Traffic Advisory: Today’s March To Govt. House

July 15, 2014

[Updated] The Bermuda Police Service said they would “like to advise the motoring public that highly visible police patrols will be on hand this afternoon to provide safety and security around a scheduled 5:30pm march to Government House.”

“The stated route is for the group to form up at St. John’s Church in Pembroke and proceed up Langton Hill entering Government House property at the main gate,” a police spokesperson said.

“In order to ensure the safety of participants and to minimise disruption to the motoring public the Bermuda Police Service will put in place traffic diversions in the area of Langton Hill, Mount Hill and North Shore Road for the duration of the procession.

“Traffic delays are expected in this area and the motoring public is encouraged to consider alternative routes home during today’s peak period.

“The Bermuda Police Service also wish to advise the public that due to the bends and poor sight lines, there will be no parking on Langton Hill or on Government House grounds and so all those taking part should consider parking at St. John’s Church or Bernard Park.”

The march has been organised by the Progressive Labour Party to protest the Governor’s decision in relation to the Commission of Inquiry into certain historic land transactions.

Update 1.13pm: The PLP issued a statement in advance of today’s march which follows in full below

The PLP’s March for Democracy will occur today at 5:30pm.

Participants are asked to gather at the Langton Hill entrance to Government House. From there the March for Democracy will peacefully march onto the grounds of Government House where we will be met by the Deputy Governor to demonstrate or displeasure at the Governor’s actions, renew our call for his resignation and demand respect for Bermudians democratic rights.

The March for Democracy stands for:

1. A Commission of inquiry into illegal acquisition of property of Bermudians

2. The immediate removal of Governor George Fergusson for disregarding the will of the democratically elected Parliament of Bermuda. Additionally a recurring pattern of collusion with the OBA against the best interest of Bermudians.

Examples of this inappropriate behaviour includes;

  • refusal to intervene when it was revealed that Premier Cannonier lied to Parliament on multiple occasions
  • refusal to intervene regarding serious corruption allegations surrounding the Waterfront project that could cost Bermudians hundreds of millions of our dollars.

3.The restoration of limited democracy

We encourage every Bermudian who believes that Bermudians must be treated with respect and dignity, to join us as we peacefully stand up for Bermudians and democracy today at 5:30pm at the Langton Hill entrance to Government House.

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  1. somuchless says:

    Both the premier and the governor are off island so why do it without their presence (what’s the point)? Essp the governor since this is about his decision. (Rolls eyes)

    • Black Soil says:

      Tea Party is on the march.

    • LOL (Original TM*) says:

      This is about forcing a vote of no confidence to go to an election. Marc Bean said so.


      • Hmmm says:

        So it is nothing to do with bettment of Bermuda, just a power GRAB by the PLP.

        Disgusting !!!!!!!!!!

        They are trying to reverse the Democratic process of the last election, whilst spouting fight for democracy.

        Disgusting !!!!!!!!!!

    • Kunta says:

      SHUT DE WHOLE ISLAND DOWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. truth be told says:

    I do hope this march gives these people the much needed exercise their bodies needs,I’m so tired of hearing them exercise their mouths!

    • jt says:

      If we’re gonna be marching so much we should be sure to keep the regiment in place…those marching drills are looking more and more relevant.

  3. 32n64w says:

    Are the PLP going to break another promise and return to the House?

    Will we be hearing from the same PLP stalwarts who voted in favour of the Tucker’s Point SDO and made the following observations:

    - David Burt – “hears and understands the cries” of those campaigners. But he added: “We are unable to undo the past but we can certainly take steps to ensure the future wellbeing of our people.” Sen Burch praised the PLP’s democracy in bringing the debate and said the SDO should be supported if only because tourism “must be in the national interest”.

    - LaVerne Furbert – “I find that very strange because in my research I found that many that lived in Tucker’s Town didn’t live in Tucker’s Point property they lived in Mid Ocean Club property.”
    She said it was important for people to understand that Tucker’s Point consists of different areas. She said the people that were moved out of Tucker’s Town were slapped in the face a long time ago and many had since passed away. “In fact they do not even have he a face any more. They have souls, but do not have a face.”

    Sen Furbert also hit back at claims by the Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce that Tucker’s Point has foreign investment. She said most of the Island’s hotels had some kind of foreign investment agreement, including Elbow Beach and 9 Beaches.

    Amazing (but not surprising) how hypocritical the PLP can be when they don’t have access to the public purse and are relying on a wedge issue to whip up emotional support.

