Bermuda Netball Results: Youth & Senior League

December 1, 2013

In the Netball Youth League yesterday Baby Bluebirds, Datatech Netts won the under 12 matches, in the under 15 matches Signworx Netts, Datatech Netts Greens and North Village Lady Rams all have recorded wins, and tn the Senior League matches WWC Pink Panthers and Robin Hood Tigers claimed victories.

Under 12

Baby Bluebirds 34 Signworx Netts Green 5

Zekiah Lewis scored 15 goals for the Baby Bluebirds in their 34 – 5 win over the Signworx Netts Green. Kessiah Jackson added 10 goals, while Sanzia Pearman scored 6 goals, Kiara Burcher scored twice, with Rakshana Sureshkumar and Nylah Saunders added a goal each. Asha Symons scored 3 goals for the Signworx Netts Green, while Amiah Butterfield added 2 goals.

Datatech Netts White 45 Warriors 5

Kamiilah Nasir scored 21 goals for the Datatech Netts White as they defeated the Warriors 45 – 5. Maya Saunders added 12 goals, with Selah Tuzo adding 7 goals and Cailey Longworth scored 5 times.

Under 15

Signworx Netts White 46 Cougars 6

The Signworx Netts White defeated the Cougars 46 – 6, Micah Pond led them to victory with 29 goals, while Inshanae Smith added 15 goals and Zakiyah Durham scored 2 goals. Kylah Hunt and Tanzania Thomas both scored 3 goals each for the Cougars.

Datatech Netts Greens 16 North Village Lady Rams Too 7

Teyah Lindo scored 10 goals to lead the Datatech Netts Greens to a 16 – 7 win over the North Village Lady Rams Too, Debre Evans added 4 goals and Kaylee Lema added 2 goals. Briamna Swainson scored all 7 goals for the North Village Lady Rams Too.

North Village Lady Rams 35 Bluebird Younguns 6

Nyanje Burgess scored 3 goals for the Bluebird Younguns, while Tamera Simmons, Krishay Tucker and Zekish Lewis all added a goal each.

Senior League

WWC Pink Panthers 54 Signworx Netts 54

A thrilling finish saw the WWC Pink Panthers and Signworx Netts play to a 54 – 54 draw. Debbie Deshields scored 31 goals for the WWC Pink Panthers, while Kirstin Saltus added 23 goals. Danielle Onyia scored 44 goals for the Signworx Netts, while Kimale Evans added 10 goals.

Robin Hood Tigers 50 Bluebirds Too 28

Jahtuere Trott led the Robin Hood Tigers to victory with 28 goals, while Jahkenya Trott added 18 goals and Lynnique Castle scored 4 goals. Keizhari Knight scored 11 goals for the Bluebirds Too, with Tyanna Hayward adding 10 goals and Shondenae Woods Bell scored 7 times.

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