Nandi Outerbridge ‘Sets The Record Straight’

February 17, 2014

Nandi DavisNandi Outerbridge has spoken out this evening [Feb 17] about the recorded conversation, saying that as she “did not feel any trust toward Mr. Bean” she decided to record their conversation for her own protection.

The St. George’s MP said that the Opposition Leader said “many disgusting and disturbing things” and also said that no one pressured her, she did not wear a “wire” and recorded the conversation on her cell phone.

Ms. Outerbridge said, “On Friday in the House of Assembly I was challenged by the Opposition Leader Mr. Marc Bean in regards to a conversation we had last year.

“The conversation took place at a time I was going through a personal family challenge. Mr. Bean had been contacting me frequently on the day of the conversation, via text messages, saying that we should have a conversation to discuss my ‘situation.’ It seemed he was not going to give up on speaking with me, so I decided to meet him.

“I must say that I did not feel any trust toward Mr. Bean and so decided, for my own protection, to record our conversation. I did so using my cell phone.

“During the conversation, which took place in the Opposition lounge outside the House of Assembly, Mr. Bean said many disgusting and disturbing things that, if heard, the people of Bermuda would see in a poor light. In addition, he said I would be attacked if I did not resign, as he could not control some of his other colleagues.

“I want to say I have no intention of releasing the tape because it was for my personal protection at that time and should have never been a topic of any other person’s conversations.

“On a final note, Mr. Bean said I was pressured to wear a ‘wire’ to record the conversation. No one pressured me and I did not wear a wire. He is just assuming that that was what happened. I hope this at least sets the record straight.”

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  1. Jus' Askin' says:

    First line is BS ;-)
    Why have the meeting in the first place ,if that was truly how you felt?

    • RJ says:

      Why not? He wouldn’t quit messaging her via text.

      • Jus' Askin' says:

        Get copies and time stamps on these texts

        • Baltic Fury says:

          Nandi, the whole point is you haven’t set the record straight.

          Releasing the tape sets the record straight.

          And if the Leader of the Opposition has said terrible things on tape, I’d like to know what they were.

          • We the People!! (1st) says:

            You’re right, releasing the tape sets the record straight and not some weak response.

            The PLP are saying release the tape, so release the tape.

          • Chingas says:

            Releasing the tapes would be wonderful fodder for the blogs, but would send our politics down a path of no return. Some of the behaviours and tactics on display on Friday were pretty bad, but if the tape is released then we will start seeing paparazzi style politcs that nobody half-decent would want to take part in.

            • Mazumbo says:

              O.B.A/ubp are a victim of their own cry TRANSPARENCY

              • Ginger Baker says:

                Mazumbo, ending every comment with lmfao suggests you are either a hopeless teenager or just hopeless. So now you know.

          • jt says:

            What does Mr. Bean do to set the record straight on his allegations regarding his conversation with the Premier?

            Nothing. Exactly the point.

            • Bermerican says:

              He says, “release the tape!”

              • jt says:

                Nothing to do with his allegations against the premier. As the accuser he is responsible for proving them – right? You have to hold Bean to the same standard you are holding Davis to, but you won’t.

      • a photog says:

        she could have told him no

        • Unearthed says:

          She has accomplished nothing besides bad publicity for the OBA. To record a conversation of an opposition leader is very disturbing. I wouldn’t be surprised if they make her give up her seat.

        • Bermerican says:

          Which she did, but called him back 45 mins later with a change of mind. Something not right…

      • T. says:

        Are text messages sufficient motive to distrust someone? If so, A logical person would not engage in one on one company let alone conversation with someone they do not trust.
        Unless of course ulterior motive played a role.

        The writing is on the wall. Once again Mrs.Messyboots has stirred the pot and conveniently cried wolf.

        BYE FELICIA!

        • People have been fired says:

          People have been fired over text messages.

          And others have been charged – harassment, stalking, …

      • young observer says:

        Nothing straight about this press release, all it does is bring about more questions.

        We all want the truth.

    • Bettty Trump says:


      This is an attempt by Mrs. Outerbridge to COVER up her mis-steps. If she did not feel that she could not trust Mr. Bean or any MPs, why meet with them in the first place? Mrs. Outerbridge needs to step down while hopefully she can retain some of her dignity.

      This is an extremely very weak reply in response to this serious situation and a fail attempt to get out of a messy situation.

      If Mrs. Outerbridge was honest, why not just release the tape? It is apparent that Mrs. Outerbridge is nothing more than one of the pieces on the CHESS board of the UBPoba to be moved at their whin.

      Mrs. Outerbridge like the Premier are both out of their league, and need to step down. Both lack political knowledge and skills. This situation puts her in a real bad light, and no press release will change that.,..all this before Mr. Bean faces the media this evening….REALLY Folks see her once again faced in the mixed of a scandal…. release the tape….

      • Bettty Trump says:

        Her statement is not accurate based upon what she is saying. I think my blind cousin can see that, it does not take a rocket scientist to see she is not being honest in this regard. Instead she is working hard to cover-up the reality of the situation.

        This Spin does not add up Mrs. Outerbridge. If you were so afraid or uncomfortable meeting Mr. Bean why meet? I think you are attempting to create a sense of Fair, to support your case. This fear is not true, if Mark was going to do anything to you, why would he meet in the HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY…REALLY. Not far from there are the other MPs that you could call out to with no problem. This story is more ridiculous than anything I ever heard…FAirly tale really Nandia… The consultant has fail in his reply he wrote for you. What kind personal protection where you attemping to provide for yourself accept to do what the UBPoba put you up to doing. REALLY

        At least Mr. Dunkley was honest about his recording…she might need to take a lesson from him. But the recording does speak to his real character that he hides from the public.

