Slideshow: Vehicle Lands On Side After Collision

April 24, 2013

[Updated] Earlier this evening [Apr 24] a collision occurred which resulted in the vehicle landing on its side on North Shore Road, by the round-a-bout by Barkers Hill. The collision also appeared to have involved a utility pole, resulting in the pole ending up landing on top of the vehicle.

The police responded, and commuters slowed down as they passed the scene. Further details are limited at this time, however we will update with additional information as able.

Update Apr 25, 11.01am: The police statement confirms that no one was injured, it follows in full below.

Around 6:15pm on Wednesday, April 24th police officers attended a reported single vehicle damage only collision on North Shore Road in Devonshire near the junction with Barkers Hill.

It appears that a jeep was being driven along North Shore Road when it collided with the curb and overturned. As a result the vehicle and a nearby utility pole were damaged; however there were no reported injuries.

BELCO personnel subsequently attended the scene and removed the damaged utility pole.

Inquiries into this collision are ongoing and any witnesses are encouraged to contact PC Sean Simons on 295-0011.

- Photos by Kenneth Byron

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  1. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    at the required speed limit in Bermuda there is NO way this should happen!

    • Pickup says:

      I don’t know what happened here, but I have had a dog chasing a cat run thru the trees and out in front of me causing me to swerve and hit a wall. Sometimes and accident, is just an accident. Cars can be replaced Glad to see that all appear to be okay.

    • andre says:

      You are wrong!

  2. Wtf says:

    Wow they manage to hit the only pole on that round-a-bout.

  3. Watching says:

    Ah, bernews, you need to do a better job of covering number. I can make it out.

    I hope everyone is ok

  4. Triangle Drifter says:

    If this were not so sad for a place where the speed limit is supposedly 20mph it would be extremely funny. Bermudians just can’t drive.

    This morning I left Amarillo, TX. 4 hours driving later arrived in a little town in northeast NM. Not once in all of that time did I see any dangerous driving or excessive speed. Only saw a couple cops along the way so it is not like people need to be afraid of being caught.

    Not in Bermuda. You can’t drive half a mile & not have somebody tailgating, pulling out from a side road without looking, speeding etc.etc. all on a little rock 20 miles long. Crazy.

    • interesting says:

      Hey Triangle Drifter, was only a week ago you posted this:

      “My my, there sure are alot of perfect people who never make mistakes on this thread! Plenty who have no clue of the challenges of night boating too.”

      Surely motorists are just as imperfect as boaters?

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        You miss the point completely. In Bermuda the speed is low, road conditions are good, crashes are caused by driver stupidity, distraction, & error. How far can you drive in Bermuda without seeing somebody doing something dumb?

        It is possible to be crash free in Bermuda. 40 years, a lifetime of jobs involving driving, no crashes, no insurance claims.

    • more noticeable says:

      I think it may, in part, be a matter seeing it more often because, being a small island, there is a strong chance you see the same bad driver/rider multiple times in a period of say a month. Additionally, the fact that the island is so small you would drive see the majority of the islands drivers in a short period of time dues to the piopulation and small scale of the island. Additionally, due to less junctions being on a highway and being mostly straight with multiple lanes if people are going to overtake it is in a lane without oncoming traffic.

      However, I do agree that Bermuda does have, probably, an above average portion of bad drivers. Although, I too, could be mistaken due to the facts in the first paragrapgh possibly exaggerating the number.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      How do you know it was a bermudian that was driving you prejudice dingbat. Last year there was a news report about Texas having a road fatality daily so you need to get off your high horse partner.

  5. Pickup says:

    If people drive so well in Amarillo, where did these stats come from:

  6. Funny says:

    If you knew who was in the car, you’d understand….

  7. Terri says:

    Firstly, I hope noone was seriously injured. Secondly, don’t be so quick to judge. The driver may have succumed to a medical emergency (seizure, heart attack, stroke) which resulted in this accident. Um jus sayin.

  8. Eyes Wide Open says:

    Great pics…

  9. Elizabeth Von Trumparani says:

    I drive by here everyday – sometimes twice – never managed to hit a pole or tree – nuthin! A completely clear area with no interrupted view in any direction. You’d have to really try to crash here.

  10. Family Man says:

    Before you all rush to judgement – there’s always two sides. I’m sure it was the utility pole’s fault, not the driver. That utility pole was probably drunk. I’ve seen that pole hanging around that area at all hours of the night, lit up like Rudolph too! Someone should do something about those poles before people get hurt.

