Feb 24: Morgan’s Point To Hold Public Meeting

February 19, 2015

Morgan’s Point Ltd. — the developers of the Morgan’s Point Resort on the former US Naval Base in Southampton/Sandys — will be holding a public forum on Tuesday [Feb 24] at 7:30pm at Dalton E. Tucker School on Middle Road in Southampton.

A spokesperson said, “The public is invited to come out to hear about the upcoming development plans and get fully briefed on the first phase of the development which will include a luxury boutique hotel, a mega-yacht marina and residences.

“This will be an opportunity for the people of Bermuda to find out first hand from the development team about the exciting opportunities that await Bermuda and its people.

“The presentation will be led by Morgan’s Point President and CEO Craig Christensen along with their development manager and construction manager from Southworth Development along with local and overseas architects. There will be a Q&A session for people to ask questions to get a full understanding of this exciting new project.”

You can view our past coverage of Morgan’s Point here.

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  1. It’s great hearing there’s to be a Q & A public meeting in reference to Morgan’s Point next week in Southampton but, wouldn’t it be equally advantageous to the public if the developers were to hold a public meeting in the City of Hamilton?(Somewhere that will be more accessible to the vast majority.)

  2. Newly Optomistic Bermudian says:

    I do not here anything about a Casino! Will there be one or just a huge housing development with a small luxury boutique Hotel. We will see on Tuesday!

  3. aceboy says:

    When does the ground breaking happen? Hopefully tomorrow. I don’t see any way they can build much of anything before 2017, there’s no time. But we shall see.

    • sage says:

      True, and when is the dredging of the channel starting to make the AC village island ? Hope we haven’t bitten off more than we can chew.

  4. Cardine Alice says:

    It’s going to be a Bermuda Atlantis owned and run by the Sun Internaitonal Group with proper casino, waterpark, moorings, and loads of tourists. Anything less would be a total waste.

    • Newly Optomistic Bermudian says:

      I wish yyou were correct but wait and see what they tell us on Tuesday. Nothing like that at all!

    • Trulytruly says:

      It is not. It is going to be a high end boutique hotel with residences in the first phase. Second phase a larger hotel and more facilities including possibly a Casino. They have done there research and found a reputable developer. Atlantis sure looks impressive but has not made money for anyone so far.

      • Newly Optomistic Bermudian says:

        If we had an Atlantis in Bermuda at Morgans point we would have Zero unemplyment as the Bahamas.

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      Loads of *Tourists*??? Where have they ALL been for the last 20 yrs???

  5. Fidel says:

    If it’s important to you then the distance to the meeting shouldn’t matter!!

  6. MAKE MY DAY says:

    How many years has this “development” been under consideration?? I bet it will still NOT be “under construction” when the America’s Cup is due in 2017!! I have never seen so many meetings about a project in my life – the second world war was shorter than this!!