Two Men Shot And Killed At Happy Valley Store

January 23, 2013

[Updating: Police confirm that both shooting victims have died. The shooting happened just after 9pm, with the two victims found inside of the Belvin's store on Happy Valley Road. No ages were given for the victims, but the police said they were "young Bermudian" men. Anyone with any information is asked to contact 247-1739 or the confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.]

At sometime around 9pm this evening [Jan 23] there was a shooting in the area of the Belvin’s store on Happy Valley Road and two people have been injured. They were rushed from the scene via ambulance, and the police have responded to the scene. Details are limited at this time, however we will update as able.

Updates will be posted as able, scroll to bottom for latest:


Update 9.33pm: Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines has confirmed that two men have been shot.

Update 9.40pm: The police seem to be paying extensive attention to the actual inside of Belvin’s store, and crime scene tape is strung in the area in front of the door…


Update 9.49pm: The police continue to appear to be investigating the area inside the actual store. Some area residents are out watching the proceedings…

Update 10.00pm: We unofficially understand this is a very serious situation. We expect to receive a police statement shortly…

Update 10.08pm: The police are preparing to issue a statement on the scene…

Update 10.15pm: Mr Caines confirmed that both victims have died…..full statement expected shortly…

Update 10.18pm: Police confirm the shooting happened just after 9pm, with the two male victims found inside of the store. They were taken to KEMH, where they were pronounced dead. No ages were given for the victims, but the police said they were “young Bermudians.”

Update 10.26pm: Video of statement from Police Superintendent Sean Field-Lament:

Update 10.44pm: Police remain on scene at Belvin’s, and there is also at least three police cars maintaining a presence at the hospital, where a few dozen people have gathered.

Update 11.30pm: Audio above exchanged for video

Update 11.36pm: Full police statement below….

Around 9pm on Wednesday, January 23rd police officers responded to a confirmed firearm incident at Belvin’s Variety store on Happy Valley Road in Pembroke.

Upon arrival at the scene, officers discovered two injured men inside the store. They were taken to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, where shortly thereafter they were pronounced dead.

Members of the Serious Crime Unit are now investigating this double homicide and are appealing for anyone who saw any suspicious activity in the Happy Valley Road, Pembroke area to contact 247-1739 or the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.

No further information will be given regarding the deceased until the next of kin have been notified.

Update Jan 24, 12.40am: Calling the murders “appalling,” Governor George Fergusson urged people to step forward if they have any information. The Governor’s full statement follows below.

Last night’s murders are appalling. I am thinking of the anguish of these young men’s families and of the complete futility of this cruelty.

This is a time for those close to people involved in gangs to take brave steps to help the police protect our society. I would ask them to do all they can to discourage retaliation.

And everyone who knows anything about these murders needs to provide information straight away to the police or in confidence to Crimestoppers.

Update 7.40am: As of this time, Belvin’s remains closed, with crime scene tape and a police presence still visible.

photo (3)

Update 9.42am: Both Governor George Fergusson and Minister of Public Safety Michael Dunkley are expected to address this tragic double shooting later this morning…we will try and carry a live video feed of the press conference. The police are also expected to release a further statement today.

Update 10.43am: Minister Dunkley and the Governor’s press conference is at 11.30am, and the police have confirmed they will be also holding a press conference at 1.30pm this afternoon.

Update 11.05am: The Shadow Minister of Public Safety Michael Scott released a statement about the double murder, it follows in full below.

First I offer to the affected families my personal sincere and profound condolences and that of the Progressive Labour Party family as well.

The tragic murder of two young men at Belvin’s has to drive Bermuda’s own debate on gun control, the pain of loss to families, and the issue of weapons deployment in our communities with fatal consequences are as painful and destabilising as we see elsewhere.

Many citizens feel we have already descended to the horror of violence seen in other communities. Whatever the true position, we must as a country act – act to support the police and security forces, and act to prevent gun and ammunition importations. I know that in asking the public to give information also puts you at risk; however, if we stand together we can and must make our communities safe again.

And while the police must receive public support, they too, from the top Leadership to the lower ranks must be held accountable to prevent gun murders, not just apprehend the perpetrators; a matter that is often the easier part in a community of our size.

The urgent agenda is halting gun deaths and escalation of violence and the destabilization of Bermuda. The PLP will not nor will I support a police strategy that presides over increasing loss of the streets to this mobster element and the loss of human life.

The Governor and the Commissioner’s operational leadership must be stepped up to reflect strategic preventative action.

The PLP has these concerns and we have action plans that we are prepared to share with the police leadership as we did as the government.

Again on behalf of the Party Leader, Mr. Marc Bean and PLP Family I offer to your families our thoughts and Prayers and our commitment to work with the authorities to bring the person or persons responsible to swift justice.”


Update 11.30am: Sorry, we cannot get a decent connection going at Government House, so are unable to bring a live video feed. The press conference is about to begin in a few minutes, and we will post the video later on today.

Update 11.42am: The press conference is just getting underway. Police Commissioner Michael DeSilva is the first to speak, and extended his sympathies to the victim’s family and said catching the perpetrators is their first priority.


Update 11.44am: Governor George Fergusson is now speaking. He is addressing the risk of retaliation, and said while he notes “hard core” gang members won’t listen to a Governor or Minister, he knows there are many good people out there who are willing to come forward.

Update 11.45am: Premier Craig Cannonier is now speaking…after extending his sympathies to the families, he said we are losing our young people, our most precious resource, to violence. Describing himself as being “torn up” over this incident, he said we must intensify our efforts to get along.

“The lives that were lost, these two lives, does not bode well for any of us,” said the Premier. “We will intensify our efforts to make sure there is more of a presence.”

Update 11.51am: Public Safety Minister Michael Dunkley is now speaking. Calling the double murder ‘shocking’, he is urging people to come forward if they know anything. The Minister said they are working closely with Government House and the Police to make the island safer and “will not rest.”

Update 11.59am: The press conference has ended. The police have stated they intend to release a photo of the suspected gunman later today.

Update 12.09pm: Minister Dunkley’s full statement is posted here.

Update 12.40pm: The 20-minute audio of the press conference is below:

Update 2.44pm: The police have released a CCTV image of the gunman, and formally identified last night’s victims as 34-year-old Haile “Star Child” Outerbridge and 25-year-old Rico Furbert, both of Pembroke Parish.

The CCTV image is below, click to enlarge

mergedpic j

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  1. BigD says:

    Must be the water……craziness…

    • Your comment is awaiting moderation says:

      Very sad.I guess it will get the Uighurs off the front page tho….

      • Dear OBA,

        Where are you? No condolence statements please, just have Senator Baron and Minister Dunkley implement immediately what they promised to get us to a gang free, shooting free and safe Bermuda.

        And yes, I voted OBA for change from the PLP dimwits………and NO, I dont support the OBA spending money for Consultants to do the work Permanent Secretaries and Civil Servants are already hired for.

        Voted for Changd, Voted for OBA

        • Fansy Face says:

          You voted for OBA but your heart is plp. Let your comments be thoughtful and not stupid. The minute someone gets shot you want the OBA to stop the gang violence. Well hope none of your children are out there shooting guns because you parents need to take control of your menace children not the OBA.

          However, I send my condolence to the family of both of the deceased families. Change will come but we the people need to help out too. Sad and unnecessary…

    • Out of flight says:

      So sad. Condolences to the family.

      Where is rise Bermuda? Making money?
      What no more walks and rallies?
      Gee they did NOTHING for Bermuda.

  2. Voter says:

    Didn’t Jeff Baron say he would Cease crime with a CeaseFire?

    • Nuffin but de Truth! says:

      there’s ALWAYS a dumb@$$ comment from a dumb@$$!

      • Brad says:

        Hey “Voter” lay off the government. What is Jeff supposed to do – jump in front of the bullets? I mean dam, if Mother Theresa was in charge of this constituency, I doubt even she could keep men from killing other men. They just want to kill each other. What can we do to stop them. They are pretty determined to do it one way or the other.

        • rob says:

          what do you want from your elected, well paid ,public officials ??? your whats wrong !! the roads are crap but its not the ministers fault…crime is up but its not that ministers fault…hospitals are substandard aswell as schools but what can you do ?? Get a grip mate !! these things are preventable !!

          • Bermuda says:

            Really!!! The new government has been in power for how long?? I agree these things are precentable, but it is our old governement that let thing get this bad! Its up to the new governement to fix it which won’t happen over night!

    • Moms gingerbread says:

      Really? You can’t be serious

    • Foxy says:

      Whats your problem?

    • RIP ---- says:

      You dumb f><k.

    • 3 months says:


      You think 3 months is enough to fix this. The former government took years to get things this bad. How is it supposed to be fixed in 3 months?

    • Reality Check says:

      The short answer to Voter is “No. he didn’t say anything like that.” Perhaps now the PLP is not in power we will soon be hearing that all this gun violence was due to the incompetence of UBP Government from over 14 years ago!!! Anything to avoid admitting that it all started under the watch of the last Government.

      But now is not the time to assign blame. Now is the time to do enerything we can, collectively, to stop the madness and help our young men to stop killing each other.

  3. 50cent says:

    god bless them

  4. Tee says:

    You guys are not tired yet, come on guys or girls. Its more to life than killing people

  5. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    not a very HAPPY VALLEY.
    Hopefully the Police will get the people responsible.

    • Don't mess with Joe-public says:

      Community involvement is imperative to getting the culprits’ off the street. Hey, when they’re caught, if prison cannot be less lenient, then cut off their hands after the first offence. Tatoo their forehead as an offender after the second. Get tough, public. Be a helper to the cops, not a complainer. Um jest sayin.

      • Don't mess with Joe-public says:

        Ok, I detract from my last post…I think maybe it’s an eye for and eye in the eyes of the ones involved. Let the killers and wrong-doers be killed and done wrong by the ones who were wronged … whatever. Gangs need to be addressed by PARENTS. Please work with your children, folks…when it matters…age 3-10. After that, if you fail, you’ll never get them back. Girls…you can probably get away with 5-12 yrs. before you’ve lost them. Um jest sayin.

        • Micro says:

          Good parenting only goes so far. It takes a community to properly raise a child and even then we have no control over their self will.

          • Tommy Chong says:

            Self will? None of these wanksters have self will instead they are puppets to some lazy a$$ punk fool who sits back like a big shot in their house surrounded by trash while being idolized.

            Maybe if mommy & daddy gave these wanksters a proper parent figure to look up to instead of spending the majority of their time trying to get theirs then the wanksters would have not turned out the way they did.

          • Islander says:

            these days if you say or look at people’s children they want to cuss you out or threaten you and tell you to mind your own business. Listen to mothers how they speak to their toddlers, fathers how they speak to their sons and how young parents speak to each other and even the older parents. Listen to our young people and how they speak to each other…. Lessons learnt at home and/or no discipline there either. Condolences to the families and friends of these young men.

        • Cast says:

          No it’s 12 to 18 kids 3 to 10 will listen its when they think they’re becoming a man that’s when it starts

        • Cast says:

          That was for your comment

      • Tommy Chong says:

        Much of the community on happy valley are either too scared to be a witness, don’t care or contribute to the problem.

        The former owner of Belvin’s was severely beaten with a bat & robbed by a man who wore a mask but he knew who it was by his voice. Others also saw this man enter the store at the time & could have easily identified him. The owner was alone in his testimony because the part of the happy valley’s community who witnessed would not come forward because of the reasons I listed above. The owner’s assailant still walks free because of insufficient evidence while the owner endures the pains of the slowly healing injuries inflicted on him.

        What do you do do in the witness shoes? Go identify the criminal in a face to face lineup & jeopardize the safety of yourself & loved ones or stay quiet & live with the conscience of not giving justice a chance to prevail?

    • Secret Troop says:

      I’ve always said “Happy Valley” is the least ‘happy’ valley I’ve ever seen!

  6. empero says:

    10 mins gone no dumb comments yet..surprised hhmmm

    • jredmond says:

      Ha. That first comment is pretty dumb, no? You gotta wait for the moderator

    • BigD says:

      And you had spoil it with your negativity.

