‘Brexit’ In Effect As Of 7pm Bermuda Time

January 31, 2020

The United Kingdom will officially leave the European Union as of 7.00pm Bermuda time this evening [Jan 31], beginning a transition period for the nation until a free trade agreement is reached.

A BBC story said, “The UK will officially leave the European Union at 23:00 GMT, ending 47 years of membership.

“Pro and anti-Brexit demonstrations and marches are being held across the country, as the UK flag is taken down from EU institutions in Brussels.

“Little will change immediately, as the UK begins a ‘transition period’.

“Most EU laws will continue to be in force – including the free movement of people – until the end of December, by which time the UK aims to have reached a permanent free trade agreement with the EU.

“Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said the country had to ‘move on’ after Brexit and needed to ‘make sure we maintain good relations’ with the EU and not ‘fall into the arms of a free trade deal with the United States’.”

A Guardian story said, “By midnight Brussels time [11pm GMT], the UK’s 47-year stay in the European club of nations will be history. British ministers will no longer play any part in agreeing EU laws and decisions.

“British diplomats will be denied routine access to EU buildings. And the UK’s 73 members of the European parliament and two judges at the European court of justice are out of a job.

“British flags in the EU council of ministers will be quietly taken down after office hours (although officials have relented on a previous ban on cameras). The flags will be stored in a cupboard along with those of other “third countries” – nations foreign to the EU.

“In the final hours of parting, European leaders sought to put a brave face on the loss of a big member state that brought economic and diplomatic heft to the club. “We know very well that as the sun rises tomorrow, a new chapter for our union of 27 will start,” said the president of the European commission, Ursula von der Leyen.”

Update 7.03pm: It’s official, the UK has officially left the EU.

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