Photos: Day 2 Of Cup Match 2015 In St. George’s

August 3, 2015

The Cup Match rivalry between Somerset and St. George’s saw fans continuing to offer support to their favorite club throughout the second day [July 31] of the Classic.

Besides the the much anticipated cricket match, the Cup Match holiday’s camping, concerts, and more continued to bring everyone on the island together as they supported their favorite team and enjoyed themselves.


For photos of the first day of Cup Match cricket action, click here and here. For a look at the well-decorated home of a St. George’s fan, click here. Photos of Cup Match celebrations at Elbow’s Beach can be seen here, while photos of the Olde Towne Market’s Cup Match theme can be seen by clicking here.

For a look at the pre-Cup Match set up process at SCGG, click here; photos of campers who braved the wet weather ahead of the holiday can be seen here. For photos of the Cup Match Summer Splash concert, click here; for photos of the Chewstick Emancipation Concert, click here. Photos and video of the Cup Match reception at Camden can be seen here, while photos of the Emancipation Celebration can be seen by clicking here.

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