Full Report: Ombudsman Brock’s “A Grave Error”

February 27, 2014

Ombudsman Arlene Brock’s full report — “A Grave Error” – is now available online, with the 60 page report covering the 2012 demolition of tombs at the Marsden Methodist Memorial Cemetery within the Tucker’s Point golf course.

Ms. Brock previously said, “The tombstones were demolished by an agreement of Marsden First United Church [institutional inheritors of the Cemetery], Rosewood Tucker’s Point and Dr. Edward Harris, Bermuda’s premier archaeologist.

“They based the decision on an utterly false assumption that the tombs were newly built in 1992. In fact, it was only the three inch deep lids of the graves that had been replaced.

“The evidence is quite clear – had the Department just scheduled a meeting or otherwise contacted Rosewood Tucker’s Point or Marsden First United Church, the tombs would never have been destroyed.”

The Department of Planning previously said it “takes issue with aspects” of the Ombudsman’s statement, saying that the “criticism levelled against the department is unwarranted.”

“Regarding the damaging actions undertaken by others, which resulted in the destruction of the tombstones, the Department of Planning and the Ministry had no role in that at all,” said a spokesperson.

“Unfortunately, the zonings of a development plan cannot prevent poor judgement and bad behaviour on the part of those determined upon a particular course of action.

“For the Ombudsman to suggest otherwise is incorrect and gives a mistaken impression to the public. The Department of Planning did not participate in, and does not condone, those actions undertaken by the third parties,” added the spokesperson.

The full 60-page “Grave Error” report is below [PDF here]

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  1. Scoalsy says:

    Is what happens when someone is put in charge when they DON’T know what they doing or what their job is.
    Just another person jumping to conclusions :(

    • Wrong is wrong says:

      Hard to believe the former Ombudsman didn’t follow up, she dropped the ball as well and Dr. Harris, TP and others.

      Now that she’s left, she’s trying to excuse herself? Nonsense,she needs to take responsibility for her role in this mess and not try to polish up her resume for another position, judgeship?

  2. Such a shame what happened to these people final resting place!!But yet has anyone come forward from the partys involved to fix the problem by going back there and fix the harm they have caused, or will they just sweep this under the carpet..

  3. swing voter says:

    After page 10 I will have a hard time reading this report knowing that indifference led to this travesty. The very organizations that should have protected our ancestors from further abuse where 100% negligent. Dr. Harris and TP gets a pass for obvious reasons. But the previous government and Marsden can never be excused…um pissed. And you have the nerve to call OBA sellouts? Shame on you

    • true clours says:

      Former Ombudsman – Black

      Minister Cleric – Black

      Minister MP – Black

      TP – White

      Harris – White

      sometimes we sell out our own to move up ahead and leave others behind.

  4. BETTTY TRUMP says:

    Thanks Bernews for posting this, very important to read in its full context.

    • Ganja mon says:

      Betty pump, it’s clearly the PLP fault this happened. You can put whatever spin on it you want!

  5. Honestly as a contractor myself I for one would not undertake destroying a gravesite period as code may or may not protect it through building code ,but may be protected as consecreated ground,by church .I always look at things like that…besides a priest has blessed that land and requuires a priest to sign off onnit.

  6. Progress outsude HoA says:

    In the planning departments defense, how could anyone expect this to happen – except for Ed Trip who knew exactly what he was doing.

  7. Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

    I have said it once, and I will say it again.

    For the year 2020, exactly one hundred years after the Government of Bermuda bought that land and sold it to its current owners, the Government of Bermuda needs to buy back the land back and make it a national park; in honour of its history and its significance to the Black community in particular and Bermuda in general. It is Bermuda’s history. They did what was not accomplished anywhere else in the world at that time.

    When the critics of Bermuda shout down that Blacks were never and can never be good administrators, owners of successful businesses and have its own self-sufficient community, Tucker’s Point proves them dead wrong. We not only accomplished that, but we did so in the height of both segregation and institutional racism.

    So my role models are those in the graves at Tucker’s Point (as they have left us such a rich and proud history) and it should be the focal point of why a national park in their honour is both befitting and their right to rest in peace in their homeland.

    London, England