25 Year Old In ICU After Devonshire Shooting

August 23, 2013

[Updated] Today continues to be marred with violence, with the police confirming that a 25-year-old Devonshire man was injured tonight [Aug 23] in a shooting at a residence on Alexandra Road in Devonshire at approximately 9.40pm.


Police Chief Inspector Calvin Smith said, “This evening police responded to a shooting that took place at a residence on Alexandra Road in Devonshire at around 9.40pm. Details are still unfolding but a 25-year-old Devonshire man was shot and is presently being treated at King Edward Memorial Hospital.

“Police are appealing for witnesses or anyone who may have seen someone acting suspiciously in the Alexandra Road area around 9.30 to 9.40pm to please contact police on 295-0011 or the confidential Crime Stoppers hotline at 800-8477.”

Update: Chief Inspector Smith said that police believe a motorcycle may have been used in the incident and when questioned if this shooting may have had something to do with today’s fatal stabbing Mr Smith said, “we’re not ruling out anything but it’s too early to say at this time”.

Update 9.15am: The 25 year old man is presently in the ICU of KEMH listed in stable condition. Unofficial reports strongly indicate that the victim is not a gang member.

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  1. S Smith says:

    WTF is going on?

    “Relative calm” is over

    • Crime doesn't pay says:

      Took the flippin words right out my mouth!

      • Pitbull says:

        Need to go read a book or do something productive!!!

        • Just One says:

          So sad, this violence in this age group, 20-39, I feel for them, and their family and friends. I’m looking forward to helping make Bermuda a better place for their children, and my children, and everyone’s children, so we see less and less of this type of extremely sad news in the future…

  2. Shooks says:

    I pray that my dearest friend will be ok!

  3. Emma says:

    Unbelievable …… Speechless ….

  4. gcoc says:

    Praying hard for you.

  5. smh! says:

    Makes you wonder if it’s in some way connected to this mornings fatal stabbing.

    • peace n love says:

      They are not connected. The young man that was stabbed was…. Mercy. My heart goes out to both families..

  6. observer says:

    A certain crew are back on the streets and the sh*t get stirred again

    • inna says:

      well why dont you let someone know who this “certain crew” is? it might just benefit us all!

      • They know says:

        The police know who these guys are. They release people from prison and then the crap hits the fan again…clearly it has to be obvious to them but they still need evidence not word of mouth from ppl who are assuming who they are.

    • Plato says:

      This is the correct observation, all the other theory’s economy, lack of god lol, bad parenting, are inaccurate it only takes a few prolific shooters to cause all the mayhem we have been seeing over the past few weeks.

  7. Rasool says:

    Hope you pull through this. Hope God brings healing.

  8. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    These scumbags need to be executed!

    • peace n love says:

      Cat n 9 tail need to be bring back to corporal punishment. Flug their a@@ in public.

      • Estlyn Harvey says:

        Peace & love I agree Flug them down @ the new flag pole

        • What? says:

          I wouldn’t even waste my time to go and watch criminals get beat. The life sentence in bermuda needs to change from 25 yrs to LIFE. Simple! Let these a$$holes be examples to the other c#nts that feel its ok to take a life or put a life in great danger in this case.

          • DC says:

            It IS LIFE!!!!!!! To the day they die!!!! The only release date one can look forward to is parole!!! And that’s.not a guarantee! Even if parole is granted lifers are still the “property” of the courts. They mess up, they go back!! And that is truly for the rest of their life!!! So, Life IS life!!!

            • DC says:

              It hasn’t been 25 years for a long time!!! So get that number out of your head!! It doesn’t exist any more!! Life IS LIFE!!!! They can ONLY look to the POSSIBILITY of parole!! Check the law & you will see that the law has changed!!!!

  9. Dave says:

    Pull through Mate..

  10. Truth Seeker says:

    We need to bring in a tough as nail Commissioner to combat crime. The current one we have isn’t and wasn’t cut out for such a job.