        I hope someday you would stand up a be REAL, and stop allowing folks to use you like a chess piece. It is really sad when a political party takes advantage of such a naive individual to serve a particular purpose. I sure your more intelligent than this, but right now I fail to see it.>. I am sorry your blind to what is really going on, or somehow your want to be blind.

        • Mad to be Bermudian right now says:

          The whole island needs to wake up…

      • We the People!! (1st) says:


        I can’t agree more.

    • Hot Button says:

      This is a new MP and is this her major contribution? Starts off badly and now tapes an Opposition leader. Wow. Is this what the people of St. George’s Call leadership.?Doc Hall and Anita Smith did a much better job in the House for the people of St. George.

      • Unearthed says:

        She is a disgrace to politics and the OBA. I understand a natural rivalry between the OBA and the PLP. But she took it to another level by secretly recording a private conversation between herself and the Opposition Leader. She is conniving on a whole new level.I am guessing someone on the OBA made her do it because I don’t understand how a conversation would ‘protect her’. That article does not provide a good enough excuse.

    • The Dark Knight Returns says:

      MP Outerbridge needs a better press person. I could have did a better job writing her response which would have been. Silence. What she has been quoted as saying here makes no sense and the people on this blog are just as stupid as her. Why would the Gov care if MP Bean or anyone in the PLP look bad. I think the recording makes MP Outerbridge look bad and that’s the only reason she will not release it. Read between the lines people. And to think I voted for the OBA.

    • Hurricane says:

      Good question, I’m left questioning this myself. And I’m definitely not buying the poor ass reason about him not texting her on this so much. SMH

    • Hurricane says:

      I want to know the same think. Why attend any meeting that you feel should be taped. And, I’m not buying the lame reason that he wouldn’t quit texting her.

      Additionally, if you know have a tape (and I have my doubts that you do), what’s the point of making it if your not going to release it to cover your ass.

    • Johnboy says:


      I mean tape, release the tape….sorry……

    • Unearthed says:

      Disgusting and Shameful. She records a conversation with the Opposition leader without his consent then she doesn’t want to take the blame yet she tries to point the finger back without letting the public hear the tape and make a claim, he said some disgusting things!!!!! WTF

      What type of trickery, lies and deception is this???? What a disgrace.

    • On Hand says:

      And that is how you are defending him?

  2. Rhonda Neil says:

    you made more sense staying silent, why ask for help, or go for help from a man you didn’t took the recorded tape to the Premier, but did not contact the Premier, if I am understanding you, when you where being pressured to meet with Mr. Bean… This sounds like a lie…and smell of sulfur..

  3. in the know says:

    a very excellent response!!!!
    Keep up the good work you do for constituency #2.
    Don’t ever stoop to the low levels of the plp & their scum & trash politics, you have much more class & integrity than they do.

    • Jus' Askin' says:

      Now that’s FUNNY ;-)

    • GB says:

      What exactly is she doing for my constituency? She hasn’t been seen or heard from since the election.

      • There all the same says:

        Just like every other MP who has been elected, I see no difference cause they all disappear after election

      • Hot Button says:

        She is with her mentor Kenny Bascome cleaning up the golf course. Isn’t that enough.???

        • coco1976 says:

          Nandi was at the Golf Course tryna look pretty thats it…I live in that constituency and I see Kim Swan and Renee Ming on a regular basis. I HAVE NOT SEEN NANDI SINCE THE ELECTION!!!

  4. O'Brien says:

    I think what happened here is pretty obvious. Bean, desperate to destabilise the Government and ultimately to regain power, must have seen an opportunity in Nandi Outerbridge. Remember, she was elected in a marginal constituency and if she could be ‘persuaded’ to step down in unfavourable circumstances, the PLP had a real shot at winning her seat and thereby removing the OBA’s majority in the House.

    I don’t blame her for recording the conversation. I would not trust him either.

    • Jus' Askin' says:

      Why go in the first place then?

      • Sandy Bottom says:

        She explains that. Bean wouldn’t give up.

        • Jus' Askin' says:

          Why go alone?

          • Sandy Bottom says:

            Because she alone was asked by Bean to meet.

            • Portia says:

              She was not under any authority to Marc Bean; she did not have to meet him or return his calls and text messages. That was her choice.

            • Mazumbo says:

              Lets just face it, she’s just a lil guppy in a big ocean and they’re gonna chew her up and spit her out , another subordinate statistic.

            • Stick to the Facts says:

              If she was that untrusting of Mr. Bean who reached out to her ONLY after her husband reached out to him, then why not at least take your husband to the meeting? At the end of the day, thank you for the distraction from the real issues to be addressed but please put the running of our country first. Our people are suffering and to be distracted by this foolishness without proof is ridiculous.

          • Just Wondering says:

            Probably because he wouldn’t agree to meet if she wasn’t

          • Fruity says:

            Also… I would assume there are cameras set up so that anything that could happen would be caught…? So going alone she would’ve had that at to protect her. I really don’t know and am not condoning any of it. This has gone so far..

        • Rhonda Neil says:

          She is not fit to be a MP, if a man she did not trust “would not leave her alone, so she makes a decision to meet with him…. and that’s the mentality we elected to Parliament…a person that doesn’t have the brains to say.. NO!!!!! I will not meet with you..and if you text me again.. I will have to take action… come on…. she is lying..but then again…I maybe giving her too much credit…

          • Fruity says:

            I agree here too… if he was that threatening there are better actions to take & protection measures to avoid it despite any position.

        • ABM says:

          So its a he said she said thing. It all boils down to whomever you trust and decide to uphold.

      • Onion says:

        Sometimes if a guy texts you non-stop the only thing you can do is meet him face to face to tell him you’re not interested… if you know what I mean.

        • Jus' Askin' says:

          Press charges and get a restraining order ;-)

          • Sandy Bottom says:

            Or record it, just in case.

