Bermuda To Recognize Autism Awareness Day

April 1, 2013

The Bermuda Autism Support and Education Society [BASE] will be a holding a Proclamation ceremony tomorrow [Apr 2] at 12.30 pm on the steps of the Cabinet Office on Front Street, as Bermuda recognizes World Autism Awareness Day. The Proclamation will be read by Premier Craig Cannonier.

A spokesperson from BASE said, “Every year, more children are diagnosed with autism than with AIDS, diabetes and cancer combined and autism is the fastest-growing developmental disability without regard to social, ethnic or economic barriers.”

According to BASE there are approximately 106 children with autism in Bermuda and the lifetime cost of caring for a single child with Autism can be as high as $5 million. Autism is more prevalent in males than in females; it is not a mental illness; there is no known cause or cure but studies have shown that if treatment is started at an early age; great progress can be made.

BASE strives to be a solid foundation for parents, professionals and all persons living with and/or affected by the Autism Spectrum and BASE aims to bring positive changes in the lives of children with autism by enabling them to reach their full potential.

BASE also seeks to raise a greater awareness of autism through education and information and to increase community understanding and support for those living with autism.

The public is encouraged to attend the proclamation ceremony on Tuesday, April 2 at 12.30 pm on the steps of the Cabinet Office and join the rest of the world in recognizing World Autism Awareness Day. For more information contact the Bermuda Autism Support and Education Society at 534-4376 or via email at

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  1. I am quite surprised that there are no comments on this article! Let me be the first then to say thank you. As the mother of an autistic child its good to see that somebody is thinking about these children and trying to bring awareness about autism to the masses. OBA please can we see the implimentation of special services in schools and preschools next? Look to New Jersey for insight as to what services and support can be given. Just a suggestion as they have the highest autism rate in the United States and have excellent services for these special children. Most people hear the word autism and dont fully understand what it is exactly. These children are not retarded, in fact they are incredibly intellegent and without the proper guidance will never reach their full potential. There are many people who have made incredible contributions to this world who function on the autism scale, Mark Zuckerberg the founder of facebook is one, the man that invented many of Milton Bradley’s electronic games such as Operation electronic Monopoly is another. Its amazing what these individuals can do. My son for example is 4 years old He cannot construct a sentence very well but he can navigate a computer or IPad like a pro! We don’t even know how he knows what he knows really, he just does. Its as if he’s been here before. So thanks again! I am looking forward to seeing what new services and support will be offered both within the school system and outside school to these precious children and their parents.