  7. RawOnion says:

    Bermuda, Bermuda, Bermuda. SMH….I guess this is now the norm. But I still have hope we can overcome this.

  8. Inspector Gadget says:

    Ay the way these prices are these days! Umma start going mad too!

    • Fansy Face says:

      Put the mirrors program into the schools. Starting from primary one. A lot of our kids have lost their fathers therefore there are gonna be a lot off angry children who may react without thinking like their murdered fathers or gun slinger fathers.

      Put down the guns and lets live in peace and harmony for everyones sake. This is suppose to be an island of paradise not the devil’s island.

      • Islander says:

        Take God out of the homes, schools and Parliamentarians thinking they are God – you reap what you sow!!!

  9. Come On Man!! says:

    @Voter why is it that every time something happens you get a dumb a$$ question like that. Rome was not built in a day. And Jeff Baron is definitely not Jesus Christ. Come one man!!

  10. Nok says:

    Disgusting stuff

  11. Come On Man!! says:

    AGAIN!! Until the authorities get the bloody guns off the streets it is never gonna stop. The feeling is the authority’s are not doing enough they just show up after the fact. Start busting heads kicking doors down. To much Damn lip service.

    • Tooth Fairy says:

      I agree, but if the “public” continue to play the “I didn’t see anything, and I don’t know anything” game until it affects their family directly nothing will change.

      I understand the fear of speaking out and giving testimony in court – however, if you know something, heard something and you think there might be an ounce of truth in it. Call the Crimestoppers Helpline!!! As a bonus you can make some money at the same if your ANONYMOUS tip helps to solve a crime.

      • Magnum PI says:

        Convicted murderers should get the death penalty. Bottom Line! Why should we pay for their life incarceration when they’ve uncaringly taken one of ours?

        • Triangle Drifter says:

          Like so many, I’d also like to see the death penalty applied again, but it is not going to happen. The only way to reinstate the death penalty is by independence & that by itself is no good reason to go that route.

          Give them life & ship them overseas to some miserable place where they will wish that they were the ones shot.

          • Peachy cream says:

            Totally agree!

          • jonny says:

            U actually think some other country is going to take our prisoners ( although i like the idea of sending them to a middle east prison). Who is going to pay to feed and house them? Do you think their family memebers are just going to sit back and accept that.

            • Just a Idea says:

              Adopt the Chinese approach, when someone is executed by firing squad the family has to pay for the bullet, let the families pay for their prison time whether here in Bermuda or the middle of some poor African nation, which could use the money.

            • Fansy Face says:

              Send them the parents too. They are just as bad as the murders. Tell me they don’t know what their kids are doing. Shame shame shame!

            • Y.N.W.A. says:

              The government can still pay a small fee for wherever they end up going. I’m sure it’ll be a hell of a lot less than $80,000+ a year.

              And who gives a sh*t if the family members kick up?! They didn’t have an issue with it when their UNEMPLOYED child was paying their car loan, utility bills, rent and buying them crap! They are just as guilty in my eyes and should be shipped out too.

          • Pond Dog breed says:

            I agree with Triangle Drifiter ship them overseas anywhere in the world because those overseas correctional facilities are much more harder than ours plus they will have no family and ace boys ace girls coming to visit them. All they will have overseas is to do as they are told do not look at other inmates the wrong way or even walk pass the other inmates the wrong way and if they do they will realize how bad they are not. since I believe they think they are bad because they shot someone and are “just doing time” as they put it. Sending these shooters overseas was something the PLP had mention and if it is not to late to do so under the OBA get on with it. As this may stop the shooting.

        • Don't mess with Joe-public says:

          AGREE. thank you.

        • me says:

          yes they should

    • T says:

      Applications for the Bermuda Police Service online…Become a part of the solutions you suggest..

      • I McHunt says:

        It is my understanding that the police want to recruit more officers now but are being kept back due to budget constraints – and that is just to get the current workforce up to strength!!!

        • Tommy Chong says:

          Because 460 plus isn’t enough in an extremely small island with a population of only 65 thousand?

      • Tommy Chong says:

        Question: How many BPS officers does it take to hold up a cordon tape in front of Belvin’s?

        Answer: Seven, One to hold it up & the other six to stand around & watch the one who’s holding it up.

        What take the cake is the part in the report that says there were three police cars maintaining a presence at the hospital. For what? It’s far from likely the shooters will turn up at the hospital when they have already made their message. In case two armed officers in one police car would be enough.

        BPS has not proven to be part of the solution & in some cases have exacerbated the problem with shoddy witness protection. Non of the officers I see in the photos or videos in this article have forensic uniforms on so why are they there.

        • Islander says:

          it is shoddy??? lightbourne snr is abroad living while the youth is doing time. and who was it that okayed witness protection and who is it that is in England at whose expense or is he on the dole…., flew in at the expense of the govment to give evidence and flown back – yah rite.

  12. aubrey says:

    dumb comments? what about the “Voter” comment?

  13. Your comment is awaiting moderation says:

    If only they hadn’t stopped term limits…..

  14. parentoftoddlers says:

    Instead of focusing on Jeff Baron, what about dealing with the issue at hand- 2 people have been shot. The gun violence on this island is getting out of control. You cannot expect change over night! Set an example of these shooters!

    • Had enough says:

      It’s funny how all people wanna say stuff now no one knows what happened how u know the shop wasn’t getting Robbed its a sad situation they were really good guys.. One turned his life around and was a great father ! But that don’t matter I’m sure to you all and the other was a devoted uncle and brother Bermudas need to stop being so closed minded and realize that this stuff has gone way to far cause the police turned its back along time ago I guess now they have to care.. Instead of locking people up for petty crimes and not making the offender do some community service with hard labour you send them jail it’s no alternatives for them to do! You wanna lock up a guy for protecting himself but let the person / persons who started the fight go cause they got hurt how about lock them both up show some real no bulls%^t punishments with everybody getting in trouble whether he started it or not then you might get some community help!!! Until then your gonna keep having this war cause it started small start small and show some unity and lock them all up cause after u keep locking up one and not the other u have no justice system ! And on another note taking these men who are on remound and putting them in Max what is that doing for our young men putting them in a room for 23 hours is doing what making them go crazy making some realize that that’s all it is you ain’t teaching them nothing you are just keeping hem idle instead of making them work its to many excuses about our justice system and our prisons all talk no action keep talking while all ouryoungblack males die cause some may feel that’s your plan!!!!! It’s so amazing how nobody really cares you have people abusing he system girls provoking Their children’s fathers till they say they would kill them cause they feel like their kids r getting messed with and instead of talking to the guys or because of thir past u lock them up just because heir anews reporter don’t make her right either!! We need to do better as a whole it’s not always what it seems and mediation can help !!

  15. Micro says:


  16. Justsayin says:

    Legalize de herbs! All of this will stop

    • Nuffin but de Truth! says:

      it is legal,in Amsterdam and they have gun related ctime too.

      • King Ky says:

        nuffin but a lie!…. it is not legal in amsterdam, it is decriminalized, marijuana isn’t legal anywhere in the world

        • DBLOCK says:

          are you retarted you need to do your research because clearly they have places in the world where marijuana is legal, and the states have just legalize marijuana in about four states so go check ya facts.

          • young black and educated says:

            This is completely off the topic in hand, but that being said marijuana is NOT legal anywhere in the states, it is DECRIMINALIZED… go check YOUR facts… It’s only legal at the state level but is still ILLEGAL at the federal level…. maybe you should do some research before you try n be a smart ass…. 2 people died last night and you guys are worrying about the distribution of marijuana…. sad

        • Fed Up says:

          de·crim·i·nal·ize [ dee krímmənə lz ] 1.legalize something: to make legal an action or substance that was formerly illegal
          Synonyms: make legal, legalize, sanction, authorize, permit, accept, allow, tolerate.

      • Bermuda says:

        Its not legal, please research before making false comments Truth. Commenting on everyone elses posts and so wrong yourself..

      • Will says:

        Mate I am a champion for weed legalisation and do believe that that will lead to a decrease in violence at some level, but as these shootings happen more and more I am now beginning to see that that won’t solve any of these issues. The reasons for these murders and gang related crimes has gone beyond drug turf wars and is now for things even more petty. These men are caught up in this lifestyle of being a ‘gangsta’ and love it too much it seems to want to give it up. The underlying social issues that lead to this behaviour needs to be addressed and we must rid them of the mentality of ‘bitches ‘n bling’
        But if you do want to go on about legalisatoin the best reason to do so would be to cut at their profits so they couldnt fund a lavish lifestlyle based on causing misery and to reduce the contact we as honest hard working citizens of Bermuda have with them.

    • Bullseye says:

      I am sure you would say weed is harmless and non-addictive yet you pin the blame on the fact it isnt legal? Think about it.

      • Free Thinker says:

        You need to think about it. Crimes are “drug related” not because the drugs are addictive but rather, because they are illegal. When someone has to use their entire wage to support their addition, they becomes dysfunctional. Some lose their jobs then go on to commit crimes, to support their addiction. Can you imagine how bad it would be, if a “chain cigarette smoker” was to pay $100 per smoke? Think what would happen with all those cigarette addicts in society.

        Because the illegal drug trade is so profitable, people go to war over those profits. When was the last time you hear cigarette, or Alcohol dealers going to war over profits? In the 20s and 30s when alcohol was illegal. This is nothing new, this is going on worldwide. It’s quite simple, history has shown that, when the mega profits are removed from the substance, the violent gang wars stop. If people would just use .1% of their brain power to think, instead of just blurting out sound bites, or jumping on the band wagon of ignorant comments, we would be closer to a solution. Stop being brain washed and research the facts for yourself.

      • sonoso says:

        i think you are missing the point, it has nothing to do with the addictive properties of marijuana, which isnt very addictive at all. he is saying that the reason why the two got shot is because of the demand for weed, it is sold by these wannabe gangsters and right now there isnt much to be sold

      • Tommy Chong says:

        When alcohol was illegal in America the most notorious gangsters came to be & did a lot of killing with their tommy guns. The alcohol didn’t make them kill the prohibition law on alcohol created a black market that they would kill to get control of. This is the same thing happening here with prohibited drugs wanksters are killing for control of the black market. The powers that be don’t even have to make drugs legal all they have to do is decriminalize them. Once decriminalized then give the control of supplying the hard ones to clinic professionals & the soft ones to a limited amount of government licensed business men with an establishment transparent to the law with tolerated use of them under certain conditions.

        “The prestige of government has undoubtedly been lowered considerably by the Prohibition law. For nothing is more destructive of respect for the government and the law of the land than passing laws which cannot be enforced. It is an open secret that the dangerous increase of crime in this country is closely connected with this.” – Albert Einstein

    • jonny says:

      doesnt matter whether its leagal or not, ppl have had access to weed for years but crime still has elivated to where it is. You really think these gangs are fighting over weed. They are smoking it and getting high before they go and comit these acts, so what does that say about the weed you think would relax ppl.

      • Tommy Chong says:

        They’re not just smoking weed wanksters here smoke a lot of coke. It’s the coke that’s giving these fools the fake cojones to commit these murders. Some are even using alcohol to lessen their inhibitions. Weed alone causes sheepish paranoia that makes some users fear their own shadow which won’t help someone carry out a murder effectively.Coke & alcohol have a much stronger affect than weed so when they are added into the mix the effects of weed get taken over by the other drugs. The only good weed does when mixed is to lessen the physical nausea the other drugs cause & thats why its used by some after Chemotherapy though some think its to cure cancer which its not.

  17. Facts says:

    Most def.

  18. Honestly says:

    This is so sick! We need psychiatrist to check these killers out! Their heads are all screwed up. Killing someone’s son isn’t something you have the right to do!

  19. Happy Valley Neighbour says:

    You all stilling here saying dumb comments that arnt nessary…lets pray and think for the families that just lost a son,father,brother etc….come on why OBA has to be brought into these things all the time…Sh$% dont happen over night come on…can you get a house over night so what makes you think OBA can change crime rates over night….

