Concern That Male In Sex Video Not Identified

August 10, 2015

“We have been inundated with calls and messages from Bermudian parents who are highly concerned that the male involved in the sexual incident at Cup Match has not yet been apprehended,” Shadow National Security Minister Walter Roban said, adding that “whether he was a resident of Bermuda, or a guest, there is a database of passport photos and drivers licenses, upon which facial recognition software could be run.”

Following the circulation of a video showing two young people engaged in sexual activity in public at Cup Match the police launched an investigation, and subsequently confirmed that family members identified the female, who is a minor, and “enquiries continue with a view to identifying the male involved.”

The police have provided a photo of the male and asked for members of the public to assist in identifying him.

Photo provided by the police showing the male involved.


Mr Roban said, “Over the last 10 days we have been inundated with calls and messages from Bermudian parents who are highly concerned that the male involved in the sexual incident at Cup Match has not yet been apprehended.

“Many in our community are duly concerned that even with a clear shot of his facial image and CCTV at St Georges Cricket Club, that the Bermuda Police Service, nor members of the general public, have yet to identify this perpetrator.

“Whether he was a resident of Bermuda, or a guest, there is a database of passport photos and drivers licenses, upon which facial recognition software could be run. There is simply no logical excuse as to how this person has not been identified, and as to why this person is still free.

“This incident was disrespectful to the meaning behind Cup Match; was disrespectful to the fans of Cup Match; was disrespectful to fellow attendees at Cup Match.

“There is nothing that can be said that could excuse this behavior and while other Bermudians tried to stop this behavior in a variety of ways, the participants continued on in blatant disrespect.

“We call upon the Premier & National Security Minister, Michael Dunkley, and Junior National Security Minister Senator Jeff Baron to step up the manhunt for this wanted individual.

“The Bermuda Police Service comes under their remit and we call on them to address this incident and to update the public on what is being done to bring these participants to justice.

“We urge anyone in the public who may know this person to contact the BPS as soon as possible,” added Mr Roban.

The police have asked witnesses and in particular persons who can assist with identifying the male in the videos to contact Insp. Mark Clarke at the Central Criminal Investigation Unit at 247 1086.

- As the girl in question is a minor [under 16 years old] comments that pertain to her have to be moderated for legal concerns.

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  1. Perspective says:

    Don’t see the need for such attention being paid when we have dozens of unsolved murders over the years that families still want answers to.

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      Tell that to the judge the next time you’re up for something petty & see how far that frame of thought gets you off the hook.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      The faux outrage over this is so thick you could stir it with a shovel .
      Anyone with 2 functioning brain cells can figure out why certain people are making such an overblown deal about this affair. It has all of the ingredients to fuel their hatred. ‘Private school girl’ .. we all know what that’s code language for. Rumours of her being flown off of the island since then .. more code language and tin foil hat theories/hatred. Supposed ‘visitor’ .. now maybe long gone .. more code language .

      Where is the outrage over the young (16 year old)track and field girl who threw boiling water over a 19 year old team mate of hers while he was in bed s******g her mother who was twice his age ? Now there’s something to sink your teeth into.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        Oh , and lets’ not forget all the children borne to ‘Bermudian girls’ under 16 , 15 ,14 ,13 fathered by guys years older than them in the last 50 years or so .

        Where’s the outrage there ? Nary a word spoken or a court case to be seen .

        Take you fake outrage and disgust and sit down .

        • Next says:

          Lots of anger coming from you. Stick to the topic at hand or shut up.

        • Make a new plan Stan says:

          You are sounding extremely defensive perhaps because what happened rattled you to your core. Perhaps the idea of WHO did whatever and WHERE they did whatever is more than a little troubling to you….so you are coming out swinging.

          Just so you know…….People are always talking about young mothers……children abandoned by their fathers etc……people DO get outraged by the things you mentioned BUT…….maybe you didn’t notice because of who the people were that were involved. Now whose bias is showing?

          When was the last time we had people having sex at Cupmatch or any other similar event in a location where so many people could see them?

          I do not think that it’s ‘faux outrage’……the outrage is REAL……people are not pretending to be ‘outraged’ by this at all……it was an outrageous incident…….or maybe this is normal to you.

          Don’t panic everything will soon be back to normal and everyone will return to their pre-determined deviant behaviors and all will be right with the world.

          Out of curiosity…….Why did you put Bermudian girls in quotes?

        • Over that period many young adult males have been charged with statutory rape and convicted.

        • Michelle says:

          So I guess where you come from teen age girls never have children for older guys. Hey why don’t you just Toodle-ooooooooooooooo all the way back to where you came from!

          • Toodle-oo says:

            If that’s what you read into/from that post then you’re just further and hard proof that the literacy and cognitive thought skills on this forum are appallingly poor.