    Hopefully they can repeat these same words tomorrow afternoon to ensure the concerned citizens who show up realize the PLP have no interest in the issues and are more concerned with political advancement.

    PLP – party before country since 1998.

    • MARCH NOW !! says:


    • Isn’t this soooooo stupid? Yes,”STUPID”
      32n62w has stated FACTS so what’s this crap about u’lot? Forcing an election? Get real wouldn’t you and wait like everyone else…

  4. Um Um Like says:

    Enjoy the rain!

  5. fred says:

    BOOooo to the PLP. Why don’t you guys just do as you said you would and boycott parliament…. just do it permanantly!

  6. Terry says:

    Nothing else to do.
    5.30pm; bit of shade, make an appearance (empty house); just like the boycott of the Peoples House.

    Be assured all. If the Governor was there the HMS ship that was at DocYard would still be or steaming up the channel.


    Anyway….of to the bar at the HOA and have a rum……….hall buy mighy salf………


  7. Huh says:

    Looked at the radar?

  8. morons leading the cretins says:

    This call to march is an affront to common sense on so many levels. If the news outlets are to be believed, the request for commission on the shady land deals in the 30′s was denied based on the presentation and lack of financial details – oh, but wait – Finance is not one of the PLP’s strong points. So instead of marching -they ought to sit down and construct a properly thought out document for the governor to sign. What’s worse is that there would be sheeple following them up to the entrance of Government House. These sheeple should be offended that in this tough economic times their leader is encouraging them to gamble their financial assistance money at his establishment instesd of creating something useful to the people of Bermuda – like a credit savings union where Rev Tweed can implement his Banking solutions…

    • Infidelguy says:

      That’s a lot of words to say absolutely nothing! All I’m saying is “an empty barrel makes the most noise”.


      • Agreed! says:

        And the name of that barrel is Marc Bean…labelled Highly Toxic and Flammable. LOL!

      • Agreed says:

        …that’s precisely what I think when I hear a certain ganja tea prescriber open his mouth. “It is best to say nothing and be thought of as a fool than to open one’s mouth and to remove all doubt.” LOL!

  9. Unbelievable says:

    I’m disappointed that the PLP never made this an issue in their 14 years of office. I wish their supporters would question them about that.

    • mixitup says:

      In fairness, this issue is over 80 years old an should have 1. NEVER Happened 2. Been addressed LONG before the PLP came into power. In other words, STOP CHERRY PICKING! and look closely at the issue.

      • BlueFamiliar says:

        I can’t say as I agree on the ‘should never have happened’, I don’t know the full circumstance in play at the time that made the government think it was necessary to force the sale of that land.

        But I do think it should have been addressed long ago. The PLP gets the most question because it was only two years ago that they were in office, and they were there during the whole Tucker’s Point thing.

        I just don’t understand why it’s become such a big issue now when they are no longer in a clear position to do anything about it.

      • sonso says:

        Lol. Typical response from someone living a glass house. Got any stones to sell?

      • Derek A. G. Jones says:

        Should the airport never have happened? The Bermuda Railway, our roads, Tribe-Roads, waterfront docks, public beaches? Should none of those ever happened? In fairness, the only ones cherry picking are the PLP and it is purely for race based political agendas. We should have a look at how the whole island has come about with these various eminent domain issues so everyone can see how they affected everyone.

      • Unbelievable says:

        Yes you are right about all of that. I don’t deny that but I am not cherry picking.

        But the PLP had political power for 14 years to do something about it. They chose not to. So why now?

        Is it becuz they are in Opposition?

  10. bluebird says:

    Is this a “RENT A MOB” or all Goverment employees,as i can assure you that they are not doing this without there paycheck comming in.
    As “TAX-PAYERS” it is still costing us over $750Million per year for those on the Goverment payroll.But Goverments revenue is just over $800Million per year.But the Goverments “BUDGET” is over $1.1Billion per year.
    SO we are going to keep borrowing $276Million per year of other peoples money for the Goverment payrollee’s to live large on.
    So how long do you think it will be before the poop and the fan meet????

  11. hmm... says:

    i hope bernews will be on hand to take pictures

    • Hmmm says:

      This was posted by the PLP (the person yesterday using the same computer indicated so)…i.e. one of Betty Trumps many different names

    • LOL (Original TM*) says:

      and get a real count

  12. Bermudian Momma says:

    The people’s representatives have voted that a commission of inquiry be convened regarding land transactions of the 1930s’. The question I have is why would the governor refuse to act in accordance to the peoples wishes (I say the people because we voted / selected the House Members as our representatives). What does he have to lose? Yes, the PLP should have arranged this when they were the ruling party but they did not, so what. Here is the opportunity for this to be addressed and possibly put to rest. This march is a means to demonstrate the people’s displeasure with the governor’s decision and give him the opportunity to revisit the his decision and possibly change it. The alternative is to go directly to the FCO and request that they look into the governor’s actions.