    • #whayadumb says:

      You was sold a dream! Government has nothing to do with behavior. OBA was wrong to lead a camplain on ‘yes we will get and the violence will stop’ you have people like yaself still thinking that is going to happen and every violent act that happened before was because PLP was in..smh

      • Nuffin but de Truth! says:

        you forget to take your Meds today

      • cant fool me says:

        So so true

      • Old School Friend says:

        I agree. Government can not do anything about these shootings. OBA nor PLP!!! No one has any real answers. Stop spoiling these young men when they are boys. Teach them respect and the meaning of hard work. Then they will not feel that they are entitled to things without putting in the hard work. How could someone sleep at night after taking someone’s life. Someone has to notice a change in these shooters behaviors! Report them!!

      • ladeej says:

        @#whayadumb You have a point. The OBA has pledged to start Operation Cease Fire which they claimed would eliminate gang violence. I’d like to see them get on with it. Up to now in their short time in office, it seems that they have concentrated on term limits, and a bit of education and tourism. Let’s get working on gang violence OBA.

  20. N/A says:

    It’s so confusing, like 5 years ago an incident like this would have been surprising, now its the norm in Bermuda. When did this become part of our culture? It had to start from an incident, if we can uncover what that is, we can start fight some of these problems. I truly don’t feel safe at night on the roads in Bermuda anymore. Bermuda truly is a paradise when you think of it, you shouldn’t feel that way in a paradise right?!

    • Tooth Fairy says:

      Im still surprised that it still happens and it sickens and saddens me as well. I hope these guys are okay. I feel for their innocent families especially knowing that at times the innocent are sometimes targeted due to mistaken identity, wrong place at wrong time, or guilty by association! I don’t know the story behing this crime so I can’t comment on who, what , where, when and why!

      However, still too many of us pretend that we didn’t see or know anything because we don’t want to get “involved”. Too many of us turn a blind eye to our children and cross our fingers and even defend them when we know about their “questionable” activities, friends or products they seem to purchase when they don’t have a job.

      We can’t expect change, if we don’t change. If you know something, and don’t want to talk to the police for whatever reason… contact Crime Stoppers.

      Information may be left anonymously on Crime Stoppers Bermuda’s 24-hour hotline 800-TIPS (8477) or at .

      Hey Bernews how about getting the BPS / Crimestoppers to advertise at the beginning or tail end of each serious crime story posted on Bernews. I realize that some might frown on it as it may appear to some that Bernews will capitalize on tragic crimes but I can’t think of a more effective time to advertise crimestoppers!

      • Tooth Fairy says:

        Sorry after posting the above – I saw the unfortuante confirmation that the two victims have passed. My condolences to the family and friends. R.I.P.

  21. #whayadumb says:

    Put all ya hopes in OBA, because they lead a camplain on the shoulders of ooo we are magical people and can stop the violence. But of course its they just got in. Retards even if they are in for 5 years there will still be shootings! Its the world we live in.

    • Nuffin but de Truth! says:

      posted by a Retard

      • #whayadumb says:

        Post ya name if your about that life

        • Secret Troop says:

          Something tells me you’re part of the demographic with a “high propensity to use violence”… so no thanks.

        • OBA supporter says:

          You are defintley an idiot

    • Tooth Fairy says:

      Unless people like you do something about it!!! But you probably won’t say anything, until it affects your brother, cousin, uncle, father then you will want everyone to help!

      Is it more important to you that the OBA fail, so you can continue with the childish name calling – while others get shot. Or can you help make a difference and maybe save a life or two! If the OBA set the bar high and are effective – the PLP will also step up their game and become a more effective opposition and perhaps a better future government someday than their past opportunity.

      • jonny says:

        well said, thats what ppl are miss understanding. wether your a plp or oba supporter, make each party set the bar higher and higher that way every party has no choice but to be better.

      • SJ Taylor says:

        I think #whayadumb’s point is being missed. The comment to me is NOT a criticism of the OBA. The person is saying that it doesn’t matter to some people what the leaders of this country say or do, they are going to keep living the life they choose to live – at least that’s what I got from the comment – I could be wrong.

        • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

          @ SJ Taylor: whayadumb just clarified below that he really is criticizing the OBA and those who voted for them.

  22. justsayin says:

    we are in a sad state… Condolences to the family and friends of the victims.

  23. samantha says:

    cant believe this is still happening, what has happened to our beautiful island, r.i.p to the two who died this evening, so sad

    • #whayadumb says:

      Guess its because you voted OBA because they said they will make it stop

      • Nuffin but de Truth! says:

        like you said,ya guessing,smuck!

      • Tooth Fairy says:

        @whayadumb, you really have issues and sound like you are full of hate! Let it go!

        My condolences to the family, friends and people of Bermuda! Another sad day – made worde by the idiotic and self serving comments by people like @#whatyadumb!

      • jredmond says:

        This is a futile argument but they never promised it would stop. They said they would at least try. The previous government seemed to choose a policy of ignoring the situation. I myself don’t know what the OBA Can actually do…but at least you gotta give them some time to sort a gameplan out.

        • bermyguy says:

          they been had time to sort out a gameplan, the shootings didnt start yesterday. the shootings have been going on for 3 years now.

          • Jredmond says:

            So what you’re gonna blame OBA like the rest of these fools too. As the opposition they didn’t have access to the same resources that government had, so it ain’t like they can just jump in and know the system and swing hammers. It’s only been a month. Like you said, the killing been going on for years . I doubt its going to change anytime soon.

            • windwater says:

              Yeah but the OBA did “talk the talk” and they did some serious finger pointing at the PLP. They need to make something happen and stop talking about it now since they are now the elected party.

        • Time Shall Tell says:

          Actually they did say they would END gang violence, & that statement was only made on December 4th by Jeff Baron. He also claimed it would be a priority & treated as a National Emergency, have we seen that? No the first thing out of OBA mouth was about spouses of Bermudians the terminating work permits, how many Bermudians have died due to either of those issues? Yet on December 4th they claimed to of kept an eye on the gang violence problem in Bermuda for 3 years & spoke of inaction over the issue by the now opposition. So if this is a “National Emergency” & is receiving your highest priority then why are you pushing for other issues that aren’t claiming BERMUDIAN lives????

          • bermyguy says:

            thank you “time will tell” all the “promises” made before the election were just to get a vote, and now after they will stay promises and no actions. The lies will unfold in front of them.

            • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

              At all those who are impatient for the OBA to put their anti-violence program in place, how about the idea that the distance between knowing what you want to do and being able to do it is more than a minute. Even if Mr. Baron hit the ground running (which I am actually sure he did), setting up a Ceasefire program that works and is air-tight AND minimizes the need for embarrassing retractions, consulting (there’s that dirty word)with experienced folk – who are perforce NOT Bermudian, hiring and putting key people in place – all takes a little more that a month or two, priority or not. Don’t you want whatever program that is put in place to WORK? Then give the man time to do it right.
              I am betting that nobody at this moment, not even the families of those unfortunate souls who just lost their lives, nobody wants to see an end to this senseless violence more than Mr. Baron (even if its only out of a fervent desire to end all this carping).

      • Happy Valley Neighbour says:

        Um it takes time…they havent been i power long…about 37days they have alot to try to fix but this is besides the point…Two young Bermudians were shot..At least have some sympathy for their families at least…I send my condolence to their love ones…

  24. Inspector Gadget says:

    Oh how the —-

    • Smh...Are you serious right now?! says:

      For your information, no one deserves to be shot and killed. I’m sure if it was the other way around or has been, if someone posted the horrible comment, you would be hurt. So sit back and think next time of the people you hurt just by posting that statement.

      My condolences to the families and friends of all murder victims in Bermuda.

      • Inspector Gadget says:

        The truth of the matter is that it is NOT the other way around. Random people are not being killed. People are being targeted because they have done WRONG. You think they just walked in Belvins to get a Guinness!? Whether it is tit for tat or not it doesn’t matter. You are right in one sense though, no one DESERVES to get shot and killed, but they have brought it upon themselves. Could careless.

        • LIFE says:

          I agree !

          • Unjrust Realities says:

            You appear to know a whole lot about this . . . too bad and sooo sad that you don’t care about human life!!!

            I should be on the major crimes task force in Bermuda . . .I would track you by your IP address and haul your ass in to see exactly what you do know . . .oops . . . I bet you didn’t know that they could do that huh??????

            • Secret Troop says:

              OK calm yourself Sherlock…

            • Serious Though says:

              Protected! Human rights ! Free speech!

            • @ Unjrust realities says:

              speak for yourself ass instead of being a spectator commenting behind a computer who is sooooo enthralled by negativity get a life!!

              p.s. pick up a dictionary while your at it!!

              • The REAL TRUTH! says:

                You need to pick up a bible, a Koran, and a Piece of toilet paper to wipe your mouth! YOu lack morals and decency. You dont smell it on your breath girl because you are full of it!

        • sadder still says:

          Inspector gadget….u don’t have children do u??? I pray u don’t and if u don’t I pray they turn out to be just as perfect as u!! NOT ALL THOSE who have been victims of this gun violence ‘brought it upon themselves’. Judge not lest ye be judged!! As for me…this makes me’CARE MORE’.

        • BDA says:

          If you could care less get the hell off of bernews with your insensitive comments. Do us a favor and don’t exercise you’re freedom of speach. People are mourning. Respect that

          • unique1bda says:

            Thank you BDA… My deepest condolences to the families of these young men…. May they R.I.P.

          • Show me your friends... says:

            Gadget has a point as do you. People are mourning but in our grief we cannot be blind to the obvious.

            switching gears – the Uigher were detained by the US because of their association with people deemed terrorists. They too were found not guilty of the charges that were pressed. point being the Uighers were not detained because they went to the store to buy milk but for the people they knew and associated with.

        • sadder still says:

          Thanks for those ever relevant words from MLK! It is words like these we need to meditate on and try to somehow instill them into not only our lives…but those of our children. And once again to ‘care-less’…..CHILDREN LIVE WHAT THEY LEARN…with persons like u as their teacher….?? To my good friend who has lost his son tonight….you are in my thoughts and prayers. Stay Strong. You are loved!

        • unique1bda says:

          You could care less until it comes knocking at your door right? ……… For your sake you better hope and pray that something you did in your past doesn’t catch up with you and cause someone to feel you deserve to be shot, or the past of a family member or close friend. With the mentality such as yours is the very reason why this island is experiencing these problems. I pray you don’t have to one day eat those words.

        • Tutti Frutti says:

          Not everyone has done WRONG! Some are just guilty by association! Bermuda is small we can’t cherry pick the friends we’ve grown to love and know since childhood!

          Ppl like you assume you know everything and you don’t! JUST AN OUTSIDER LOOKIN IN!

        • Dee (Original) says:

          @Inspector Gadget, random people are not being killed YET! What happens when YOU are the one in the store buying a Guinness and get caught in the crossfire? You should care!!! This affects all of us!!!

        • Triangle Drifter says:

          I don’t know about not caring at all but I’d guess that most people don’t care much for the lives gunned down, as long as it is the gangs killing each other.

          It costs alot less to bury them than put them through the legal system then house them at Westgate only to get out in a few years.

          Letting the gangs kill each other is not the answer however. For every one gunned down another will rise to take his place firmly believing that he will not get killed too.

          Statistically Bermuda must be the most dangerous place on earth.

        • Claudio says:

          Jason Smith and George Lynch. Were they not random people? they did not associate themselves with a criminal element.

  25. idk what to say says:

    Dont matter how often it happens it still makes me feel ill, this has got to stop come on Bermy no more CEASEFIRE asap!

  26. Honestly says:

    2 dead in one shooting! Unbelievable !

  27. cant fool me says:

    Bermy is a changed place!!!!!!

  28. PORTBDA says:

    what the f!#$ is going on with Bermuda…come on people!!

  29. Charlie Swan says:

    First, my sincere condolences to the families and friends of the deceased.
    These also go out to the family(ies) of the perpetrator(s).
    It is saddening to hear of these occurrences in our island home….and this one in an area of homes and other businesses.
    Our only hope is that a renewed consciousness of the gravity of Bermuda’s plight, and the required action to reverse it, continues.
    We have a long way to go….and MUST start now.
    Working together, with more giving (and less taking), more empathy and embracing, would appear to be the order of the day.

