Law Firm Donates To 12 Bermuda Charities

February 23, 2016

Twelve charities have received more than $29,000, after benefiting from a commitment from a Bermuda law firm and their staff to helping organisations across the Island.

The Conyers Dill & Pearman Staff Benevolent Fund has raised more than $400,000 for local causes since it was established more than a decade ago. Employees who take part in the programme donate money from their salaries each month and the total is matched by the Firm.

Jennifer Williams, chairwoman of the Fund’s board, said it was originally set up so that staff at Conyers could pool funds and ultimately have a more significant impact providing assistance to organizations and individuals within our community who the staff wanted to support.

“We have now made more than 190 donations, supporting almost 120 charities. We hope that in some way, we have made a difference to a lot of local organisations,” said Ms Williams, who is Conyers’ Information Resources Manager.

The picture shows representatives from charities who received donations from the fund

CDP benev fund Bermuda Feb 23 2016

The latest recipients were:

  • Boccia Bermuda
  • Bermuda Brazilian Football School
  • Bermuda Society for the Blind
  • Francis Patton Primary School PTA
  • IMPACT Mentoring Academy
  • Southampton Rangers Sports Club
  • Bermuda Basketball Youth Federation
  • Project Action
  • Eliza Doolittle
  • Age Concern
  • Friends of Hospice
  • P.A.L.S

Ms Williams added: “The employees at Conyers are very proud of the support they have been able to give to local charities over the years in fulfilling needs within our community and they can be confident that their donations are going to worthy causes that are making a difference in Bermuda and the future of Bermuda.

“The support from the Firm’s directors has also been crucial in the success of this programme, which is even more important as charities in Bermuda continue to face funding challenges which could affect their all-important services.”

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  1. wahoo says:

    Good corporate citizens. Thank you!

  2. Project Action says:

    We at Project Action would like to share our sincerest appreciation to Conyers Dill & Pearman’s Staff Benevolent Fund for their generous donation to our charity which provides free transportation for our Seniors and the Physically Challenged. This donation is extremely helpful in keeping the Project Action bus servicing our Seniors, taking them to dialysis and various other appointments. Project Action is celebrating their 15th year of providing free transportation and are planning 2 major fundraisers. One of course will be a High Tea being planned by boards member Mrs. Marie Kent-Smith and her committee and the other event in the planning by boards member Mrs. Kimesha Butterfield and her committee, which she says will be an elegant gala event not to be missed.

  3. This kind of a story is what makes me proud to be Bermudian, and congrats to all who help to make this happen, especially those who give continuously behind the scenes, who is not heard or seen , but their deeds are felt and appreciated beyond that which most never get to experience.

    Well done!

  4. Nice jester, but why are these lawyers quiet when U.B.P made up de Harbour Front Law.