Destination Dockyard & Lennon Dockyard Nights

March 26, 2013

The West End Development Corporation [WEDCO], in partnership with EPM Management, will be hosting Destination Dockyard each Monday evening from 7pm to 10pm for 18 weeks.

A WEDCO spokesperson said, :This will be an evening of diverse local talent, combined with the element of competition, exciting prizes, family and youth engagement and unique shopping opportunities. The atmosphere promises to be lively, inviting, friendly and memorable for both our visitors and locals.

“It will be an evening of competition with the opportunity to vote for your favourite band, dance troupe, Gombey troupe, choir, songwriter, Majorette, etc. The proposed start date for this event is May 6th from 7pm to 10pm and the event will run for 18 weeks until September 2nd.

“We will have local bar operators, food vendors and other vendors with Bermudian items for sale over the evening which will be staged on the North Lawn and around the Clocktower Mall.”

There will also be an additional evening in the Dockyard event calendar, with WEDCO — in partnership with TFD productions — hosting the Lennon Dockyard evening every Thursday night from 6.45pm to 9.45pm.

Commencing on 16th May, the Lennon Dockyard evenings will run for 16 weeks until through August 29th. Held in the Victualling Yard, the night will see a free evening of music, songs by John Lennon and other party favorites.

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  1. James says:

    How much more can this island spin out of the fact that John Lennon came here once for a holiday over 30 years ago?
    It really is pathetic that this appears to be Bermuda’s only claim to fame.

  2. what next ! says:

    John Lennon has nothing to do wit it,,Its Tony’s Show !

  3. J says:

    Why change the entertainment of last years when it was working so well Wedco? Why are you cutting Bermudian jobs??? Do you wish a failure like what happened to Harbour Nights last year?? In any events you are taking jobs from Bermudian artists and promoters at a time when MORE JOBS ARE NEEDED FOR Bermudians. This is NOT cool.