Auxiliary Cycle Rider Hospitalized After Collision

November 6, 2015

[Updated] A man riding an auxiliary cycle was hospitalized tonight [Nov 5] after the bike he was riding was involved in a collision with a car at approximately 10.30pm on North Shore Road, Hamilton Parish near the junction with Sleepy Hollow Drive.

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Traffic flow was diverted away from the area as Police and Fire Service personnel tended to the injured rider before an attending ambulance transported the man to King Edward Memorial Hospital for treatment. The road was closed while a Traffic Collision Investigator and forensic photographer processed the scene.

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The cycle and car were removed and the area cleared of debris before the road was opened to traffic flow at approximately 1.15am. Details are limited at this time, however we will update with official information as able.

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Update 12.03pm Nov 6: A police spokesperson said, “Around 10:30pm on Thursday 5-Nov-2015 emergency services responded to a report of a road traffic collision along North Shore Road, Hamilton Parish near the junction with Sleepy Hollow Drive.

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“It was reported that an auxiliary cycle and a motorcar travelling in opposite directions were involved; resulting in the 34 year old male rider being hospitalized for leg injuries. The female driver of the motorcar did not appear to be injured in the collision.

“Police are appealing to anyone who may have witnessed this collision to call Southside Police Station on 293-2222.”

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  1. Micro says:

    Note the lack of a yellow centre line, due to it being worn out by people driving over the line constantly.

    Note the fading white dashed lines put there after the last accident on that corner some months ago involving three cars.

    The lines aren’t suggestions of where you should drive when going around that corner. Stay in your lane.

  2. mike says:

    I have seen motorcyclists round corner like a bat of hell. I hope this is not the case.

  3. Dog says:

    That crumbled up piece of metal is his bike? Boy lucky to be alive. Please people take your time and pay attention we all don’t want our mothers to get that call.