            And I don’t have to go back anywhere .

      • Time Shall Tell says:

        You mean the case that’s already in from of the courts?

        • Time Shall Tell says:

          front of the courts?

          • Raymond Ray says:

            We possibly have all heard the name of this individual and are now wondering why he hasn’t been charged for such behavior.
            Could it be one of these two reasons,(1)He isn’t Bermudian and has left the Island or, as rumor has it,(2)his family is a prominent local family? You decide…

            • Onion juice says:

              Nothing new, this S!@#’s been going on for ever all over the world.
              I’ve been telling you his ice is colder.

            • AF87 says:

              Ray, I assume you’ve taken your information to the police? As far as I have heard, they have not been able to name this “gentleman” as yet. Please do your duty and report this.

      • Next says:

        Well he was 19 and of legal age. Why does that deserve outrage? She went to court and got her punishment. Your comment is quite possibly the dumbest comment ever posted on Bernews.

        • Oliver says:

          Well, this seems to have gone waaay over your head!
          The fact that as you put it ” he is 19 and of legal age” is exactly why there should be outrage!
          The young girl is a minor and tho it is disgusting that she partook in this disrespectful act, she being a minor is not legally of age to give consent to do such an act. Therefore the 19 year old has clearly taken advantage of this child and committed statutory rape!
          He should have been brought before the courts loooong before the child!

      • Surprised says:

        @toodle-oo, I am really surprised that you would even think to compare this public, indecent, act to a court case, that at least made it to court. Keep in mind, that those involved in the court case was not out in public being indecent. Get it right, the young male is 21, a consenting adult, not a 19 or 15 year old minor. You also mentioned whatever the male and mom were doing, but at least it was in the privacy of her home and not out in public, getting from a older man, while she was underage. You also mentioned young Bermudian girls having babies. News flash, Bermuda’s population is getting older, not younger, therefore the prevalence of underage pregnancy is not as bad as other parts of the world, but I will still not excuse this, it is definitely still an issue and I don’t care if the individuals involved are white, black or other, right is right and wrong is wrong. The point is, this male should be arrested. If he were black, they would have remanded him in prison by now. That is the outrage! How can it be okay, for this to happen to a minor, no matter what her race is, even though, if the colour was different, this would have panned out a lot differently. Is it okay because the people involved may be privilged? Should people not be outraged? Should something not come from this? Is it okay? This type of comment is what fuels hate! How can we all be equal when incidents of this nature show us how much we are different. Very Very Sad and disgusting. People are outraged and rightfully so. I guess prestige and hierarchy will always be around. I try to live my life fair, no matter, who, what, where and when. Let’s really come together, no matter what our differences are and take a stand against what is wrong and try to make it right. Unbelievable!!!

    • Okay so until all murders are solved no need to investigate any allegations of statutory rape even those taking place in public?

      • Perspective says:

        No Larry, just an observation that the public concern themselves with relative pettiness more than serious crime. Thats why your columns, although thorough, dont receive as much input as a teenage sex story.

        • Michelle says:

          Please Perspective you keep talking your rhetoric why not give some real perspective and tell us your real name?

        • Furb1960 says:

          @ Perspective

          Have you lost your God living mind ….. pettiness…..
          are you for real. What has been displayed on this video is
          a crime, actually a few crimes if the truth be told. I am not sure what race you are…. but your comments will lead to assumptions that need not be made. This is disgusting, to the core of all of our family values. This child was a minor and this guy clearly not. That is rape!!!!
          Your thoughts on this subject are “petty”

          • Betty Boop says:

            No, it’s not rape if it was consensual between them both, but the girl, I understand, was under the age of 16 years and so it’s considered sexual abuse against a minor. Now if she was willing, which I believe she was, then there maybe just a charge of Public Indecency. No matter what they’re charged with it is disgusting and no one wants to see that displayed anywhere and especially at Cup Match where there are hundreds. Good example of people behaving badly.

            • Oliver says:

              Betty Boop you are wrong there. A minor is not of age to give consent to sexual intercourse at all, especially with an adult!
              This is clearly statutory rape, no two ways about it!
              And it should be treated as such.

    • keep it real says:

      The real underlying issue is that every other month we see news articles stating older black male convicted of having sex with an underage girl. They have been convicted via text messages and or social media post. Some of our so called esteemed members of the Charity world here in Bermuda call for stronger punishments for these crimes. Now we have a video capturing a older white male and underage white female, and we clearly see the bias in handing out punishment in regards to the law. The level of absurd comments seen here today is a clear biases in regards to race relations in terms of use of the law. The fact remains the amount of police cameras in and around the cup match is more than enough to capture this assailant or rapist as he will be defined in a court of law. That being said I guess the old adage is “white men do not commit crimes in Bermuda”… bang the horse is out of the stable.

