PLP: What Happened To The 2 Year Suspension?

January 31, 2013

Saying that the One Bermuda Alliance pledged to suspend Term Limits for two years — rather than ending them — the Opposition asked what happened to the promised suspension and review.

“If the OBA Government will move so quickly to break such an important election promise, we must all question what other promises are set to be broken,” said Shadow Minister of Home Affairs Walter Roban.

In October 2011, Craig Cannonier said, “The PLP deliberately distorted the OBA’s position on term limits. They said we would ‘end’ term limits instead of what we actually said, which was to ‘suspend’ them for a period of two years…”

In June 2012, Bob Richards said, ““Lie Number 1: The PLP say the OBA’s policy is to end term limits. The OBA policy, as stated in our Budget Reply and other releases, is to suspend term limits for a period of two years pending a review for a policy that works better for Bermuda.”

Mr Roban said, “Given the statements above, the Progressive Labour Party is shocked at the blatant disregard that the One Bermuda Alliance has shown towards the electorate.

“Despite the strong denials by their leadership before the election, just 6 weeks into their term, the OBA government announced that they have abolished term limits with immediate effect,” continued Mr Roban.

Yesterday Minister of Home Affairs Michael Fahy announced that Government will eliminate the 6-year Term Limit Policy “with immediate effect.”

Minister Fahy stressed that Work Permits protects Bermudian jobs, not Term Limits, and said they believe eliminating Term Limits will help spark economic growth and create jobs for Bermudians.

The move was welcomed by the Chamber of Commerce and Bermuda Employers’ Council, who both said they supported ending the policy.

“The Island earns an estimated 80% of its income from IB and the more we can do to keep IB here and to improve upon it the better,” the BEC said, while the Chamber said Term Limits had been a “major impediment for businesses to grow on the island.”

The full statement from Mr Roban is below:

Thou shall not lie” – That was the opening line of an October 2011 Editorial published by local media outlets from then OBA leader now Hon. Premier Craig Cannonier.

In this editorial he said, “The PLP deliberately distorted the OBA’s position on term limits. They said we would ‘end’ term limits instead of what we actually said, which was to ‘suspend’ them for a period of two years pending a review that gives us a policy that works better for Bermuda.

Desperate Lies about Term Limits” – That was what then Shadow Minister of Finance, E.T. (Bob) Richards, said on June 21, 20123 when he said, “The PLP say the OBA’s policy is to end term limits. The OBA policy, as stated in our Budget Reply and other releases, is to suspend term limits for a period of two years pending a review for a policy that works better for Bermuda.”

Given the statements above, the Progressive Labour Party is shocked at the blatant disregard that the One Bermuda Alliance has shown towards the electorate. Despite the strong denials by their leadership before the election, just 6 weeks into their term, the OBA government announced that they have abolished term limits with immediate effect.

What happened to the promised suspension for 2 years? What happened to the promised review? If the OBA Government will move so quickly to break such an important election promise, we must all question what other promises are set to be broken?

We reiterate our demand made on 4 January that the OBA needs now to provide the public with details of an enhanced work permit framework. What measures will be put in place to ensure equal opportunity for Bermudians in the workplace?

Thus far the new government has moved more swiftly to turn their backs on campaign promises rather than provide assurances or solutions for the Bermudians seeking job opportunities.

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  1. Let the good times roll says:

    They had to deceive us.

    • M3ke says:

      If this wasn’t about term limits then I’d say they deceived us. But how is this deception when its the right thing to do? We are competing globally as an offshore business center. We need to up our game and the OBA is doing just that. Call it deception, call it whatever. It’s what needs to be done.

      Mr. Roban do you understand we operate in a global economy? Do understand our economy has tanked? Do you understand there are people begging for jobs and there are many that do not have health insurance?