            • ABM says:

              THat is stupid, Im sorry. What if this guy is texting you like crazy, you say no, he keeps texting you so yo you go to meet him and record him like you said.

              Like Jus Askin said, press charges and get a restraining order.

              And you guys forgot to mention that it was her HUSBAND who contacted Mr Bean in the first place!!!!

              • Sandy Bottom says:

                Or you go and meet, and record it just in case.
                It seems to me to be more plausible than getting a restraining order because he suggested a meeting several times. You live in a fantasy land.

      • jt says:

        Curious that people are seeking logic in Davis’ actions (or finding them illogical) but the same people seemed to feel it perfectly reasonable that the Premier would openly deliver the information to Mark Bean as alleged by Mr. Bean.

        • Dee Nice says:

          I was thinking the same thing. He threw her under the bus.

    • Polotricks, and so the saga continues!!lies and audio tapes< stay tuned until tomorrow for another episode!!Do You Know What Your MP is UP too…

    • Bettty Trump says:

      If I do not trust someone, why meet with them? This meeting took place in the HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY, she was not there alone. It looks like she is trying to create the story of great “FEAR” as a way to wiggle her way out of the situation. She is attempting to paint a picture that Mr. Bean was attempting to harm her in someway, or that he was some big bad wolf. REALLY

      Mr. Bean was not bad wolf. If I am correct MR. Outerbridge asked that he meet with Nandi first. Mr. Bean was not in any position to harm or hurt Mrs. Outerbridge, this is nothing more than Spin from Nandi and the UBPoba.

      Any blame person can see her story is not totally true. More so she using FEAR as an escape from telling the FACTS…if not play the recording.

      If the worst thing Mr. Bean asked her to do was to join the PLP, that is NO big deal as everyday politicians are talking and moving and shifting their political affiliation. She would have at least been respected more by the PLP, than just been a piece on the Chess board by the UBPoba. She is being USED by the UBPoba. There is no real respect for her, but to achieve a political objective at the expense of certain folks within the party. She is sure a political naïve young lady, nothing more, and nothing less…watch Lets talk…

    • Hot Button says:

      So you can go to a meeting and be told these things by the Premier then you are the liar. Bean is waiting to reveal his tape. Then what will you do/

  5. James Herald says:

    Good on you Nandi. He sounds like not a nice person at all.

  6. Greed Killed Bermuda says:

    Well done Don Grearson!

  7. Question says:

    So, like the Premier, this is a press release which signals nothing – absolutely nothing. She was better off not saying anything.

    How did she “set the record straight”? All she did was tell us what has already been revealed in the House.

    Release the tape and let us deal with what was stated – if the information is that bad, we will get rid of Mr. Bean.


    • haha says:

      no you wouldn’t get rid of mr. bean because him and burt those are your two fighting chances to get back into power. secondly she did set it straight she broke it down for people that actually believe people smell like sulfur after they talk, and thirdly if god is real or whatevr you believe in, all this false talk about sulfur and the like, guess who’s going straight down into the pits of fire…yup!!

      • Question says:

        Make sense before you reply….


        • haha says:

          I did you dummy, re-read what I wrote. Or do I need to break it down for your slow mind to comprehend?!

          • Question says:

            Your text was mediocre at best, with a sub-standard use of vernacular. Your sentence structure was below a Grade 4 level, with silly grammatical errors throughout. Perhaps this is the reason I did not understand your post – - or it could just be that you did not have a logical point – period.


            • haha says:

              LOL did you go and use the thesaurus/dictionary for those big words. But guess what, you still understood my original points. I’ll break them down again for you:

              1. The PLP will never get rid of Bean or Burt because those are your/their only two fighting chances to get back into power.

              2. As much as the PLP members and brainwashed followers like to twist and manipulate things, she set the record straight (in my opinion). Does it need to get simpler for you people to realize what was said?!

              3. With all of this satanic talk coming from Bean’s mouth he should really watch himself (if you believe that story), or else he’s going to find himself down in the fiery pits himself for blasphemy.

              Simple enough for your moronic brain to comprehend, even though you did the first time? My text wasn’t mediocre, I put it into perspective with whom I thought would be reading it, i.e. bloggers like you, who pose questions but in reality make statements pertaining to your opinion(s). I have three logical points, which all correlated and responded to your statement/question(s). Better for you this time?! Jump off a bridge…

    • Hmmm says:

      So you are a PLP minister or part of the secret PLP hand that pulls the strings…..truth coming out now. What is your real names. Why are you decieving the people? Come on fess up Question.

      • Question says:

        We – as the Bermudian public, Mr. And Mrs. Taxpayer – are the ones who will get rid of Mr. Bean. Get real – your attempts at humor are weak at best.


  8. Jus' Askin' says:

    Another BS prepared statement
    You waited until now to speak up, seriously you need to resign.
    Go on Let’s Talk tonight with Marc and Gary if You can stand in your truth!

    • Who knows it feels it! says:

      The PR machine has spoken on both behalf…speak to defend and off the cuff, the PR machine would not be so stupid to allow.

    • haha says:

      And guess what hoped you watched…got dissed by his own people. He’s in for a rough experience ;)

      • Who knows it feels it! says:

        Come again…u seem to confuse many when u write!

    • jt says:

      You’re critcizing her for waiting to come forth so I expect you level the same admonation for Mr. Bean’s tardiness. Not likely.

  9. It begs the question… if the conversation was recorded for “protection”, one would assume he didn’t know it was happening. If that is the case, HOW does he know it now? Did you threaten him with it? If so, did you expect him NOT to mention it? Silly girl. You need to grow up. You’re not on the high school playing field (although this sorry saga sounds like it). You’re running with the big boys (allegedly) now. ALL of you need to stop this FULLISHNESS and get on with the business of RUNNING THE COUNTRY – ALL of you lot on BOTH sides of the aisle.

