Two Hospitalised After Driver Collides With Tree

August 9, 2014

[Updated] Traffic is being diverted away from a collision scene in the Middle Road, Sandys area tonight [Aug 9] after a car driver collided with a tree, and two people were transported to hospital.

Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines said: “Police responded to a report of a road traffic collision that took place at 9:52 pm on Saturday night.


“It appears that a car was travelling west on Middle Road in Sandys just 200 meters west of Spring Benny Road when the driver of the vehicle lost control and hit the curb and subsequently a tree.

“The driver and his passenger were taken to the hospital where they are being treated for serious injuries. Traffic at this time is at a stand still while traffic collision investigators process the scene.”

Update 12.11am [Aug 10]: Bermuda Fire and Rescue spokesperson Sergeant Russann Francis said, “At approximately 9:53 pm on Saturday, August 9, 2014, the Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service responded to a report of a single vehicle accident on Middle Road, Sandy’s.

“The vehicle was reported to have collided with a tree. The Fire Service responded to the incident with one vehicle and four personnel.

“The injured persons were treated by Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service personnel before being transferred to KEMH via ambulance.”

Update Aug 10, 3.26pm: A police spokesperson said, “The 21 year old passenger is presently is in stable condition in the hospital with serious leg and hip injuries, and the 24 year old driver is also in stable condition with internal injuries, head injuries and other injuries to his lower body.

“An active investigation has commenced into this collision and police are interested in talking with anyone who saw this collision or saw the vehicle moments before to incident to contact police PC 2455 Wade on 295-0011.

“The BPS would also like to thank the public who came to aid of the victims whilst emergency personnel where getting to the scene.”

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  1. Sheila Marshall says:


  2. serz doe says:

    For f*** sake Bermuda. What is going on.

    • bermy says:

      Wow, do hope they make a recovery and not usually one to judge or speculate and am no expert, but by looking at the photo and the level of damage speed had to have been a factor here! Slow down Bermy please

  3. Enough is enough says:

    WTH is going on in this island.too many collisions and many can be avoided. A little care will get you there.Praying that it is not life threatening

  4. M & M says:

    Looks like the “it can’t happen to me” syndrome.

  5. Triangle Drifter says:

    It is Saturday night, demolition derby night.

  6. pressing the flush says:

    The amount of impact damage to the front of that car tells me that the driver was speeding and not in control!

    • Longtail says:

      So true…. and we all end up paying for this kind of driver through increased insurance rates. SLOW DOWN Bermuda!

    • What Up says:

      Remember they don’t build cars like they use to. They are so cheap these days and cost Sooooooo Muuuuuch.

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        No, they are designed to collapse like that, absorbing the energy to protect the fool driver inside.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      I do not even see any skid marks indicating that they tried to brake. Course, once they would have hit the raised sidewalk, they were probably somewhat airborne until impact. I know that front ends are now designed to crumple on impact and usually force the engine down under the car so it doesn’t go into the passenger compartment, but to have wrapped that much of the car around the tree would still have required far more speed than even minimal common sense would employ on our roads.

  7. Sarah says:

    My two closest friends were the ones in that accident. They are good, honest guys and its gut wrenching to see this photo. Please send them your prayers

  8. Ameboa says:

    What ever happened, happened pretty darn quick, the driver had no time to react……no skid marks 1st. clue so what ever happened, happened inside the car for the driver to lose control, for those looking at the damage it doesn’t mean the driver was speeding. The driver could have had a medical emergency and stepped on the gas last minute thinking it was the brake. Velocity and Kinetic energy can be forceful at any speed.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Slight flaw in you last statement, velocity is speed. The equation for Kinetic Energy (KE) is this KE=0.5(m(v squared)). As mass (m) would be a constant, velocity (v) is the deciding variable for how much KE is produced; no v, no KE, the more v, the more KE. It takes v to produce KE.
      I do agree that there could be any number of factors contributing to the collision, however, given that the driver was only 24, the statistical odds that it would have been medical are greatly reduced, though not negated, and from the damage, velocity in excess of the legal limit was definitely involved.

  9. drunken ursula says:

    Sharma and Best please save that tree….mercy !

  10. Kangoocar says:

    It is high time the police clamp down on ALL the speeding walls, sidewalks and trees!!!! Another idiot that is doing their part to keep our vehicle insurance rates high!!!!

  11. Justice! says:

    Healthcare and vehicular insurance costs are skyrocketing due to this kind of human negligence. With respect to quality of life, what’s frightening is that non can predict what the aftermath of such actions is going to produce.