      • Let the good times roll says:

        You… cant be serious. It really disheartens me how biased my island has become. The OBA/UBP supporters were eating Brown alive when he brought the Uighurs in. And in that circumstance it wasn’t even a lie, in the sense that he never said he wasn’t going to do it. But here you have ministers outright doing the opposite of what they said a year ago, and you think its ok? This kind of blind support for anything is dangerous. Perhaps it is the right thing to do, maybe it is best for bermuda, but if youre really going to support ministers abusing their power and saying what voters want to hear, then you need to do some soul searching. Isn’t that one of the reasons we wanted to get rid of the PLP? Transparency? A spade is a spade, it doesnt matter who’s hand its in.
        Stop with the Biased remarks, you’re making us look ignorant.

        Furthermore, its the PLP’s JOB to point out things like this! they are the opposition. Premier Cannonier said it himself, “the honeymoon will be short” They current government is under the microscope, as they should be. Only people who seem to have a problem with it are the brainwashed fools who comment on this site.

        • The Truthsayer says:

          They said they would be doing a review to determine which outcome was inevitably better. They obviously, as you can see what the outcome was, to abolish term limits altogether rather than suspend them for two years. I wouldn’t call it a lie, but rather they, the OBA, picked the better option for ALL OF US!

          • Not Fooled says:

            Problem is they did NO review.

            They said they would suspend and review, but they just up and abolished it.

            Keep believing as you like, you must like being lied to.

            • M3ke says:

              Can you please tell us how keeping term limits will strengthen our position as an offshore business center?

              • Black Soil says:

                More PLP would have been the end of Bermuda. And dis is com’n from black boy!!!!

            • Tooth Fairy says:

              We got used to it – remeber the Dr. Brown years!

            • THEY DID A REVIEW says:

              “Sen Fahy said that after meeting with stakeholder groups, the decision had been made to end the policy effective immediately, calling it a barrier to job creation.

              “The Ministry obtained some time ago legal advice that demonstrated unequivocally the law, as it currently exists, was sufficient to limit reasonable expectation of permanent residents,” he said. “Term limits are not required in any way to do that. Period.”

          • Amazed says:

            How would you know that this was the best option when there was NO public consultation?

        • Um jus sayin.... says:

          Well said!!! Biased and in many of these instances that they defend, they would’ve had an opposite reaction if it was the PLP who acted in this way. All I can say is…Stay Tuned!

          • sonoso says:

            stay tuned for what? a better opportunity for a lot more bermudians under an OBA government that under the party loving party’s government?

            • Islander says:

              some peoplel need to throw their tinted glasses away and turn up their hearing aids and ask the Lord for knowledge, wisdom and UNDERSTANDING. Me thinks decisions no matter for the GOOD OF THIS ISLAND, will be cause people to be disgruntled – either you want jobs for your children, grand-children, your self, spouse and as you can see, there is nothing going on but businessess closing. You can grumble, spit, shine, call a horse a dog – don’t matter – things were not as they seemed when the PLP was in and you agreed and stuck by them – WELLLLL. the OBA is just that ONE BERMUDA!! Don’t like it there is the airport and the Dockyard!!

            • Eastern says:

              At the risk of sounding like a broken record……….The Immigration Department have always had control of the length of time a work permit lasts. Work Permit term limits were introduced to gain votes and for no other reason and the PLP supporters were gullible enough to believe it. The PLP Government renewed 70% of work permits past six years in spite of their supporters. The PLP Government actually allowed more 20% more work permits than there ever was.
              Did PLP supporters not notice this? Oh, thats right; they turned a blind eye to it, but are now kicking up that the OBA is doing it too. The difference between the OBA government and the PLP government is that the OBA government are telling you the truth, while the PLP government lied to you and told you that there was Term Limits in place.

              The PLP are still trying to fool you, fools

              • Not Fooled says:

                Term limits were introduced to inhibit long term residency, stop confusing yourself!

                • Eastern says:

                  @not fooled

                  As I said term limits were introduced to get votes and no other reason.

                  I will repeat what I said: “The Immigration Department have always had control of the length of time a work permit lasts”

                  Did you read my post or only what you wanted to read. I’ll argue until the end of time; what part of my post do you not understand

                  Votes, votes, votes……that was all it was about.

              • Amazed says:

                I guess you were not around when the portugeese community was calling for the long-term residency issue to be resolved?

                • Eastern says:

                  And what has long term residency have todo with term limits?