  30. Marthoga says:

    It’s not going to stop. Violence is in every society and in every country in the world and Bermuda is a part of the world. Very sad, very unfortunate but very true. We all need to say a little prayer “. Dear God, Dear whoever is Greater than Men and Women, please fix Bermuda, because we are broken and we desperately need to be fixed”.

    • Nuffin but de Truth! says:

      I knew sooner or later someone would bring religion into the comments section.

    • I have read what you have said and I feel how you feel so I will add onto what I believe you are saying.

      Heavenly Father in the name of your son Jesus Christ we come and ask if you would comfort those that mourn at this hour,Father we ask that the love of Jesus and the peace that passes all understanding would be granted to all of us in Bermuda.

      Our most gracious Father of Heaven and of earth Bermuda needs you at this hour,our young man are dying in the streets to untimely deaths and our homes and hearts are being ripped to pieces.Lord we ask that this spirit of untimely death be removed from these shores and that we will be convicted in our hearts to come together as a people.

      Lord Bermuda needs a healing and we submit ourselves as those that will pray to you that you may grant us peace upon our shores.we commit these grieving families into your hands this hour for safe keeping and that you see their tears of sorrow and remember their pain.

      Lord we ask this in no other name but the name of your son Jesus Christ and for His sake,Amen.

      • T says:

        Amen…Amen…if any two shall agree then it shall be so…Amen..

      • Time Shall Tell says:

        Amen & thank you…

        • Kathy (my real name) says:

          Amen brother Santucci & T
          @Truth – if more of us brought GOD (religion) into our hearts and lives this island and this world would be a far better place for all. I’m sorry you seem to think there is no place for religion on these posts and in these troubling times.
          I will pray for you that GOD have mercy on you and yours and that you never have to experience this senseless violence and pain close up and personal. I know that one of these young men was a believer and ever since he was a very young boy was doing his part to get the message of peace and love to his people.
          My condolences to the families of all these young men. May GOD keep you and strenghten you. HE sees your pain, and he will not forsake you.

          • Nuffin but de Truth! says:

            Welcome to the Island of Devils.

            • Speak Truth says:

              We are NOT the Isles of Devils…. we need to change those words and declare we ARE the Island of love, peace and joy. Life and death are in the power of the tongue -CHOOSE LIFE – SPEAK LIFE – get rid of those Isles of Devils words …. Only God’s love with conquer all of this. Thank you Brother Santucci and others for your prayers and positive comments all. THIS is what will change Bermuda – GOD’s LOVE ………..

            • Where sin abounds,Grace much more abounds and that is the Word of the Lord,so for every demon that is on this Island we have more then enough demon chasers to get rid of them.

      • Nick says:


      • Autumn Fire says:

        Thank you Bro. Duane, your prayer is so refreshing. May God be with the families during this time and bring them comfort, joy and peace. Amen.

      • Jury says:

        I have shared this heartwarming, peaceful and humbling prayer with my friends and family. Thank you for posting!

  31. tired of the petty people says:

    Last week I was thinking ‘Amnesty. Hand in your weapons, no questions asked’ … now questions have to be asked. These fools are not just killing individuals, they are killing families, communities and our whole island. Who wants to come here now as tourists, businessmen and women, large companies … but these idiots do not think like this. A few predicted about 8 years ago that if we carried on in manner, we would end up like Jamaica. Well, guess what. Here were are … sorry no answers from me tonight, just thoughts and condolences.

  32. no longer proud says:

    I used to be proud to say that my little island on the sun had no guns. Unfortuntaley, that is far from the casw now.
    So sad. Two more mothers have lost their sons to mindless gun violence.
    What will it take to end this insanity?

    • (0.0) says:

      People have always had guns in Bermuda. They just didn’t use them. Now there is more and they are using them.

  33. its not news says:

    Every time one of these wannabes kills someone, its all over the headlines. A few years ago it may have been newsworthy but it isn’t any more. Quit giving these losers the notoriety they crave. Look at the pride on their faces when they come out of court and see all the cameras. Read all the “keep ya head up” comments from their half wit groupies. Please…this is the only recognition that these morons will ever get. Why give it to them?

  34. Ronnie Viera says:

    This is insane. The penalty for premeditated murder needs to be changed to a real LIFE sentence without any chance of parole. Walk in and be rolled out. Perhaps it won’t deter everyone but it may. Plus it fits the crime.

  35. Exodia says:

    You can’t change or help people if they don’t want help.

    Why post comment and say that “we need to change or this shooting need to stop”? “WE” are not the ones doing the crime. The one’s doing all this have to change not us.

    • .am says:

      I think ‘we’ can be a part of the solution, but I don’t know how effective we’ll be on the current generation – only those to come.

  36. SAD says:

    How many more of our young black sons must we bury:)

    • Brad says:

      Ask your young black sons…and their baby mommas, and the other family members who keep theirs mouths and eyes shut to what’s going on in their house.

      • Time Shall Tell says:

        Do you know what’s going on in their house or are you guessing. If you know then you’e just as bad as those you’re speaking against & if you don’t then your assumptions are fueling a whole other issue.

        • Baltic Fury says:

          He probably doesn’t, but good for you for saying it Brad. Time for home truths.

      • young black and educated says:

        WOW because obviously it’s only the young black sons living in that situation… you would be surprised of the number of NON-BLACKS living in those situations, on goverment wellfare and living in the struggle… close minded jackass

  37. Magnum PI says:

    New laws need to be passed Tomorrow! Zero tolerance to gun crimes. Guilty of murder should get the death penalty, or at least Life in prison without the possibility of parole. What if this was your son in the morgue tonight? Really sick and tired of our Soft justice system!

  38. Honesty says:

    Bermuda is another world….

  39. ITSAWRAP says:


  40. Keeping it 100 says:









  41. Mike and Mike says:

    Time for the Mike and Mike show at the Bermuda police to get fired. They need to have their swat team out every day going into these gangsters’ houses. My canary has bigger gonads than them. They need some testicular fortitude to stop entertaining the petty things and let the police go out and bring these gangsters to justice. Let them instill fear into these gangsters so they don’t want to be gangsters anymore and anybody thinking about becoming a gangster thinks twice and makes the wise choice not to. Where is Burch when we need him to tell the police to stop tip-toeing around in the oleander bush.

    • In The Know says:

      Bermuda Customs need to take some heat too. People fail to realize Customs, not BPS, is responsible for protecting the borders. All the guns are being smuggled in right under their noses. Instead of shaking out my pockets at the airport for my last few dimes, how about they do what they are paid to do!!!
      My condolences to the family. I know the family of one of the young men very well. So sad and my heart goes out to them. RIP

    • T says:

      Applications for the Bermuda Police Service online…fill one out today..
      Be a part of the solution to ending violence….

    • ki$%% says:

      They voted against him, because the hold him responsible for EB’s fiasco with the Quigurs (no one remembers he was appointed minister not elected) so like many employees when he was given a directive by his boss like it or not agree or diagree he did as he was instructed. So this was seen as a determining factor of his character and commitment, no one has given him recognition for all the good he done as minister, and have chosen to ignore the fact that he genuinely has Bermuda’s BEST interest at heart, I for one miss his honesty and directness when it came to the issues facing we as Bermudian people. I look forward to one day seeing the headline Lt. Col. David Burch, Premier of Bermuda, then we can stop playing lip service and start getting things done for the betterment of our people.

  42. swing voter says:

    you kno wats funny? som ppl blamin Barron when the problem is black on black….why blame a white politician for a black community problem. we black bermudians lack accountability and self respect wen we blame whites for our problems….14 years of inaction with the exception of wayne perinchief who was put in position well after the damage was done…..loud mouth kernal klutz did nothing but run his damn mouth hatin whitey while our children runin round committing genocide

    • Foxy says:

      sounds like you have some serious self hate issues…ever thought of therapy?

      • swing voter says:

        yeah and I suppose MJ was hating himself when he wrote Man in the Mirror. Unlike you, I don’t blame others for a problem I created and I have to fix. You should look inward instead of finger=pointing, still demanding 40 acres and a mule 150 yrs past due

    • WTF says:

      OBA shouldn’t make empty promises just for votes. Yes not their fault and they can’t change this but they can be held accountable for empty promises Barron and all.

    • Bermuda Cat says:

      @ Swing voter,

      The sit there and ask why people are blaming a white politician for black problems, then you go and blame the PLP. I’m sure you can understand why people would say stuff like that, because of people saying stuff like what you just said.

  43. Plato says:

    Wow Bermuda is in a serious situation this tiny island in the middle of the Atlantic has gone crazy, its wayy too small for these things, the amount of bad blood will reach a critical point then BOOM!

  44. GodisLove says:

    This is really sickening.

  45. Danielle says:

    Some of you people who write comments on a regular seriously need to be banned. I don’t know where you grew up, how you were raised…but it’s like you sit behind these computers with clever screen names and pretend to know what’s going on and offer some idiotic “solution.” Maybe you have no idea how these gangs originally started out as just crews from certain areas. Yes, there were occasional fights. Some of these boys/men dying now were apart of Parkside and 42 when both sides got a long. No one really knows what started it all and who knows how it will be resolved, but to sit behind your computers and pass judgement and make insensitive comments is disgusting. Go say a prayer, hug your loved ones…just do something positive.

    • Tutti Frutti says:

      I think it started from one minor issue that developed into a brewing pot…ie. Two men sleeping with one immoral girl that played the two men against one another. Young men, testosterone and egos can get the best of them. One person decided to take revenge for his bruised ego and a domino effect occurred. Once the first person got shot and killed in Bermuda regarding this 42 and Prickside feud. The rest is history. Once a loved is murdered things can never be the same! And PSC prey on people they R the devil’s children. 42 have to protect themselves against the constant threat and immediate target they’ve become. And everyone knows prickside has certain protection. The minute they feel threatened they call the boys in blue!!! They aint no real OG’s just a bunch of cowards! Smhhhh!!!

      This black on black violence is dumb as f%^ks!

  46. mary says:

    Omg stop bringing PLP and OBA in to the conversation. At the end of the day they will not solve the gang violence. Shootings happen all over the world just because bermuda is so small everybodys talks about everytime one happens like its the first shooting every. Weed will not help the shoots they will kill each other no matter what.

    Its very sad that two more people have been shoot and my heart goes out to there familys.

  47. Observer says:

    Things will only change when-young white men start getting gunned down, then an only then will the police start to kick in doors and making radical moves to get the fru%^ing criminals off our streets am sorry if I offended anyone with my post but that’s how I feel…….condolences to the familes that lost a loved one tonight. Damn shame :(

    • O'Brien says:

      ^ That kind of ignorance is part of the problem.

      • Observer says:

        call it what you want but its the truth !

      • cant fool me says:

        Oh u think not, let them lilly white boys start gettin gunned dwn f^&%g rite things will change

    • .am says:

      Do you think the white community would be more inclined to speak out if/when they had information of use?

      • Bermuda Cat says:


        Not sure if they would talk, all people know how to keep secrets. There are a few white boys caught up in this madness, and they haven’t started talking yet.

    • Um Um Like says:

      Observer, did you ever stop to think why young white men aren’t getting gunned down? Perhaps you should do some observing.

      • Observer says:

        do you think white men aren’t involved in the same goings on as these guys are…if you think they are not then you are being naive !

        • Bob says:

          Well they never get shot or arrested for shooting. Another big conspiracy? Don’t think so.

        • tricks are for kids says:

          THANK YOU Observer. ….um um like better think again….they may not be getting shot but don’t think they are not involved

          • Um Um Like says:

            So are they just better at what they do then? Is that why they haven’t been shot?

            • tricks are for kids says:

              I more inclined to believe their pockets are deeper….

