Gunshots Fired In Warwick, No Injuries Reported

February 12, 2013

[Updated: At 7pm this evening gunshots were fired towards a residence in the Bulkhead Drive, Warwick area. Police attended the scene, and confirmed that no one was injured.]

At sometime around 7.00pm this evening [Feb 12] there was a firearm incident in the Warwick area. Unofficial reports suggest that at least one shot was fired in the Bulkhead Drive area and that no one was injured.

Bulkhead  (2)-001_wm

As of 7.40pm there were at least three police cars on scene, and multiple police officers. We will update with official information as able.

Update 8.03pm: Police spokesperson Dwayne Caines said, “At 7.00pm police responded to a report of gunshots in the Bulkhead Drive area of Warwick.

“Upon police arrival it was ascertained that a firearm was discharged, however no one was injured. Police have the area cordoned off, and officers are now conducting initial investigations.”

Update 8.28pm: The heavy police presence is decreasing slightly. They had put crime scene tape up in the area of a residence, and it appears the shot[s] were fired in the direction of the residence.

Bulkhead  (1)-001_wm

Update 8.36pm: Inspector Andy Morgan confirmed “shots were fired towards the residence at this location.” He noted the neighborhood was quiet at the time, and asked anyone who saw any suspicious activity to contact the police straight away.

Audio of Inspector Morgan is below:

When asked if it was gang related, he said could not speculate on this particular incident as the investigation is still in the early stages, but he said clearly there is a pattern of gang violence across the island and this could be related.

Update Feb 13, 11.55am: The police issued a written statement, it follows in full below.

Around 7pm on Tuesday, February 12th police officers responded to reports of gun shots being fired in the Bulkhead Drive, Warwick area.

While it was forensically confirmed that a firearm was discharged in that area, there were no reported injuries. The scene was secured and an active investigation has commenced into this confirmed firearm incident.

Detectives are appealing for witnesses or anyone that may have seen persons acting suspiciously in the Bulkhead Drive, Warwick area around the time of this confirmed firearm incident.

In addition, the Bermuda Police Service is aware of the heightened tensions regarding recent firearm incidents and encourage members of the public to report any individuals acting suspiciously in their neighbourhoods, particularly individuals on motorcycles, by contacting the main police number on 295-0011 or the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477 at the earliest opportunity – no matter how insignificant the activity may appear to be.

- Photos by Kenneth Byron

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  1. Boss says:

    welcome to the wild wild west

  2. PROMOTER says:

    here we go

  3. Princess Twinkles says:

    This ignorance just doesn’t stop, all these guys are doing is ruining lives taking lives, instead of fighting thur battle the old fashion way … guess you should call it “revenge gun wars” … so sick…

  4. Blu_tooaz says:

    They r cowards that’s why they use guns.

  5. ytyq says:

    Shooting happens to fast

  6. god1st says:

    OBA/C.C You promised their would be less crime .What is going on?

    • @god1st says:

      Think before you write. Maybe you should think about all those who have gotten of court cases under the other party’s governance. Perhaps if there were consequences for breaking laws would have been enforced in the past , we may have been able to control actions like this.
      If you haven’t read or paid attention the OBA actual has an action plan to tackle crime.

      • Tooth Fairy says:

        @Godlst, By the way, the first sign that the OBA are at least TRYING is that they did not throw a NATIONAL HOLIDAY and lets party after winning the election! Or did you forget that national holiday they announced that I believe cost Bermuda $4million!

        At least they are dealing with BUSINESS and CHANGE and not planning parties!!!

        • Tooth Fairy says:

          To clarify – By “they” I meant the PLP when they won 14 years ago!

      • I hope this dont come across as sounding insensative,but both @god1st and tooth fairy,government spending or not spending has nothing to do with crime.the O.B.A. has a plan,please tell me what the heck they can do that will change the cruel minds of those who have become heartless and have no regard for life.

        I dont care which government you put in the madness will not slow down until you target the right people and there are far to many that benefit from the under world,that do not run around the streets or have guns in their possesion.

        There are far to many that look like the O.B.A. and act like the P.L.P that are the culprits behind the madness that is going on in this country,greed has over taken to many in this land and those that are making a mint out of it,dont need weapons to protect themselves,and the wanna be is the ones that is trying to mark territory of who holds the power by who holds the piece of metal.

        Unfortunately to many jokers come on here under pen names with comment that dont add up to a hill of beans,because they dont have a clue to what they are talking about,just making noise to try and hear their ownself,while there are others who truly want to rid this country from this foolishness and that is why we dont hide behind pen names.