  12. Raymond Ray says:

    Maybe it’s time to place a mandatory govern on all motorized vehicles,(yes, bikes included)This device can be placed on at any dealership or garage. If Bermudas speed limit is 50km. then set the govern at 50km. and this way we will see less deaths due the careless / reckless driving or riding. Oh, if a person is to remove this devise then when found out they lose their bike, car or what have you.
    It’s elementary: “Ride like lightening…you crash like thunder”

    • Whistling Frog says:

      @ Raymond Ray: So you’re saying before I purchase my $50,000.00 car or $6,000.00 bike, government gets to alter my property before its in my hands? So who’s responsible for anything happening to it before the warranty is up?
      Lets see if that legislature will come into effect anytime soon…

      • Raymond Ray says:

        Exactly…Better they, (Govt.) be responsible for that than you or someone else being responsible for an innocent person life because you may not like having to do Bermudas legal speed limit.
        So tell us, would speeding mean more to you than someones life? By the way, if you didn’t / don’t know it many bikes and cars / trucks bodies are altered prior to arriving on the Island all that’s needed now is to have the foreign manufactures put the govern on from their end while in the manufacturing lines. All that’s required is for our local dealers to request having it done.

        • Whistling Frog says:

          Thats why you pay police, to do their job… So far government ain’t doing shyt for the people. If you looking for something to be reduced, Have government reduce food tax, employment tax, and BELCO’s maintenance charges.. Theres laws in place for speeders and DUI drivers. Let the courts do what they do. Law abiding citizens like myself don’t need to be paying no more then I have to. What next? You want government to force people to go to church?

          • Raymond Ray says:

            Keep doing what you do best, keep “whistling frog”. It’s those with that same mentality that are the cause of many of the problems we are all facing here today. So, just keep whistling, until you can sign your in-puts by the “church given” name…

    • Ameboa says:

      less speed will not reduce accidents or collisions

    • Y-Gurl says:

      Perhaps someone needs to put a governor on your thought process

  13. lifetime says:

    Waiting for more lip service from Crockwell on this one. Drastic action must be taken! Seems he is more focused on casinoes than people’s lives. Either way he wins. We will either be broke or dead.


    • haha says:

      There’s only so much you can do you dumba$$….either way it’s not really governments fault, how much can they really do?! If anything it’s d police..

      • PBanks says:

        It’s the fault of the individual drivers, of course…

        However it’s also the responsibility of our government and our law enforcement to ensure as much as possible that our roadways are safe from bad drivers. If govt is lax (as they have been), then bad drivers have free reign to do the junk they currently do.

    • LeRocher says:

      You can’t legislate “stupidity, carelessness or expect to the Government to continue to make laws” There sufficient laws on our the books. Not judging in in this cast, but people, not government have to take responsibility for their own actions.

  14. Crony says:

    Road sobriety tests may have prevented this,who knows?

  15. got it says:

    Whenever there are big accidents the police end up making statements about clamping down and going out in force which would end up penalizing most of those never involved in such accidents.

    If they just targeted those having such accidents and courts handed out big fines and bans then this would target the people causing all mayhem!

    The innocent should not suffer fot the guilty!

    • Whistling Frog says:

      @ Got it: So if you loan someone your vehicle and they right it off. Are you saying that the police should target the owner of that vehicle?

      • trees says:

        Why would you suggest targeting the owner and not the driver whoever they may be?

  16. D says:

    What ever happened to just praying for the injured parties? Most of you are on here judging. No one knows what happened so lets not be so quit to jump to conclusions. We are all human so lets just pray/hope for speedy recoveries.

  17. keisha says:

    Wet roads and people still want to drive above the limit. I hope they make a smooth recovery but come on Bermuda lets drive safer!

  18. Sarcastic says:

    Maybe we need to remove all trees and telephone poles to make roads safer. Hope all those involved are ok.

  19. swing voter says:

    damn trees!

  20. Red Pepper says:

    It sure as heck wasn’t a trash man rushing to work.

  21. MAKE MY DAY says:

    Are ALL these people “drunk” or “high” on something…. I have never seen so many accidents and deaths in such a short period of time!!!

    The Court system needs to get really tough with all vehicle operators who drive recklessly or speed or drive under the influence of ANYTHING!!!

    Innocent peoples lives are at risk here!!