                  Votes, votes, votes, votes………

                  PRC’s have not been challenged in court as discriminatory because challengers are afraid to be thrown off the island.

              • dh#1 says:

                @ Eastern – And so is the long term status Bermudian, by the name of Mr. Fahey, fool! He not even a born Bermudian, nor were his parents. So I can only guess what his tenure will be like.

                • Who wrote the report? says:

                  Wow, just pure unadulterated hatred for anything not Bermudian?

                  Friendly people my ass

                • Tooth Fairy says:

                  When the first settlers arrived here, they found HOGS. We all came from somewhere else and were all granted status.

            • Um jus sayin.... says:

              I’m all for better opportunity for this country and its people…stay tuned for the same old smoke and mirrors by politicians and OBA supporters justifying the bs when if the shoe was on the other foot, you would want the governments head! Same bs different day! The bias is amazing!

              I don’t disagree with ridding of term limits, yet it had its benefits like forcing organizations such as mines to put Bdn qualified employees on developmental plans to replace the expat in a few years time. This was the case made to Immigration to renew the work permit. Without the term limit, organizations won’t be forced to do it. Either way, the work permit policy needs to be adhered to and when there is a qualified Bermudian, the Dept of Immigration should deny the work permit. That simple…you think, yet rarely exercised!!! I’m in the business, I know!

              • Um jus sayin.... says:

                …and the same Minister who has gotten rid of term limits for the betterment of the economy, to bring jobs (entry level retail and restaurant jobs to serve IB big wigs) for Bdns, along withthe Immigration Board, are the same people who will approve and deny work permits…you think they will deny any when they are working to bring IB and its people to the island to boost the economy….hmmm, so will this better the qualified educated Bdn competing for the same job as is an expat? I wonder!!! We’ll see…I’m in the industry, I’ll let you know!

    • bs says:

      They’re just trying to fix the mess. Good luck to them with that!

  2. Seriously? says:

    Mr. Roban, do we care what your resigning, cronying, political favoring, back-scratching self has to say?

  3. jt says:

    Thankfully OBA is smarter than PLP.

    • m3ke says:

      I wouldn’t say OBA is smarter. The PLP represent a previous era in Bermuda.

  4. ... says:

    Really PLP….Are you really going to be the cry baby on the side lines for the next 5 year?


    Just like you did, they had to deceive us, for the greater good.

  5. Sorry Sir says:

    Please PLP. Please, keep bugging the OBA for issues so that they do a better job and this island never re-elects you again. lol

    • Petra says:

      hahahahahahaha – brilliant! Coffee allllll over my keyboard!

  6. Joonya says:

    Drastic measures are necessary to fix the damage your group have caused, and to stop the hemorrraging. We dont produce anything, so what are we left with? Tourism, which is on life support, and IB which is walking around on crutches.
    Get out of the way while the professionals get the 80% strong again.

  7. tidbit says:

    I think the PLP need to take a chill pill. All of sudden they are crying out foul play. I just heard Michael Scott on the news questioning the concern about the continuity program at the Regiment and the bringing in of someone from another country to serve as the Head. They were in charge for fourteen years who were they preparing.

    Might I remind him about the individual they bought in from Jamaica to take over the Prison Service, and he turned out to be a failure. Might I remind him how they skipped over all the qualified Prison Officers who had long service and place Eddie Lambe in charge of the prisons when he retired from the regiment. Might I remind him how they bought in Ms.Reed from Jamaica to head up the Hospital, and she was relieved of her post before the end of her contract.

    Just to moan and groan because you are now opposition does not make any sense. Do you miss being in the newspaper or on TV that bad. Dont expect a party that has been in Office for a approximately eight weeks clean up what has been created in 14 years.

    Michael I have had great respect for you, and to complain for the sake of complaining does not help matters.

  8. LORD HAVE MERCY says:


    • Bermy Gooner says:

      Seems to me that trait isn’t just reserved for OBAers.

      How many times did the other side have to decevive you and yet you still supported them through thick and thin?

    • ella says:

      And that is all the PLP PARTY DID. LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE

    • Come Correct says:

      Ditto, EEZ’s next?

