Photos: House Wall Collapses During Gonzalo

October 19, 2014

A house in St George’s sustained serious damage in Hurricane Gonzalo, with one wall of the house collapsing entirely. Fortunately the property, which was not built using traditional Bermudian architecture, was empty during the storm. For all our coverage of Hurricane Gonzalo click here, and for our live blog where we are bringing you continuous updates of Hurricane Gonzalo, and the aftermath, click here.

Hurricane Gonzalo Bermuda, October 18 2014-71

Hurricane Gonzalo Bermuda, October 18 2014-70

Hurricane Gonzalo Bermuda, October 18 2014-69

Hurricane Gonzalo Bermuda, October 18 2014-68

Hurricane Gonzalo Bermuda, October 18 2014-67

Hurricane Gonzalo Bermuda, October 18 2014-66

Hurricane Gonzalo Bermuda, October 18 2014-65

Hurricane Gonzalo Bermuda, October 18 2014-64

Hurricane Gonzalo Bermuda, October 18 2014-62

Hurricane Gonzalo Bermuda, October 18 2014-61

Hurricane Gonzalo Bermuda, October 18 2014-63

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  1. Family Man says:

    This is a great example of why you need strict building codes.

    The story of the three little pigs and their houses comes to mind.

    • What a stupid,ignorant,un-thoughtful,asinine, comment, this house is obviously one of the very older houses left in Bermuda, that is a clear reminder of how far we have come in this country, and I for one take offense of your insensitivity to a family that is not bothering you, and at this hour is probably doing everything possible to figure out how to salvage whatever it is they have left.

      Thank God not every one is as asinine as you are and God forbid when your real turn comes to get knocked in your ox, it may not be a house blown in but I pray you retract your insensitive thoughts in this matter, i stick with the old saying that a circle has no beginning nor any ending, but rest assure what goes around comes around, and I don’t wish any harm upon you, but I have lived more then 50 years and in that time had to learn some lessons the hard way, and still learning. so don’t take a path that you don’t need to, and you got the nerve to put a pen name like Family Man, I got a few names I think is more appropriate but Bernews won’t be able to print them.

      • That was direct to Family Man and anyone who think’s like that.

      • Creamy says:

        Why was his comment “asinine”? He was pointing out the wisdom of building codes in Bermuda. This is a good example of why buildings here are built the way they are. You’re the one suggesting the owners were unprepared and uninsured.

      • Malachi says:

        Mr. “Holier than Thou” Santucci, what is so insensitive about Family Man’s blog?? He is quite correct – that is exactly why we have building codes. It is you, who week after week make asinine comments behind your “God” delusion.

        I really detest people like you.

      • islandguy says:

        I agree with you!But those who live in glass houses shouldnt throw rocks,some of your post can be just as asinine!
        Just saying

  2. Do we have a relief fund for those who can not afford repairs, and/or a relief fund for those who have damages bur do not have insurance on their homes.

    We have for years as a people had relief funds set up for disasters for every foreign country overseas you can think of, now we have our own that are in need, so I hope as a people,a country and a government we can do what ever it takes to restore this home and others like it to full restoration.

    Our thoughts are with this family and all that have damages that they was not prepared, and this is in no way implying that these peoples home was not insured,but there are many out there that cant afford to insure their homes because the premiums are to high.

    • To be honest ,that was one of three of the cottages in builders bay, that one there was so much termite invested superised it lasted that long,..

    • Micro says:

      The PLP did set up a fund for seniors in the aftermath of Fabian I believe; no idea if the OBA has continued that fund.

    • Creamy says:

      Every day your ideas get more ridiculous.

  3. Micro says:

    Wonder if they had left a window open, most likely what happen is the pressure found its own escape.

    • Longtail says:

      Ah no: more like someone plastered over an old wood structure so that the wood eventually rotted out. This was just waiting to happen…. eventually it would have probably fallen down without any wind. Thankfully nobody was hurt!!!