  10. Mike says:

    Thank you for setting the straight. Now…please resign. You have been such a distraction to the governing party.

  11. markus says:

    Right when you think both parties can’t get any more childish, we go into a
    game of “he said, she said”

    • Marge says:

      I had some hope for Michael Dunkley, as the leader of the OBA….but he is a ******* like his leader…
      I think we need for the FAC TO TAKE OVER THE RUNNING OF THIS ISLAND ……….and the sooner th better

  12. Tough Love says:

    No, Mrs. Outerbridge, this just makes us doubt your life choices even further. What did you do with the recording after the conversation? How did anyone else learn of it?

    I would have rather you been a pawn but now……

  13. Jus' Askin' says:

    “I want to say I have no intention of releasing the tape because it was for my personal protection at that time and should have never been a topic of any other person’s conversations.” So why Craig knows about it?
    You still continue to be deceitful.

    • Hmmm says:

      Because she was upset at what was said, perhaps she was threatened. It is not that hard to figure out why she shared it.

      • Jus' Askin' says:

        So why protect Marc now?
        Oh yeah, she is doing it to protect us ;-)

        • Sandy Bottom says:

          No, she doesn’t want her personal problems, from last year, aired for everyone to hear.

          This isn’t all that hard to work out. Bean calls for it to be aired, knowing it includes personal information that she wouldn’t want plastered around the island.

          • Jus' Askin' says:

            Then why record it and play it for others?

            • Sandy Bottom says:

              She played it, as far as we know, to one person. It certainly hasn’t been played publicly.

              • DarkSideOfTheMoon says:


              • ABM says:

                Exactly!! Your words describe it best, “as far as we know!” Now that should apply to the whole of everything! The Premiers part, Beans part and Nandi’s part. As far as we know should be symbolic in that we do not know everything concerning this matter. Therefore any assumptions we have on either side should be null and void!!!
                Thats in a perfect world, because you and everyone else here will still assume and drum up ideas about what they think is right no matter how far from the truth it will be.

  14. Crazy Week says:

    So…. the tape was so volatile and so destructive – that it can’t be released.

    I think someone is being fishy here. You can’t say “you said bad things about me, I have proof, I won’t share them”

    That means that YOU Nandi have something to hide.

    Marc Bean said release the tape so you need to release the tape!

    • jt says:

      But you can say “you said you we’re offered a bribe etc. etc. etc….” and have no proof whatsoever….that’s just fine.

  15. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    i just told you what was gonna happen on the other story ,now i come here and case closed.

  16. Simply Said says:

    Whatever Nandi!!!!! Simply BS!!!!!

    I this recording was for your PERSONAL PROTECTION, why would you feel the need to share it with your boss (Craig) or any of your colleagues????? You say personal protection, but I have yet to hear you or anyone else for that matter express why you would feel threatened at all by Marc. This is your second strike, and personally speaking I think you need to bow out as gracefully as you can.

    For anyone who may question my comment….I voted OBA, which is why the past year leaves me disheartened

    • Mike says:

      Agreed. She is in over her head.

    • daughter of the water says:

      if you voted OBA you wanted to see change. so why aren’t you offering to help? do your part, please. we all have to. we all need the OBA to succeed, not to prove that the PLP failed (they proved that hen they were voted out) but so that we can all move to a brighter future together. all together. not just OBA supporters. EVERYone.

      • DarkSideOfTheMoon says:

        So being an OBA supporter means not pointing out wrong when you see it in your own party? Red Kool-aid tasty??!

      • Simply Said says:

        I am all for supporting the OBA in helping Bermuda to move forward, but what I am not in support of is the way they have been acting within the past 14 or so months. They have yet to do anything that is worthy of commending (that hadn’t been started by the PLP) they hide behind the SAGE Commission and call fault and blame on anything/anyone else besides standing firm in their convictions and admitting when they are wrong!!! The last election was my very first time voting and I did vote for change, due to what I was seeing and feeling from the PLP. I will not commend either for the way they are acting. They have shown me (in particular) that they do not care about Bermuda and its well-being.

        Nandi is a puppet and was only commissioned by the OBA to get young votes or even to sway an older generation to vote for the youth!!! She simply does not belong in the ring with the rest of these incredibly dangerous politicians. What she has done and even the speech that was clearly written for her, has show me (in particular) that she does not have the mental or emotional skill set to play these games.

        Like I said before, Nandi, it is time for you to take a bow and exit stage left!!!

      • Fruity says:

        ok “daughter”

  17. Lebron says:

    Pretty clear that Bean is a piece of work, he is Ewart’s chosen one after all.

    That said, lots of stories from both sides of the house, if the leader of the opposition really has said been recorded saying some terrible things, I don’t see how that isn’t in the public interest to know what was said. Like a certain Canadian Mayor, I think we’d all rather know what our elected official really felt.

    And if its a load of nothing, let’s move on.

  18. Kim Smith says:

    Week after week we are reaching new levels of weirdness in this country.

  19. I'm Amazed says:

    She is a fish out of water and in way, way over her head. Is the extra money really worth it Nandi? Life was so much simpler…….

  20. Kangoocar says:

    Well well well!!! Sounds like we have a bunch of bitter plper’s here??? As I said on the other thread, I would record the conversation myself!! Beany was texting and texting her to get her to talk to him, oh yeah, he had no bad in tensions?? Yeah right!! When beany comes out and says what he did in the public domain with no protection of parliament, I might start to listen to him!! This is nothing short of another sad day in the life of Bermuda, and many more to come I am afraid until the likes of bean are removed from public service!!!!

