MSA Bazaar Postponed Due To Gonzalo

October 14, 2014

The MSA Bazaar due to be held this weekend has been postponed due to the approach of Hurricane Gonzalo which is forecast to affect Bermuda in a few days.

A spokesperson said, “This afternoon members of the Board Executive, Home & School Executive, Bazaar Committee Executive, Administration, and Facilities management of Mount Saint Agnes Academy met to review the latest advisories on Hurricane Gonzalo and its forecasted path over the next few days.

“The latest forecast indicates that the hurricane could become Category 4 by Thursday and is expected to begin impacting the Bermuda area as early as late Thursday evening. Consequently, a decision needed to be made this afternoon pertaining to the MSA Bazaar this weekend to provide sufficient time for the Construction Team to disassemble the stalls and store them safely.

“After reviewing the latest forecast, and taking into consideration the well-being of the entire MSA Family and broader Bermuda community, we have unanimously decided to postpone the MSA Bazaar.

“We reviewed the MSA calendar and have determined that the weekend of November 14/15th is the earliest opening window in which we could hold the Bazaar. Obviously, we will not be able to finalize this decision until after Hurricane Gonzalo has passed so we can fully understand the damage which it may have caused to Bermuda. We hope and pray that damage will be minimal.”

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