  22. wake up says:

    several years ago this car manufactor made several recalls on various mmodels that accelerated by them selves this model seems to be that of simiral model and year as to the one that turned over couple of nights ago ? could the recuriing recals and the cost involved cause the make to be replaced by others in the local market ? just a question of thought! hope a Speedy recovery to all And most that stupidity did not play a part in this..

    • what is wrong with people says:

      let’s entertain your little idea here for a moment and say it was a faulty car accelerator, these were recalled and supposed to be brought in immediately for repair. So, it shouldn’t be an issue right? If “owner” didn’t take the car in for the service it’s their fault anyway for neglecting to properly maintain their vehicle.

      it’s speed. speed and stupidity. end of story.

  23. js says:

    as BEST would say

    “glad to see the tree is safe”

  24. Really??? says:

    Seriously need to slow down, that couldve been a person and not a tree!

  25. somuchless says:

    We’re responsible for our own actions. Take your time everyone, you WILL get there.

  26. Relocated Now says:

    I hope the tree is alright. Bermuda needs more trees – quiet, solid, upstanding guardians of the environment.

  27. On de Hill says:

    So this is the government’s fault? Unbelievable.

  28. Triangle Drifter says:

    An older Yaris. I could use some parts.

    • D says:

      those parts don’t look good

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        The parts I could use are just fine. Bermuda Motors charges absurd prices for little things.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Hopefully none of the ones you need are for anything in the front end

  29. James Herald AKA Citizen Banned says:

    There are simply too many of these trees around. Walls too are a huge problem. If Government took all our trees and walls down then accidents like this would simply stop. But I don’t expect Government to do anything about it and these trees and walls will continue to cause death and destruction.

    I would have expected this under a PLP government but under the OBA this is very disappointing.

    I also notice that bends in the road are a problem but lets not get into that.

  30. Rockfish#2 says:

    We don’t know what caused this collision. However, the BPS,Road Council and others are continually reminding motorists about the dangers of speeding and reckless driving.
    If the drivers decide to disregard these warnings, terrible things can happen.

  31. D says:

    waiting for a update, very sad

  32. Good to see the airbags saved another life !but bring it down to little Pauls auto shop! Me fix anything, no job to big or small..Lol

  33. Terry says:

    Bermudians will never change.

    Like reading a comic book with quotes from people who cannot back up jack sheet.

    Victor Newman is still Governor right?

  34. Road Safety says:

    I’m not going to draw my own conclusions like the rest of theabove….however I have been observing many area of the road in different parishes for oil leaks. It would be advisable for the road safety councel and the minister to maybe combat the oil in the roads. There are large plots of it on harbour road especially.

    • Terry says:

      “oil leaks”?
      I need a rum.

    • what is wrong with people says:

      Oil leaks??? really?? Is this your best shot? a small oil spot on the road is NOT going to cause a driver to crash like this. It’s going to do absolutely nothing. How about we blame who is at fault? It’s not government, it’s not police, it’s not a faulty car, it’s not a damn spot of oil on the road, it’s SPEED and careless drivers.

      • Road Safety says:

        You think not……..well would you like to contribute your car in an experiment in st. David’s one day.

        It’s people like you and some of the above that wand to automatically say speeding and drinking.

        • what is wrong with people says:

          even if he/she did slide out of control on an oil patch…. how do you explain this amount of damage if he/she were travelling at the posted speed? You can’t.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        Look , at this point it seems no-one here knows exactly what caused this , and based on what we all see on the streets every hour of every day I can’t blame their cynicism but if you’re going to scoff the oil slick theory allow me to educate you .

        All oil slicks are NOT small and insignificant ! I hit one many years back on a roundabout where some jacka$$ had not put their fuel fill cap back on after leaving the gas station .
        It was diesel fuel and a 2.5′ x 15′ arc shaped slick. I went down (remember it was in a roundabout so we were going slowly) and even the car behind me experienced difficulties , thankfully they were keeping their distance.
        So until it happens to you do not dismiss any and all possibilities.

      • Ameboa says:

        Guess you never walked in oil then … not the same as in a car but did you maintain your balance?

  35. TSOL says:

    Somebody wrote “Bermudians will never change”. But how much of this was happening day in day out 15 years ago and beyond. Its a mindset that has changed.

  36. roger says:

    FLYINGGGGGG I BET THEY WERE :( :( . In the distant past a BAD accident happened at the bottom of that hill, NOW the middle, NO MORE PLEASE.

  37. nothing up my sleeve says:

    Starting to think that Toyota Yaris’s are bad luck.