Video/Photos: Mahindra e2o Electric Car Launch

July 10, 2014

[Updated with slideshow] Auto Solutions today [July 10] officially unveiled the all-electric, zero-emission Mahindra e2o car at their St. John’s Road showroom.

Speaking at the launch, Chetan Maini, CEO Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles said, “Mahindra Reva, besides being one of the global pioneers in electric vehicles, also offers a comprehensive suite of technologies for different applications.

“The Mahindra e2o incorporates the latest developments in electric vehicle traction, battery technology, energy recovery, telematics, and IT – a unique synthesis that we believe will help us shape and co-create, with our customers, the future of personal and commercial mobility solutions.

“We are certain that the cutting-edge technological innovation that has gone into the Mahindra e2o will help Bermuda discover a novel, cost and energy efficient alternative to conventional cars that protect the economy and ecology of the island.”

Also speaking at the launch was Mr. Alan Burland, President of Bermuda Engineering Co. Ltd [BE] and BE Vehicles Ltd [BEV], who said, “We are delighted to introduce the Mahindra Reva e2o to Bermuda with our local partners Auto Solutions Ltd [ASL]. BE is very focused on improving energy efficiency, in promoting sustainability, and increasing the use of renewable energy in Bermuda.

“BE is proud to represent Mahindra Reva and to lead the introduction of the e2o’s into the Bermuda transportation scene. We believe that charging and running these vehicles from energy produced by the sun or other renewables maximizes the benefit to the automobile owners and Bermuda at large.

“Owners will significantly save in operational and maintenance costs as compared to internal combustion vehicles. Furthermore, the environment will benefit from zero emissions and reduced oil importation.”

Mr. Glen Smith, Managing Director of ASL said at the launch, “ASL is delighted to be in this joint venture with both Bermuda Engineering and Mahindra Reva.

“ASL’s goal is to be able to provide the Bermuda customer with a choice of vehicle; whether it be a large or small, electric or gas vehicle. Interest in electric vehicles is increasing as people become more focused on the environment and in wanting to preserve it and make a difference.

“The e2o may well reflect the future of mobility in transportation on islands such as Bermuda. Renewable energy is a fairly untapped resource here and with the beautiful sunshine Bermuda gets, it is time we made more use of it.”

“The Mahindra e2o is an Electric Vehicle [EV] designed as a zero emission urban mobility solution. The e2o is the first product in Mahindra Group’s planned portfolio of green mobility solutions that will provide customers with clean, smart and economical personal transportation.”

“Customers can now literally plug in their Mahindra e2o’s to charge, like they would their cell phones, laptops or tablets. It is as easy as that – since the Mahindra e2o can charge from any 220 V, 15A power socket available in any home.

“With about 5 hours required for fully charging your Mahindra e2o will be ready to be driven over 100 km, more than enough for the average daily commute. 110 V charging out lets will take about 10 hours to charge.”

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  1. All sounds like good news but, will BELCO be a share holder or will they permit e2o owner a significant discount in their monthly bill? Otherwise, where is this e2o beneficial to the average individual?

    • Black Soil says:

      With all the salt spray in Bermuda, I would want a 5 year warranty on those cars for all electrical parts and wiring.

      • Black Soil says:

        And how many charges will the batteries take until they have to be replaced?? Really…how many years will this car last??… and how much will it cost to maintain IN THE LONG RUN?? If the batteries have to be changed every 2 years or so, then all that needs to be added to the REAL cost of fueling the car. I don’t like to be a pessimist…but these critical pieces of information need to be know before buying the car. I’m sure that in the first year, everything is wonderful. It’s the years after that I’m worried about. A LOT can go wrong with an electric car or bike.

        • you obviously didn’t bother watching the video….

          some questions were answered, the rest?.. give em a call

    • Steve Davis says:

      The E20 costs approx $5 to charge a range of 100km. You do the math on what that would cost in fuel. And yes, that is based on buying electricity from BELCO.

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      Solar panel… no Belco.. Try thinking about solutions before ranting on..

    • Paul says:

      Raymond Ray, here’s the numbers:

      Belco 2014 electricity cost (highest tier, residential): $0.46 per kWh
      E2o electric car, energy needed to charge to 100%: 10 kWh
      Maximum cost to charge in Bermuda: $4.60
      Range: 100 km / ~ 60 miles

      Gasoline cost (Bermuda, July 2014): $8.50/gallon

      If you assume a 20 mile daily driving average, and compare to a standard small gasoline vehicle that gets 30 Miles per gallon (MPG), the savings are as follows:

      Mahindra E2o electric car: $10.73 per week in energy costs

      Gasoline vehicle (30 MPG): $39.66 per week in fuel costs

      Now crunch the numbers over a year:

      Mahindra E2o electric car: $557.96 per year in energy costs

      Gasoline vehicle (30 MPG): $2062.32 per year in fuel costs

      That’s $1504.36 annual savings!

