Photos/Video: Objections Over Removal Of Trees

August 5, 2014

[Updated: Protest ends after area MP Walton Brown steps in]

Area residents plus a few people from the Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce [BEST] gathered on Ewing Street this morning [Aug 5] to protest the removal of trees on Ewing Street by the Corporation of Hamilton.

BEST previously raised their objections to this, and speaking today Stuart Hayward said, “There are several reasons that we’re concerned about it. One is, the residents have put in a different plan, have offered a different plan, that would accomplish everything that the Corporation wants to without taking the trees out.

Stuart Hayward speaking this morning:

Mr. Hayward continued, “The Corporation says that’s too expensive and our response is that the Corporation is not having difficulty finding money for rather narrow-interest things that affect Corporation members. But the neighbours, the residents, the people who pay the Corporation’s taxes seem to be getting short-changed.

“A second point is that they claim they want to have this road as wide as international standards. Well, that flies in the face of what they’ve done at Princess Street, which is to narrow the road from the normal carriage width to about 18 feet.”

Video of this morning:

One of the area residents, Ms Sherma Simmons was out protesting with a sign, and told Bernews: “I petitioned all of the residents in my neighbourhood, and the majority of them have signed the petition and they inform me that a lot of the residents didn’t.

“My thing is, if a few didn’t, the majority rules, because I have the majority of signatures of all of the residents of my neighbourhood, so I don’t know what the Corporation is talking about, because I have most all of the signatures.”

Photos from the beginning of the protest, which appears to still be ongoing as of this writing:








Update 10.59am: The police are now on scene, and one resident has sat on a chair with her sign. Additional photos posted below.






Update 12.22pm: MP Walton Brown interceded, and got the Corporation of Hamilton to hold off doing anything for 24 hours so that an injunction could be filed and then have the courts adjudicate. Ms Simmons [who was seated in the chair pictured above] agreed to leave her position and have the matter resolved through the courts.

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  1. 32n64w says:

    If the current PLP backed Corporation of Hamilton leaders are so concerned with “international standards” why do they conduct their own affairs in such a deplorable manner wherein they don’t even hold their OWN members accountable for maladministration?

    Or is it ok when ‘they do it’?

    • smh says:

      Let’s stick to the issue here-
      Firstly these trees do not need to be cut down. Town already is looking like a concrete jungle and in my opinion we need more greenery.
      Secondly I would like I add that I think it’s nice that this neighborhood was able to come together for a common cause .

      STAND UP!

    • Somebody's momma says:

      Not sure what the connection to PLP is but we know that even though the OBA is Government some always finds a way to blame the PLP.

      • Bdaboy says:

        Sort of like how everyone likes to blame the OBA for laws the PLP passed when they were in power.?

    • fred l says:

      Electiom is over i guess u are sock puppeting pro bono. Did the plp also cause st Georges to loose?

    • Mighty mouse says:

      We the city taxpayers, are tired of the poor administration of the OBA backed Corporation of Hamilton and look forward to their demise.

    • Kunta says:

      I wonder what de outcome would’ve been like if it was a young black guy on de stand off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Terry says:

    True 32n.

  3. I and i says:

    Please forgive the description but…this was such an assinine thing to do it seems as though an inneffectual nincompoop was enabled an executive decision….and of course he made as much difference as he could….had the most profoundly idiotic decision he could to aggrevate and annoy….his or her little say and effect…..but that is all….that is all it is stupidity and self empowerment, kind of reminds me of the lady at tcd who indicates to her boss she doesn’t like a persons tone via e-main unbeknownst the email is still going tho the taxpayer….she’s so caught up in her own little world she loses grasp of her own position and vocational relationship with clientel who are there with money in their hand and an issue that needs elleviating…..totally oblivious to the true nature of fundemental expediation of the task at hand in an amiable fashion……that is lost …completely and utterly…to the point of being such a disfunctional obortive nuisance you don’t wish to do buisness with the entity entirely….which was probably the reason behind the whole mess in the first place a form of lazy that creates an environment that exudes disdain for vocation …probably ,driving the buisness away for that reason….oh well…poor people….now they are left to an appathy of …”damn….what did I do?”…why did they cut my trees down…..misery wants company….you must have likes your trees too much.

  4. What says:

    The John’s Smith Bay neighborhood wasn’t consulted when they built a lifeguard bathroom and shower. They took up the little greenery we have left there. People have been picnicking there for years. Why didn’t they use one of the buildings that were already there. Smh…and im not saying that the lifeguards or the public shouldn’t have a bathroom. Help me understand Stuart Hayward.

  5. Onion says:

    I’m proud of these residents for standing up for this lovely and unique street.

    Well done!

    • Truuufff says:

      Me too! Now THIS is something that I think is march-worthy!

      • Kunta says:

        That’s hilarious , one segment of de community put their life on de line to save de trees an save de animals, but when it comes to standing up for justice for their fellow HUMAN cohabitants they’re CRITICAL,
        Perfect example of de two Bermuda’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Possibly the intent is to allow huge trucks e.g.tractor trailers to make that swing from Court St onto Ewing St.heading toward Dellwood School; then take a right turn which will allowing them to get to T.C.D. (I believe they aren’t permitted to go off of Court St. / Tills Hill route…)

  7. Resident says:

    As a resident of Ewing Street I can confirm that the median has been a problem for a long time now. The biggest concern is that emergency vehicles cannot access the homes. It is a very tight area especially when cars are parked on both sides.The only members of the neighborhood who do not want the trees to be removed are the ones who do not live on either side of the median. Those who petitioned to keep the trees come from the bottom end of Ewing Street, where the trees do not affect them.