        So the next time someone was to talk stupid about how much the P.L.P waisted from the public purse,or how the O.B.A has this plan that will actually work,think again and stick to the subject and no that if they start by targeting the right people then they will see results,the unfortunate thing is when these young robins make the mistake of crossing the wrong path.

    • Eyes Wide Open says:

      I no u can’t be serious. No political party can stop what’s going on.. Only real thing that can is money… I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… Pay to get these guns off the street. Put up a cash reward that they can’t refuse. Guys that are doing the shooting are broke as crap… Use $10,000 per gun and you will be surprised how many guns we have on this rock. Stop blaming a dam party. Your sounding dumb when you say that.

      • fashion police ! says:

        Then the Rise of importation of Guns will increase,,,that will become the New Money Maker ! think b4 you Speak, we need Real Policing Around,,Quote from a Movie,,You Need A New Jack Cop To get a New JacK Criminal ! Dats whats Up !

      • Fruity says:

        ;) mm hmm!

        • Fruity says:

          Money talks, Money wins, Money’s got this world all spinned !!
          It will always fall back to MONEY!

    • Tooth Fairy says:

      God1st you call yourself???? Hahaha… Definately couldn’t be think first before you speak!

      You want the OBA of anyone to fix something in two months???

      Are you so concerned that the OBA might be able to come thru with a few of their promises that you would rather assist this country in sliding further backwards by being negative all the time, instead of being part of the solution??

      What an idiot you are! I trust that you are not a Christian at all. Any person of any faith would never fight so hard to hold others back. If you are a Christian, try listening to a sermon every now and then.

      • Ty says:

        @Tooth Fairy. WELL DONE.

        and that individual has the nerve to put the name GOD as their penname. There are a number of others out there that are doing the same thing.

        I said it before and i’ll say it again……. Political GANG MEMBERS.. I’m baffled as to which is worse.

    • @ god1st….. I see that, that thing,which holds your ears apart is doing just that n only that. The emptiness vouchers for your idiotic remarks. So @$$inine. And by the way get your grammer in order n maybe you will understand what the OBA is trying to project.
      OBA has to clean up PLP’s mess before they can start their own plans rolling. And what a mess they left this island n people in.So stop being a dinkle berry. U R 2 sandwiches short of a picnic n don’t know where the beach is. Pay attention, then try to think before u open ur empty barrel. Make some more idiotic noise.

  7. Circle of life says:

    OBA is as weak as the PLP. All talk and more bulls__t. I guess the only time they going to do something is when one of these cowards targets one of them or their family member. Everyone else in Bermuda is a sacrificial lamb. I’ll give the OBA to December 2013. That’s more then the rest of Bermuda is going to give you Minister Dunkley.

    • Luis Van Persie says:

      Well so far you’ve given them about 60 days. 14 years of shocking government to sort out – I think you are being a bit hasty my friend.

  8. Nothing New says:

    Let them keep shooting and killing one another . It will be less of them walking around the island. I just feel sorry for the innocent.

    • blessings says:

      Nothing new – shooting & killing one another!!! Not all of them have aim. One bullet can stray in your mouth, yes like you said I feel sorry for the innocent

    • Fruity says:

      I agree (sad but true); I’ll even a miss a few of them. Yeah the islands small and know them but its time for better or check you later. Can only pray for better.. TIRED!

  9. HowFarCanYouSee? says:

    Where is your god? OBA has been in power for two months don’t think that they’re not trying to implement steps to slow crime down and hopefully prevent it? Sheesh

  10. Observer says:

    god1st take a break. Were you expecting the OBA to be Neighborhood Watching tonight?

  11. owner4comment says:

    Fu%^^$ c%$tz

  12. owner4comment says:

    Dumb f$%#s with dumb mentalities are really screwing this island up!! #TiredOfIt

  13. ed dill says:

    Where is the money going to come from. Is not the island broke already. There should be a bounty put out and upon proof and conviction then payout a sum. Then the fools may set up themselves.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      These wanksters are already taking out bounty’s on each other but there is no dead or alive deal just dead. Their payout sum is the props they get from their wankster peers. Unless the law was changed to allow free lance bounty hunters who are licensed to be able to carry a gun & defend themselves with it when needed no one in their right minds is going to go after a wankster that may be armed when they are not for any amount of bounty.

      OBA promised to legislate a law that allows the use of confiscated drug funds to pay for solutions to fight gang crime. This is where the money could come from but they need to stop twiddling their thumbs on it & act IMMEDIATELY. Instead the first thing OBA jumps at is term limits & meetings with churches both of which won’t do any good if gang crime keeps escalating. The reason these moves are futile is that the church leaders are far out of touch with the street life & that IB even without term limits is not going to set up shop in a wankster infested environment. There should be over millions in the police lockup that was confiscated in drug bust all thats needed is a laws that allows use of it to fight gang crime. That is if all the confiscated money is still impounded. HMMMMM! I Wonder!