      Now, take it to the next level, and incorporate a solar PV system to charge the car, and the savings become better again.

      It is certainly financially and environmentally compelling!

      • Encyclopedia says:

        Did you know it was a super flop in India. Neither its earlier version Mahindra Reva nor the e20 is doing well in its home country. I have friends in Bangalore where the cars are made who have confirmed that these two models have flopped badly.

  2. Come On Man says:

    The stats show those electric cars use up more energy than a regular gas car. Please people do some un-bias research before falling for another money making scheme. IE:Al Gore…

    • Steve Davis says:

      Produce the stats on the Mahindra E20 and add some weight to your argument? You have no idea how this car is produced or how much it takes to run. Why not go to AS and ask a few questions.

  3. Triangle Drifter says:

    hmmmm….I don’t have any 220V oiutlets at my house. I have a bunch of 120V & a 240, for the dryer.

    Nothing is free. How much will it cost, using BELCOs very expensive, not so green, power to charge this car? What is the battery life? How much will it cost to replace the battery? All factors to consider.

    This is not the first green car to be introduced. All have failed. Good luck to the importers just the same.

    It is one itty bitty car. Maybe Government can relax the ‘one car per household’ rule for those who wish to have such very small vehicles.

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      You do have have 220v, take a voltage meter to that dryer plug you mentioned & I guarantee you have 220v there as long as you live in a residential residence. Otherwise you’ll find 208v (still with in the tolerance to be used to charge this car) or maybe even 277v (outside of the tolerance to charge this car), usually used for lights in commercial & industrial buildings but your average home is 120v/220v with a given tolerance (things I learned when trying to figure out my Belco bills & ways to help lower them).

      A solar panels system could take care of the charging when at home (if used with a 220v inverter) & I would even venture that a battery minder system such as those found on boats when used with a proper charge controller would trickle charge your batteries while it’s parked during the day away from home.

      Battery technology has greatly improved over the years so I am sure you should be able to get a minimum of 4 to 6 years with these batteries (maybe even longer if properly maintained & a slight investment in better charging options is taken).

      I do agree that the size of this car is very limiting for many potential users but I am sure there is a niche market for it here (as long as potential buyers aren’t scared off by all the nay sayers).

  4. Come On Man says:

    Gasoline-driven cars are about 33 percent efficient. For every 3 units of energy used in the gas engine, one unit of useful energy is available to push that car.Unless one charges his electric car batteries exclusively with solar cells, wind or hydro power, electric cars require more than twice the energy. Those proposing electric cars to save our environment do more harm than good.Robert Thatcher Read more at

  5. Conservative says:

    Are these going to be rental cars? After the law is changed of course

    Just like that new impound law? After the contract was granted for the impound lot

    • Evie says:

      OBA insider trading SMDH but it’s good it’s not the other party two Bermudas right Glen

  6. Hard Azz says:

    The Battery consist of 16 cells…… Each cell will cost $500.00 to replace…

    They are trying to make this a rental car. They have had the Fire Dept. Police Dept. TCD, Transport Minister, OBA Boys, Customs Dept. everyone and their momma out their to lecture and test drive these Damn midget cars to make it an easy transition for rentals…..

    Island too small for all these cars for tourist……

    • in the know says:

      Why don’t you vist ASL & learn about them the cars are here to be sold to locals to buy as another option.

  7. Congratulations Auto Solutions… while the Mahindra e2o already seems to be highly suitable for the sunny climes of Bermuda… wouldn’t future all-electric, zero-emission Mahindra imports be more economically user-friendly enhanced with the option of a factory installed solar panel battery charging system of their own?

  8. Idea says:

    I have a Idea.

    Gov should let people have per asement number:

    one gas car and one eletric car
    Or 2 eletric cars

  9. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Yeah…why not have the roof as a solar panel charging unit. Then I’ll buy one!!

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      Not a hard aftermarket option to install yourself or hire someone to do for you considering the low cost of the car as well as it’s money saving potential as a green transport option.

  10. James says:

    Two things, St Bart’s roads are way worse than Bermuda roads and they have rental cars without issue.
    Secondly, I don’t think that roof would be big enough for a solar panel that would produce any significant energy to charge the batteries.

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      The roof solar option (the peel & stick type you usually see on boats) would be as a means of trickle charging through the day to help supplement the full charge you would give it over night & not as a sole means of charging the car. The over night charging system could be a solar panel system as well (with a 220v inverter) that you could have installed on the roof of your garage for example which charges a small bank of batteries.

  11. Encyclopedia says:

    How come Mahindra Reva was a super flop in India and
    Mahindra e20 has not been a success either in India. WHY??