    • Tooth Fairy says:

      Race has nothing to do with it. If a white kid is shot and killed and everyone stays silent then the killer goes free – just the same! It continues because we let it by keeping silent!! Too often criminals are caught by the police, taken to court and found guilty just to be given a menial or suspended sentance!!! Then they only do 1/2 of that already low sentance on top of that. Until we speak up and DEMAND that the JUDGES are consistent and hand out maximum sentances instead of “slaps on the wrist” and social inquiry reports – then nothing will change. Perhaps if the Judges were directly impacted and affected by a tragedy such as this one, we might see harsher and longer penalties for these low lives that are comitting these crimes. I hope that none of them (Judges) have to feel the pain of such a tragedy like many of us have had to endure before that understand the immpact that their light sentances cause the families of the victims – when they see the killer of their family , walking FREE again!

      I never met a murderer that became a repeat offender after being given a life sentance without parole!!!


      • Observer says:

        my sentiments exactly just change the part about judges being impacted to white parents

    • Tutti Frutti says:

      You’re an idiot! NO ONE should be getting gunned down. Clearly by your comment you have a lack for the value of human life!

      I hope you don’t have children! With comments like these!! They’ll be doomed for disaster!

      • Observer says:

        Who said anyone should be gun down? when white parents start feel the pain you will see how quick things change around here.

    • AlexisWright says:

      What about the white guy that got shot playing poker? I don’t remember any different reaction than what we currently see… Feel free to think what you want but you’re wrong with the above statement. Point blank.

  48. mary says:

    Yep as a mother of two young boys who are white and black. The race has nothing to do with stopping the shooting violence crime. It happend everywhere and will keep happening. Got to get to the bottom of but begin in the gang and solve the problems and speak to them what’s going on. A lot of them arr killing there own friends and family over stupid stuff.

  49. Young and Wise says:

    @ Observer, that’s a really poor “observation” you’ve made their. For what reason will the “white men” be “gunned down” for? Please do not try to motivate others or give thoughts that killing another race or individuals that are innocent will solve the problem. Are you really that ignorant to believe that killing young white males will end the violence in Bermuda? Just because they’re white doesn’t mean that the police will automatically do so much opinion order to stop the violence. Race has nothing to do with any of this. Stop and think before you post.

    • Observer says:

      My post is not saying that white men should be shot….I am saying that if it was white men being killed (andthatdaywillcome) the police and public rationc would WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY different and thats real talk whether you like it or not .

      • Observer says:


      • Secret Troop says:

        When white people start getting shot, that’s Bermuda’s days over. All the expats will flee, white Bermudians will be scared into moving away. All that will be left is the gangs. Come to think of it…

      • Don’t try to cover this very sad n painfiul heartbreaking disturbing news with racism. U r one of these people whose head is not screwed on right or tight. We are dealing with last night…23 January 2013 @ about 2100hrs when we lost 2 young man. Ur assumption could make me wonder if that is in ‘YOUR’ outlook to do such a thing. Stop being n start acting right n leave the blogs alone if u can’t be of help. Stop being short sighted n a jack@$$. It about a brunch of untrained disenfranchised young off the hook black young man who are tired from crap like you write n talk. Reach out n help. Stop being silly. We have to deal with the here n now n not ‘one day’ as u put it. Ya not applicable to help the cause at all…….. Ugh!!!!!

        • Observer says:

          ur funny !

          “It about a brunch of untrained disenfranchised young off the hook black young man”

          I guess we dont have any of those that are white .

  50. Private Pyle says:

    Double homicide. Wow. :(

  51. MOTHER says:

    This is so Sad rest in peace my freinds
    Bermuda stop the stupid comments pp have lost sons kids have lost fathers…OBA step up or Step down ….. Its Sad that this has become the NORM in Bermrda .

    • THE REAL TRUTH! says:

      GIrls shut up…OBA step up or STEP down….NO!!!!!
      BLACK MOTHERS STEP UP OR STEP DOWN! I am tired of you looking for someone to bail you out of your failures to parent effectively. IF you dont have a man that is your husband then dont breed with him. You think babies are cute little dolls but they are reall humans that need structure and discipline not cute shoes and pants and jewelry. LEAVE the OBA out of it…GO HOME AND read a book exercise, go to the aquarium and get involved with something that is not ghetto and gangstah..—

      • Unjrust Realities says:





        BUT SINCE YOU PUT IT OUT THERE LIKE THAT, LET ME SAY THIS . . . WHITE MOTHERS STEP UP OR STEP DOWN . . .raise your own damn kids rather than paying a nanny peons in money to play your role and stay off the tennis courts. They are precious jewels that require time and not money as a token of your love. Maybe then they will resist the temptation to act the ass when they are out of your sight, sleep around like sluts, get abortions and get high costing you thousands of dollars in rehab and therapy!!! Go home and talk to your kids rather than letting the nanny be their surrogate mother while you drink and entertain your bourgeois ass friends and fake like you give a rats ass about your kids!!!!


        • The REAL TRUTH! says:

          C.$%^, I am black!
          You are alone because of your mouth
          Judging by your language and your response. You are still a failure.
          And could not keep a man.
          You are the type that I am talking about. You should be spaded (neutered) or fixed!

          • Unjrust Realities says:

            First of all ASS . . .I said I chose to have them single . . .I didn’t say I’m still single!!! And by the mere fact that you have clearly become so angered and outraged to call names clearly I touched a nerve!!!!

            If you choose to put ignorant prejudiced and biased comments out on a public blog be prepared to get it back in your face!!!

            Let me know at anytime if you would like to meet in person, and we can discuss this like mature adults.

            Once again rest in peace to the two victims, and condolences to their families.

            • The REAL TRUTH! says:

              You are so funny. Bipolar of sorts. You switch from rage to sensibilities. Your writings show that I struck the nerve in your backside. …Anyway…have a good life with your abused self!

        • tricks are for kids says:

          Unjust…thank you….whites have their issues too….so it’s just not a black thing… a black single mother myself maybe I need to educate Real Truth a bit more…You can become a single mother through dearh or divorce as well not just by breeding…..I went to private school and I can tell you about the White girls that bred with men that were not their husbands but whose families had money to clean up their mess and disgrace…..and working in the school system I can tell you more about your “pure” white school girls and how they throw themselves at OUR young black men…but I’m going to stop right here… I normally don’t get into rants like this but when you start talking S*^T! you need to be sorted out!!!!!

          Apologies bernews for digressing…..
          To “R” and “H” RIP…….

          • SMDH says:

            “Our” young black men? It is this kind of racial division which will sink our island.

            I’m black too before you jump to any conclusions.

            • tricks are for kids says:

              The use of OUR and the context of how it was written was not with the intent of division..sorry that YOU perceived it this way….

          • The REAL TRUTH! says:

            You girls are so tired. Just by writing the trash that you have written you prove my point. You are not fit to be a mother. I would hate to know that my mother expressed herself like you do on a public forum. Get over yourselves. You are USERS! To have a child without a husband for the fun of it? Are you serious, I can understand cirmcustances like death etc. But the lack of morals that bermudian women have is appalling. YOu don’t like to be told. Yet I am telling you…You are the major reason why boys remain boys until their 40′s. You are self indulgent, enablers who dont like a man to tell you about yourselves. YEt I am here to tell you that if you just look at yourselves and hear yourselves in court, on the street, on the bus and on the internet. You are nothing to be proud of and you two bloggers are prime examples of what I am talking about. THE REAL TRUTH HAS SPOKEN! GOT IT?

        • Out and about says:

          So true on the nanny situation. It takes more than money and private school to raise a child.

        • Let's Think About This... says:

          @Unjust Realities…@The Real Truth is speaking about the mothers who aren’t stepping in and stopping the behaviors of their sons. These would be the women who know the things out there and see their sons moving towards this type of behavior, and didn’t do anything to stop it. Often in this position are single mothers. And yes, it’s not just black women in this position. But right now, that’s the demographic that is being directly impacted. That being said, not every single (black) mother allowed their sons to behave like this, and not every one will. We know not every mother in this position has sons involved. Congratulations and a job well done to those mothers for raising respectable sons/men.

          • Unjrust Realities says:

            Agreed that there are some mothers who lack parenting skills, however for anyone to make these type of sweeping generalizations about a group of people is and unacceptable!!!!! It is evident that my reply struck the exact nerve that I wanted it to, as like I said at the end, they now know how it feels when they shoe is on the other foot . . . all of a sudden it’s not quite so comfortable. And for the record not all the single parents have that status by choice . . .some of them were actually married when they had their children.

            I as a black woman . . .now married after choosing to have my two children out of wedlock, and being one of many of black successful single parents have considerable problems with generalizations of black women.

            It takes two to make and raise a child . . .not one!!!!

      • Barracuda says:

        + 1

      • Peachy cream says:

        And that’s ‘the real truth’!!!!

  52. DarkSideofTheMoon says:

    These guys are serial killers….

    • mixitup says:

      No Terrorist, and they needa be treated like one, and eradicated!

  53. In The Know says:

    @Danielle and Mary, I agree with your comments. Most of the people posting comments have no clue, yet they think they hold all the answers. The first thing people want to do is turn it political, but whether it be PLP or OBA, until we get to the root cause things won’t change. Unfortunately, things have already been set in motion, and it’s at the point of no return right now. Its like throwing a snowball down a hill. By the time it reaches the bottom it’s a boulder. These guys suffer a loss, so they take revenge and it just goes on and on, round and round. These guys are at war, and while we can all speculate what is fueling it, only they really know. All this bloodshed has absolutely nothing to do with who is in power, and people are delusional if they think the OBA can ‘fix’ it. The ONLY people that can fix it are the guys with the guns.

  54. smh! says:

    I don’t know how people can sleep at night knowing that they took someone’s life and their family has to sit there plan a funeral and mourn about it..
    It kind of makes me scared and sad at the same time.

  55. backbush says:

    S.I.P —- going miss your music

  56. iSLand Not The Same says:


  57. In The Know says:

    Inspector Gadget, are you serious? You must really be one heartless s.o.b. Comments such as yours are best kept to yourself. Without even knowing who these young men are, how can you make such an assumption? In case you don’t know, in the past there have been murders that have stumped the police as the victims had no known gang affiliation. Not all murder victims have “done wrong” so SHUT THE HELL UP TROLL!!!

  58. It is so frigging disgusting that when something happens on this island we can always pin point the retards, the ones who don’t have a heart, the ones who have nothing else to do n the ones who write a WHOLE pilr of dung n none of you, not one of you, including me knows what the phoque happened. You all are showing your blatant ignorance by writing all your dumb assisinine BS n have not one iota of concern or respect for the families of these two young man that has been gunned down in a retail outlet where many others could have been in harms way. But the narrowmindedness of you small minded inquistive people are not helping no one. Just the run of the moutn, which is the norm on this island. Everybody talking crap n writing crap because that is just the way we run our own homeland. Instead of helping the cause for any situation, you damage the reputation of those whom have their heads screwed on right and screwed on tight. Those of you who has found the time to write your dumb@$$ remarks n those of you know who you are, should STOP. We are facing some very serious times and alls those with their heads shoved up their @$$ is only hindering the outcome of many things. And to you PLP supporters, you lost the battle twice. How you might ask? By not trying to solve this epidemic as you all see and saw the growth of this gang war and just let it ride. You have all the murders under your belt and since there has been 3 under the OBA’s watch, which is a continuation from the PLP watch, don’t you dear try to drop this BS in the OBA’s lap. It just ain’t happerning. OUR new government hasn’t even done their 100 days and you want them to take the blame for a double homocide. But we all should have been prepared for more dier measures as this gang grows daily. We better had hurry n recognize that this gang war has just been impregnated n it will increase and increase n all we Bermudians are going to do is get on this blog BS n not apply ourselves or render ourselves and try to help authorities to solve thes murders. And I bet some of you know the deal; yet can write all this crap but to punk@$$ to open your mouth. Bermuda better had return to basics. This financial thug is causing most if not all to take drastic measures. Your previous government has left us up the creek with a boat that has a hole, no bucket n no oars n a brunch of Uighurs. Today we have hit the bottom of the barrel n now it IS time to bring in the Army, Navy, Air Force n the Coast guard to eliminate these nasty untaught basstards. And you parents whom failed to do the right thing should be charged as accessory after the fact. This crap must stop. Minister Dunkley the PLP left Bermuda in the cesspit as they sit on the toilet seat. It is time to being those crooks to justice. I can’t steal n say I don’t have to go to court. This is where most of this unrest stems from. Our youth can’t find jobs n they are tired just like I m. Those of you who knows n knows that they know……SPEAK UP. It is time!!!!! Don’t believe this we are facing. I don’t. Frigging MAD AS HELL n hurt for the famiies. Just what is next. GOD FORBID. Check all flights and anyone under the age of 35. This is phoque up.