    • Joonya says:

      Whats the difference? You lot backed dozens of them over 14 years. Didnt hear you complaining back then, even though ya own plppeople were robbing you. Still blindfolded… smh

    • Lets Hope says:

      No more then PLP supporters, lets be real here!….And I do believe Micheal Fahy did say “a two year ban or get rid of it all together. Further more imposing 6 year term limit did wonders for Bermudians! The companies that employed us mere locals upped and left because of the PLP bully tactics!

    • Islander says:

      PLP told Lies for years and EB on the radio still telling lies – making his way clear for 201_???

    • Tooth Fairy says:

      Yet you support the PLP after the whole Dr. Brown “we had to deceive you” admission.

  9. Mr. Change says:

    Ohhhhhhh politics…if the plp would have done this all of you same people would have cried murder!!!! A month later essentially the same “deception” that you rallied against is celebrated!!! All a bunch of nonsense!!

  10. Bermy Gooner says:

    Before the PLP days, in the dreaded UBP era, there were no such things as term limits and the island was underemployed with the private sector booming and creating a booming middle class along with it. Bermuda grew to what she WAS without limits in place.

    With the PLP term limits were introduced and so was mass unemployment, the demise of the private sector and downfall of the middle class.

    But yet there are still individuals who demand work permits and term limits to be instituted in order to save Bermudian jobs (when the opposite effect has actually occurred).

    Can someone please explain rationally (i.e. don’t just say you hate foreigners and white people) why they believe that ridding term limits would be a detriment to the BDian worker? I mean history has shown the exact opposite.

    Waiting patiently…

  11. Sandman says:

    Michael Fahy says in his statement – that he has decided to go for full abolition rather than 2 year suspension after consultation with stakeholders, and WITH THE SUPPORT OF THE LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION.

    i.e. this was done by consent.

    It does not then lie in the mouth of the PLP to say this is a breach of a commitment. If nobody seriously wants term limits any more then you get rid of them, simple.

  12. Bobmarlin says:

    PLP go home,their is a new sheriff in town.One,who has a lot of mess to clean up.This is just one of many being addressed.Good luck OBA.

  13. Watcher says:

    Maybe they got into power and on looking at the books your govt had been cooking for 10 years Mr. Roban they decided that things were significantly worse than they thought and decided to make some sweeping and immediate changes. More power to them I say if it helps bring the island economy back round.

  14. Bedhead says:

    You really don’t want to go there!

  15. ItsTime says:

    Mr. Roban, you have the nerve to tell someone not to lie???? How many skeletons do you have in your closet…………..curious minds want to know. I bet I know of a couple?????

  16. Sandgrownan says:

    Mmmm…he said “they would suspend…pending a review…etc etc”

    They reviewed, and removed the policy.

    Good work OBA.

    PLP..need vaseline?

    • Sandman says:

      Abolishing them was done with the support of the PLP leader. Now Walter Roban pops up and says the OBA misled people by abolishing them. So what does he say about his own party leader? Did he mislead people too.

      Own goal I think.

      • Not Fooled says:

        You did read where the PLP leader said that he doesn’t support it right.

        Stop making things up.

        • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

          Well apparently there probably was lots of cash on the table and someone decided that the mere suspension wasn’t the agreed upon course of action .

  17. Truth says:

    The politics of this are irrelevant. The Policy has hurt us as a country and the OBA were right to remove it. I am a PLP supporter and again the leadership are missing the point. Decisions need to be made now on what is best for Bermuda.

    • sonoso says:

      so you still support the party regardless of if they are right or wrong?

      • Zombie Apocalypse says:

        They are right to remove term limits, so the answer to your question is apparently no.

        Marc Bean also agrees with it, for what that’s worth.

        • Not Fooled says:

          When did Marc Bean said he agreed with it! Stop making things up.

  18. Bermyman says:

    Suspending for 2 years only to abolish term limits after that makes no sense. The OBA government consulted the Chamber and consulted I.B. and both agreed that scrapping them all together would help foster growth at a time when growth is needed. Otherwise you are in a 2 year period of uncertainty.