    • Ian says:

      Then maybe you should have had a clue for once and tuned in to Gary Marino’s “Lets Talk” this evening because thats exactly what Mr Bean did…

      • haha says:

        And guess what he sounded like an idiot, repeating the same trash over and over again, getting dissed by his own people. lmfao you could tell he was gettin vexed, lip kept quivering HAHAHAHAAH

        • One up one down says:

          I talked to a few people after the show and they saw it completely differently.

          What you mean by “his own people”? Just curious.

          • Sandy Bottom says:

            Bermudians. The way he described it. They dissed him, told him he was wrong.

            • One up one down says:

              I heard the callers that criticized Mr. Bean BUT….

              I also heard people saying they thought what he was doing was a good thing.

              It’s okay to acknowledge ALL that was said not just what reinforces our own beliefs.

        • ABM says:

          I didn’t see what you saw clearly. To me he seemed very in control and confident. As did everyone else whom I spoke with.

      • Kangoocar says:

        Hey dum dum, do you see what time my post was? With that said, even though he was stupid enough to go on the show and blather nothing of substance or fact!! But somehow to you, it becomes facts, why is that??? Maybe you can only see one side of every story?? I am not shocked in the least!!!!

    • Bologna says:

      stop it D.M

    • ABM says:

      Ummmmm, he did! So now i ask, will you start to listen to him now, or were you just blowing smoke?

  21. Get it done says:

    This is turning into Dumb and Dumber.

    Nandi you had the opportunity to address Marc Bean in the House when he asked you if you wanted to speak on the matter. You replied, no.

    Now you want to give us this BS of a press release, stating that you didn’t trust the opposition leader, when it was your personal life that was the subject of the meeting.

    And to make matters worse, you only agreed to the meeting because he wouldn’t stop texting you. LOLOLOLOLOL (I swear you can’t make this stuff up)

    If you felt harassed why not block his number or warn him that if he didn’t stop that you’ll contact the police?

    We the people must have eaten a bowl of stupid the morning, if we’re meant to believe this.


    The OBA statements do nothing to help their case… you get accused of something by the PLP an accusation that clearly frazzled the premier so you counteract with A recording of the opposition leader supposedly saying unsavory stuff to Nandi but you refuse to release for public consumption even when the PLP is asking for the release of the tape also…..then just hearing the Premiers statement on the news OMG….AM SORRY BUT OBA YOU GUYS ARE NOT LOOKING GOOD RIGHT NOW…..I have to be honest

  23. ricardo says:

    I find it funny that so many people ‘claim’ to be outraged about the conversation being recorded. However, the majority of those same people seem to be extremely eager to hear what the recording actually says! I find it amazing that people seem surprised that politicians lie, cheat and deceive. BOTH parties have been guilty of this for years, make no mistake. I see people complaining that they haven’t seen her since she was elected, again; what are you surprised about!? I’m confident that we can draft a list with the majority of BOTH parties that hasn’t been seen by constituents since they have been elected. I wish both parties would stop bickering and actually do something for the people. Instead of one party doing things for their friends and the other doing anything possible to get back into power so they can in turn do things for their friends! Both parties are equally ineffective, waste of tax payers money. OBA has 4 more years to hopefully change this, if not…we can always vote back in the other ineffective waste of taxpayers money and hope they’ve learned there lesson!

    • DarkSideOfTheMoon says:

      3.83 years, yes I’m counting down…

      • spot2 says:

        By the way Marc Bean acted last night, I hope they never get back in – at least with him at the helm. What foreign investor would want to do business in an Island with THAT guy in charge?

  24. buhmsayndoe says:

    1 ding, you are not honorable nandi. Simple as that. These naive oba supporters (no matter what these people do wrong may not see. But i do.

    You have admitted to deception, and you have shown dishonor by failing to respect confidentiality. You have now proven to me more than once as a swing voting citizen that you are unfit to be a member of parliament and an “honorable member”. Release the tape so we can observe who else other than yourself is also unworthy of being refered to as an honorable member!

    No more crazyness, out with all dishonorable members.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      You’re critical of “failing to respect confidentiality”, but then you tell her to release the tape.

    • spot2 says:

      I’m sorry, but the PLP 14 years not a day went by when there wasn’t dishonesty, disrespect and dishonor brought to the House. Remember when Dr Brown brought all his gangsters? What about the fisticuffs in the antechamber? Stay strong Nandi! You don’t have to release anything.

  25. Hudson says:

    Politics in Bermuda reaches a new all time low. We as Bermudian’s should be ashamed at what happened in the HOA last Friday and what is being played out by both sides.

  26. Jus' Askin' says:

    You have an opportunity to sink the opposition and their leader and don’t go for it WOW
    Sounds like BS to me ;-)

  27. Looking in says:

    This tape has to come out.
    If it does not the OBA will have egg on its face!

  28. Concerned says:

    Next election, if Snoopy and Peanuts are on the ballot. I’m voting for them.
    This is truly a sad state of affairs. Why would Opposition leader feel the need to contact her in the first place?

    I think we should ask AMC or ‘E’ to cast our Parliament as a reality show. I understand ‘Duck Dynasty’ and the Kardashians make millions a year. In two seasons Bermuda would be out of debt……

    • ABM says:

      The opposition leader contacted her because of her husband. Remember, he contacted Mr Bean first, thats where it all began.

  29. watchfuleyes says:

    you have not set anything straight- let’s get that straight

  30. Jamai says:

    It is always something with this chick too much drama… not saying what Marc said was right if he indeed say this disgusting things “as she stated”, however, no matter how much he texted her or communicated that he wanted to speak with her did she have to agree to meet up with him.

    Both parties are wrong, but seriously why must drama follow this young lady once again, yet she is not taking any responsibility.

    If you are not going to release the tape that is your right but if that is the case why do we the public need to know it even exist.