  14. BDAGIRL says:

    These guys r just a bunch of ass:(:(oles bring in the troops and let them beat down the doors of known gangs!!! Round them all up take them all over to an island and let them shoot it out. Sick of this.if Momma and Granny get in the way trying to protect their scum sons round them up also.Not a month goes by without a gun being fired. I wake up saying let me go on Bernews to see what shootings happened last night. This is a sad situation in Bermuda.

  15. god1st says:

    @ Observer i will take a break when your girl gets off my %^$#

    • Cali Girl says:


    • Come Correct says:

      Funny how you used to attack dhtoo/ for the exact same comments. Typical religious hypocrite. Like someone else said, where is your god? Called in sick again? Or does the oba need to legislate him special powers?

    • Brad says:

      Please stop referring to God – you are in NO WAY a man of God. You are disgusting and need mental help.

  16. tricks are for kids says:

    I really for the life of me can’t.see how politics are blamed for other’s CHOICES…..lay the blame at the feet of the individuals who are CHOOSING to do what they do…its no ones fault other than their own and THEY need to be held accountable for their actions…

    We may not understand why they are doing this but please understand in most cases its not for “nothing”…JVC crew you all need to come clean if you want your neighborhood cleaned up….two shootings within the same vicinity in as many weeks is not random! You all know why its happening. ..if its a situation that you can’t handle talk to someone…this also goes for the rest of you out there that like to do a “pack”…

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Politics are the law makers who decide what law enforcement should enforce. This means they are one of biggest influences on the choices others make. Laws that are made to control substances do not work & only aid to influence a lucrative underground market for the substances. JVC is not going to clean up something that will affect their ease of cash flow even if it means a safer neighborhood. Since OBA want to go with God on this I have an metaphor for them. They are playing God in the jungle forbidding the crocodiles they are not to eat the deers & the deers they are not to drink from the water the crocodiles inhabit. The biggest mistake government past & present have done in this God metaphor is not to give the deers an alternative drinking source for water & to trust that the crocodiles will abide by God’s law over the law of the jungle even if the deers don’t abide either because they feel the need to quench their thirst.

      Welcome to the jungle OBA. If you want to play God like the past governments have & continue to forbid people from putting what they want in their bodies. Maybe OBA should read The Bible’s book of Genesis & see how well forbidding someone from putting something in their body worked with the God of Abraham. Maybe OBA should stop focusing on what the PLP did & start focusing on what they & UBP didn’t do.

  17. god1st says:

    @ How far can you see Their will be more crime under OBA\UBP ,your deputy leader benefits from these acts. Crime is a business police,prison officers,judges,some lawyers,prosecutors,OBA politicians,R.G.,BDA Sun,B N Vallis, Dunkleys dairy yes minister Michael Dunkley ships food to the prisons.

    You are a born donkey crime will soar at a all time high under your watch.How can you talk about tackling crime when you have criminals in the house on the hill .

  18. god1st says:

    @ tooth fairy you are worshipping a fairy tail and who told you This GOD that you pray to exist. Your nothing but a false prophet and i don’t follow the leader O.B.A had their opportunity before PLP took the reigns 98. Lie to the public make a promise to suspend and review term limits for 2 years before the election a few weeks later after they won the election what did they do abolish term limits. BOB barker and The O.B.A are gonna create 2000 jobs of course not they must have seduced you because that is a big lie.

    You mentioned sermon i hope you aren’t listening to T.D. Jakes or Creflo Dollar the 2 of them are snakes . T.D. Jakes kisses the popes ring and creflo abused his own daughter.

  19. SoFar Bye says:

    What’s up doc! Is duck season or is it wabbit season?

  20. god1st says:

    @ Tooth fairy Christianity came from the creative minds of Human beings just like any other supernatural religion. The Bible that you and Deacon so and so read comes from Byblos which is Greek and it has the reputation of being one of the oldest cities in the world.

  21. VL says:

    We all bicker, fight and throw nasty insults at one another then have the nerve to run others down. Bermudians just don’t know how to get along. This island is just closing in on us and we are fighting each other like too many fish in a small bowl. I agree, PLP or OBA it doesn’t matter as these guys don’t care. Its not like December 17th they all laid down their weapons in fear. One point I want to disagree with is about buying the guns. A lot of these guys are drug dealers and a gun in hand is worth a lot more than 10G. They share it around, so 10G or even 20G is nothing to them. One gun victim had almost 200G in his house so they are not broke at all. I think it’s fair to say give the OBA a chance. I trust that they will get tough. One thing we need is another operation cleansweep. Clean up this island from one end to the other, and don’t back down no matter who is involved. I don’t doubt there are some big names mixed up in all this (particularly drug dealing) but sweep them up with the rest of the garbage and dump them ALL in the trash where they belong.

