Photos: Premier, Minister Tour EEZ Businesses

September 19, 2014

Earlier today [Sept. 19], the Premier and Minister of National Security, Michael Dunkley spent the morning visiting with some of the businesses in the North East Hamilton Economic Empowerment Zone [NEHEEZ].

The Premier was joined by the Minister of Home Affairs Michael Fahy, Senator Jeff Baron, the Executive Director of the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation [BEDC] Erica Smith and the Chair of the BEDC Nick Kempe.

Premier EEZ visit Sept 19 (6)

“The Premier’s visit is a follow on from, and similar to one he made earlier this summer to St. George’s. The aim of the visit was so that the Premier can engage with retailers in the area and hear first hand from them about how business is faring,” a spokesperson said.

Premier EEZ visit Sept 19 (7)

Some of the locations visited today included, Building Blocks Academy, Jamaican Grill, The Money Shop, the Spinning Wheel, Digicel and Emmanuel Baptist Church. Some of the highlights of today’s visit included the Building Blocks Academy students performing a special dance for the Premier, lunch at Jamaican Grill, a tour of the Spinning Wheel complex, and the Premier being formally introduced to Digicel’s new CEO.

Premier EEZ visit Sept 19 (1)

The Premier said, “Any time I have an opportunity to get out and speak to people directly, I take it. Today I felt it important to visit with a few of the retailers and residents in the EEZ and express the Government’s support for the area. From a business standpoint, it was good to hear about some of the initiatives that a few of them have planned in terms of expanding their goods and services.

Premier EEZ visit Sept 19 (2)

“While progress is being made, we are also very aware that these are still difficult times. And for the Government to provide the leadership that people expect, we must stay engaged with the people and listen directly to their concerns and suggestions,” added the Premier.

Premier EEZ visit Sept 19 (3)

Premier Dunkley continued, “The individuals I spoke to were very frank and candid with their sentiments, and I undertook to look into the issues raised to see where Government could assist.

Premier EEZ visit Sept 19 (4)

“I think it’s also important to point out that the BEDC, under the leadership of Ms. Erica Smith, has proven to be an invaluable resource to the retailers in the EEZ, in terms of providing technical advice, and granting loans or other forms of financial assistance to assist in establishing, carrying on or expanding businesses and entities within EEZ,” added the Premier.

Premier EEZ visit Sept 19 (5)

Premier Dunkley concluded, “The NEHEEZ is a thriving area, steeped in culture and heritage and this Government is keen to ensure that our entrepreneurs in this area are supported. And in keeping with the mandate of the BEDC, we believe that the maintenance of a strong and vibrant small business sector is critical for a successful economy in any country.

“This sector is a significant employer of Bermuda’s population and a primary driver of innovation and creativity in the provision of goods and services. Therefore for Bermuda to maintain its position as an innovative and successful business jurisdiction, it is vital for the Island’s economy for businesses in all of our EEZs to be supported and cultivated.”

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  1. Robert says:

    Frauds !!!

  2. Robert says:

    kemp go sit down wannabe !!

  3. Just a matter of time says:

    Interesting. The Premier looks like this is his first time seeing Jamaican food. Really? All of these men look quite uncomfortable and certainly out of their element. They just wish that this EEZ ‘thing’ would just go away and concentrate on what really matters to them..Front Street! Smh.

    • Robert says:

      So true, i saw them and they looked very shaky walking on ” de block” , and the people were not happy to see them at all. A few even cussed at them, telling them to go back down front street.

    • Bitters says:


  4. Trulytruly says:

    At least they understand business and they are listening to the concerns of business.

  5. Unbelievable says:

    Some of you lot think that Dunk doesn’t know anything about Court Street. You’re liven gin a fantasy land. he’s very aware of what Court Street represents and who are the residents. he’s no Johnny-Com-Lately.

  6. Just a matter of time says:

    ‘At least they understand business?’ Give me a break. Relatively easy to say when you’ve run a monopoly for decades and have access to capital and support that is so entrenched and intertwined with the oligarchy dating back centuries which is not quite on the same level playing field as many of these North Hamilton businesses now is it? At the end of the day it comes down to the revenue stream. Certain sectors of this society will never support the EEZ I don’t care how many photo ops are done by the Premier and his ‘team’. I would venture to say that the long standing businesses that have survived amidst the odds in North Hamilton can teach many a thing or to on how to pinch pennies and survive without the benefit of easy access to capital and the benefit of being intertwined with the oligarchy. However having this type of leg up will make their lives so much better.

  7. sswhite says:

    Dang if the new OBA doesn’t “look” like the old UBP…

  8. GOD1ST says:

    Santa Clause has come into town.

  9. bluebird says:

    WELL I can assure you that it sure don’t look like “HAITI”
    All of you AX-sperts should travel down there and give them a few tips,
    you know like how it should be done.
    Government does not create business only the conditions of which Business can survive and prosper.
    All we need is a SMALLER government,less TAXES to support this HUGE Government and a lot less regulations.
    Then people would have more disposable income to spend and support these and other Business.

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