      • Politricks says:

        I challenge you to point out where anyone ever said white men don’t commit crime in BDA.

  2. Kangoocar says:

    While I agree wth roban that this person needs to be caught and put in front of the courts as soon as possible, I just wish they put the same amount of energy into demanding the OBA do something quickly about finding the $800 million that went unaccounted for under their watch???

    • Not so Safe says:

      I think you got a bit confused on this one.

      • Kangoocar says:

        Under the plp watch, does that clear up the confusion?

        • Kangoocar says:

          After anylizing the dislikes, one can easily see Alaska hall is open tonight?? Obviously sipping on the special plp tea and munching on the brownies??? You plpers are nothing but pathetic and desperate!!!!

          • Next says:

            Shut the hell up. Every day without fail and no matter the topic you are on here yapping about the PLP.

    • impressive. says:

      never miss an opportunity do you? ;-)

    • frank says:

      Kangoocar this was an indecent act committed in a public place and should not go unpunished
      No matter who they are.

      • Zevon says:

        The throwing of boiling water over someone to deliberately injure them went unpunished.

        • Make a new plan Stan says:

          Read it again……there was a DEFERMENT of punishment with conditions attached…….and what has that incident got to do with what happened at Cupmatch other than they are both in the news at the same time?

          If you can point out the similarities between the two incidents other than what I stated above I would be extremely grateful.

        • Time Shall Tell says:

          Even if by your terms that case went “unpunished” where true, it still went before the courts & THAT’S the point. Let the courts decide.

      • Zevon says:

        I say get him in court asap so he can get his Conditional Discharge.

    • loverboy says:

      U mean the ubp… ignoramus

    • Oliver says:

      Come on now! What is your problem?!?
      Surely you are not so lost. Have you no morals? Or perhaps, is the reality of this situation hitting a little too close to home for you? You’re making yourself sound like you value money more than decency. Smdh!

    • Oliver says:

      I’d bet that the oba have tried their best to figure out where the $800 million that you speak about went to. Problem is, there is no video tape to show them that a crime has been committed by the PLP.
      However, if we get back to this topic at hand, namely the cup match incident, all one has to do is press play and BAM it right there as clear as day. There is no doubt that a crime has been committed!
      Additionally, the police know darn well that that little girl knows exactly who the guy is! Why should she be allowed to withhold this information?

  3. Sick & Tired says:

    So let me get this right . . .my tax paying dollars are paying for all this advertisement, police time to find a male who was having sex with a whatever age young lady who was fully participatory . . .and the reason that she hasn’t stated who he is is what??????????????????????????

    Someone please tell me!!!

    • Statutory Rape

      Sexual intercourse by an adult with a person below a statutorily designated age.

      Your tax paying dollars are are being spent to bring this alleged criminal to justice. A grown man engaging in a sexual act of any kind with a minor is not only repulsive but also illegal.

      • crackattack says:

        Do you know what else is illegal, Mr Marshall? The shootings and assaults and the 200+ vehicles that have been stolen so far this year but not found. I know it’s a hard pill to swallow but there are bigger criminals to chase than a guy having consensual sex with an underage girl. Especially when i’m sure she wants nothing more than for this entire story to go away. There is no reason for this to be getting more police attention than any of the multitude of more serious crimes going on at the moment

        • So you are equating stolen vehicles with statutory rape? And for the record it is totally irrelevant whether the minor was a willing participant.

          Also the reason this is getting so much public attention is because it was filmed and despite that there has been no arrest.

          • gta says:

            How do you know the male involved is of legal age, do you know who he is and how old he is, I suggest you inform the police. The speculation and rumors around this is mind boggling, if this wasn’t video taped and distributed there would be no story to report and no outrage.

          • brigadooner says:

            If you know the man well enough to know his age, just give us his name then as well.

            • Surprised says:

              If the man is a minor as well then the police owe it to the public to reveal that as it was a disrespectful act that happened in public.

          • Zevon says:

            So you’re all for enforcing the written law now, Larry. Got it.

            • Surely you are not stupid enough to compare fighting for ones’ constitutional rights with permanently ruining a young girls reputation by engaging in a lewd act at Cup Match of all places.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      I find Mr. Roban’s statement to be purely pot stirring for politically purposes and completely unnecessary, if he has has been inundated with calls from people who are concerned the the person hasn’t been identified, surely someone in that inundation should have been able to identify him. The police can’t ID him without public help. The video is fuzzy with very little definition to use for accurate facial recognition, even if he was a local and they could use TCD or passport photos. And if he was a foreigner, where would they get his picture from??? When is Mr. Roban going to actually make a statement that is actually productive, does he actually have any information that is useful to the police… if he doesn’t have something to provide to the police, then it is obvious that he doesn’t take this as seriously as the police. Just like everytime he talks about hearsay stories of immigration violations in the media, rather than going to immigration with the information.