  11. Seriously Heartbroken says:

    Please think before you weigh in on this subject as some of the readers of your comments are family members of those fighting for their lives or the recently deceased. I am afraid for the young men, children and babies in this country…No one seems safe.

  12. Killuminati says:

    Blame Shela Cooper!!! Nobody is able to correct their kids anymore or it’s considered child abuse.

    Also, the economy is ridiculous.. Everything is so expensive.. A box of cereal is 7 bucks now.. Obese?? aint nobody got money for that!! All people do is work! Some people have to work two and three jobs, so its no time with their kids. The streets and the media raise their kids.

    The government can stop this, but as with PLP and now OBA.. they respond with silence and do nothing. Evertytime someone gets shot, IT’S JUST ANOTHER STORY! We all voice our opinions on bernews, which only becomes a cyber boxing match. Only the people of Bermuda.. That’s it. No MPs etc. No action or conclusion gets talked about. (50 bucks says they be reading these comments while sipping on that 40 dollar cup of earl grey tea).

    The system was built to fail us. I’m convinced.
    They can be proactive when they want to be though.
    Everyone remembers the old entrance for ice queen. It took 2 tourist to die before they swapped entrance with exit. BOOM !!! Problem solved!! Why can’t they do the same with the shooting??

    When vigilantes start popping up, they’ll want to persecute them?? Enough is enough. But when they say its enough…I suppose.

    The OBA is a money magnet “alliance”, if they want to keep the cash and tourist rolling… They better act soon.

    Signed: A 26yr old citizen of Bermuda

    • Gypsy Mama says:

      Well presented, articulated, and well received.

      Signed: A 27-year old citizen of Bermuda

    • Why says:

      Killuminati, Sheila Cooper has done alot of good for alot of children, moms and dads. I will not sit here and judge you for the words you spoke above about Ms Cooper or anyone else above because only you are the person to reflect on those words, but I do send blessings to you that you not send curses out to people. Realize these curses come back and you dont want that at all. I know you dont. I don’t know Ms Cooper personally, but we are all responsible for what’s going on. We have choices to help and serve unconditionally , to love, to discipline, to pray, to help someone in need. We have chosen and that’s why these things are happening because of choices. We have created what has happened and we will create the things the resources the discipline and love so these things don’t happen like they are. Lets teach our children to pray to meditate to love but first we have to do it ourselves. Lets teach our children to forgive to speak respectfully to each other to help a person in need but first we have to do it ourselves. We can’t blame others for what’s going on, we have to look within each one of us , change , make a decision to love then move forward. This involves each one. Now go in peace , and I pray that if you have children or when you decide to have children or not to have children that you love yourself so much first, then love those that the spirit have bought into this world. I have children and I’m thankful everyday for them. Each one must love themselves not in vanity and ego , forgive ourselves , then we can love and forgive. May each one on this blog find peace within themselves, and pass peace on..

      • BermudaDaybook says:

        Peace and blessings and love to you too. Your words are so powerful….”let’s teach our children to pray, to meditate and to love…” So Bermuda – if we can….take this writer’s advice and just for today, let us go inward and reflect and think about our own words and behavior.

      • Mayan says:

        @Why: WTF are you talking about with the voodoo curses coming back mumbo jumbo??? First of all, the poster didn’t say anything bad that could be considered a ‘curse.’ He didn’t wish any ill will on Ms. Cooper. Second of all, even if you believe in ‘curses’ since when do words turn into ‘curses’ against people that easily? Don’t you have to bathe in goat’s blood under a full moon with a lock of your enemy’s public hair while waving chicken bones (or something like that) for it to take effect? If it was that easy to inflict ‘curses’ on people, most of us would be dead or in a bad way-politicians would be at the top of the list! If you want to defend Ms. Cooper fine, but cut out the superstitious bullcaca.