    The term limit policy did significant damage to our competitiveness as an offshore destination.

  19. Sandgrownan says:

    Further, let’s keep going. Land licenses, allowing Bermudians with non Bermudian spouses to buy more than one property…let’s act on that too.

    • Truth is killin' me... says:

      I want my money back that I paid for my license that I didn’t need or at least a credit on my land tax!!!

  20. sweet says:


    • Tooth Fairy says:

      What “things” are the OBA doing – REVERSE a policy that did more harm than good and was introduced by a party that did more damage to this country in 13 years than any of us could actually believe!

  21. sweet says:


  22. Dueane says:

    Although I am an OBA supporter, and ultimately I believe this was the correct decision, I must say that I have to agree with some people who feel somewhat deceived. Why not just suspend term limits for 2 years as promised…then after deliberation with all parties, if still deemed the right move (which ultimately it is) then end term limits once and for all.

    After 14 years of saying one thing and doing another, it would have been comforting to have a promise kept in the same manner as it was made.

    • The Truth! says:

      Dueane, what if after being elected and talking with all the groups it was clear that term limits were damaging our ability to attact new business?

      Wouldn’t it send a strong message that they understand and will do what is best for the island to move ahead?

      If that is the case, the OBA was decisive in eliminating this damaging policy and I applaud them for leading!!!

      • Not Fooled says:

        Haha, Mr. Truth…

        sow hat you are saying is, its OK to lie to voters, if your motives are OK.

        You can’t say that you will NOT eliminate Term limits and then do it.


        The OBA have always said that it was damaging, so why didn’t they just tell the truth and say they would get rid of term limits!

        • Mad Dawg says:

          They didn’t say they wouldn’t end term limits. Stop making things up.

    • Serious though says:

      But how many companies are willing to relocate and face the same .. Let’s look at the big picture ..

    • Real Talk (original) says:

      My sentiments exactly Dueane…

      Not a good look from the OBA.

      As a swing voter who reluctantly voted OBA after being fed up with feeling taken for granted by the PLP, I am absolutely stunned at their blatant disregard for keeping promises.

      • Not Fooled says:

        Just remember the feeling the next time you have to vote. At least the PLP kept their promises.

  23. Vulpes says:

    Good job Opposing PLP – seem to be settling nicely into your new role.

  24. v!nce says:

    I don’t understand.

    “I want to take this opportunity to thank the leader of the Opposition, MP Marc Bean who showed tremendous fortitude and courage in supporting the abolishment of term limits.”

    How do PLP member question this situation when their leader supported the initiative?
    Do people not read the entire press statement?

    • Ricardo Cardoso says:

      Dig ding ding!!! I was about to post the same extract from Fahy’s statement!

    • Let the good times roll says:

      might as well post the rest of that article too

      “Update 4.40pm: As noted above, Minister Fahy thanked Opposition Leader Marc Bean, saying he “showed tremendous fortitude and courage in supporting the abolishment of term limits.”

      The PLP just issued a statement saying the Minister citing the Opposition Leader’s support is “erroneous and disingenuous at best.”

      “Mr. Bean has not declared support for this move in any forum and Minister Fahy is irresponsible for suggesting this,” the PLP said.”

      • jt says:

        Who cares – they made the right decision. The PLP’s feelings on it are irrelevant.

      • Sandman says:

        the key words there are “Mr Bean has not declared support for this move IN ANY FORUM” – presumably Bean told Fahy that he thought terms limits should be dropped. It is disingenuous for the PLP to try and evade this by saying that Bean has not declared his views publicly.

        Did Bean let it be known to Fahy that he did not support term limits. That’s all we need to know. No more of this nonsense please.

  25. Seriously???? says:

    Seriously ???? You have got to be kidding me about the lies !!! Let’s just remind you of a few that we were told before the OBA got elected ! Might I say by the majority !! A new dock in St. George’s for mega cruise ships, 4 days before the election !!! The golf course opening and hotel being built, a week before the election ! Get over it and realize that this is for the betterment of the country and all our people !!! Damn fools sit up here writing a pack of nonsense because their party lost ! Taking your bat and ball and going home syndrome !! Wake up !!!! Stop being so dang negative and accept what was voted for !!!!

