Hockey: Longtail Canaries Defeat Cardinals

January 17, 2013

The first game of 2013 for Cardinals was against a greatly improved Longtail Canaries side this past weekend. Cardinals used some sharp and controlled passing to advance into the Longtail Canaries’ defensive area.

Cardinals were the aggressors early in the game which resulted in them scoring first through Iesha Castle from a field goal in the 13th minute, but were unsuccessful in taking advantage of other set plays to advance their score.

An unmarked Longtail Canaries’ Maya Palacio scored from a field goal in the 31st minute from dribbling the ball through the middle, and the first half ended in a 1-1 tie. Cardinals’ Adrien Lewis, home from college, was an added asset to the team as she played quite well with great passing off the ball between her and midfielder Candy Foggo.

Six minutes in the second half saw Longtail Canaries take the lead through Palacio assisted from a pass by Laurell Powell from a field goal to make the score 2-1. Both teams continued to apply pressure and with Cardinals’ Candy Foggo and her midfield line working hard together moving the ball from right to left to their forwards found Pier Simons just short of scoring on the left post for the equalizer.

Cardinals were, however, awarded a penalty corner in the 50th minute and Foggo’s shot on goal was beautifully executed and now the score was 2-2. Lack of fitness and several errors by Cardinals saw an unmarked Longtail Canaries’ Palacio again coming through the middle to crack a shot at goal from the top of the circle that deflected off ‘keeper’ Holly Augustus’ pads and into the goal to finish off her hat trick.

Longtail Canaries’ Palacio continuous attacks on the breakaways and shots at goal were thwarted by Cardinals’ ‘keeper’ Augustus and her awesome defense. Longtail Canaries’ Palacio wasn’t yet finished and added her fourth goal in the 64th minute assisted again from a pass by Powell that would seal the win for them of 4-2.

Great defensive play by Longtail Canaries’ Nellike Paulesma and her defense denied Cardinals chances of advancing their score.

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