    • dontjudgemeclarke says:

      well said i cant disagree with that

      signed: A28-year old citizen of Bermuda

  13. Bermuda is so much less says:

    the only thing “so much more” about Bermuda is the crime rate. “FEEL THE LOVE” people… hope the young man pulls through and has a quick recovery! “ONE LOVE” – Bob Marley

    • Impressive says:

      oh man,, please stop.. the violence is terrible and needs to be stopped, but dont try to portray the picture that this only happens in bermuda.. please stop

      • LetsBeReal says:

        You’re right… It doesn’t only happen in Bermuda… This kind of the thing happens all over the world, the only difference is us as an island (those born here, or foreigners) should be a lot closer than what we are… This place is too small for these types of crimes to be taking place… It wasn’t always like this so clearly it doesn’t have to be this way…

  14. Why says:

    Our prime purpose in life is to help others ….but certainly if we’ve not done that at the very least we should not hurt them. Dali Lama

  15. Eye Opener says:

    I agree with many of your points. While there is never an excuse for violence, the economy plays a huge factor. Bermuda isn’t for Bermudians, many people have a sense of hopelessness when they look into their future. Yet where is there to go? It’s like too many fish in a tiny little bowl with not enough food to go around. So what happens? We all turn on each other. The wealthy don’t care as long as they aren’t targeted and it stays out of their neighborhoods. Stabbings and shootings Rambling Lane, Glebe Road, St Monica’s is just a another story to them. Let it happen Fairylands or Tucker’s Town or near their kid’ school districts or their clubs and watch how fast they fly in Scotland Yard or the freakin British Military.

  16. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Seems to me that the friends and family of these boys are deaf and mute as well…not just the Government of the day or the Police Commisioner! If my son or daughter was “doin’ a pack” I would cut their ass to hell and back. Wake the hell up people… you’ve been sleepin’ TOO LONG!! Enough was enough after the FIRST SHOOTING!!!!

    • Toodle-oo says:

      b, bu, but , Killuminati says that ‘Shela’ Cooper wont let you do that anymore !

      • Truth is killin' me... says:

        She lives in a bubble!

      • What? says:

        And when was the last time mrs. cooper put food in your childs mouth or clothes on their back? Sheighla Cooper is not raising our kids. I’m so sick of people using what she said as an excuse for everything. Kids needs to be taught from the time they can comprehend! There are consequences to every action. Getting ‘licks’ didnt do me or anyone I know harm. Keep listening to damn sheighla.

    • fed up says:

      I’m with you, a good cut tail and make hem pick the oleander stick you are going to use, and no its not child abuse it’s strict discipline, which is surely lacking in our society. Too many parents are scared to death of their kids, well send them to me I’ll sort them out.

  17. Waffle says:

    Not every officer has a gun to approach these scenes of crime where a weapon has possibly been used so they have to approach it with caution if they get shot what will happen after that? And also about these road stops by police checking for whatever there is a need to check for , what if there is a car that comes and the person is a known suspect of illegal arms and they take off would you honestly think or expect the police person woman/man to go after them and they have no protection but a vest and whatever else they might have, if these people are shooting like this do you really think they would hesitate to shoot an officer if they could get away with it , every officer is risking their lives every time they attend a scene oh and yes I know it’s their job discription but they need help from the public when requested please people if we know anything tell someone, I’ve also heard some people say its politics this is what they want all they black men to shoot each other to kill the black race I personally don’t know I just pray that it will stop before a stray bullet hits someone’s child if you think it’s too many shootings now if that happens I can only imagine.

  18. Seen it All says:

    Bermuda, sadly, has a lost generation who are determined to wreck havoc on society. I pray for this beautiful place I call home.

    • Wisdom says:

      Bermuda thrives off of power. What I mean by this is persons/individuals find themselves in a great paying position, but don’t know how they got there. It is up to those persons/individuals to stop lying to themselves and assist OUR HOME. TCD is a perfect example.