  22. Jus' Askin' says:

    I know it may be a bit extreme. I feel if a gun is found to be harboured on your property, your property should be seized.
    The people choosing to protect these shooters are just as bad as the one pulling the trigger.
    OBA lied to all of us, get over it. They know they have no teeth when it comes to this. I do recall “…our hands will not be in this….” being said in the post throne speech comments.
    What will it take for Bermudians to pull together on this? This is a national crisis. Innocent people have been killed. Why do we have to wait for it to get worst before we act. This ‘Reactive’ style of doing things will not move us forward.
    Peolpe need to understand that stray bullets don’t discriminate and could just as well hit a child or baby. We shouldn’t not wait for such an event for us to stop this madness. Stop looking for OBA and BPS to save us, We need to save us. This can spill over and end up in your backyard very easily.
    When a guest worker or a tourist gets shot, then you will see swift and unrestrained response. As long as we are killing ourselves, No One will come to help. What I find sad is that four guys were flewn in at night and there was such an out cry, but people getting shot on our shores moves no one.

    • Fruity says:

      All very true and I wish the island would come together more. Sentence 2 of above is the only I disagree with (but understand); in the sense that you may honestly not know that its on your property. Whole point of perfect hiding spots.. Risky but worth it to the fools using safety areas.

  23. fashion police ! says:

    This Is War inna Babylon,,and Police and Thievs inna de Streets,,

  24. Xman says:

    As I said before!
    This stuff just went on recess for a week or two
    It seems like it’s back to business for the Gangs.
    There will be Revenge for the last two and other fatal Shootings.
    Where and when is another storey.

  25. CS says:

    punishment for all the little bastards when they’re found guilty should be a one way ticket to Iraq or the like. let their asses fight a real war, plenty bullets and bombs but no return to this island.

  26. Y-Gurl says:

    With a reactive (not proactive) and weak police force this is not going to stop, gun crime under the current police “leadership” has soared beyond anything we in Bermuda could ever imagined. The bermuda police are totally incapable of dealing with or reducing it. We need a change at the top , we need to have someone who is not afraid,connected or related to these punks with guns, and before you cops jump on me whining about how well you do, just look at the stats, nothing personal its just FACTS.

    • Fruity says:

      I say legalize a few more items on the agenda and watch….. hmmm! More calmness and chaos needed before much needed silence :)

  27. god1st says:

    @ row row row your boat . Row your boat to the edge of Niagra falls thick head. I can tell you were hatched from birth like a bird in a nest your Mom is a few dates away from a relationship.

  28. god1st says:

    @ Duanne P. Santucci Were in my paragraph did i say the O.B.A\U.B.P are gonna stop crime some politicians are gangsters.

  29. god1st says:

    Duanne P. Santucci you a snitch.

  30. Richard says:

    everybody knows the player in their area so we can’t cry when something like this happen and this doesn’t go just for black people because there are a lot of big time white drug dealer out there as well who are armed and some of the black one come to your area to buy from them it only a matter of time before something happen in your area as well. Yes they are family yes you grew up with them but who are you going to blame when it hits your door step?

  31. god1st says:

    @ come correct Tell GOD to show up on earth right now . You call out to GOD but he/she never answers you back. You couldn’t do it you have tried all your life but he has never come to your rescue. FACE reality

    • Come Correct says:

      I think you are delusional. What part of my comment makes you think I believe in a sky pilot?


    Unfortunately there is no 1 party to blame for this guns have been on the island for over 40 or 50 years but the problem we have no is these youths have no respect for life itself,kids are growing up on there own,and babies are haveing babies..these problems will not be solved no matter how much police are on the streets….Stop forceing adults to go up the army and force them to go when they are 14 install some sort of dicipline and work ethic in them from young…have more youth events more sporting activities in order to get results sacrafices must be made THE WAR ON DRUGS IS A LOST CAUSE!!!!A WASTE OF WELL OVER 1 TRILLION DOLLARS WORLDWIDE,,LIVES LOST AND WASTED GIVE IT UP YOUR KILLING THE COMMUNITY FORCE THESE LAZY DEALERS TO GET A JOB!!!!!

  33. Shar says:

    Wow is all i can say about a lot of these comments…How did we get so far removed from what the issues really are? Smh this is just getting out of control…

  34. W says:

    So many bullets, can they be traced?

  35. Gear says:

    Stop playing cops and robbers police.