    • Devonshire says:

      !! “fully participatory”?!?! So as long as you are seen to “participate” – a sex crime involving a person not legally deemed old enough for consent, is ok? UNREAL!

  4. smh says:

    So much of this goes on but they were stupid enough to get caught on video. I have to agree with “Perspective”.

  5. Watcher says:

    Facial recognition software on grainy cell phone video. What planet does this guy live on? It’s absolutely unbelievable what the opposition will try and make a political football out of. When the PLP were in power they complained bitterly that they had no control over the police and it was the governors issues why suddenly now is it the premier and Barons problem. A young girl who clearly has her own issues is the victim here not the supposed horde of people who are calling you asking for answers.
    was there even a discussion on how ridiculous and to e deaf this press release would sound. I’m flabbergasted

    • Anbu says:

      Facial recognition software?!!! LMFAO the cctv cameras island wide dont even work! Lol guys have jokes. Hahahaha what makes anyone here think that kind of tech is up and running here?! Lmao

  6. DRE says:

    really, so you think these kids havnt seen their family members getting it in somewhere. Or on the beach. Yall need to stop this witch hunt. It happened get over it. Those kids see more on TV and their own parents collections of porn or the internet. Stop being so righteous and move on

    • Just sayin says:

      Happens at another event every year. Not why peoe are making so much fuss. Yes she was a minor And knew exactly what she was doing. But personaly I don’t think the opposition are getting calls I think the opposition is trying to keep it alive Her family sent her out of Bermuda I am sure they just want it out behind them

    • “really, so you think these kids haven’t seen their family members getting it in somewhere. Or on the beach.”

      Are you seriously suggesting that statutory rape is somehow okay because kids nowadays see their family members getting it on somewhere or at the beach? What part of Bermuda do you live in? So what if they watch more on TV?

      That has absolutely nothing with what is alleged to have taken place at Cup Match! Why are some people going to such great lengths defending the despicable behavior seen on this video tape?

      This is not a witch hunt by any stretch of the imagination. Right minded people are demanding that the matter be investigated especially because a minor is involved. You say stop being righteous which means we are to become unrighteous?

  7. untidy says:

    And what about the individual or individuals that filmed and circulated it?? Are they being hunted down as well?? I hope so.

  8. Seriously... says:

    How about we find out where the PLP “lost” all our money first.

    Frankly I don’t care about these two. It was wrong, yeah, but I have seen a lot more f*^^^%%& up s*%t go down at events

    • Hoolieh says:

      For the sake of the minor involved, PLEASE DO NOT make this a political issue. We need to act responsibly to help ensure her well-being.


      • Just sayin says:

        Tell that to Mr Roban who I think is just trying to keep the issue alive. He’s Probley heard who they say these 2 are and want the public to hear it from the police. Get on with what’s important.

        • Michelle says:

          Just Say your name and further more if you don’t like Bermudians, or black folks or people who represent and support the PLP then pack ya S@#$)and go!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Useless says:

        The younger generation from what I have seen has been seriously corrupted by media etc (Thanks Miley C). What happened to runnin dub plates and bunnin herbs… The future looks….retarded

    • Surprised says:

      Why are you making this political. Who cares how many things you have seen down at events. This one was captured on video and circulated. Stick to this story.

  9. Zevon says:

    Roban thinks we have ‘facial recognition software that could be run’?
    He’s been watching too many FBI movies. I’m surpised he doesn’t ask why the police haven’t put out an APB.

  10. BillsYourUncle says:

    Chasing skirts is like 70% of the reason that locals go to Cupmatch. I’ve seen much worse at a concert. Calm ya neck

  11. Toleratate says:

    Wait for it…..

  12. Awake says:

    If the IDIOTS, who recorded this incident would have used their BRAINS and reported it to any one of the cops on duty at the Game, we wouldn’t be looking for anyone now, would we? Have the videographers been arrested yet for recording and sharing the recordings on social media? Can Mr. Roban answer this question since he seems to know the answers to everything else?

    • who would do that says:

      Everyone one at the game was probably feeling nice to be worrying about this

  13. What D Flop says:

    Weren’t d cops at cup match? Dont see why people wouldn’t say anything to a person committing such an act in public. What d hell is this world coming to

    • Just sayin says:

      How about the people that were above them in the bleechers. Instead of throwing coolers of water on them they should have gone and got the police. There are plenty of people to blame.

