Photos: 2014 Santa Claus Parade In Hamilton

November 30, 2014

[Updated with more photos] Crowds packed streets of Hamilton this evening [Nov 30] for the annual Santa Claus parade, which involves a variety of dance groups, majorettes, Gombeys, the Bermuda Longriders, cartoon characters and of course Santa Claus himself.

christmas santa parade wm

According to the Parade list, the groups that took part included the Lions Club of Bermuda, Little Miss Paradise, Bermuda Longriders, World of Fun mascots, Miss Hospitality, Ex-Artillery Elite Majorettes, H&H Gombeys, Dalton E Tucker school, In Motion School of Dance, Rated-E Dance Crew, Gombey Warriors, IKAZ Dance Team, Sui Generis Dance Team, Dancesations, Warner Gombeys, St George’s Dancerettes, Bermuda Fire Service Sparky, Marketplace and more.

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  1. From the time I was a child there has always been a white Santa clause, everything from Santa that would come on T.V,reading the Christmas letters at the Annex just before the evening news for years, then every time we have had a Santa clause parade, by the time you started seeing a black man dressed as Santa, it did not look like or feel like a part of Christmas, my point is a child ask me the same question of why is the Santa clause parade always have a white Santa and as a adult gone 50 I felt dumb founded to answer, but thought that it was a rather interesting observation, from a child in primary school who is asking a age old question that maybe someone can answer more appropriate. for all the smart ox’s out there we know Santa is not real but to some children he is a real good guy that does good for all children that are good, pick the bones out of it and you can see how we brain wash our children right from young, and you wonder why they think white is superior.

    • Santa fan club says:

      Well he is based off a Scandinavian folk lore character so yeah he is white. To say it is brain washing is as stupid a comment as you can get, perhaps a more accurate character to chose would be Jesus, he would have had to used sun block 250 SPF to be as white as he is portrayed in the media. That is a much better example of a fictional character used to brainwash the masses.

    • Anne says:

      Uh, Duane-he lives at the NORTH POLE! He’s lived there forever so how would he black? You know we black people can’t take the cold so how would a black Santa survive up there in that cold climate?

      Santa loves all kids: black, white, yellow, brown-you name it! Doesn’t he bring toys to ALL kids? So really, does it matter what colour HE is??

    • Bermudian says:

      As a black person, I don’t have a problem with Santa being white! What I have a problem with is the fact that he spies on us all year while the elves do all the work making the toys. Who is HE to decide if we’re naughty or nice? I heard it’s not even that hard for him to check his list these days-he doesn’t have to check it twice because he has computers do it for him! Then he gets on his sleigh and sits back while the reindeer huff and puff doing all the work hauling his fat a** around the globe for him to do the ONE day of work he does all year! He breaks and enters our homes whether we want him to come in or not-anybody else would end up in jail for that! He spoils our kids with all kinds of toys and gadgets the little monsters probably don’t even deserve-who is HE to decide what they get? Then he stuffs his fat face with milk and cookies all night, heads back to the North Pole and gets to relax for another 364 days. How is THAT fair? THAT is what you should have a porblem with!!!

  2. Common Sense says:

    This was simply the best Santa Claus Parade I’ve ever had the pleasure to see. Congratulations to all concerned and to Bernews for capturing the magic.

  3. kat says:

    @Santucci you clearly have to much time on your hands. Tis the season to be jolly suck it up and answer it the BEST way you can ….. BLACK AND WHITE RACISM WILL NEVER DIE…. BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU

  4. Xaxa says:

    Oh Duane,
    Don’t be such a grinch! St. Nicholas, whom Santa is based upon was from an area that is Greek/ Turkish and was most likely white.There are lots of black saints if your child wants to know. My favourite is St,. Kizito, one of the Martyrs of Uganda