Video: KeyTech & North Rock Expand On Merger

April 29, 2013

North Rock CEO Vicki Coelho and KeyTech CEO Lloyd Fray held a press conference this morning [Apr 29] to expand on the amalgamation of the two internet providers, which has now taken place.

Last week Logic and North Rock announced they agreed to amalgamate, and said the new entity will be a wholly owned subsidiary of KeyTech. KeyTech is the parent company of the Bermuda Telephone Company, Logic Communications, WestTel and Bermuda Yellow Pages. Quo Vadis, CellOne and Bermuda Cablevision are KeyTech affiliates.

North Rock CEO Vicki Coelho and KeyTech CEO Lloyd Fray:

Logic Northrock, Bermuda April 29 2013-1

There will be no service disruptions to any customers and the combined entity will honor existing agreements, service plans, and pricing. Vicki Coelho, CEO of North Rock Communications, will assume the role of CEO of the amalgamated Logic Communications Ltd.

Ms Coelho said, “We really see the value in bringing them together because obviously there is a lot of duplication in what we do. We believe that to effectively compete as a Bermudian company against the many other other ISPs that are internationally owned, that it would be beneficial to the market.”

“There are obviously economies of scale, and by having a larger entity we believe that it will be much better success.”

When asked about staff employment, Ms Coelho said, “Today staff has remained constant, we will be reviewing where there may be opportunities for better synergistic relationships, but at this point there are no redundancies.”

Mr Fray said, “From the carriers standpoint there is a cost to doing business. And to meet the demand and to continue with the quality of service we have to invest and reinvest.

“So that is where the synergies that we talk about, where you see companies coming together is to improve on their investments to enhance those services for customers.”

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Comments (14)

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  1. frank says:

    why do they always lie you know dam well some staff are going to be made redundant and how come vickie is in charge also i hope this means a higher dividan on the keytech shares

  2. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    quote:There will be no service disruptions to any customers

    pack of lies!…North Rock has been on and off all last week and service is still not 100%

    • GoodIdea BadIdea says:

      No all the disruptions were BEFORE the amalgamation announcement. Had a better part of 3 days with on and off internet service. And “customer service” does not mean a recorded message that gives no updates whatsoever over the course of a week. Even a daily message saying that we’re still working on it and an acknowledgement of the situation would have been better.

    • Loquatz says:

      Those are de normal service disruptions – there will be no NEW service disruptions :)

  3. Micro says:

    Good, now expand the infrastructure and bring better service and a lower prices.

  4. Really says:

    So the new license thing is opening the door for Bermuda to have upwards of 20 ISPs?? Guess they figured merging now before the technical tsunami hits in terms of consumer choice. Besides. Isn’t Vicky on the Telecommunications Board with Fray? They make the laws and know what is going on long before Joe Public. Looking forward to rate decreases and better choice.

    • Loquatz says:

      Umm “rate decreases and better choice”. Doubt you’ll get the lower prices – you may get better speeds and product selection.

      • says:

        If they offer you a bundled service (access & ISP) then yes you will pay a lower price.

        • Moojun says:

          Not necessarily. Northrock has always offered a bundled service (access via their wireless antennas and ISP service), but, unsurprisingly, it was priced at exactly the same price point as using two unrelated parties (Cablevision/BTC for access and Northrock for ISP).

          • M3k3 says:

            But that predates the new licenses which will increase competition.

  5. umm says:

    OH BOY redundancies are in the air, keytech is famous for outsourcing staff. i would like to see what happens now, best wishes to both companies staff but some of you better start job hunting due to the drastic wage differences between the companies employees.

    • vatta says:

      That’s not entirely true re outsourcing – KeyTech’s BTC is still an important union employer. Logic did well to pick up Vicki – let’s hope it’s Logic by name but NR by behaviour.

  6. outkasted says:

    Bring ON LINK BERMUDA Wooo Hooo! I’ve been waiting on baited breath. Our ISP’s etc. I lost my patience loooooong time ago. I watched myself pay for 56k service to 4MB over the course of 15+years. Do you have any idea how minuscule of a jump in band width that is! Not only that but you never even got close to the speed you were paying for except late at night say like 2am in the Fr*ggin’ morning. Better times ahead I hope.

    -outkasted and holding true

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      So true, not to mention the fact that on any given day you’ll have at least one disconnection of service or your service drops to a crawl for hours on end.