    • Not Fooled says:

      Dude, what was voted for was “A suspension for 2 years and a review” not the elimination.

      You can’t be upset at people getting upset for being lied to.

      • Bermy Gooner says:

        But why weren’t you up in arms when your Party lied to you on umptenn occassions over 14 years?

        Stop your false moral outrage…it’s see through

  26. Serious though says:

    So PLP, the opposition, Stand is complain about everything, well, we the people have a lots of complains too, 14 yrs and PLP wrecked the economy, where do we send the people complains please?

  27. Time Passages says:

    Note to PLP: Things change.

    Is this really the best you Pathetic People Can do? After 14 years of lies, deception and theft?

    You have lost it! Go away!

    Term limits didn’t work. It was an assinine decision – OBA is correcting your error!

    PLP A-holes.

  28. really?? says:

    For you plp supporters pleave give it a rest. Are you really going to do attack blogs against the oba everytime they accomplish something??
    People were only doing this in the past to the plp because after every SHOOTING the plp was not doing anything. No comments from our leaders nothing, so they were attacked.

    Please give it a rest,if you continue please check yourself into a mental health facility because you really need help.
    this is a totally different situation.

  29. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    The plp are Dinosaurs…EXTINCT!

  30. Bobmarlin says:

    Now get rid of the Trailor Dumpsters.
    They are putting small truckers out of business.OBA YOU PROMISED TO.THEY ARE BREAKING THE LAW.MR.CROCKWELL DO WHAT IS RIGHT!

  31. KarmaGotEm says:

    It’s the right thing to do, it’s not the right thing to do!! I am sick of hearing all the radoric from all of you. Bottom line is the IB sector are so quiet on whether or not they will bring the jobs back because they know full well they are not going too. And we have gone down the slippery slope not just from term limits or work permits. But because the ones with the International wealth have learned even better how to scam and jam. You would have to be living under a rock in Siberia not to realize that the IB companies came here for one reason and one reason only. To make the most money they can, and build on it tax free. They have had to put up with greedy landlords, greedy retailers, greedy supermarts and the lists goes on. Truth be told they have learned over the years that outsourcing to third world countries gets them more for their money, even when they weigh the pros with the cons. Instead of sitting around quibbling with each other, we all need to start becoming very creative. The money mongrels have professionalized on cutting corners. And Bermudians the corners have been cut right here at home. Instead of grumbling and mumbling about things that will not change, take some time to learn some international happenings that have already seriously effected our economy. OBA I am waiting to see that magic wand if you know where to find it. The honest Bermudians who are still working in the IB companies will tell you that terms limits and work permits..was not the only sabotage to our economy. And they too know they are holding on by a thread as their job may go to some one less fortunate. If you disbelieve this then read a little further.

    It has been widely known that global outsourcing is one of the easiest means to let other tasks of any businesses get to progressively work, or should we say to go and to find the cheapest labor in foreign lands and thereby increased their profits.

    Because of economic depression, this leads other countries like US, Australia and others to distribute company tasks to third world countries like Philippines, India, Indonesia and other nations that accepts business workloads to work on. Majority of the companies find solutions in this kind of way of distributing workloads and this definitely is effective in reducing their costs of paying off the labor for employees.

    Amidst the advantages provided by outsourcing, not everyone agrees. There are sectors in the American workforce that clamour to job loss brought about by “their” job being outsourced. This has brought attention to the increasing rate of domestic unemployment in the IT and Programming field.

    With more and more of the international companies outsourcing to third world countries, they would not have to worry in maintaining their facilities and most are not charged with taxes but can result to declining employment profile of the country.

    On a macroeconomic sense, companies who are outsourcing to third world countries creates a good impression to their economy. They outsource non-critical workloads or business functions to these places wherein they can garner most efficient value for their money, and this in turn permits them to promote their products and services at reasonable prices. Therefore, business venture capitalists can gain increased revenues in their investments.