  11. Cleancut says:


    • john says:

      Yes! That’s what it is!

      • David says:

        Not a SUV, it is a SUV wannabe. Also look at the rear tyres, tread runs one way on top tyre and the opposite on the bottom tyre???? And with 4 X 4′s ALL tyres should be the same in diameter and tread thickness.

  12. Um Um Like says:

    I hope the pole is OK and makes a full recovery.

    Poor Dr. Pepper wasn’t wearing a seat belt. Tsk tsk

  13. filobedo21 says:

    @Terri.. Yeah Right!! But it was a wet road, and one is supposed to temper ones driving accordingly. Very happy no one was seriously hurt! i

  14. $hits&Giggles says:

    This is the third jeep to flip in a year. Something about these cars. Taking a corner to sharp or whatever. Hope the driver is ok.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      These types of vehicles are poorly designed. Like poster David says, “Not a SUV, it is a SUV wannabe.” They are not stable & anyone driving one needs to take extra caution making turns with them.

  15. Sweet Brown says:

    So i went to the store to get me a cold pop, and i was a driving & i said oh lord jesus its a round-a-bout. so i swerved for my life i didn’t use no brakes or nothing jesus. than i looked up, there’s a pole. Aint nobody got time for that!

    • Jury says:

      LMAO @Sweet Brown because I definitely ‘Aint got time for dat” LOL LOL.

    • Cookieman007 says:

      Sweet Brown, I was practically on the floor..LOL….I’m done!!!


    The jeeps do not help the situation…they DO have a history of a certain brand flipping (Swift? can’t remember). Add a curb, wet roads and likely a bit too much speed = accident.

    I have nudged a curb before and am thankful I have a low centre of gravity car.

    There is very little room for error in Bermuda. Canada and the States have wider roads, bigger curbs and many things that prevent these types of issues.

    Put some speed bumps down before or on the round a bout – please before this hill kills someone ..else.


    hill/round a bout…pardon.

  18. Triangle Drifter says:

    To all those who are looking for an excuse to justify this particular crash, yes MAYBE so. A heart attack or similar is understandable of course. The thing is, such reasons for crashes are rare. The reason for the crash, & it is a crash not an accident, more often than not are completely the responsibility of the driver.

    Tommy Chong, no need to reduce yourself to name calling. I used to think better of you. No doubt there is a fatality daily in Texas. It is a huge state. Speed limits outside of towns on secondary roads are 70mph, some sections of interstate it has been upped to 80mph, millions of miles are driven everyday, yes, there are idiots on the highway there too busily texting away at 70mph. Your point is???

    • Tommy Chong says:

      My point is towards your comment, “Bermudians just can’t drive.” then stating “Not once in all of that time did I see any dangerous driving or excessive speed.” alluding that you think American drivers are safer drivers than Bermudians. At least now you are admitting, “yes, there are idiots on the highway there too busily texting away at 70mph.” There’s no way you can prove this true unless stats were given that have the amount of accidents on island that involved Bermudians compared to non-Bermudians. I can’t state that any nationality drives better than another without my statement being a fallacy & neither can you. Secondly you are comparing different driving environments where most narrow roads are wider than the widest roads in Bermuda. I’m not trying to justify the accident in this article as it’s most likely the result of poor driving but it doesn’t prove that it was a Bermudian driver or that ALL Bermudians are poor drivers.

      My name calling is a result of reading some of your other recent post on other topics where you generalize Bermudians & my weariness of reading this. I try not to name call unless directly insulted but I take generalizing of Bermudians as not only taking a shot at me but also my family & friends that are Bermudian as well.

  19. Big Picture says:

    Why are there so many accidents at/near Barkers Hill?

  20. The Ombudsman makes a statement and says:

    There needs to be a commission structured to deal with these poles and walls attacking people..night time and in broad daylight this is getting out of hand

  21. Fix It says:

    Could it be oil rising to the surface when it rains? I think government should put that rough surface red stuff (sorry not sure what the proper name is for it)that is at a lot of cross walks around that whole round about. Spread it on to each road and hill about 12 feet before the round about. That shuld make the area a lot safer. The same stuff could be put in a lot of other known dangerous/frequent accident spots as well.

  22. bang bang says:

    Dont worry i didt drop my spliff. Last time I look away to ash