    Said it once I’ll say it again DRAMA!

  31. daughter of the water says:

    you go girl – well done. you’re young but you’re tough. you can handle this…. and you are.

    • Jus' Askin' says:

      Tough but sat quiet on Friday.
      Tough yet hides behind this scripted PR BS.
      She must be tough, she only carried a phone for protection ;-)

      • me says:

        hahahahahahahahahahhalmao carried a phone for protectionhahahahaha..funny..

        • justABit! says:

          Thats not Funny! She has One of those James Bond Phone! It can record Him 2 the end!

  32. js says:

    reminds me of Marrion Barry when he said

    “b@#$h set me up!”

  33. Fed up says:

    Why is this even a topic of conversation…O thats right because Marc Bean keeps pushing the issue and creating such chaos on this island! Are people not listening to what he is saying and the information that he is spitting out WITHOUT proof! Obviously his desire for power is strong and he doesn’t care how he gets it even if it means ruining this beloved island! Ignore the man…maybe he will get the message that there are SO MANY more important things that our government is trying to focus on. Let’s move on!

  34. Bologna says:

    This is where WE the people have the power. The tax-paying citizens of this country should demand the release of the tape or demand she,the premier and whomever else is involved,to resign! SIMPLE!!! Its either a tape or there isn’t,and I don’t want to hear that the tape no longer exists because according to all parties the tape still exists.LETS HEAR IT!!!!

  35. Come On Man says:

    I beleive she was told by the OBA to record her conversation with Marc Bean in order to get some dirt on him. Because he is the thorn in their side. I do beleive Mr. Bean to be sincere and the OBA are being dishonest and becoming untrustworthy.Their true colors are slowly coming out.

  36. Snoopy says:

    Wow, watched Let’s Talk! Let’s get over the accusation crap, let political ambition go and get on with the helping the people who pay all of your salaries. Me, you most people!

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      One desperate, desperate man. He thought he was going to get a turn at the feeding trough but enough voters finally said NO. After listening to him tonight I can’t imagine him representing Bermuda on the international stage.

      We had a used car salesman, a false intellectual, a prima donna & the invisible man. What would Bean have been? A George Wallace?

      • One up one down says:

        Wow that’s amazing that you saw it that way.

        I have been talking to friends about how we view the world through filters and I like reading about how people see the things that are happening around us.

        I thought he spoke well, with authority and confidence. He was calm and I was very pleased with the way he handled himself. He seems to be a man of integrity.

        I would like to see Mr. Cannonier in a similar setting maybe with an interviewer of his own choosing so that he will be comfortable to be real.

        • ABM says:

          You know what the Premier would say, “This interview is over!!” HAHAHHAHA

      • One up one down says:

        I have been talking with friends and others about the way we all view things through our own personal filters and this is a great example of that.

        It’s amazing that isn’t the impression I got of Mr. Bean at all.

        He spoke with confidence and with authority. He handled the calls that challenged him very well. His response to the elder statesman’s opinion was respectful and strong.

        Mr. Bean took his time with his answers and spoke plainly. He was so real. He admitted to being naive and not as wise as others. There were no flies on the man from my perspective.

        I notice that often times people DO try too hard to sound intelligent or use false accents and Southern Baptist bravado and what happens is that the content is missed and their integrity comes into question.

        I enjoy these forums and being allowed to see that many people view the same situations very differently.

  37. Looking in says:

    Premier Cannonier,grow some testicles,that tape must come out.if not,what are you hiding?

  38. Coffee says:

    Go away Nandi , Good God woman just go away already .

  39. Next says:

    This is an embarrassment for all involved and especially Bermuda. I’m so sick of this crap.

  40. squirt says:

    Get the f**** over it all you idiots. I cant believe this is all about a damn tape… Get a life people… Damn, are you all serious… You that anxious to hear a tape…. No wonder ffs

  41. Jus' Askin' says:

    Nandi thank you for taking one for the team and saying you did it all by yourself ;-)
    Silly Wabbit….

  42. Margo says:

    Super Smart Sister i dont blame her for recording the meeting.
    We love you Mrs. Outerbridge continue the greatness & let the Haters figure it out!!!

  43. Um... says:

    WHY DON’T WE ALL THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX ….i.e DOES A TAPE REALLY EXISIT? or is this too plan to get people to turn on the PLP! KEEP UP!

  44. blackbird says:

    If i had a tape to bring down the other party i would use it. Looks like the OBA are trying scare tactics again. How ya doin? (wendy williams voice) and release the tape!!

  45. foolishness says:

    Sorry Nandi you have not set the record straight.. The only thing that could do that is to release the recording.. It would also b nice to see the text messages u claim that Mr bean sent u.. If your husband would not have contacted Mr bean would there have been any dialog at all.. It seems that u r being blinded by the banana that is being dangled in front of u…. U say the recording is of bad taste n think it would not b good for bermuda to hear.. Mr bean has said to release the recording so it must not b as bad as you r trying to make it seem. I know it feels good to make a little more money but is it really worth it to ruin your integrity…

  46. Need Peace says:

    SMH! Mr. Bean is truly proving the weakest of the OBA! He hypnotized the Premier and Mrs. Outerbridge and told them both to come unto me. They did not trust him but went anyway! What a farce! Cannonier and Outerbridge you need to stay on the porch with the small!

  47. Really? says:

    If I was a young person who had political aspirations watching all this unfold, I would right now be seriously reconsidering that avenue. The waters are so, so cloudy right now, thick with the mudslinging…

    Mrs. Outerbridge, I honestly feel for you. In my eyes, you are stuck between the proverbial “rock and a hard place”. The best advise that I think anyone can give you at this juncture would be in the words of Shakespeare, “to thine own self be true”.