    With the fast pace of globalization, by outsourcing it allows the companies to reduce their product and service costs that benefits potential customers and valued clients as well. It paves way for emerging markets to expand its remunerative standing which creates workers’ productivity, fast pace turnarounds and more job creations at a fraction of a price.

    Offshore outsourcing to third world countries leaves a revolutionized impact to global commercial trading leaving great influences not only world wide but as well to the societies. It delivers feasible economy, distribution of company workloads, fast paced turnover of services making customers happy with the result, and top notch efficiency.

  32. perplexed says:

    i would like to know with whom the OBA consulted. stakeholders should include the people of Bermuda as well as those who Fahy is saying will be required to sign away their rights to residency no matter how long they stay in bermuda. and Fahy admits that the “agreement of the opposition leader” was via comments on a talk show…really? is this politics by consensus as we were promised?

  33. LORD HAVE MERCY says:

    In October 2011, Craig Cannonier said, “The PLP deliberately distorted the OBA’s position on term limits. They said we would ‘end’ term limits instead of what we actually said, which was to ‘suspend’ them for a period of two years…”

    In June 2012, Bob Richards said, ““Lie Number 1: The PLP say the OBA’s policy is to end term limits. The OBA policy, as stated in our Budget Reply and other releases, is to suspend term limits for a period of two years pending a review for a policy that works better for Bermuda.”


    • Bermy Gooner says:

      In September 2012 Wayne Furbert stated that the Park Hyatt deal was cancelled. The next day he stated he “misspoke” and that the deal was still on. The OBA got into power and revealed that the deal had indeed been cancelled in September 2011.

      Or we can talk about the “we had to deceive you” moment.


    • Nuffin but de Truth! says:

      Tough s#$t!…the plp are no longer in power!
      and it’s real funny reading how you guys defend thieves in your midst too!

    • Not Fooled says:


  34. Time Passages says:

    Lord Have Mercy – like you defended PLP lying for 14 years? The OBA is correcting the PLP’s idiotic MISTAKES!!!!!!

    PLP are fools pure and simple. They were too busy moaning about race to run the country.

    Bet they feel a bit stupid now. Perhaps if they’d done some work, we might have them back in, but no all they did was moan about Whitey.

    If this is the best you can complain about – then go back to moaning about race.

    P A T H E T I C P L P!

    • Nuffin but de Truth! says:

      AGREED!…but Pathetic is far too good a word for these people.

  35. Time Shall Tell says:

    87,672 hours or 3,654 days or 521 weeks or 10 years also known as a decade. You mean to tell me you having a “guest” working for you for a decade is crippling your business??? I can possibly see the point as far as exempt companies go but the point is lost once you start going further down the food chain as far as jobs go. Term limits where put in place to stop the expectation of residency after being in the country for a given time (as was the problem before). It was agreed to give residency to the then long term residents (guest workers) then to put into place a means to prevent this from happening again & thus term limits where born.

    If the removal of term limits is now in place, then I would like to know what safe guards are planned to be put into place (after the fact the main safe guard has already been removed) to prevent the previous situation repeating itself? I find it also fitting that in the Royal Gazette on page one you have the news of the removal of term limits then on page three you have an article voiced by expats that Bermuda is the perfect place to plant your “roots”. Does that sound like a “guest” or a squatter?????

    • Bermy Gooner says:

      In order to receive PRC status in Bermuda you must have resided in the island before 1989…

  36. Common Sense says:

    The PLP and its supporters can bitch and moan as much as they like, but the OBA made it clear well before the election they were very unhappy with the negative impact that Term Limits had on international business, and they have conducted a review, no matter how brief it was, and concluded that they should be abolished with immediate effect.

    We’ll now have almost 5 years to guage whether this was a positive or negative move and if we don’t like the results, or if the PLP can persuade us that next time they are in power they will at least listen and be attentive to internationl business (our very lifeblood), who knows, we may vote them back in. But for now they have to sit on the sidelines and see what the OBA can do to turn around our economy which is a dreadful state.