    So for those who want the trees, maybe you should consider buying them from the government and planting them in your own back yards!
    So continue….Remove the dang trees!

  8. Sympathiser says:

    We need MORE not less streets like this lovely tree-lined one.

  9. 21st Century says:

    Hopefully these area residents will remember this and other goings on when it comes time to vote in the Hamilton City municipal elections 2015

  10. Tylar says:

    Looks like protests in Bermuda are ‘branching-out’ to greener pastures

    • Kunta says:

      LOL, but protest in Bermuda has been a factor in Bermuda’s History, especially amongst those of African Descent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. C says:

    I think the problem is the way people park on the sides of the roads which a lot of times it’s difficult to get past them. It’s a busy little street these days. Maybe put some thinner trees on the sidewalks or even down the center. Sorry it had to come to this.

    • micro says:

      One of the solutions offered was to remove parking on one side of the road, which would allow plenty of room for emergency vehicles to pass (which was one of the arguments and probably the only valid one for removing the trees)

  12. swing voter says:

    Light turnout Stuey….due to the residents voting for the current city managers….and not wanting to display their displeasure perhaps?

    • Stuey says:

      @ swing voter: more likely time of day –> working hours vs. weekends.

    • Stuey says:

      @ swing voter: also, this was impromptu –> not much time to alert/invite the public.

  13. Everytime you hear... says:

    You go mom! It pisses me off how things like this get done without little notice etc. I can’t tell how many times I’ve heard of people coming back from work and finding things changed in their neighborhood that can’t be rectified after the fact. My mom happens to be at home to see and hear about these things. Imagine if her and other watchdogs weren’t? Take back our streets from ALL thugs!!!

  14. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Aunty Simmons…you tell ‘em girl!!!

  15. JH says:

    Good to see Walton Brown doing something positive and worthwhile. The Tuckers Town, and the PRC things are a lost cause mainly due to the disasterous way the PLP managed them – with complete and utter untruths and misinformation.

    Moving on is good – congratulations. PLP doing something positive.

    Pigs are flying – out my window. Honestly!

  16. pressing the flush says:

    the c of h need to leave the effing trees alone!

  17. Not buying it says:

    I see the protesters’ point of view but I also feel that this road needs to be widened. I think a good compromise would be not to cut the trees down but simply re-plant them elsewhere. That way you can ‘save the trees’ and widen the rd at the same time. Everybody wins!!

    • Y-Gurl says:

      Why does the road need to be widened? Because the C of H says so?..

    • Tough Love says:

      How often do you use this road that you think it needs to be widened? How big is your vehicle that you can’t drive through it?

  18. micro says:


  19. Left arm spinner says:

    OBA grow trees,PLP cut dem down!

  20. hmm says:

    funny how you see the pictures with Belco in the back smokin away like its 420 day.

  21. JH says:

    At least we all agree this is something worth marching for. So the half dozen or so people who are still upset about PRCs or the non stealing of land in Tucker’s Tarn should head darn Ewing Street and fight for something real.

  22. Thanking a champion says:

    Congratulations to Councillor RoseAnn Edwards, area resident, who won the highest number of votes in the City of Hamilton’s last election while running on the former Mayor Gosling’s ticket. As a Councillor, she has been the only opposition to a Board that has run amuck while concocting greed-orientatied, self-motivated schemes. With this incident, RoseAnn blew the whistle on the City’s plans with the first sounds of chainsaws in her neighborhood. She stood up to the workmen, defied powers in charge, suffered intimidation, and finally was instrumental in bringing environmental groups on board. The wrath of a women who is challenging an injustice is a wonderful thing to witness. Go for it, Girl. Oppose! And then oppose some more–over and over again. Bermuda needs more strong voices like yours.

  23. Y-Gurl says:

    Yet another bully boy tactic by the power hungry Cof H benavides who says “something’s gotta go” …hey Ed maybe it’s you!

    • I agree. Ed, you aren’t the same bie’ that went to Tech with me “back-in-de-day”. What happen, did you also get blinded by “others”?

  24. Doggs says:

    Why do some people have to make this a political thing? WHY? PLP or OBA, WHY?

  25. Stuntman says:

    The Secretary needs to own this omnishambles.

    Just as Ms Simmons states in the video clip, he refused to listen to the residents concerns and has rammed this project through till people finally had enough.

    This technocratic arrogance has now cost City Hall many $$$$$ and wasted countless hours of residents time attending pointless meetings, where their views were treated with contempt and lip service by CoH.

    Any project manager in the private sector responsible for such a hot mess would now be looking for a new job.

  26. Samuel L. Jackson says:

    Yeah we need international standard roads for all that international traffic ya know

  27. i and i says:

    The bottom line here is
    We need beauty in this area
    That people can identify with…
    A beauty that they can say…yes here we go….this is how we feel….this is truly how we are…I can personally relate ad when my grandfather died….a piece of me died with him,I fell apart and drank way too many elephants,they pulled me in and let me mourn,then they advised me to understand that my grandfather would not want me to be this way and sent me cracking….I personally feel they need to have beauty as they themselve …”are “…beautiful in their own right.Either recreate the beauty that you remove or…………….in my estimation………….be knowledgable that this is an afront….an insult….and miopic behaviour….to be erradicated.