Photos: Mountain Bike Racing At Fort Scaur

February 12, 2015

The Flying Colours Mountain Bike Race Series continued with 82 riders competing at Fort Scaur over the weekend.

In A Class, Robin Horsefield crossed the line first with a time of 50:16, covering eleven laps Chequan Richardson also completed 11 laps finishing in second clocking 53:46 and Neil de ste Croix finished third clocking 50:50 completing 10 laps.

The Male B Division race saw Kaden Hopkins record a winning time of 44:35 completing 9 laps, Padraic Browne finished second clocking 41:18 after 8 laps and Jenai Robinson finished third with a time of 42:01. Ashley Kirkpatrick rode to victory in the Female B Division with a time of 42:35 after 6 laps.


In the Male Veteran race Charles Swart clocked a winning time of 40:52 completing 7 laps, Chris Roque finished second with a time of 40:27 having completed 6 laps, while Mark Booth finished third with a time of 41:19 also completing 6 laps.

During the Male Novice race Darren Dowling crossed the line first with a time of 32:52, Shane Mora finished second clocking 33:02, and Nathan Trott finished third with a time of 33:55 all three completed 5 laps.

Kim Raymond won the Female Novice race completing 4 laps recording a time of 35:37, Nancy Stevens finished second with a time of 34:12 after 3 laps.

The Junior Male 13 ‐ 15 Age Group winner was Sam Walsh who clocked a time of 33:49, Jordan Dowling was second in a time of 35:08 and Malik Joell finished third in a time of 36:19.

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