  59. Johnny Boy says:

    That white person could be me,,, there should be no more murders of anyone regardless of their Race, colour or religion.. Paradise lost,,,,

  60. Let's think about this... says:

    My condolences to the families, friends, and acquaintances of these two men.

  61. I remember says:

    I warned ppl about this many years ago when I was teaching, students were becoming very aggressive and were being backed by parents who would curse u out if u even looked in their child’s direction, sadly I can name names and show u students whom I taught who were products of how they were raised! Unfortunately a few bad apples will spoil the bunch! Now the ignorant behaviors of a few have funneled and spilled out to others! Think about it we all went through that rough patch of being young and doing dumb things.The only difference now is that the game has changed they r playing for keeps. We used to have a fist fight and take a bust tail and move on! Now because of the lack of luv attention and affection from parents and then in some cases the need for attention from friends or surrogate loved ones we are now seeing good kids n not so good kids all in the mix! Parents hug your kids and tell them they are loved! Please don’t be shy to keep your kids away from the bad kids and there parents who laugh and joke about their behavior! Stop blaming other people for your child’s behavior and parents who have tried your best and know within that you have done so my heart goes out to you! This is a vicious circle and we the people must now stand up and stand together black white it doesn’t matter! We must come together ! No man is an island no man can stand alone ! My condolences to the families of the young men who have passed! God b with us all!

  62. Unjrust Realities says:

    @ Inspector Gadget . . .you seem to know a lot!!! It’s sad that you could careless about human life regardless of what the victims did!!!

    Maybe the police should trace you by IP address and interrogate you to see what you do know . . . ooops . . . bet you didn’t know that could be done huh????

    I should be a cop on the special task force in Bermuda . . . I would wait for you all to comment like this and haul your asses in for sure!!!!

    • .am says:

      If you can’t reply directly to a comment, I don’t think anyone would be particularly worried if you got a hold of their IP address.

      ..and then what?

      • Unjrust Realities says:

        Uh I did reply directly to their post . . .obviously there were multiple comments/blogs coming in at the same time, hence it got misplaced!!! Duuuuuhhhhhhhh!!!!!

        • .am says:

          No. Otherwise it would have been contained within the thread. That’s why there are reply buttons under each post AND a comments box at the bottom.

    • Inspector Gadget says:

      How do I seem to know a lot? Its common sense. ————— It’s not rocket science. We know the gangs, and which of the gangs hate each other. Proving it in a court of law is the problem. You must be mental.

      As for my IP address, its called a HIDE-IP + a VPN exchange app. That’s not rocket science either…

      They don’t call me Inspector Gadget for nothing.

    • The REAL TRUTH! says:

      HEre you go again with your crap girl, Just go to sleep. YOu dont deserve a computer. All you do is rant. I cant stand you girl…I see why you dont have a man. He would probably beat you!

  63. Parent says:

    Pass a law to disband gangs! Nothing positive comes out of being in a gang, its not like they do anything positive like community service!

    • Secret Troop says:

      How do you differentiate between a group of friends and a gang? And I mean clearly enough that it could be done “beyond reasonable doubt”?

  64. mother says:

    life in jail should be life in jail ..
    21Hr DAYS IN A cold dark room
    NO TV , NO NIKE’S ,
    3 MEALS and a cut

  65. Real talk says:

    Violence as a way of achieving racial justice is both impractical and immoral. It is impractical because it is a descending spiral ending in destruction for all. The old law of an eye for an eye leaves everybody blind. It is immoral because it seeks to humiliate the opponent rather than win his understanding; it seeks to annihilate rather than to convert. Violence is immoral because it thrives on hatred rather than love. It destroys a community and makes brotherhood impossible. It leaves society in monologue rather than dialogue. Violence ends by defeating itself. It creates bitterness in the survivors and brutality in the destroyers.

    - Dr. Martin Luther King,

    We have only two options: Live together as brothers or perish together as fools. It is inevitably in our higher self-interest to pull together, if we don’t want to be pulled apart.
    -Dr. Martin Luther King
    Does it matter what colour I am?

  66. R BEAN says:

    ya we are all irritated about this BUT now the question is r we ready, ready to take a stand and help turn our island around , all i see is people just running their mouths comin up with no solutions, i cAnt do it by myself , i try everyday to do my part ,if we r really tired of this and want change we have to do it ourselves TOGETHER , OBA said all of that talk About there’re gonna do this and that, i do understand they just got there but now is the time , u knew what was the problems we where faced with n u didnt just find out a month ago, as our leaders of the country i encourage u to lead by example ..LET GO BERMUDA WE CAN DO IT

    • it's our time now says:

      @R BEAN I don’t think I’ve ever agreed to another comment on this site more than I agree with what you said. that’s all it is people just running their mouths comin up with no solutions or coming up with ones they have no plan in exercising. When it boils down to it it’s ignorance and the unsatisfying fact that Bermudians have gotten to spoil. spoiled in the purpose of lack of appreciation and false entitlement. parents raising kids on the I’m gon give my child everything I didn’t have as a kid mentality but at the same time letting their children get away with crap they would have gotten knocked down for. Bermudians in a large part have become ungrateful.

      In regard to the OBA I also agree as someone else said they only been there 30 days you ran an election and knew what problems that awaited you when running. So your plan to be proactive to the situation should have been planned to start Dec. 18. But as you said the few can’t do it alone

    • Serious question says:

      I hear what you are saying but really, WHAT CAN WE DO? What is it that you do “every day to do your part?” Aside from jumping in front of bullets, what can we all do to stop this? My fear is that this is going to have to “burn itself out” meaning those that want each other dead will just have to duke it out until there are no more people of this demographic to kill each other. Sad but true. We can’t stop these boys from killing each other if that is what they want to do!

  67. Have a Heart says:

    Seriously, I feel the need to say something after reading some of these sickening comments. It does not matter about the background information of this crime right now, what matters is that 2 lives were taken unexpectedly and suddenly in a brutal fashion. As Bermudians, can we at least have a little compassion and keep the negative comments to ourselves for AT LEAST ONE DAY?! There are families and friends who are reeling, and some who are possibly still being informed of this horrible news.

    Yes, there are issues that are plaguing our small community, and yes we need to address them. But for those of you that have not experienced a sudden death of someone close to you may it be murder or not, the very last thing that you would want to experience is immediate negative energy coming from people who for the most part don’t know anything about the person or the situation surrounding their untimely demise. Perhaps if we spent more energy rallying around the affected individuals for a positive change instead of having spiteful comment exchanges immediately after such a terrible event, Bermuda may just have a fighting chance at rebuilding the community that we once were.

    I for one would like to extend my condolences to the family and friends of the victims, who are no doubt experiencing immeasurable pain at this time. I will also be praying for this country in hopes that we may actually have a bit more compassion for greiving families during times like this.

  68. Parent says:

    Sympathies to the families and friends of the deceased! R.I.P.

  69. O'Brien says:

    “The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral, begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy, instead of diminishing evil, it multiplies it.

    Through violence you may murder the liar, but you cannot murder the lie, nor establish the truth.

    Through violence you may murder the hater, but you do not murder hate. In fact, violence merely increases hate.

    Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars.

    Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.

    Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

    - MLK

    • Plato says:

      Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery.
      Malcolm X

      Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you’re a man, you take it.
      Malcolm X

      I am for violence if non-violence means we continue postponing a solution to the American black man’s problem just to avoid violence.
      Malcolm X

  70. One Love RIP 2 these 2 Bras

  71. HELLO says:

    There’s 125 comments on here since its been posted about EVERY and ANYTHING! Race, government, legalizing weed, prison, God, Martin Luther King, Generations.








    • Secret Troop says:

      “SHUT UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!” – your’s is one of the longest comments here! And don’t get me started on the caps lock overload!

    • Just Us says:

      @ Hello: YOU SHOULD SHUT UP!! Do you have any solutions of how we take the evil out the people? It’s like you’d prefer a white man to get shot but, it’s my own kind doing all the killing here…
      This is a human race, not a killing race, fool, no one should be above the law to be taking another’s life…
      All my memories of seeing brothers bleed
      and everybody grieves, but still nobody sees.

      May God bless the dead

    • it's our time now says:

      ur probably right in regards 2 saying things won’t change til a white person is shot & that falls 2 the fault of no 1 but black Bermudians. u might not have participated in the activity but alot condone it. black Bermudians have been Americanised 4 the most part. tryin 2 follow the stop snitching law or I ain’t seen nothing so little justice can be done. So with all victims of gun violence being black they generalize gang activity 2 say known gang spot or unknown if they have gang affiliation 2 small down the fire as they’re currently fighting the gang problem so little intervention. but if a white person gets shot u can’t boil that down as the fear in those that don’t condone become known. they’ll protest & demand action. If they see something they’ll give the information 2 the police as most really want 2 see justice as many black Bermudians hanging with the person who killed their supposed ace boy. so race plays a card but it was put in the deck by black Bermudians so don’t get mad cause u didn’t draw it

  72. Real fren says:

    IP adress from a cellphone? Not happening. Def if its prepaid

  73. Food4thought says:

    If you don’t want to say nothing ….do me a favor and run them over’!!!!!!


    Gang violence in Bermuda will never stop unless the gangs them selfs decide to stop.It’s time for Bermudians to wake up and realise this is a serious problem that is not going to go away but only get worser with each life that’s taken. Just like the Bloods & Crips in La they came together to form a truce in 92′ after a decade of bloody war, and homicides decreased.The same thing can happen in Bermuda but the gangs them selfs have to make that move with the help of a mediator. Until that happens there will always be a tic for tat mentality almong these gangsters. (note there is still blood on crip violence and murders in La but since the truce they are nothing like what they where in the 80′s)

    • it's our time now says:

      That’s retarded gangs themselves will not stop the violence between themselves as it is them who started conflicting with each other. Also Bermudians need to stop comparing gangs in Bermuda to those in the state as the origin of formation is completely different and although the current status is mainly the same based that gangs are criminal organizations. a group coming together to make money together usually consisting of illegal activity. So be it the size of Bermuda if the people in position did their job effectively this place is way to small as bermuda is one of very few countries whose number of police is larger than the total number of gang members in the entire country yet look at the results

  75. unique1bda says:

    It is not all up to the OBA or the PLP for that matter, this is a community problem and we need to start treating it as such. We need to stop sticking our damn head in the sand and saying….. Oh well it has nothing to do with me because I don’t know the victim or victims. It has everything to do with you if you reside here on this island. Churches, schools, etc we all need to come together and get to the root of the problem by trying to find out why they are killing each other rather than sitting around talking about the problem after the fact. Find out what is making our young people so angry that they can resort to taking another person’s life. Talk is cheap, actions speak much louder than words. We need a community effort in order to see progress. This island has become so divided and that is why we are falling…… It takes a village to raise a child…. Think about that for a moment…..

  76. PROMOTER says:

    u all should listen to yourselves
    R.I.P. — & —
    could been someone u knew

  77. Wow says:

    Condolences to the families involved!

    Although I totally disbelieve in any regards to having a police state, I would welcome a TEMPORARY national curfew to possibly help reduce these crimes. Have police road blocks in every parish, maybe 3 or 4 in Pembroke/Hamilton with patrolling units, and sus out those individuals that will potentially be involved with violent/gun crimes. Maybe this can be declared a national security threat, have the UK involved with a known military presence, and weed out the few that ruin it for all….or maybe I am the one that’s too radical?!