    • LOL (Original TM*) says:

      No it isn’t did you not hear what Marc Bean himself said on the radio. This is about forcing a new election.


    • Voter (original) says:

      He never said never. He said provide clearer references of the alleged abuses, and a clearer mandate to incur expenses from the Consolidated fund and he would be open to consider it again.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        Doesn’t it get tired to have to keep repeating that ?

        What they should be angry about is their inability to understand English and the fact that they’re all being led down the garden path by a bunch of incompetents with an agenda that will eventually make their lives really miserable.

    • theothersidebda says:

      The “so what” is the fact that their timing and motives are anything but genuine…that’s what. This is just a sham to create instability and anger amongst the people all in a grand effort to ultimately regain power. People are BEING USED once again for political gain.

    • Joonya says:

      Chill and have ya self some Beanie Tea.

    • Terry says:

      Bermudian Momma.
      You have been reading too much from the Workers Voice.

      Workers want to work.
      You may get it.

      • Bermudian Momma says:

        @ Terry, I do not receive the Workers Voice, therefore, I do not read it. I agree, workers want to go to work but what does this have to do with that? Note: it is scheduled for after 5 pm.

        @ Voter (original), is not the purpose of an inquiry to investigate claims / allegations? What type of clear reference would the governor require? Those guilty or who benefitted by the alleged abuses to step up and say “ it is true” and then a commission can be convened?

    • BlueFamiliar says:

      The Governor didn’t refuse. What he said, basically, was ‘yes, it’s a concerning issue, but I need you to narrow things down, and tell me who’s going to pay for things, and we’ll revisit it.’

      Look at it this way, if 200 people were displaced, but only ten of those have issues with what happened it will take less time and cost less if the commission only looks at the ten, instead of having to wade through the whole 200.

      I think the Governor’s response was reasonable. I think the PLP’s response to the Governor was an over-reaction.

      Just do some more work, answer the questions, resubmit. It’s kind of like homework, if you do a half-assed job the teacher is going to tell you to go back and try again.

    • Hmmm says:

      I have an idea.

      The PLP/biu and the Peoples Commission should put up let say, $1million dollars for the commission.

      Let there be a Commission of Inquiry, or through our legal system. If the claims turn out to be true, Government must refund the cost for the Inquiry.

      If the commission finds nothing, then they lose the $1 million.

      In other words, put your money where your mouth is.

      And the CASH should be held in escrow, not a bond from you know where.

    • Huh says:

      I think it’s called selective memory
      March 19th, 2011 – Junior Environment Minister David Burt told the Senate of Government’s sympathy for descendants of families who were forcibly removed from Tucker’s Town in the 1920s.
      However Senator Burt argued it’s now Government’s job to look after the people of today meaning it needs to try to revitalise tourism with the Rosewood Tucker’s Point develo…pment.
      Anti-racism group CURB had objected to the Special Development Order for the hotel’s expansion, pointing to the history of the site, where dozens of mainly black families were evicted more than 80 years ago in the interests of tourism development backed by Parliament.

      Opening yesterday’s debate in the Senate, Sen Burt said Government “hears and understands the cries” of those campaigners.

      But he added: “We are unable to undo the past but we can certainly take steps to ensure the future wellbeing of our people.”

  13. Chaos Theory says:

    I see that they have now invented some additional excuses. Perhaps they should add another, i.e. We are marching cause we didn’t win the last election and we want to throw all the toys out of the pram and throw a temper tantrum.

    I find it amazing that they are continuing to morph this whole issue, when the reality is that they are just trying to score political points.

  14. STFU says:

    The PLP have had 14 years, again 14 years to rescue the stolen land for their people. Prey tell, why have they suddenly decided that they need to desperately rescue this land, what they need to do is rescue some jobs…………….or that may take some real work!

    This has been the craziest opposition we have had!!! This group is just nuts, they must be all drinking that tea Marc talks about.

    LOL that’s it, maybe they want this stolen land back so they can use it to cultivate the ingredients for that erbal tea!

