Walter Roban: Brexit’s Implications For Bermuda

June 25, 2016

“It is important that Bermuda’s future interest is not at risk and does not fall victim to any negative consequences the exit of the UK from the European Union may bring,” Shadow Minister of Home Affairs Walter Roban said.

The historic UK referendum saw the British vote — by 51.9% — to sever the country’s membership in the European Union, with Britain set to be the first country to leave the EU since its formation.

According to the BBC, the referendum turnout was 71.8% – with more than 30 million people voting – the highest turnout at a UK-wide vote since 1992.

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Mr Roban said, “The Progressive Labour Party takes note of the vote by the British electorate to leave the European Union on June 23, 2016.

“The result of 52% voting to leave the European Union, following a 72% turnout in the UK referendum, was historic.

“This will clearly have implications for Bermuda, not only with our relationship with the United Kingdom as an Overseas Territory; it will also change our relationship with the European Union.

“The effects of the possible changes will not be immediate, but will likely emerge as the UK moves forward with the process of negotiations and it’s departure from the European Union.

“It is important that all Bermudians take note that this decision will have long-term implications, impacting law, treaty arrangements, travel, residency and commercial activity.

“We call on Premier Dunkley and his Ministers to immediately deploy all the means available to properly assess what implications this change is going to have on Bermuda’s short-term as well as long-term interests.

“Any shortage of time wasted not solidifying our relationship with the European Union, which has evolved considerably over recent decades, should not be tolerated.

“It is important that Bermuda’s future interest is not at risk and does not fall victim to any negative consequences the exit of the UK from the European Union may bring.

“Further, we encourage the government to join us as we engage the people of Bermuda in the weeks and months ahead, allowing them to fully understand the impact this will have and why this departure is so significant to our island home.

“Simply stated, the Bermuda government must act, and act now. Decisive and immediate action will ensure opportunities that may be on the horizon as this change unfolds for Bermuda are taken seriously and not missed.”

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    WAFFLE!!!! In all of those fluffy words did he say anything of signifigance at all?

    Lets hear something from a recognised leader of the IB community not a politician looking for an open mike.

    • Farce says:

      Agree fully, Roban doesn’t actually say anything here.

      I mean what about UK solvency 2 equivalency – that is a massive advantage now for Bermuda. Something real and tangible.

      But you wouldn’t have a clue about that Walter.

  2. dancing troll says:

    you call on who? they or the minister of national security has not even made a sound concerning the planes flying to low and you are calling on who for what ? what about you what is your take on that ?

  3. steve says:

    Isnt this just another way of saying yesterdays joint announcement that”something has to be done”?
    I do know that whatever it is that must be done by the gov will opposed by you. thanks

  4. jt says:

    No clue. Deer in headlights.

  5. The Kid says:

    Walter you have no idea at all of what has changed for Bermudians… just for a start our right for our children to live and work in the European Union will most like disappear…

    Add to that the pension funds invested in the UK pound that have been hammered

    You don’t have a clue

  6. OBSERVER says:

    Thank you, Walton Roban for your insight and your intelligent responses to BREXIT!!
    Do you really think that Dunkley and his GROUP will adhere to your thoughts on “working together/”
    He is too far gone on Commission of Inquiry, his Immigration Reform nonsense….in putting foreigners ahead of people born in this country, etc.
    Keep up the good work, Mr. Roban and ignore the negativity from those persons who want to be citizens of this country through BASHING UP Bermudians, on a daily basis!!!
    That garbage happens nowhere else on this planet.

  7. Hmm mm! says:

    I basically just got booted from working without a visa in Europe and the freedom of movement in the EU now has me restricted. And let’s not forget my UK pension. Walter….you have no clue do you. You probably would have voted for the exit if you could just like the 50+ category had voted as well.

  8. Widget says:

    Dear Walter

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I would bet my house and farm you would have voted YES had you had the opportunity to do so., correct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Smoke and mirrors.

  9. bluebird says:

    There was chicken liken turkey lurkey ducky lucky and walter roban.
    the sky is falling in,lets all go tell the King.

  10. steve says:

    Is Mr Roban being paid to make comments in Bernews every day? And every day he reminds us that government cant be trusted. Well we already know that cause it was our government that put my grandchildren in dept without remorse.

  11. Peter says:

    Again the NO solution PLP with empty sound bites

  12. Ringmaster says:

    May I recommend Walter Roban to pay close attention to what is happening in the big world outside of Bermuda’s small village mentality? Brexit occurred on Friday and is unprecedented. No one, yes no one, knows what will take place in the days, weeks, months and years ahead. No world leaders or European politicians, elected or not elected, business people so how on earth is Mr Roban inviting the Government to join the PLP as the PLP engage the people of Bermuda? The Government and Bermuda business leaders have already spoken. It would make a positive change if the PLP joined them and learnt some facts and truth, but then that wouldn’t fit their purpose.

  13. “Any shortage of time wasted not solidifying our relationship with the European Union, which has evolved considerably over recent decades, should not be tolerated.” Didn’t know Bermuda even had a relationship with the E.U. apart from Britain.

    • Family Man says:

      Much less one that the PLP wants to cultivate and solidify.

  14. Bermyman says:

    Roban cannot begin to fathom the complexities of Britain exiting the EU.

  15. Northrock says:

    Wally, to those who never had any doubt about your inability to comprehend anything other than ….well, I’m struggling here…those beliefs have been confirmed. To those who blindly support you simply because….again, I’m struggling here….maybe a few more waffle statements that say absolutely nothing will help them internalize the fact that you and your colleagues should really concentrate on what you do best…be the Opposition forever.

  16. little girl says:

    Now watch the Bermudians bleeting about their rights and how they are now going to be limited in the UK and Europe .. oh my what irony . What about the rights of the people that have contributed 30+ years to our economy ,never asked for anything in benefits ,financial assistance because they do not qualify and we are hell bent on making sure that never happens for them.We however want to cry about OUR plight,how this might effect OUR rights to go to the UK after never contributing anything and claiming rights to an education , healthcare , any benefits going to make life easier for us! You could not make this up !

  17. Zevon says:

    He hates Britain yet he’s pissed off because he might not be able to go and live in Belgium or Turkey.