    • Second says:

      We as Bermudians have to take some responsibility for allowing this to go on at a cultural and family event. Forget your new technology. The police should have been summoned immediately and steps taken by onlookers to stop them. If I had come by with my grandchild I certainly would have looked for a piece of stick to beat their a__es with. I would have spent the rest of my holiday with the Police for taking matters into my own hands. Where is our national pride? I could care less for those two. They showed us what they think of us!

  14. kermit says:

    So why is it that the young female cannot provide the name of the ‘gentleman’ in the video…? Or are names not a thing anymore before engaging in sexual activity?


  15. Triangle Drifter says:

    Unbelieveable!!! So much effort over something where nobody got hurt, nothing was stolen, does not involve illegal drugs, was consensual between the two individuals.

    The young girl will be remembered for it for a long long time. Such are the poor choices in life. It is not was done but where it was done. Big deal!

    • Next says:

      You’re an idiot aren’t you? I suppose according to dumb male logic if a 12 year old “consented” that would be fine? Looks like you are sexist as well. She will be remembered for it and not him? I suppose grown men having sex with minors in plain view on Front Street is okay because nothing was stolen and no one was hurt? Great logic.

      • Oliver says:

        Yup! Triangle Drifter sounds like an idiot to me!

    • stunned... says:

      BD, seriously?…are you the real Triangle Drifter? if the girl cannot or won’t identify the male half of her sexual encounter, and was allegedly underage, then the BPS must be competent and pursue all avenues in this case. even if they were both of legal age, there is still the offense of inappropriate behaviour at a public venue that needs to be dealt with in court.

  16. Say Whaat? says:

    Remember this the next time a minor is accused of ANYTHING! Stealing, vandalism, etc. If she can get off for this consensual act, then no minor should be locked up for anything.

    • tobp says:

      Exactly. This double standard needs to stop.

    • WayaDumb says:

      Two people who agree to have sex are nothing like a thieve or a vandal. There is no double standard. Sex is a natural part of life. They hurt nobody.

      • SteadyDiShip says:

        Sex in public is illegal… The guy committed a crime because she is underage and so did she for being in public.. Its definitely a double standard.

    • frank says:

      I did not want to say it but here it is white girl from a well known family attending a private school
      Parents send her out of Bermuda .

  17. panamera says:

    what is the point from what the comments mention above the girl was a willing participant so why not ask her who he was. we Bermudians have more important issues than to worry about than some young girl un lucky enough to get caught.

  18. Dis bie says:

    How about you just ask the girl who he is. Oh wait…

  19. Time Shall Tell says:

    Westgate already has individuals locked up for this same act but at least their act was in private, if the courts saw fit to lock these individuals up for this act then it must be against the law. Why are people calling to just let this go? 100% sure you found out you under age daughter was caught having sex with an adult you wouldn’t be singing the same tune. The statutory rape doesn’t even start to cover the public indecency issues here which too there are people spending time at Westgate for. So at the least there are two crimes that have been caught on video here which Westgate has individuals making up the long term guest lists for yet for some reason people people want to sing a tune right of Frozen 7 just “let it go”…….. hmmmm wonder why?

    • Well said!!!!

    • Butholewarrior says:

      Can anyone here say “unlawful carnal knowledge”…..this guy was on vacation, do you think he stopped to ask how old she was…….highly unlikely.

  20. jt says:

    The PLP have been “Inundated with calls”.

    I doubt this is true.

  21. Unknown says:

    Seriously why are you even lookin for d guy. They should be looking for the parents n finding out why their daughter thinks its okay to engage in such activites. Like people have said perviously its unsolved murders out there but ya worrying about dis lol i guess priority has a new meaning!!!! #SolveARealMurder

    • Next says:

      So it is wrong for her and not wrong for him. Let me guess…you’re a man. You idiots keep singing the same tune and repeating others like a broken record. This case and murders are not mutually exclusive. The police force does not stop to just find this one guy.

    • Oliver says:

      Hold up. Wait a minute guy. You’re making people think that men are dumb idiots! You do realize that the girl was being statutorily raped right? Regardless of how it looked, the fact is that she is under age to give consent to an adult to do what he did to her and he should be held accountable. SIMPLE!

      • lmao says:

        Since you know with out a reasonable that the man was an adult over the age of 18 why you don’t tell the police exactly who he is. Wait.nyou don’t know how o,d the boy is he could in fact be just as old as her. Fact is SHE Was recognized she was identified not him, of course she going get in more trouble. Point is she as well as he know they possibility of getting caught while having sex outside and yet still did nobody is a victim here

  22. ganjamon says:

    She knew what she was doing and for anyone who thinks this is something knew for a 15yr old needs to wake up. Like it or not 75% of teens around 16 are doing the same thing.