    • Tiger Lily says:

      Society declared them a lost generation when it named them the X-Gens. Some have been lost through bad parental relationships, no external/extended family assistance, household incomes that never qualifies them to rise above the madness especially if they living in the hot spots. Employers are failing them by using them like pic up sticks and not guiding them for productivity. Instead, they prefer to keep the elderly who should retire and make a way. Many Bermudians are dissing their own people and are regurgitating the propaganda diseminated by employers and others that “Bermudians are lazy”, “they don’t come to work on time” blah blah blah…just to keep their foreign workers packing shelves, sweeping floors, cleaning windows, making salads and buffet foods, and more for less than what they will pay a Bermudian. Landlords have kept rents so high that this generation can’t even become more responsible if they do have a job. And what, many are living in houses with the rest of their family in places smaller than the size of other’s bedroom/closet/toilet combined. The Ministry of Education has also contributed to the problem by not preparing our children for 21 century economics and business ownership. Our systems here still perpetuate a slave mentality with a dominance on let me catch you doing something wrong before coaching you to develop into a more meaningful direction. We have failed our society in that we have so sought after the world’s dollars pounds and cultures, we lack a real identity of our own. We hide and sweep under the carpet what we don’t want our investors to know yet murders, violence, alternative lifestyles don’t keep the wealth builders out. We needs some balls (beauty & brains) to really get us back on track – for the right reasons – to save this generation that society has Xd out. Bermuda – where is our road map (Quo fata ferunt)!!!

  19. easyrider says:

    The law should require that all suspected gang members, sex perverts and r violent offenders wear a tracking braclet for a period after release. Seems simple enough. Might even help.

  20. abc says:

    sad thing is gov. 125 mil morgan point

    f…. take 25 mil and get cleansweep litterlly clean out de losers

    no nonsense approach they wanna be tough get de reall bobbys here

    • Wisdom says:

      Morgans point ok how it is now. Needs to be left alone at this point in time. Look at what happen to a human being when work started. “The TRUTH is, only a few will make tons of money, and many more Bermudians will hurt”. This has nothing to do with government. It is all pressure from laziness. “Expect respect, you’ve done nothing”. “Respect, you’ve earned something”.

  21. Killuminati says:


    Don’t make me out to be a non believer.

    Please Refer to Proverbs 13-24.

    “Spare the rod and SPOIL the …..(wait for it)…..CHILD…..”
    Now, who cursed who? Have a seat and listen:

    I never ever “cursed” Shelia Cooper. I’m sure she has done alot of good things for kids and parents. I just pinpointed that ONE bad decision she made..I just stated facts, she took away correction. I’m sure she is a wonderful person! I’m just saying the people in power make the laws, which in turn affects the citizens.

    As far as the rest of your passage,I think it’s nice and all, but you missed the point. If you were a public figure …you would definitely get my vote for the 2013 humanitarian award!

    Wait a minute, I take that back. You’re blaming the people “us” as the reason for violence?? Saying we all have a choice to help etc. Please correct me if my wrong, but people have a choice to do good or bad. There’s no way you can sit there and say because of the people.

    If I come and rob your house are you going to blame the person 2 parishes over for my crime? And say its because they didn’t give me a hug yesterday?

    Also you speak of, teach our children this and that…all good stuff. I agree. But kids need discipline too.. to keep them on the right track..and become civilized people.
    Full stop.

    I can go on and on but it’s pointless.

    Signed : A 26yr old citizen of Bermuda.

    • sage says:

      Shiela Cooper never stopped anyone from correcting a child,what she did was try to stop child abuse with parents who think a beating is the answer to every situation.I can guarantee a large percentage of the perpetrators of violence were beaten like rented mules as children making them more callous and heartless.Can people stop perpetrating this myth since it is still lawful to administer corporal punishment within reason.

    • blessings says:

      Maybe if Sheila Cooper was still out there a lot of abuse would stop too I bet. Maybe matters should be reported to her so she can inform the media of who is not doing their job. She can help a child. Actually this islands needs more Sheila Coopers.
      She won’t wait for something that could’ve been avoided then make a report. She’d jump on it right away. How many people see or hear abuse in the house you rent and don’t report it, start from the parish that has the highest number of inmates at westgate.
      Seriously look at each hard core guys record on abuse, unreported abuse, parent negligence and so forth.
      In fact meet with a prisoner and listen to their story or meet with a so called problem child and hear them.

