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July 20, 2014

Premier Michael Dunkley tabled the “For Information” Public Bodies Reform Bill 2014 on Friday in the House of Assembly.

A spokesperson said, “And the public is encouraged to review the contents of the Bill and provide feedback and submissions by Friday, 29th August, 2014.

“E-copies of the Bill can be downloaded from the home page of the Government Portal – and submissions should be directed to the Financial Secretary at the Ministry of Finance.

“The tabling of the Bill signals Government’s commitment to the people of Bermuda to actualize certain reforms to Government’s public bodies and related agencies to achieve financial savings and efficiencies in the delivery of public services.

“The draft Bill seeks to establish the Efficiency and Reform Authority. It also makes provision for a Mutual Support Fund and empowers Ministers to make various Public Bodies Reform Orders.

“The primary function of the Authority is to evaluate and analyze operations of the many departments, quangos and other government entities in line with best practice to determine the most efficient structure for the delivery of services. The Authority will make recommendations to the Premier and the Minister of Finance jointly.

“The Government’s principal methodology for reform will include Public Service Mutuals, Outsourcing, Privatization and merging of bodies and offices.”

“The public should be aware that an earlier version of the draft Bill was circulated to the Bermuda Trade Union Congress (BTUC) and the Civil Service hierarchy in May and June of this year. Submissions have now been received from both groups. The BTUC replied with their comments on 9th July, 2014, and suggested that the Bill be tabled in the House on 18th July.

“Some amendments to the Bill based on the submissions received to date have already been undertaken and are reflected in the “For Information” Bill tabled in the House of Assembly earlier today. Others are still being analyzed and further amendments are anticipated.”

Premier Dunkley said, “The Bill provides for wide consultation before reforms can be made and any reform affecting the Government’s organizational structure will require a Public Bodies Reform Order. The Order can only be advanced following the required consultation with all affected parties.

“The Government aims to be completely transparent in the development of the legislation and therefore the ‘For Information Bill’ tabled today is for the purpose of public consultation as well as further stakeholder consultation.”

The Premier concluded, “We are pleased to submit the Bill for information and consultation, with the matter to be taken up again in the next session. And we are inviting members of the public and stakeholders to review the ‘For Information Bill’ and make final submissions by Friday, 29th August, 2014.

“The establishment of the Reform Authority complements the body of work being undertaken by the various working groups that have been established to advance the Public Service Reform Initiative. These working groups have been mobilized to look at Government assets and how they are managed; Government services and how we can better utilize technology to deliver public services; the sustainability of Government pension funds; and Government’s human resource model and its human resource policies and how these can be refined to effect the most efficient use of Government’s vast talent pool.”

The Public Bodies Reform Bill 2014 is below [PDF here]

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  1. well hello conflict says:

    Good by freedom

  2. Coffee says:

    A modern day land grab for friends and family again cloaked in “the best interest of Bermuda ” . Get these rascals out .
    They are determined to privatize our national airport which by the way is wholly profitable . We have one airport and it should remain entirely in the hands of the government of Bermuda !
    The OBA is a private organization elected to govern this Island , open your eyes people , they want to sell government or communal property to private entities . These are the services and land and equipment and man power that your tax dollars have invested in and bought for many generations .
    If they get their way YOU will continue to pay through your tax dollars for the same goods and services without the guarantee of savings or improvement of said services , however , those who BUY YOUR , THATS RIGHT THEY BELONG TO YOU FOR NOW , those people will gain great wealth for generations and your offspring will be reduced to SLAVES IN BERMUDA .

  3. Coffee says:

    They say that until THE BERMUDA TOURISM AUTHORITY is in a position to generate self sustainable income , than the people of Bermuda , meaning you and I will be responsible for funding that PRIVATE ENTITY , WITHOUT OVERSIGHT . Meaning, millions of your tax dollars need not be accounted for , hell we have been told to our faces that the compensation of Bill Hanbury is not our business … Really , but we pay his wages and the wages of his cronies . Funny thing is this , Mr.Hanbury realizes that this practice is wholly unacceptable and maybe construed to be illegal in his home country . However he has no problem conducting himself in the clandestine OBA way .. He has no shame !
    As mentioned above , those who buy , mutualize or by any other means obtain public bodies WILL GENERATE PRIVATE WEALTH FOR INDIVIDUAL AND COLLECTIVE FAMILIES FOR GENERATIONS …. Do Not Allow This to happen !
    We either swim together or sink together ….. If money can be found , earned to fund a private enterprise , than the same money also exists for the continuation of a more efficient government controlled business model .

    • 32n64w says:

      “. If money can be found , earned to fund a private enterprise , than the same money also exists for the continuation of a more efficient government controlled business model.”

      This assumes the Government can operate a business model with the same efficiency as private enterprise. It can’t.

    • Rockfish#1 and #2 says:

      The Government is really insulting the intelligence of most Bermudians. The chances of the BTA sustaining itself in the near future is almost zero, especially when one bears in mind the large number of persons who left high paying jobs to join it.
      And for the Government to tell us we have no right to know the details of the employment terms (including compensation packages ) of Hanbury and Co, is infuriating!
      We, the taxpayers are expected to provide the funding, but not ask the important questions! The public, including the Loyal Opposition asked all sorts of questions re.300,000 plus of private money, but are very quiet on the matter of millions of public money being handed over with very little accountability attached. Amazing! The Government must be smart enough to realize this will be an issue at the next election.

    • Teed Off says:

      You are Spot on Coffee if people read clearly they will see that the minister will not be held accountable and they can walk into any office and get rid of it on a dime. My suggestion is go in and be firm and make they lazy accountable start with the top yes many person in the PS positions lack the ability to make the hard call and they get paid for it. Then and Only then can we move in a positive direction.

  4. Coffee says:

    If I don’t get at least 200 dislikes it will mean to me that my message wasn’t recei

    • SMH says:

      Coffee…you’re message wasn’t received because it’s being ignored…again. Anything posted by you or kunt-a is nothing more than hatefulness and damaging to Bermuda and it’s ability to survive and move forward.