Photos/Video: Auto Solutions Car Wash Unveiled

September 28, 2017

Auto Solutions today [Sept 28] unveiled their brand new high-tech car wash, saying the system is “smarter, greener and cleaner,” with car wash services starting from $35.

“Smarter due to its 3D mapping technology. Cleaner due to the high-tech equipment and premium bio-degradable soaps. Greener because it requires less energy to run and uses less water,” Auto Solutions said.

Auto Solutions has been offering a complimentary car wash at the end of each service, and Managing Director, Glen Smith said “The ability for us to turnaround cars when washing them by hand was not as quick as we would have liked.

“At Auto Solutions, we are always looking to improve; so we looked into the idea of installing an automatic car wash system. Originally, we wanted to install a car wash only to be able to wash the cars that we service in a more efficient manner.

“However, we soon realized how great this IQ car wash really is; therefore, we quickly came to the conclusion that we had to open it up for the general public to experience as well.

“We will also be welcoming our Commercial fleet business customers with special rates to wash their complete fleet of vehicles. The car wash will be open very soon to the public to use by appointment, Monday through Saturday. We are aiming to open up the first week of October.”


The company said, “The car wash features intelligent, 3D profiling technology to provide a custom wash for every vehicle. It uses closed-cell foam sponges to provide the ultimate clean yet safely protects the exterior of your vehicle.

“It is also touted as being ‘touch-free’ meaning the 3D scan captures each vehicle’s unique shape for a more efficient and safer wash. Its high pressure rotating heads and specially formulated chemicals remove road film and grime off your vehicle.”

Peter Richold, the company’s new Car Wash Manager, said, “It really is a phenomenal and superior system, trust Auto Solutions to find the best that there is and bring it to Bermuda. We will have an array of different options for customers to choose from.

“They can opt for the basic exterior wash package which starts at $35, and from there they can upgrade to our full package which includes additional services such as a high pressure under body wash, scrub wash with power dry, wax & spot free rinse, doorjambs cleaning, dashboard clean & polish, and a complete vacuum.”

Harry Andrews Jr. the company’s Sales & Operations Manager, said, “2017 has been another year of growth for Auto Solutions. The installation of our new and innovative car wash is a poignant example of how the company strives to stay ahead of the curve with the latest and greatest offerings for our clients.

Glen Smith said, “In our fourth year of business since its inception, Auto Solutions Ltd. continues to experience success. Year upon year we sell more cars and service more vehicles than the previous year. I could not be more pleased with our progress.

“We have come a long way from our humble beginnings in 2013. I really think it’s our awesome, hardworking team that we have to thank for our continued success. They continue to do a fantastic job. Perhaps it’s time for you to roll with us, and experience our team’s outstanding level of customer service.”

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  1. Checks & Balances 2017 says:

    This is just another way to destroy and kill other owned business in this country…plain, simple and truly sad.

    • wahoo says:

      Are you serious? That is the stupidest thing I have read all day.

      • Rockfish#1 and#2 says:

        You say “stupidest”, I say sad and pathetic!

        • wahoo says:

          Sad and pathetic if he truly believes what he says. Stupid if he wants others to adopt a certain us and them mindset.

    • Zevon says:

      Pathetic. Really.

    • All washed up says:

      What is sad is you and your stupid comment

    • Jus' Wonderin' says:

      It’s called COMPETITION…something which Bermuda should have had a long time ago. THIS WILL DRIVE PRICES DOWN!

  2. frank says:

    You have to choose where you spend your money

  3. bdaboy says:

    “This is just another way to destroy and kill other owned business in this country…plain, simple and truly sad.”

    oh please….another entitled, privileged whiner.

  4. Upset voter says:

    Nobody said you have to go there!

  5. Captain retard says:

    I am going there tomorrow to get my car buffed!

  6. It's only just begun says:

    Looks good, but not sure on the appointment thing.

  7. SMH says:

    STFU It is going to take away from the little person trying to make a living washing cars. Auto solutions isn’t a solution at all!!!!!!!

  8. JUNK YAD DOG says:

    The secret to long life is:-

    Eat properly.
    Cut out meat !Your not a tiger are you ?
    Do you really need that cigarette or drink?
    Sleep properly.
    Cut your own lawn..
    Take an evening walk.
    Paint your own house.
    Learn to drive the vaccuum cleaner.
    Wash windows
    Wash you own dishes.
    Park your car a mile form work.
    Sell the couch.
    Wash and wax your own car, it’s aerobic.
    Sell the TV.
    The more you do for your self, the longer you will live.
    The more you pay some one to do for you ,the longer they will live.