  78. ignorant fools says:

    All of u idiots who are blaming the PLP or OBA for these crimes are outrite stupid.. They r not the ones pulling the triggers.. Let’s start off by blaming these parents that have kids n don’t want to raise them and allow them to roam the streets from and and don’t demand respect from their kids.. Its sickening that a lot of these parents know what they kids r into and jus turn a blind eye to it n say not my child.. Reality check parents yes it is ur children doin these things so stop bein so quick to blame others for their actions.. Idk wat the OBA says this crap can not n will not be fixed overnight nor anytime soon until we as parents pull together and get to the bottom of this bs and ask our children why the hatred towards another?! And yes I say “we parents” cause I have young kids n one bein a son n I hope n pray that all I do, say and teach my kids about respectin n lovin others n how precious life is that it will deter them from gettin involved in the hype.. Change starts within ourselves.. Children lost all respect when Sheila Cooper banned parents from disiplining their kids via a good cut ass.. I got them and I respect myself as well as adults and others.. Can’t spank ur child cause its considered child abuse and mayb jus mayb that’s were it may have started from.. We all need to pull 2gether and deal with this as a whole.. God bless this tiny island we call Bermuda and god save us from self destruction.. God bless all of u

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Hmmmmm….Who encouraged people to “Go out & fornicate in the bushes” in order to produce voters who would vote for the PLP?

      And they did, producing generations of single parent, no parent, children having children children.

      Surprised at the results?

      • Time Shall Tell says:

        Keep on drifting in your little triangle maybe you’ll find where you lost your sense.

  79. not_really_bermudian says:


  80. Truth Seeker says:


  81. Charlie Swan says:

    The gun related violence we face today in Bermuda can, and will, not be solved overnight. They have taken years to manifest themselves, and will take at least as long to correct in a meaningful way. Immediate draconian measures MAY be part of the solution….but they are really only a part. Further, government (including Opposition) must recognise that NO ONE PARTY has all the answers, nor can one party provide all the solutions. In large part the community(ies)we live in DO, and government MUST seek/listen to/assist…..IT MUST!
    Political solutions involving the legal framework in our island, given the current two party system, may prove ‘too late for the party’ …UNLESS the political parties WORK TOGETHER. These are a part of any solution.
    *Consider initially:
    - A confidential ‘hotline’ for gang members AND parents/family/friends of gang members
    - A concerted effort by the business/political (they should note the word ‘concerted’)/social community to generate helping services and/or resources for citizens in need (in the gang related area)
    - An immediate AMNESTY for weapons
    * SOONER rather than LATER
    - An educational program within our school system (here’s where politics/politicians/political parties can help, or hinder)
    - A sustained effort to engender BELIEF in all of Bermuda’s people/institutions/clubs/and organisations that WE CAN REVERSE the current trend.

    Its late, but I wanted to put this small bit out before I slept.

    • hmm says:

      Wrong this problem can be solved in a short amount of time Bda is only 2 miles wide.

  82. Its a Rap! says:

    We are talking to the choir. The killers probably dont read these messages. If they do they are unlikely impacted by them. This maybe a new form of group therapy. Solutions will come when we are courageous enough to identify the potential trouble children in elementary school and make serious interventions then. THe mothers fit the same profile and the fathers do aswell. We know early who are our potential gangstahs and we dont have a connection with the corrections and education ministries.

    Parents of undesirealbes need to be identified early and taught prenting or have the children taken from them. Short and simple. We cannot afford the irresponsible sex lives of these women and their sperm donors. IT is too costly. So when they come to school they should be profiled. Early intervention should be made. parents should be held accountable and children should be taken if not improvement is made. Wringing our hands, crying and blaming the OBA is a waste of time.
    MInister Dunkley has sooo much street credit that it is tremendous. Yet he and education and health (mental Health) need to get together and identify the problem individuals and make substantive intervention early. even if that means takeing the boys from the neurotic, self indulgent, low self esteem mothers that reinforce the dysfunction….!
    ITs a rap!

  83. Carmi says:

    Sometimes when your down and it seems to be no way out of the system for you and me. If you call on God- God will set you free he controls our life rules our destiny. Remember the days how it use to be when we were living in Peace Love n Harmony when people were caring for others when were living like sisters n brothers. I’d rather wake up and be humble, before I wake up every mornan and grumble. I know they wanna see me stumble. It’s like were living in a concrete jungle.(The lyrics)
    May you S.I.P —
    Bermuda wake up..! We definitely are livin in a concrete jungle. Paradise lost indeed.

    • Just Us says:

      God doesn’t control our lives… Men set their own destiny.
      Each one teaches one…
      God gives life and through sin we shall die but, it not up to a fool to take another man’s life.
      These murdering fools are the Antichrist and are cursing the very grounds we all walk on. I feel sorry for those that house and walk among them who have no clue…

  84. Bobmarlin says:

    30 years for gun possession,no parole.
    Stop this senseless killing now.OBA GET SERIOUS!

  85. OMG says:

    Sad news for the families of the men who were killed.

    Where is Pastor Bean with his programs to assist kids with issues?? Oh forgot he is no longer on the gravy train anymore!!!!!!

  86. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Mr.Tonbridge isn’t very Happy . I’m sure he’s rolling in his grave !

  87. Mr. Happy says:

    1. Sign an agreement with Jamaica or Haiti to use their prisons for these hard cases.
    2. Declare martial law.
    3. Instate a curfew for 60 days. Nobody on the streets after 10pm.
    4. Bring in troops from overseas.
    5. They KNOW where these guys stay, knock down the doors and search the houses and cars. Guns or drugs, off to court you go.
    6. Quick trials and away to prison, never to be seen again.

    Is it that hard to implement even 2 or 3 of these ideas??

  88. tricks are for kids says:

    It’s no wonder society has become what it is……look at the comments (not all)…look at the disrespect displayed in some of them….

  89. Portia says:

    Look at your young men fighting
    Look at your women crying
    Look at your young men dying
    The way they’ve always done before

    Look at the hate we’re breeding
    Look at the fear we’re feeding
    Look at the lives we’re leading
    The way we’ve always done before

    We don’t need your civil war
    It feeds the rich while it buries the poor
    Your power hungry sellin’ soldiers
    In a human grocery store
    Ain’t that fresh
    We don’t need your civil war

    Axl Rose

  90. Sandgrownan says:

    Need a new Coxall, a new “Cleansweep”, now. Get the Mr. bigs, not these little cowards running around ahooting each pther. Let’s face it, they’re a lost cause anyway.

    • bermyguy says:

      the mr BIGS are white so they wont get them, sorry to spoil your idea.

      • Not living in denial says:

        And why would a virtually all black police force and judiciary not want to catch all of these supposed white mr biggs ?

        Forgotten about the white guy who just got sentenced for the huge amount of herb and ammo at his house ?

        And don’t give me any cr@p about ‘money and connections’.

        Sorry to spoil YOUR idea !

        • Time Shall Tell says:

          You’re new to Bermuda are you????

          • Not living in denial says:

            Surely it is not *I* that you are implying is new to the island. Family roots go back 200 years.
            As for the implication of these mythical white Mr Bigs ,why would a bunch of black youths with little to no exposure to white people , who they probably don’t even like , take orders from them to kill their own ?
            Makes NO sense does it , when you give it a little rational *not in denial thought* , eh ?

  91. Serious Though says:

    The government now should start, thinking about the unthinkable, the gangs have declared war, when will the mighty arm of the government declare total war, an olive branch will not get you anywhere, bring in the elite Save the country .. Time is now , speeches, action plans, truce, will not help…

  92. One foot out says:

    IB are packing their bags, I know I’m going with them.

  93. LORD HAVE MERCY says:


  94. Speak Truth says:

    My heart and condolences to the families. These young men were born for a purpose … and unfortunately that purpose will never be fulfilled. So sorry for all who loved them, so sorry. May God help you and strengthen you.

  95. WHY!!!!! says:

    Word’s can’t explain how I feel right now, I’m just crying my eyes out. Don’t no were to run, I am a black 26 years old male, all my friends have been murder on both sides, I’m not in no gang, but guys has come up to me saying I have to pick a side. I love all my brothers, I just don’t no what to do anymore. I feel lost and empty inside. I live in town and travel all over the island to work, Please guys stop this killing I can’t bear to take the lost of any of you anymore, we all no each another, stop the war,put down your guns and lets come together and find a solution to this madness. I’m been so depress for many years cause of this,all I want to do is hold my mom and dad and ball my head of. It didn’t have to go so senseless taking lives over foolishness.

    • Oh dear says:

      Young man I cry with you. I am lost for words. I am scared for my kids who are very young.RIP to the young men again. And to you -WHY-Hold you head up and be continue to voice yourself and let it be heard to all friends.

    • heavy heart says:

      To “WHY”:

      Your comment is the most poignant and saddest I have seen. We all need to listen to you and actually hear what you are saying. Believe me, so many people in our beautiful island are really trying their best to help make Bermuda a safer and better place for you.

    • There must be many more of our young men who feel exactly like you and I really feel your sorry and anguish that you cannot move about freely in this twenty square miles of what was once beautiful Bermuda. How can young men on this island who grew up together as friends, know the parents of one another and then cold hardheartedly kill each other because they live in the wrong part of this island is very, very sad.
      The letter from this young man tells me the suffering that non gang members and their parents go through on a daily basis…tragic.

    • Sick and Tired says:

      I so feel your pain as I have a son your age and it hurts me that he has almost no social life because of this mess. I am praying for peace for our Island and praying for your personal peace as well. I loved that you have voiced yourself here, because people need to know how this truly affects your age group and clearly there is no clear resolution to this major problem we face but black Bermudians have some serious soul searching to do as we are the only ones losing our sons in this war.

    • Bubbles says:

      I too am a young 25year old black female. I’ve lost friends and close family on both sides. I’ve witnessed the 1st hand of what these tragic deaths do to mothers, fathers and children of the deceased. I witnessed blood relatives funerals because they are on “a side” It’s sad because these young men don’t even know. Bermuda is far too small for this.

      I just wanna go back to the old days. UDP dances, police club dances….till’s hill for 24th of may….

      BUT we are too far gone…too many people are wounded by the absence of their lost loved ones. I do not believe in retaliation I believe in karma and prayer.

      Things will get better.

      R.I.P. KUMI HARTFORD <3 I'l never forget you <3

    • yawn says:

      i know of a child who at 14 years old was told to pick a gang. everytime he came out the house “who you repping” if you aint repping then go back inside. this child stayed in town at the time. he was terrified to go to school at berkely because the 16 year old gangsters carry walking canes to attack other boys in the bathrooms. they say they have a leg injury and then walk around with walking canes. the boys who get beat up dont want to say anything because they are then labeled as a snitch and would get beat by a walking cane again. these kids are fighting over nothing. they are fighting over a is just so dumb……..and very sad that they think that they have to live life this way.

  96. George Courtney says:

    When the ptb stops singing kumbaya & do a mau mau on bda’s internal genocide problem that’s when it will end

    • Serious Though says:

      MAU MAU was a freedom fighting group of men and women oppressed by a foreign power in their own land, human rights and a form of slavery never seen or told and will never be know, I don’t think it fit in this case.. Please respect this . FULL STOP.

  97. Kim Smith says:

    My condolences to the families.

    It is truly unfortunate that these young men shooting people, and many others like them, CHOOSE to live this gangster lifestyle when there are many, many other opportunities they could have considered for their lives. The problem is that their poor choices affect the rest of the community and it is time now to get serious about this gun crime and all that goes with it. And that takes ALL of us!

  98. bermydreams says:

    Out of all these comments, hardly anyone has just simply said, Rest In Peace to the young men, this is an extremely sad story to wake up to… yet I read these all these comments and all I see someone pointing fingers at someone else and even arguing over this..please, just think of the families of these two men and the difficult time they are going through.
    So with that said, May you Rest In peace dear men – my thoughts and prayers are with your families ….

  99. starlove says:

    R.I.P to a neighbor I have known my whole life may God watch over your family and that this all comes to an end one day.
    I am speechless and cannot say more.

  100. Read a bit says:

    Listen this is not a Bermuda problem. This is a world problem.

    There is a new love of doing nothing but thug life. We are seeing at like never before as more and more young men turn to this life.

    Take some time to read other newspapers from around the world and you will see for yourselves.

    Dont really see how this will be fixed and the oba maybe shouldnt have made is a big part of the election as they will now be held accountable.