    I will not choose a side on this issue without further, FACTUAL information being supplied. Right is right, end of discussion. Release the tape and let the chips fall where they may.

    Marc, I support you fully, however, if the tape is as bad as the OBA is implying, I would be one of the first to call for you to step down. Please understand that I am not being disloyal, I just happen to believe that no one man should be considered greater than the overall party, and if there was some wrong doing, those responsible should be held accountable. That being said, I personally REFUSE to infer from the vague, ambiguous statements that the OBA have put forward that some ethical boundary has been crossed.

    OBA, you ran on a platform that preached that WE, THE PEOPLE, would experience TRANSPARENCY under an OBA Govt. Where is that transparency that we were promised? Please do not insult us by telling us that (to paraphrase) “we cannot handle the truth”. It is belittling to say the least and more to the point, condescending and demeaning to the people of this great country. Not only can we handle the truth, but we, on both sides of the political divide, WANT the truth.
    Yes, I said it OBA, the people actually want you to fulfill your electioneering promise of transparency. RELEASE THE TAPE, if it is as damning as you claim, you can only gain political credibility from it’s release. However, IF, on the other hand, you, or to be more specific, the Premier, hoped to gain favor by implying grave improprieties on the part of the Opposition leader, and believing that the voting public would infer that this MUST indeed be the case… I for one will rejoice at what I would hope is the end of your all too short political career.
    Mr. Premier, by all accounts given, you are a God fearing man. With that in mind, I would draw your attention to John 8:32, “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”.

  48. ABC says:

    all of u voten de drama queen in now u cryi a river

  49. Ber-merican says:

    “Wire”… “tape”.
    Seriously what century is everyone living in? They should count themselves lucky they’re not in US politics… Then you’d really have to worry about old Uncle Sam and every other agency following your every move. Bermudian politicians should count their blessings if you ask me. Now get on with your jobs we elected you to do!


  50. sage says:

    This girl is a joke, “disgusting and disturbing things”, sounds salacious, now we really need to hear her recording. Are you telling me Marc Bean didn’t record it on his phone too? “Set the record straight” , not nearly. Super Smart Sister alright. Try again.

    • Really? says:

      “sounds salacious,”
      I would agree. Was this what we were intended to infer from the vague accusations that were put forward? Did the conversation take a salacious turn?
      When the question of “How many licks to get to the center of a tootsie pop?” was put forward, In the words of the wise old owl, , “The world may never know.”
      Us slightly older folk may remember, the answer was “three”. You younger folk, hey, google it.
      Mrs. Outerbridge… the correct answer is three. You are on number two in about a year or just under. Watch where you step, your public is watching.

  51. The Skink says:

    What is happening with the budget for the next fiscal year?

    • jt says:

      …and other things that matter.

    • Jus' Askin' says:

      A lot of jobs will be cut due to the ‘Recommendations of SAGE’ ;-) ;-)

      • jt says:

        Likely, but not as many as need to be….and there in will lie the compassion that will be ignored.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      I would think it would be under lock & key till Friday when it is released. What else might be happening to it in the meantime.

      The various Departments should have submitted their requests by last October. The Finance Minister needs time to go through those requests. By now it has gone to the printers.

      Contrary to popular belief the budget is not put together in a week or so.

  52. Disgusted petty politiking says:

    It is not important to release the tape (not a tape, a recording) for the running of the country. This issue shouldn’t have been bought up in the first place. It is utterly divisive no matter what even if someone is lying or not. Do our politicians had to stoop so low just to discredit each other because they can’t get their way? Why the outburst? Childish indeed, especially in the eyes of the world to see. So who cares if the recording was made? That was the past. We all have done not so desirable things in our past but we all grow up don’t we? If what we have done in our past makes us incompetent in the future then we will never grow up. In other words, the recording has nothing to do with the competence of an MP today. This recording is irrelevant. Can we please move on and let bygones be bygones?!?! We have bigger issues at stake. We need everyone on board to resolve our social, economic issues of this country.

  53. Gotham says:

    Regardless of sophistication, erudition, semantics, polish, veneer, you name it, I believe Mrs. Outerbridge. Bean’s attempt at baiting and using her for his own ends are no different that his half-baked, concocted lies about the Premier in the House on Friday. This is entire situation is now going forward entirely and only about Bean’s repeated dishonesty and who is really working for.

  54. Gotham says:

    One more remark, it seems Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition are more interested in blaming the victim rather than the stalker. In this instance, their loyalty is clearly misplaced and only serves to tarnish the entire party rather than the perpetrator.

  55. Darwin's Child says:

    Interesting. She didn’t address Marc Bean’s assertion that it was her husband who initiated the communication between the two of them, and after an initial reluctance she called him back asking to meet. As for the flurry of text messages pressurising her to meet…why not take them to the Premier instead? How did Marc Bean even know the conversation was recorded?

    I assume Marc Bean has the option to sue her for slander suggesting he said ‘disgusting and disturbing things’ – this statement was made outside of the HoA after all. The recording will become evidence and it’s contents public record.

    I feel for you Mrs. Outerbridge….poliitics is a nasty business.

    • spot2 says:

      you can’t sue somebody because they said that you said “disgusting” things. give me a break dude

  56. X man says:

    After what the opposition said about the Premier after information was shared – I dom’t blame her.
    It’s always been difficult have a talk or even being around anybody that you know who would do you in
    just by rehashing and making mince meat out of your words.
    Now all we the public have to do is hear the recording.
    The serious mistrust in both Political Partys has the potential to slow down progress.– i’m not sure if all
    this political party wrangling has anything to do with rebulding our ecconomy and putting good folk back to work.

  57. Prayerful says:

    Marc Bean, I really do not believe Nandi Outerbridge is telling the truth. However, you should never have gotten involved in this situation. I did not know that you were a marriage counselor of social worker.

