be held accountable for everything that they said! Craig and crew said they can stop gang violence! I guess they can raise the dead! OBA is a nonsense party! Vote for Change things are getting worse! They are now shooting dogs!! Bermuda is regretting there silly OBA vote! 40 thieves! Dunkley don’t care about nobody up Jones Village. He probably hasn’t even been there!

    • dthtoo/ says:

      If Dunkeley hasn’t been there, then extend an invitation. The condition is that he must attend alone – no men in blue and no back up. It would be very interesting to see what his response would be.

  61. Too Old 4 Fairy Tales says:

    Ongoing, you hit the nail right on the head. As long as it’s black males killing it other they don’t care as much as they should. It’s almost laughable at how routine the drill is. It is now reduced to the police making a speech on the scene and then offering condolences. You can almost predict what they will say word for word. Let somebody “important” get shot, or somebody that doesn’t fit the normal profile and we’ll see a different reaction. As long as these people can hide behind their gated communities with security systems, or retreat to Fairylands or Tucker’s Town they don’t give a rat’s a$$ what happens over Rambling Lane or Jones Village. One thing I disagree with pertains to Michael Dunkley, who I feel is one of the better ones. In spite of his wealth, he comes across as genuine. Unfortunately, most people in his bracket don’t care as long as it doesn’t effect them.

  62. W says:

    Well I am someone who called crime stoppers and nothing happened, it’s been over 18 months. The person is still doing what they are doing.

    First of all, I didn’t call the local number bc you don’t know if you are getting someone who will help or hinder you

    But, the lady answering the phone in Miami couldn’t care less what I was saying. She was so awful I don’t want to call back.

    There are many reasons why people don’t speak.

    So now what?