  22. only in Bermuda says:

    This is all sad and senseless. Praying for you neighbor.

  23. randy pitcher says:

    Just last night in Toronto, two more black youth shot dead – 15 & 17. There was more black on black killings last week, and the week before. We have a serious problem here in Toronto and Bermuda. Actually a similar pattern plays out weekly in many US Cities! I don’t hear any uproar or indignation… Truth is that there are often witnesses to these senseless killings, however, seldom, very seldom does one come forward; so the killings will continue and who is next, your brother, cousin or father? We have lost our way!!!

    • Gente Pesada. says:

      Randy Pitcher, The population of Toronto is 2 mill+,the GTA is 5 mill+.Bermuda is 50 thousand+. How does organize crime from all over the world based in Toronto compare to Bermuda.

      • mixitup says:

        Maybe you shld look at Cayman’s crime stats or Antigua or St.Kitts….you will see clearly that this issue is not unique to Bermuda. When we allowed our children to be brainwashed by the TV in the late 90′s was the begining, just wait until this next group (the reality TV) group comes of age. Lord Help us all.

        • Terry says:

          Spot on Mixitup.

        • Sandy Bottom says:

          Doesn’t really explain why some kids are more willing to copy what they see on tv than others.

          The problem is unmarried children having children, and then not bringing them up properly.

  24. BermyRhymes says:

    I am so tired of people placing the blame on the economy and Sheila Cooper!
    We all know what the problem is..stop having kids that you cannot afford to raise or educate! Stop having kids for loser men who do not and will not contribute to a healthy upbringing of your male children. These situations will always be a problem within the community as long as women continue to allow themselves to be ‘receptacles’ for sperm donor men!
    Get a grip people get your morals and priorities in order and then hopefully your lives will turn around and become better for you and your children!

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      So true, but that would mean that they would have be accountable to themselves & children. It is so much easier to spout off that “Village to raise a child” blah blah or blame some faceless group for what you have failed to do.

      It takes 2 parents to raise a child. It takes responsible people to have children.

      Too bad females don’t have to take a means test before being allowed to become pregnant & the males…..well….I don’t know what to do about the irresponsible but it might involve a sharp cutting instrument.

  25. Tiger Lily says:

    Our sitaution is even more pressing than talk. What about all the youth left behind who had a relative killed by violent circumstances. Did it ever occur that when they are around the talk or news of another stabbing or murder or traffic accident that psychologically they are going through a repeat of circumstance? Some even read the senseless comments posted on sites as this and become irrational.
    We can’t wait until they are teens or young adults to put support systems in place for them. I saw a picture once of a gun shot victim’s child. He stood cold faced with the finger symbol. A relative told me that every day the child was saying he was going to kill whoever killed his daddy. It has been a few years. I wonder what issues that child presents now…

  26. Concerned Citizen says:

    Not one damn person on here has made this political, and blamed the OBA, yet on another story from the area MP, who shares similar thoughts to those above, Roban and the PLP are being attacked. I hope readers take note of the mentality of persons on these blogs.

    • Wisdom says:

      @concerned citizen, what in your world are you writing about. Please explain.

  27. plaza says:

    Black’s are like they are simply cause a group of folks decided on a plan along time ago to run the world and the 80% that they want illuminated from earth ! ya like all of us here commenting on this patty stuff are all sheeple and until u realize it ! we’re doomed ! get revised on the real plan here ..

  28. cousin says:

    Sad situation, it boils down to a generational curse of failure and being less than, just something passed down from generation to generation. Some mannage to break free of it others stay intwined in it. Education is the key along with revamping values.

  29. cousin says:

    Sorry for the poor spelling above just found glasses. :)