    And becasue the island is small it will actually make it harder to fix this problem. just watch.

  101. Speak in fine print, but hear me in bold says:

    When will the Bermuda community get MAD…like dialogue real solutions type MAD…and not just death penalty talk and longer jail sentences talk and ship them to harsher prisons talk. Those are weak solutions. Question the root cause…why are they really shooting each other? Drugs? Turf? Girls? Beef? The Bermuda community is witnessing the symptoms, DETERMINE THE ROOT.

  102. Sitting Here Thinking Really Hard says:

    Good Morning Bermuda,

    We sit here trying to point blame on everything and everyone when we should stop and really think who is really to blame. Lets look at the real problem here LACK OF DISCIPLINE. Once upon a time an old fashion beat down (old fashion licks)from the parents or from community members that were present were common when a child acted up. Everybody and their mama corrected you if you were doing wrong. what did that deliver GOOD UPSTANDING CITIZENS for the most part. don’t get me wrong you still had crime but it was not as bad as it is. Enter stage right a Child Activist who believed that it was wrong to correct your child/ren. now days you have children running parents in because what they got back in the day which was called correction is now called abuse. The Bible Simply states in Proverbs 13:24 “He that spearth the rod hateth his child, and he that loveth him corrects him betimes.” That actually means if one doesn’t discipline a child he or she will never learn obedience or good manners. This doesn’t mean to abuse, but at times we need to correct the bad behaviour. when DISCIPLINE leaves every thing else leaves. We need to go back to the old way of things because yes IT REALLY DOES TAKE A VILLAGE TO RAISE A GOOD UPSTANDING CITIZEN THAT STARTS OFF AS A CHILD.

  103. ItsTime says:

    DOOR TO DOOR!! Shake up the Island. If you have nothing to hide; let this happen. PEOPLE NEED TO TALK!!!!!! The more these animals do this and get away with it the more it will happen. If we stand up and talk it will stop. Our children are not safe; your brothers are not safe. We have an entire breed of young men who have no hearts because of the generation that bore them. I saw it coming when crack became a real issue here. Mothers and fathers abandoning children physically and emotionally; Grandparents and at times the streets raising them. Their anger is deep and their hearts are cold. When they pull the triggers it’s the pain they feel inside that propels that. THINK ABOUT IT!

    We are losing if not lost an entire generation of black men. We are killing each other like animals. It has to stop. The mind set of some of these young men’s families is totally off the hook. When did we become such a ghetto society???????

  104. Ronnie says:

    I lost my son over two years ago. It was not through any gun violence but no loss is greater then the other because of the circumstances. My heart is heavy for the families who have lost their babies…..yes babies because no matter how old your child is they will always be your baby. I can understand first hand the grief they must be feeling so I ask you, no I beg you. Please, please stop with these negative comments and focus on the lives that have been lost and the absolute devastation these parents are feeling right now and will be feeling for years to come. We have become such cold and thoughtless people. Please try and find some compassion instead of negativity! Just my humble opinion.

  105. Me says:

    My aunty said the most profound thing to me yesterday while we sat at te house grieving she said “baby girl lets not feel bad and lets not feel sorry for ourselves. I feel sorry for the next mother and the rest of our young black men living in this trap it is now our duty to save them” —- mother of the deceased

    • la la dy says:

      Wow. Your aunty is a wise woman. Even in the midst of mourning she sees things clearly. May God bless your family during the coming days and give you peace.

  106. Don't care what anyone says:

    Just terrible that two more innocent lives have been taken. I can personally attest that these young men had absolutely no gang ties whatsoever. It was obviously a case of mistaken identity. Very sad.

  107. Serious Though says:

    Easy to solve Infridge some people freedoms…. To save Bermuda , that have always been unfortunetely how HUMANS have protected themselves…. It’s them against us.. They started this we get the last word..GO BERMUDA!

  108. Rhumrunner says:

    Many of the comments above are good however I did not see anything about holding the parents accountable; if I serious crime has been committed and it can be shown there was a history that the parents should have been aware of they need to be held accountable either criminally or financially. I also agree with many of the comments about sending the serious crime prisoners overseas (maybe to Brazil with Michael Mizick – he complained that it was terrible) it would be cheaper for the government than the $80,000 it costs in Bermuda and if it was hard enough maybe it would make them think twice, isn’t prison supposed to be a deterrent?

  109. Bermudian says:

    May God bring comfort to these families and may these men finally rest in peace. Stop the violence Bermuda….ONE LOVE!

  110. Serious Though says:

    This is easy to solve, Infringe some people freedoms and we take of this, it’s unfortunate to do it this way, but, I still take my shoes off when I go through the airport .. so what’s are we waiting for… USA spend trillion of $$$$ to protect it’s commerce ….. So wake up Bermuda..

  111. realni$%^ says:

    u know why all this is happening right? the marijuana drought

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      When did that start? Shortly after 12/17 by any chance?

  112. Oh dear says:

    Condolences to the family and friends of these 2 men that have lost their lives. Prayers are with both the families at this time. Praying for peace and calm during such a hard time. RIP

  113. Between de lines says:

    Bernews, please consider pacing ‘back to top’ button on the comments section.

  114. Between de lines says:

    Bernews please consider putting a Back to Top button I the comments section.

  115. Catch 22 says:

    Slander, Blasting & Blame……..

    Any Real Suggestions?????????????

    Over 250 post and not one positive, optimistic or valuable advice to resolve this gun violence.

    Please don’t all comment at once.

    250 Suggestions would be GODS WORK IN NUMBERS……

  116. its time says:

    the scanner at the docks was a scam, a huge shipment of weapns and ammo came in the very first week or two it was being phased in.
    The gangs have enough supply for who knows how long. This will only continue to escalate until it becomes as bad as Zimbabwe. Mark my word.
    Years ago I said this and nobody believed me. Now everything is coming true like I said.
    Read about violence in Zimbabwe and other African countries of conflict. Then compare how Bermuda has escalated to that standard. Soon we will be no better or worse, IF WE DO NOT STOP IT NOW.

    You people all know who the killers and gangsters are. They are in your families. They are your children, siblings, friends, parents, relatives, etc.



    Separate yourself from the evil and turn them in!


  117. jim brown says:

    Genocide is “the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group

  118. Good day Bermuda, to wake up this morning to yet another shooting with two (2) young black men loosing their lives is getting to much for some of us who are over the age of 50yrs and have sons and grandson out there that are doing great things with education and sports to try an better themselves, to listen and read some of the comments on Bernews makes me very sad and angry. I don’t know these 2 men but I know one thing is true, that they are somsones son, brother, father and friend and no one needs to be gunned down like this no matter what, please my young black brothers out there PUT THE GUNS DOWN we don’t need to have anymore of this, look at yourselves in the mirror and point that same GUN at yourself and see how it might feel to someone else that you are pointing and shooting at, I’ll bet you will think twice about your next move when you see your life flash before your own eyes. And for the people of Bermuda stop blaming the OBA or the PLP for this violence that we have here, yes the OBA made promises to do something about this, but so did the PLP, no government can stop this, no matter how much they try, it is up to the person or persons involved and what they want to do to bring peace and harmony back to Bermuda, after all this is your country too, lets stop the shooting before an innocent person gets harmed or killed, it could very well be your family member ie. your mother, father sister, brother or your child. I know that you all are angry over something or someone, but surely there is other ways to solve a situation without the guns.To my young black brothers find your way back and lead by a good example and help the younger black males of this country to become good baby brothers, the buck stops with you my brother. And please Bermuda stop blaming our Government past or present, we all need to help.400-500 gangsters to 35,000-40,000 strong black men take your rightful place as head of the household and take hold of these gangsters that very well could be your sons and that could be the start to solving these shootings and murders.

  119. kim bast says:

    Genocide is “the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group

  120. To the families of the 2 young men who were killed, our prayers are with you at this time,”the Lord is our Shepard”. STOP THE KILLINGS………..

  121. This is.... OUT OF CONTROL says:

    First and foremost, My Heartfelt Condolences goes out to the families that are having to go through this terrible ordeal due to the stupidity of others who have no value for life. There are no words of sympathy that can be said to ease their loss they are now having to face and bare.
    Now, all i have to say is that all the finger pointing and blaming on who needs to fix this has to stop and real action needs to be done. What now? These murderers are going to be trialed and sent up to the WESTGATE HOTEL where basically they are getting off scot-free. The DEATH PENALTY needs to be put back in place so that all these fools who are going around killing and taking away precious life can get the same fate. Maybe then that will make them think twice before taking that sort of action of taking someone elses life. Also, the others who are involved need to be penalised as well. How did the shooter know that they will be at the grocery store at that time? The shooter just rode by and saw them, right..Bulls—!!! there is another link somewhere and i hope they get life in prison for being an accessory to the fact.

  122. Victor says:

    Perhaps the MP for the area, Mr. Rolfe Commissiong, could offer some solutions – I believe he has first hand experience when it comes to gun crime.

  123. Prayerful says:

    How are we supposed to weed through all of this stuff.

    I am concerned about the store operators and staff who will be haunted by this tragic scene, even loss of business.

    Pray for the m erchants as well.

  124. Somerset OG says:

    Star Child! Gave up gangbanging to live positive.

  125. jay_bermuda says:

    Remember the days how it used to be? When we were living in peace and harmony. When people were caring for others, When we living like sisters and brothers. People from Country can’t come Town, People from Town can’t go Country. Can’t we just live as ONE? Put up your PEACE signs and say STOP THE WAR!
    Sleep In Paradise

  126. Hear me out... says:

    My condolences go to BERMUDA, we are the ones in this mess. The deceased, hopefully are on to a better life. What about the rest of Bermuda who is stuck with this nonsense,carnage, and blight on our Island.

    It is real simple to me: The laws we have,we need to enforce them. We need Judges who will be fearless and sentence people to the maximum penalty. We need to get rid of the Parole board. I say to the criminals -Do your time! End of story. If Westgates get overcrowed ship them off to other jurisdiction where it makes a good business case, preferably non-english speaking.

    these punks are not afraid of the legal system – not Westgate – because some ‘bredren’will send them contraband over the fence, some prison officer will assist them with their modern conveniences…bah prison- what’s that? some place to catch up on their rest and workout so when they come out they look nice and clean…and then step up to a simple minded working girl who has his baby while he drives her car with his “b—ches”…Women you are part of the problem: mothers, sisters, baby mommas, girls who are fighting other girls over these losers. You know who you are. Let’s start with the women, the court system, the absentee fathers (that is related to women too). Women you have a powerful asset: WITHHOLD IT – until you get the respect that you need, until the loser stops hanging with his boys while you work, that prowls the street at night when he should be home in the house with you and his child(ren), until he gets his GED and gets a damn job…Simple stuff.

    FED UP!

  127. atalostforwords says:

    My condolences to the families of both young men that lost their lives. In this time of bereavment hope you find time to comfort each other

  128. Concerned Citizen says:

    @3 months: You think 3 months is enough to fix this. The former government took years to get things this bad. How is it supposed to be fixed in 3 months?

    I have been reading alot of comments on various topics on this site, and I am totally disgusted with all of the finger pointing and the blame game that keeps going on. If we really want to point a finger, then it’s the UBP’s fault that we are in this mess in the first place. If you recall, they are the party that adamantly said back in the 90′s (before things escalated to this point) “There are no gangs in Bermuda.” A very bold statement that led nowhere except to where we are right now!

    How about we focus on finding a viable solution to this problem for a change? I am very saddened by what is going on in my country, and if the truth be told BOTH parties ignored this issue and let it fester.

    And the residents of this country are also divided into two categories (unfortunately based on race). There are those who this type of thing never touches, it doesn’t happen in “their Bermuda,” which is one of wealth and privilege, and there are those who it affects repeatedly (i.e. the black population).

    The reality of the situation is that as long as this black-on-black violence continues, nothing will be done until it begins to affect the bottom line of the wealthy residents (aka the people that never experience this type of thing in “their Bermuda). It’s like a pesky fly that can be swatted away.

  129. DNA says:

    @Unjrust Realities
    you are a sick chick!