    • Oliver says:

      Not with adults!
      If you’ve ever done such a thing to a minor I’d bet you the value of all the tea in China that you wouldn’t go into the police station and tell them that you did!
      You know why? Because you know that it’s a crime! Prove me wrong!

  23. D says:

    He is wearing shades sooo it would be hard to figure out who he is

  24. Raban get a life says:

    one simple question to Mr Roban…..
    Did you personally make contact with the Police, Commissioner and or Officer in charge of the investigation to get a perspective on where the investigation is?

    Sad to see a politician get involved in an investigation that is 10 days old??? Please do not use the USA’s tactics in Bermuda. We simply are not there…….the influence of TV and the outstanding cases with police brutality is driving the fear of law enforcement.

  25. For Real says:

    It’s $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ protecting $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    If it was a person of Color they would have had him the same day it happened.- we know the deal.

  26. Huh says:

    “This incident was disrespectful to the meaning behind Cup Match; was disrespectful to the fans of Cup Match; was disrespectful to fellow attendees at Cup Match. WOW – JUST INCREDIBLE – PLP NEVER mentions any concern or disrespect whatsoever for the young victim!! PLP have once again reached another shameful low

  27. hmmm says:

    Well does prove that a visor ban for motorcycles would be pointless! If gunmen just wear shades like that fellow, then they know they’ll be totally incognito!

  28. Next says:

    I bet if he were a few shades darker the comments would be calling for him to be executed in the middle of Hamilton for all to witness. I bet if he were a few shades darker he would be in police custody already. Lots and lots of statutory rapists on this island and in the comments making excuses.

  29. Dangel says:

    The real but said issue is CHOICE. It seems very obvious that there were other factors at play – possible alcohol or some other mind altering drug. This young girl and her family have to live with the consequences of that bad Choice for the rest of their lives. I hope that this will be a time of healing and that the young girl gets the help and support that she needs. PRIDE Bermuda has been in existence since 1986 and provides excellent education and strategies for young people and adults.

    If there were no mind altering drugs involved then other questions are raised. The fact that the male involved has not been identified, according to reports, raises serious moral values.

    The family units are not what they used to be and that is what is causing the moral decay and societal problems in this island today. I hope that persons will pray for the young girl and her family and the island as a whole as it was mentioned in a comment above that this happens all the time.

  30. Alvin Williams says:

    Lets tell the truth; I did not see the video; but it appears that the two who were involved were white and because it taking so long to bring the male to book; there is a rising suspicion within the black community that a slow moving justice system is tainted by race. It has happen before I remember white high school students skinny dipping where was it? at the Bacardi building water poll. The police were involved; but than we did not hear any more about it; at least I did not hear of a court appearance? Than there is the idea of cup-match been debauched by this act. Now I have read some opinions that seem to play it down; But I wonder if a similar thing were to happen near the grounds of the up coming America’s Cup; than what would be the opinions be?

    • Zevon says:

      His face is all over the news Alvin. Not good enough for you.

    • aceboy says:

      Did you also read about the white guy streaking on the beach who was in fact in court for indecent exposure? He did so on a dare. He has since left the island. This isn’t about race, it is about political point scoring.

    • hmmm says:

      Nobody seems to know who the hell this person is !! if that was determined, then they could arrest him.

  31. Aaron says:

    What is wrong with my people? I can’t believe the trash I’m reading! Right is right and wrong is wrong! How do you get to pick what to pursue and what to let go? I know wrong color! Anybody that thinks that that was minor has a problem and that explains why my black men are getting thrown away for every and anything! Unreal!!!

  32. Duh!!!!! says:

    He is white!

  33. Banana says:

    What is interesting here is that this boy/man is having his likeness slandered all over the Internet when not only do we not know who he is, but we also do not know his difinitive age. If we knew his age difinitively, we should also have other info about him. But we don’t. What if he turns out to be under age also? Then we’ve ruined this persons life? I think this whole thing is being totally mishandled and is ethically and morally out of line on so many levels.

  34. Roosevelt says:

    You have to charge both of them for driving under the influenced and the person who served the under aged girl alcohol.

  35. blowmyfish says:

    Why no mention of the holy bible by Mr Roban?

  36. nomoremoney says:

    I like how he refers to “Bermudian parents” want to know. Does that exclude other parents, who may be Bermudian?

  37. Coffee says:

    He looks like the same unknown guy who snatched that poor visitors purse out of her rental basket last summer in the vicinity of Astwood Cove ! Find him and you’ve solved two crimes with one !

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Now we know why your posts are always so stupid and biased. You’re very poorly read !

  38. blazer says:


  39. smh says:

    lets call a spade a spade…They are wealthy, Light Skinned, and In Bermuda hmmmm this to shall just get swept under the Mat.

  40. Patricia says:

    Help me understand. Cant the girl involved identify the young man?