    • Hmmm says:

      There is no proof that any land was stolen…it was Compulsory Purchase orders where as all the evidence read points was at a fair price.

      As also read, some people didn’t want to move and held on, but they ultimately recieved a fair price.

      Show me the evidence of otherwise please. I would want the individuals to have recived a fair price at that time too.

    • Tricks are for Kids says:

      The other/”present” party had the opportunity to fix this wrong as well but didn’t. …THIS was an issue long before PLP came into power..

    • Toodle-oo says:

      When something is ‘stolen’ from you , you don’t get paid for it .

  15. serengeti says:

    Is Bean going to boycott parliament like he promised, or is he weaseling out of that?

    • Broken Promises says:

      Bean and co need to boycott(stay away) so that important bills can be passed without impedence…hahahah

  16. Your joking says:

    Don’t forget…This is the same party that trod on the rights of fellow Bermudian’s. ..e.g..those who married foreigners and those of same sex relationships???….All of a sudden they are defending the rights of people 90 years ago??

    • Heavens says:

      and the same party who defended conscription!

    • Your joking says:

      4 dislikes .. showing that even when
      starring at the truth there are many that refuse to believe it.

  17. Heavens says:

    I work a long hard day and now I have to put up with these fools blockin my ride home? IN THE RAIN! This is the kina nonsense why I will NEVER vote PLP/BIU. They ain’t lookin out for the little guy, they just want power and money and they will use race, history and the UK to try and divide Bermuda’s people. Well, I got news for you, this is one Bermudian you will never bully. Nah, get out of the way.

  18. Young Bermuda Voting Block says:

    There is a group of new voters coming on line that care about the issues that will confront the country in the future.

    The ability to address the challenges will come through economic stability and upholding the basic element of human rights.

    Young voters are watching the current situation closely and wondering about the motivation of some in relation to the serious problems that confront this country.

    There is a feeling that issues are being mis handled with a lack of priority.

    Young voterrs demnd that leaders and politicans have a wider worrld view than what is being exhibited currently.

    have a blessed day.

  19. .am says:

    PLP fitness club assembling today at 1700 — let’s get our march on!

    • 1,2,3... says:

      let’s flap our chops
      - jump to conclusions
      - cherry pick
      - back pedal
      - forge ahead with inaccurate information
      - lead, confuse and dazzle the sheeple
      - make a loud noise about nothing

      repeat 3 times for 1 minute and then pat ourselves on the back and go along home. Job well done, we told’em…didn’t we?

  20. David says:

    and of course this is the party that said on more than one occasion, ” we had to lie to you”

  21. LOL (Original TM*) says:

    On one radio station you got people calling whites anything but “God’s children” Infact most are saying whites are going “down the hill” and then on the everest show Mr. Brown saying come help support us and this affected more than just the blacks on the island for justice. Maybe Betty who seems to be writing the PLP press releases could answer it is it justice or just us?


  22. in the know says:

    ppl Just be remind this is a bulling scare tactic of Marc bean to call for independence. Don’t be fooled.

  23. Schizophrenic says:

    Marc,give your followers Ganga tea,it may help them to think about the following:
    Why the PLP encouraged an SDO to enable foreigners to buy more land at Tucker’s Point.
    Why The Auditor General cannot figure out how $800 million of the people’s money was spent.
    Why gangs flourished and crime rose under the 14 yrs of PLP rule.
    Why so many became unemployed.
    Why govt projects ran $100′s of millions over budget
    Why funding to The Social assistance programmes were slashed.

  24. Unbelievable says:

    Ah hello! Does the letters SDO ring any bells PLP?

  25. Mangani says:

    Boat horns,mr. Microphones,gombeys jump up and down!

  26. Mangani says:

    The U.S. has some serious talent….but dey have a lot of bagage….get one from each place we’ll figure it out afterwards…

  27. Alvin Williams says:

    Even with respect to social protest white privilege manifest itself. When I witness the white supporters of the former United Bermuda Party who were than the opposition; in their protest against the further democratisation of Bermuda; when they march up to government house to protest the than PLP government’s electoral reform which saw the creation of single-seat constituencies. They the white protesters were allowed to enter Government House and were seated as they chanted their opposition to the PLP government voter reforms. I don’t remember seeing any where the police presence or announcement that they were going to be there in force to protect the Bermuda equivalent of Guantanamo Bay. The only difference though while the Americans attempt to pay the Cubans for the use of the land for their base on Cuban soil and the Cubans have rejected such payments; Bermuda pays for the presence of the British governor that sits on the hill where government house is situated.