All Government Schools Closed On Monday

October 19, 2014

[Updated] BHS, MSA, Somersfield, Bermuda Institute, Warwick Academy, and Saltus St John’s Rd will all be open on Monday [Oct 20], while Saltus Cavendish and all Government schools will be closed.

As far as Pre-Schools, Flying Start, First Friends, Adventureland, Onionpatch, Little Learners, Heritage and Learning Zone will be closed on Monday; while Sweet Pea, Tree Trops, Cornerstone and Play With A Purpose will open on Monday. 

A Govt. spokesperson said, “Out of an abundance of caution, all Government schools will remain ‎closed tomorrow as assessments on various school facilities, coupled with assessments of some impassable roads along school routes continues. Principals and teachers are being asked to attend their respective schools tomorrow to assist in preparations for reopening.‎”

Update 5.25pm: As far as Bermuda College, all Security and Facility personnel are requested to report to campus Monday morning at 9am. All other staff and faulty are requested to be on campus at 12 noon on Monday.

Night classes [from 4:30pm onwards] will resume on Monday, all other classes and College operations will resume Tuesday, October 21 from 8:30am.

Update 5.33pm: Change of plans with Adventureland Nursery and Preschool…it will remain closed on Monday. This decision has been made because power has once again been lost and to avoid any continuing uncertainty.

Update 6.18pm: First Friends Nursery and Preschool will be closed on Monday due to not having electricity

Update 6.37pm: The Onionpatch Academy will be closed Monday. Staff are asked to report to the school to assist with preparations for opening on Tuesday 21st October at 7:30am. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

Update 7.53pm: Sweet Pea Nursery will be open tomorrow, while Little Learners Preschool and Heritage Nursery and Preschool will be closed on Monday.

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  1. Lebron says:

    So BHS, MSA, Warwick, Somersfield and Saltus are all open, yet ALL Government schools are closed.

    Is that just an amazing co-incidence, or a reflection of attitudes at those running the respective schools?

    • L. Milton Scott says:

      Lebron, lighten up. The same individuals clearing the roads prepare our schools after a hurricane.

      • Thank you Mr.Scott because that is the sentiments of most, and to Mister braniac Lebron, bare in mind that all main roads need to be fully cleared before the public buses can be operational, to get these same students to and from school, not to mention the fact that as Mr. Scott has stated, who do you think is doing all this work, to get our schools, government buildings up and running.

        This is also why I say we should have considered the unemployed, even if this is just a weeks work, government has a department with the names of several hundred of unemployed that they could call on for the clean up process, out in the community and the full restoration of all government properties. we are thankful for the U.S and U.K with the assessment of their findings as they fly over the Island but we still as a people have not been told if that comes with a hefty price tag.

        • Duane, if them without work are “in desperate need of some work” (as they love often claim) then why not they contact the appropriate offices to get some temporary employment a.s.a.p? (Inquisitive minds would like to know)

          • Typo: (as they love to often claim)then why don’t they contact the appropriate offices etc…

          • Ray as much as it would seem that cut and dry it is not, so just a few reminders,government has many young people as well as middle age person that are able to work, that are presently enjoying financial assistance off of the backs of the working class tax payers, then government has the department of labor and training if that is still their official name, that have a few thousand applications of non working Bermudians, so why cant those two departments utilize the list they already have, especially the department that deal with the financial assistance.

            Sick and tired of the lame Ox excuses that we don’t utilize our resourcefulness, young people are getting rents,food and child nursery fees paid, here is a chance to have them earn their keep,that is the way I was raised.

    • eternaloptimist says:

      That is an ignorant comment. It was the
      same government schools that were in on Thursday when private schools were closed. What was your comment then? Ridiculous.

      • Irritated says:

        I do not think that private schools should be in either if there is potential danger to their students.

  2. Irritated says:

    All Government schools were in for most of the day last Thursday when all of the private schools you mentioned were NOT in. Did you ever stop to think that there may be no lights and/or damage to the schools that could be a potential danger to the students???? And on top of that…the teachers were in on the days that the students were out last week in order to make sure they were ready for the students upon their return…SMH…stop making assumptions.

  3. right is right says:

    Are u serious Lebron…why don’t you get off of your high horse and lend a hand…

  4. Keep it real says:

    Whether the schools are in or not I would just like an explanation behind it so we have all information and stop assuming! I.e. no electricity. .damages..debris..etc.

  5. Stated says:

    Just to comment @Lebron the government school system has no control to whether the private schools wish to put their students in harms way. The private school sector makes their own decisions, each private school deciding for their own school body and hopefully in each child’s best interest.