  41. Silence Do Good says:

    Well I am glad that at a public event the biggest news story is love not war!

    I am not condoning the behavior of two of age or not of age, consensual or outside the law for age or social norms of standards. These two individuals acted inappropriately! They face the shame and possible charges for their indiscretion which should be the end of it.

    No, instead we Bermudians have to use this minor event (love not war) as sounding board for political motives while distracting the official and police from engaging more serious issues facing the community.

    Let us all try and focus on more relevant crimes against our society. Please contact the police about your family members who are known to break the laws and continue to cause our small community to hurt in so many other areas. You can stop the perpetrators of crime.

  42. Enough says:

    Some of the comments on here are appalling. Attempting to make an issue out of him not being caught yet because he is white?? Pathetic and frankly racist. What about all the other crimes that have gone unsolved here despite video surveillance being involved. It isn’t about race, it’s about people either not speaking up on such a small island and the police being unable to do their jobs properly.

    Have we heard any more about those two individuals who robbed bags from a tourist bike on south road by Astwood Park last year?? Not everyone gets caught here, black or white, so get over trying to make this into a white privilege topic as that holds no weight whatsoever.

  43. Loquatz says:

    Who was serving alcohol in such quantities to a minor? Let’s face it: Cup Match is not so much a cricket game as a mass binge drinking event.

  44. Something is wrong says:

    What does color have to do with it? If he was black, he would be in jail by now? How demented can one get? Don’t get me wrong, he needs to be identified and it needs to be ascertained if he was of legal age. Color has nothing to do with it.

    Let’s be honest, for those of us who went to Cupmatch and even the May 24 th parade, did u not smell the distinct smell of marijuana? At Cupmatch and even on Front street the stench of weed was very present. And whatever my views on weed may or may not be, it is illegal. There is no witch hunt for black people, there is no witch hunt for whites, there are no police shooting the citizens. Stop making this a political or racial issue. It’s pathetic.

    It’s obvious that some sort of intoxication was involved. Perhaps both cricket clubs should institute policies to try and prevent minors from being able to get alcohol at the game. for instance, at the entrance, those with ID proving they are over 18 should get a wrist band which would allow them to purchase alcohol at the bar or even get free booze at the crown and anchor tables. No wristband, no alcohol. Very simple, very effective.

    And I support those comments which urge anyone with information to contact police. Stop making this about race or politics, because it’s not.

  45. Barbara D Cooper says:

    Undoubtedly the male culprit has ‘flown de coop’ !!

  46. MG says:

    Reading some of these comments I feel like I’m missing something. Is this what our society has come to? Do we now pick and choose what is a crime from what isn’t? Do we now make up the law as we go on a case to case basis? Are you people not aware that there are people in westgate serving time for this exact offense most of which were committed in private and were not video taped. According to the logic of some of these comments all of those people should be immediately set free, because apparently they didn’t actually commit a crime. I don’t care if these persons were black, white, purple or pink a crime is a crime is a damn crime, and if we don’t teach our children now about morally acceptable behavior and that there are consequences to their actions than what type of example are we as a society setting.

    • Furb1960 says:

      After reading all of the prejudicial comments…. it seems that a certain majority feel its ok, and what’s the fuss. That attitude is exactly what is portrayed to these kids. Quite frankly they acted like KIDS…. But MG has hit the nail on the head. People are not making this a racist issue. It is what it is, and for anybody whom thinks this is no big deal, that is the issue. We said MG, exactly on point

  47. Triangle Drifter says:

    As usual for Bermuda, a storm in a teacup. Next we will get the very original GATE tacked onto the end of it.

    The usual racists are out in force though this has nothing to do with race other than perhaps that the couple happens to be white. The usual politicians are out as well flapping their jaws trying to score some points.

    The heat of the moment knows no racial divides.

    Let it go. Add it to all those other unsolved heinious unsolved crimes.

  48. Be Realistic says:

    Mr. Roban, is it only Bermudian parents who are allowed to call you or can anyone join in? Your comments are inflammatory and you should think before you speak – but you knew that didn’t you. American, Canadian, British, Filipino parents etc are all just as worried but you have to make it about ‘them and us’ don’t you.

  49. Ms. Poli Tician says:

    So, from now on, I assume we will get a picture of every accused, and convicted, sex offender? Because that is what has happened in this case. And we have to be unbiased, moving forward, and treat all cases the same.

  50. Just a matter of time says:

    This is one of the strangest cases I have seen which has brought to the surface a good many of our social ills. And reading the comments on this board showing complete apathy to the crime of a statutory rape of a minor and a public act of indecency are astounding. But again not surprising especially from those regular bloggers who somehow have the obsessive compulsive disorder to always connect any and anything to the PLP including this.