  37. Bermudian Momma says:

    I believe term limits can and do work from personal experience. I had a colleague from NZ who was the receptionist. She was upset because she had to leave BDA as she had been here for 6 yrs. According to her, she felt that she should be the one to decide how long she should be able to stay here. Well, my employer – a financial institution – attempted to get her work permit renewed without success thankfully. This was a person who was employed in a role that any high school graduate with basic computer skills could perform, yet if she had her way she would still be here.
    The spouse of a BERMUDIAN, who was unemployed at the time, was hired as her replacement. Chances are without the term limit my former colleague would still be here – sending her money back to NZ – paying for the beautiful home that she was able to purchased as a result of working in BDA (her words).

  38. Pilot001 says:

    Can’t wait for the next election OBA/UPB will be out again. Remember they won by default. Might happen sooner then they think!!

  39. Time Passages says:

    Attention Pathetic Leech Party (PLP) supporters:

    Bwaaah bwaaah bwaaah! !!!

    Your complaining is nothing short of PATHETIC. The OBA is correcting an idiotic decision your party made.

    They said they would suspend it for two years and it got them elected!!! I mean what does that tell you?

    Now they have had access to the immigration files and have proven that it did much more harm than good and sensibly they have axed it. This idiotic term limits was a complete disaster for Bermuda and you the Pathetic Leech Party introduced it. You FOOLS!!!

    You are only pissed off because you can’t make it into a race issue. You FOOLS!

    So this just proves how PATHETIC you really are. If you can’t make it into a race issue then you are totally powerless. I prefer the word ‘IMPOTENT’. Look it up.

    When the OBA start shipping terrorists into our island in the dead of night – I’ll start to get concerned.
    When the OBA claims that we did it for free and nobody got paid or got a favour – I’ll start to get concerned.
    When the Premier refuses to answer a press conference question because it is ‘plantation’ – I’ll start to get concerned.
    When the Premier sends a racist message to a member of the public (by mistake) – I’ll start to get concerned.
    When the OBA hire someone to deliberately divide the community by spreading racial hatred on the talk shows every day – I’ll start to get concerned.

    Should I continue – cos I’m only starting?

    The PLP is gone, dead, finished. This issue today just proves it. The only way you can relate is making it a race issue and moaning about Whitey.

    Since you are unable to do this you are completely and utterly dead in the water.

    Goodbye PLP – PATHETIC LEECH PARTY. Wish I could say it was nice knowin ya.

    Bwaaah bwahh bwaah OBA bwaah bwaah OBA Bwwahhh!

  40. bermuda boy says:

    @ Time Passages……Ditto.

  41. Bermudian says:

    Why are people complaining about this? This is for the good of this Island. I would rather much prefer this than being lied to by the PLP and have nothing to show for it.

  42. god1st says:

    Yes some UBP supporters think it is ok for their party to tell a lie to the public and point fingers at the PLP. If the previous administration jumped off of a cliff it would be wrong, but if the new UBP jumps the same way their supporters and elected officials would justify doing it just because the PLP did it.The lies will continue you are dealing with a pile of tricks.

  43. Familiar says:

    Given the PLPs abject failure during their time as Government, it really does make it awful hard to take any protests they make as the Opposition seriously.

    Basically, if they couldn’t do the job when they had it, how dare they question the actions of the new Government.

    Yes, I know, they’re the official Opposition and it is their job to keep the Government on their toes, but it really is kind of amusing to watch.

  44. NOplp.. says:

    these bunch of liars and mischief makers..wish the plp would not open their mouth unless it is useful..they are just boring with their bs…plp just go away..u are a HUMBUG..

  45. 1minute says:

    Term Limits hurt Bermuda… The OBA want to help Bermuda.

    Hey PLP: Where is all our money?

  46. god1st says:

    UBP lied lol they lied and will continue doing so.

  47. Soooooo says:

    Everone here thinks that, as the previous Government convinced us, that the term limit policy was put in place to protect Bermudian jobs. Has anyone looked at the real name of policy? “Policy: Measures to Inhibit Long-Term Residency”
    Purpose:To discourage the expectation that work permit approval is tantamount to permanent residence rights in Bermuda.

    Since the Minister has always had the right to limit the lenght and granting of work permits this Policy (not law) had no real porpose or effect, except to alienate guest workers and their busisnesses.