Pedestrian & Rider Injured In Warwick Collision

May 17, 2014

[Updated with video. One man in critical condition in the ICU]

“There clearly is more to this collision than meets the eye,” the police said following a collision outside of Warwick Lanes Bowling Alley at just past midnight, which saw both a motorcyclist and pedestrian injured.

A police spokesperson said, “Police responded to a report of a road traffic collision that took place at 12:16am Saturday morning on Middle Road in Warwick outside of Warwick Lanes Bowling Alley.

Warwick Accident Bermuda, May 17 2014-1

“Details are sketchy but it appears that a motorcycle was traveling west ‎when the rider of the cycle collided with pedestrian that was crossing the walkway.

“Both men have been taken to KEMH were they are being treated with serious head and leg injuries.

“There clearly is more to this collision than meets the eye and Police are appealing for witnesses to this collision to contact police on 2950011.”

Update 9.32am: As a result of the below collision a 25 year old man is in critical condition in the ICU, and a 27 year old man has been admitted to a general ward.

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  1. BlessYourHeart says:

    My dear! Lord bless their souls!!

  2. Concerned says:

    I hope we can expect traffic lights at this pedestrian crossing very soon. Hope both men recover soon.

    • Shawn says:

      Not a good idea, we just need both the driving public and walking public to pay attention.

    • positivity says:

      There is a flashing crosswalk light here already.

  3. smh says:

    People need to slow down. Saw the scene and aftermath and all i could do was shake my head. Hope my boy has a speedy recovery. You need to stay away from bikes my dude and this time you wasnt even riding. But on a serious tip Bermuda please slow down! And can we get crossing lights right there pleeeeease!

  4. North rock says:

    Agree. That crosswalk needs to be lit up. The other one that’s really dark is the one just past Belmont heading east. People think that they can just walk off the curb like they do in town but (and I make no comment about what happened here) even a responsible driver can’t stop in time if they can’t see the person suddenly step out

  5. Proud2bBermudian says:

    Why it is that when something happens we want to put something in place ie crossing lights rather then we ie change our behaviors, be more cautious. Fix the root of the issue. Not deal with the surface.

    I do pray for a speedy recovery.

    • Hahaha says:

      Ya people slowing down would help a whole lot but have lights at crosswalks could help a lot at night it’s hard to see people that just walk right on out exspecially at the last minute.

  6. Legal beagle says:

    No surprise really… The number of bike riders in particular who ride like complete imbeciles every day without regard for themselves or anyone else on the road continues to increase. It MAY not be the case here but judging by what we all see on the road, I would bet that the rider was either 1. Going WAY too fast or 2. riding like a fool….or both. Unfortunate if an innocent pedestrian was injured…your life is at risk anytime you are anywhere near a road in Bermuda.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      If you think the bike riders are bad ,try riding a like a normal person would in terms of is safe operation , and then tell us what you think of the cars and trucks !

      • Legal beagle says:

        @toodle… I ride correctly every day and that has served me well for 24 years. I am referring to the idiots who ride on the wrong side and expect the oncoming drivers to move out of their way… The idiots who overtake you going east up Rural Hill to then cut across you to make a left turn down Stowe Hill.. Etc etc…

        • Toodle-oo says:

          There are tons of two wheeled idiots out there but if you do a survey I think you’ll find that 97% of them have something on common besides virtually all riding the same style and even colour of bike.
          And in total they represent less than 20% of all bikers

          How about the cars and trucks that approach junctions at speeds that make it look like they have no intention of stopping not to mention they don’t look in your direction until the very last second and they have to enter/cross over your lane ?
          The cars and trucks that stop to let someone out of a gate (illegal) without looking to see if there’s anyone behind them. Even worse when the roads are wet !
          Don’t signal ?
          Stop anywhere without warning.?
          Talking on cell phones , still ?
          Pass you at 70+K when your already doing 50 ?
          Force their way into your safety space zone because they think you’re too far away from the vehicle in front of you ?
          Park so carelessly they take 2-3 bike spaces while they’re at it ?
          The list is endless .

          And I know dozens of people who were forced off of their bikes and into cars because of these issues but I don’t know anyone who chose to go the other way and park their car and get a bike.

  7. Tricks are for Kids says:

    …More to this collision than meets the eye….intentional???

  8. lovely says:

    Check the gas station cameras! Get better soon men!

  9. SL says:

    “more to this collision than meets the eye’ says the police. was it a deliberate crash? Then stoplights won’t help maybe a speed bump.

  10. G'd Up says:

    Get better my boy.

  11. Steve says:

    Maybe if there were more car dashcams there’d be less crazy riding and driving

  12. This is a clear case of negligent walking….or….walking without do care….or walking without a brain….or….or….or….did anyone at all check that vehicles brakes at the scene?….it is too late now…..chain of evidence is compromised…..tsk tsk tsk.

  13. D says:

    Governments fault now get them lots up at the crossing!

  14. Wilson says:

    My cousin will be just fine. God is on his side. And so is his family People just need to take their time on these bikes as well with cars. Stop speedinng period and open ya eyes! SIMPLE

  15. positivity says:

    There is a flashing crosswalk light at this crosswalk already. We don’t know if the pedestrian hit the button or not. I can tell you that even during the day, drivers zoom through the crosswalk even when the crosswalk lights are flashing. Even when you hit the crosswalk signal lights, you still have to be so careful. I’ve had drivers come within a couple feet of me and feel no way about it. Drivers need to pay attention-you are in a car, pedestrians have no protection. I think some random cameras at crosswalks to catch some of these drivers would be well served.

    • Raw Onion says:

      There isn’t a flashing light at this crossing. There is one outside the Warwick post office and one outside T.N Tatem. Also, I have seen people just continue to drive through the crossing with the lights flashing and persons actually on the crossing. And there are also pedestrians that walk up to the crossing and step right into the road without looking to see if the traffic has stopped or is able to stop in time. The pedestrian wouldn’t even take a second to press the button on the crossing light that is put there for his or her own safety.

      We are indeed fortunate in Bermuda that we don’t have a significant about of pedestrian/vehicle collisions on a daily basis especially in the city.

    • positivity says:

      My mistake..thought this was further down. No crossing lights so riders, drivers and pedestrians need to be mindful.

  16. Sharay says:


  17. Think... says:

    more than meet the eye…well, if the bike is travelling west and hits a pedestrian then why is the bike still east of the pedestrian? Unless the pedestrian was j-walking before the pedestrian crossing?
    Not sure why we are reactionary to every incident…how many cars, bikes, trucks, buses pass there every day and one ‘accident’ now means that we need to fix the crossing?

  18. All you people that commitment need to get a live and MYOB, worry about your own Business before you talk about someone else’’s all aways the same people commitment. Got A Life!!

    • Family Man says:

      Stay in school kids. Don’t let this happen to you.