Tyler Butterfield To Return Home For May 24th

May 7, 2013

may 24 race 2010 tylerBermuda’s Tyler Butterfield will be returning home for the May 24th race, where the popular athlete is expected to be among the top challengers.

The two-time Olympian is based in Colorado, however travels the world competing in elite level triathlons. In recent months he has competed in Australia, Abu Dhabi, and California.

Mr Butterfield said, “I’m really excited to run in May 24th this year! Last year I was so busy chasing qualifying points around the world for the Olympics it wasn’t feasible.

“Tokio Millennium Re has been supporting me for several years now through ups and downs, changing distances, changing goals- so I’m very grateful of that. It’s a rare opportunity to be able to represent Tokio in a home race.

“Of course I’m looking forward to seeing my family and friends while we’re there too and May 24th is a great day for Bermuda and it is nice to be a part of.”

The always popular half marathon attracts hundreds of runners, and thousands of people line to streets to cheer them on.

There was a flurry of controversy surrounding the race last month, after the organisers said that the event’s official name will change from “Bermuda Half Marathon Derby” to “Appleby Half Marathon Derby” to reflect Appleby’s longstanding support as title sponsor.

The decision sparked controversy, with many expressing disagreement with the name change, causing the Organizing Committee to say they “heard the community and appreciates the passion” surrounding the issue and have agreed to alter the title to read “Appleby Bermuda Half Marathon Derby.”

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