Digicel Black Friday Discounts Start At 9pm

November 28, 2013

Digicel will be offering locals deep discounts in honour of the annual Black Friday shopping craze, providing access to smartphones at drastically reduced prices. The company got in on the act earlier this week with “pre Black Friday” sales which saw locals camping outside the store to grab the bargain prices.

Taking place starting at 9pm this evening [Nov 28] until Friday at 6.00pm, the Digicel sale will take place at the store’s Church Street location, with the Nokia N100 also available at Digicel’s Court Street store. During the event, discounts will include BlackBerry Z10 for $229, Samsung Galaxy S4 for $299, iPhone 5C for $329 and much more.


While planned to continue through 6.00pm on Friday [Nov 29], the sale will only last as long as Digicel’s stock does.

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  1. swing voter says:

    LOL no thanks….I’ll buy mine online. So much for buy Bermuda but that company’s image is borderline narcissistic IMHO

  2. Smh says:

    $629 for the iphone 5s when it is $689 unlocked and contract free in US?

    DO BETTER DIGICEL! You could have took the price down some more. Damn rip offs.

    • Umm.... says:

      Do you own a store that sells cellphones? Have you tried to purchase such devices (pay US sales tax), ship them, pay duty, and then sell for some form of profit as to be able to pay payroll tax, pension, health insurance, etc which all contribute to Bermuda’s economy? I’m all for saving money where you can, but people need to cut both cell phone companies some slack. They aren’t gouging and they employ more Bermudians than most of us who comment on Bernews.

      Not trying to tell anyone how to spend their money but we need to shop locally more. It’s one step to helping improve our economy.

      • Smh says:

        Digicel! They know that most people want the 5s hence why they have it priced so much higher than the US prices when the 5c is close to the same price as US. They know what they are doing!

        All I am saying is they could have dropped the price down a bit more for the occasion!