    To those who say ‘let it go’ again it shows that the CRIME of statutory rape of a 15 year old minor is absolutely meaningless. The fact that there are those here on this board who believe that if having sex with a minor is consensual then it’s ok says is frightening. To those who think all of this fuss is just because they are white are right to a large extent. Why? Because Black people are tired of seeing the huge disparity given out in the justice system that allows local whites for the most part to use their white privilege at a moment’s notice to ‘flee the island’ to escape some type of accountability. This is not the first time. While we should rightly treat the 15 year old minor as the victim of statutory rape, shouldn’t we also criminalize her for public indecency? If a 15 year old Black boy is caught robbing someone’s house, what happens? What if he is caught in Fairylands or Tuckers Town? Would this be ‘let go’? I would bet all I have that it wouldn’t. The double standards are amazing. Because most (e.g. Blacks) can’t flee using the benefit of any type of privilege, this is why our jails are majority black promoting the pathology, especially to whites, that only blacks commit crimes. Hence their constant fear of us.

    This case is yet another microcosm of the sick polarization we have in this ‘polite’ society. This case never states where the parents of the 15 year old are conducting the investigation to find this guy. You mean the girl doesn’t know? Her friends? The company they may have been with at Cup Match? It’s hard to believe that absolutely no one in their camp doesn’t know anything??.. Nor does it state that the 15 year old is being held to account just like any other minor in this society. Why not extradite her back to the island if she is local? I don’t know but it seems like a lot of covering up is going on helped a lot by having such privilege. And long as this continues our social and racial ills continue to grow and fester.

    • JustAskin2 says:

      Totally agree, and I have to say this: wonder what the comments would be like on this article if the man shown in the video was black? In that case I wonder how fast he would be caught and named by police?

      In my opinion this man is an animal and needs to be named, shamed, caught and convicted.

      • BH76873 says:

        He’s an animal because she was 15? The law is the law, yes, but let’s not go crazy here. What if she was 15 and 364 days old? 16 and 1 day old? Not much difference between the two but one makes him an animal and one doesn’t? 15 IMO is old enough to consent and be fully ‘able’ to make that decision. The age of consent is just a made up # anyway.

    • Enough says:

      Would you like some dip to go with that chip on your shoulder??

      This has got nothing to do with race so let it go and quit playing that card.

    • Second says:

      We’re held responsible for our animals but not our children???

    • lmao says:

      Can you prove with out a reasonable doubt the man was NOT a minor?’

  51. little-mischief says:

    Really?? This is still in the news?? Who the hell cares who he is? Its over! Who hasn’t had sex in public?? They only got caught! And I do understand that they did it front of others, they are wrong.. But who really cares? Get over it!

    • MG says:

      We really and this is news because ACTUAL PEOPLE ARE SERVING SENTENCES IN JAIL FOR DOING THE SAME THING!!!!!!!!! Also because at least 3 criminal offences were committed. And another point at 15 I wasn’t having sex let alone in public in broad day light at cupmatch, mainly because My MOTHER taught me BETTER.

  52. Alafiyah says:

    If the concerned public (as they are claiming) and saw this indecent act, then rather than filming it and putting it out on social media, why didn’t they stop it. I don’t condone such PDA, but what does the young woman say, is it rape? under age consent (still unlawful)? This person may have been a guest to our island, she’s the person with the truth and knows what happen. Did she call for help when this person was performing this indecent act. Where were her friends, parents when this was going down. There are more Q than A … not blaming her, but Just sayin!

  53. Just a matter of time says:

    @little-mischief. A 15 year old minor was involved that’s why.

  54. islandgal says:

    This was a 100 year old celebration of the freedom of slaves, but I should not concern myself with two people like that degrading my heritage celebration? What am I missing?

  55. Furb1960 says:

    If indeed this guy was a tourist or foreigner…. imagine what is to come. America’s Cup…. anyone?

  56. Paz says:

    From my discussions with young people, there are a significant percentage of 15 year olds that have had sexual intercourse. More girls than boys as they mature faster. Of course, in the old days and in some cultures still, many young girls are mothers at that age.

    I think that this situation is more complex. Personally, I find it hard (though it is the law) to consider the act of sex with a 15 year old to be rape if she was aware of what she was doing, has had sex before and consented to the act. To me, the issue in this case was whether the older person was taking advantage of her because she was intoxicated or her youth led her to supporting the man’s very bad decision.

    I am very concerned about the behavior of the man in this case. What kind of person does this in full public view to a young girl and does not stop when requested? He is standing and is capable of sex so drunkenness is no excuse. If he can do this with no remorse, then what else is he capable of? Society needs to hold him accountable.

  57. stunned... says:

    omg is that Robin Thicke?