    All of this stuff is so childish, Nandi Outerbridge, Craig Cannonier, Marc Bean, you all need to get on with the job we charged you with on Dec 17, 2012.

    I am praying for my country, we must be the laughing stock of the world

  58. SMDH says:

    I am confused! If in fact she wasn’t told to tape the conversation and in her words says “I want to say I have no intention of releasing the tape because it was for my personal protection at that time and should have never been a topic of any other person’s conversations.” then why was anyone else privy to their conversation and tape in the first place. Why did she feel the need to hand this tape over to anyone? I don’t know how other peoples conversations go, but it’s usually two sided. Did she just stand there and let Marc “real talk” to her? That being said, are Marcs comments the only thing on this tape that is harmful OR is Nandi also exposing things that shouldn’t have been said and or done, hence why there is still speculation about what is on these tapes versus just letting them be aired!? Anyway I feel once the tapes are released IF they are released they will be edited anyway.

  59. Rockfish#1and#2 says:

    After having to endure this extremely nasty and ongoing saga, does anyone believe these two political parties can work together to move Bermuda foward?

    • PBanks says:

      Not a chance at all. Makes the craziness of the BIU vs Fairmont strike and its fallout the previous week nearly preferable.

  60. clearasmud says:

    Please give consideration to the question who benefits from having this distraction so close to the release of the new budget? The sage report made some radical suggestions and if they have been adopted the fireworks are just about to begin!

  61. Spectator says:

    What is on the recording is irrelevant. All of this is irrelevant. If it has nothing to do with moving Bermuda forward or having a positive impact on Bermuda then it needs to be dismissed. This matter was a personal one and should have remained just that.

    • Rockfish#1 and#2 says:

      Agreed, it should have remained at that level, but it didn’t! The intense and toxic relationship between the two parties that has been simmering for some time, now has reached the boiling point for all and sundry to see. What with all the charges and countercharges, along with a high level of mistrust, it is unlikely that they can work together on anything.
      The stakes are too high for anyone to back off from their personal agendas for the betterment of Bermuda.

  62. Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

    Not very interesting and/or entertaining, however, have the police been given the opportunity to listen to the tape?

    Since the remarks by Mr Bean are so toxic and the Outerbridges’ initiated request for help for a personal matter; is there anything on that tape that the police would want to know about regarding the criminal damage charge that was dropped?

    Conversely, have the police already listened to the tape and dropped the charge due to its content? Because the according to the timeline, there was the investigation of the allegation, then the charge of criminal damage by the police, next the tape was made of Mr Bean’s remarks by Ms Outerbridge, then the charge was dropped – coincidence?

    Since Ms Outerbridge is shielding her remarks on tape from public scrutiny, yet exposing Mr Bean’s, it stands to reason that the tape should be turned over to the police so that they can verify that there is no information on that tape pertinent to the criminal damage matter.

    Ms Outerbridge, if it’s good enough to expose Mr Bean by giving the tape to the premier, it’s good enough to expose your remarks as well. You do not get a free pass whilst smearing someone else with evidence that you hold to protect your yourself. The allegation against Mr Bean by both you and the premier must be made transparent to clear the matter up of SHE said/HE said.

    London, England

  63. Looking in says:

    Nandi,let the tape out!

    • CONCERNED says:

      This is politics at it’s LOWEST. Ms.Nandi, you need to step down. You have brought nothing but DRAMA to the HOUSE !!!!! POLITICIANS PLEASE get back to the peoples business in trying to FIX his country before it’s too late

  64. BDA_Gentleman says:

    Unfortunately for you Mrs. Outerbridge it seems as if your days as a politician are numbered.

    1. If you felt that Mr. Bean was untrustworthy than there is no reason for you to meet him. Your excuse about him repeatedly sending you text messages is less then convincing since we know how easy it is to block someone.

    2. If Mr. Bean was so untrustworthy, why would your husband call him and ask him not to attack you in regards to your personal circumstances. For your husband to do that that means he must have some trust towards him. I mean a snake is a snake and I wouldn’t have even wasted my time if that was the case.

    3. If Mr. Bean was harassing you, than you should have spoken your concerns to your political leader and made him deal with it. That is standard protocol for any organization. That is why Mr. Cannonier is the leader of the OBA.

    4. It amazes me how people can be on opposite sides of political parties but have an ease of contacting each other. I mean is there a protocol for members of a party to contact someone else from another party. I mean you are opposing members. The best way to go forward is for both parties to establish a protocol of meeting opposing members. As a leader I would not trust anyone to leaking info to the opposing party.

  65. Bermudian Momma says:

    This recording / meeting took place last summer during the height of her personal drama -so why bring it to the peoples’ attention now?
    This is just to create a diversion from the Casino issue – the reneging on the promised referendum. Wake up Bermuda, do not allow this to divert your attention from the current issue of the day. Are we as a people so naïve that we do not recognize this technical move.
    Dear poor naïve Nandi, know your role – be seen and not heard – Smile for the camera!

  66. Jus' Askin' says:

    Where is Mike Hind and what is his take on the matter?

  67. Wondering says:

    If it was for her PERSONAL protection why do others know of her unethical behavior?

  68. Triangle Drifter says:

    A storm in a teacup. He says. She says. It is all nothing until the recording, if it still exists, is released.

  69. worried says:

    Bermuda scandal!

  70. maris says:

    all you bunch of hypocrites supporting this party with their drama plp…
    When the plp were deceiving you with lies,trickery you blind and even downgraded you credit rating by significance low,add a massive bill of millions,bought undesirable ughirs without getting approval…YOU BUNCH who now have a lot to say over this other DECEIT concocted by this same bunch of ruthless plp..SHAME ON each of you for your blatant hypocrisy!!!!!!