Video: Teachers Union On T.N. Tatem Conditions

December 1, 2016

The Bermuda Union of Teachers held a press briefing this afternoon to address the conditions at the TN Tatem Middle School building; asking the Government to “stop politicizing this and make children their priority, and truly take care of the sick building.”

Today’s press briefing follows after ongoing issues regarding the school’s condition, and the release of the TN Tatem Middle School Facilities Inspection Report which details problems including signs of roach infestation, moldy stench inside room from poor ventilation and missing ceiling tiles.

The 13-page report also lists broken and unserviced air conditioning unit with mold, broken electrical sockets with exposed electrical wiring, missing ceiling tiles with exposed electrical wiring, urinal plumbing pipes shows sign of algae growth, leaking pipes, moldy cupboard drawers with insect/pest infestation and more.

The press conference has just concluded, and the 20-minute live video replay is below. The audio is somewhat low to begin with [sorry!] but does increase a few minutes into the video.

Earlier this week, Minister of Education Wayne Scott said: “I have met with the Government Health and Safety Officer to review his facilities inspection report at T. N. Tatem Middle School.

“The Health and Safety Officer has advised that school building is safe to be occupied and there are no imminent health and safety concerns based on the report.

“This report, however, underscores the need for thorough cleaning, electrical repairs, and repairing leaks and replace damaged ceiling tiles amongst other maintenance issues.

“I have asked our facilities team and the Ministry of Public Works team to prepare a full plan by December 9th including a timeline for addressing all items that been identified in the report.

“I can assure parents, teachers, staff and students that we will address these within the timeframe that has been set by the Health and Safety Officer,” Minister Scott added.

The TN Tatem Middle School Facilities Inspection Report follows below [PDF here]

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  1. LiarLiar says:

    A lot of these issues are simple clean up fixes. For example:

    - leaves on the ground
    - excess clutter in storage closets
    - dust on window sills
    - dirty and dusty rooms
    - waster water left in mop bucket with mop

    These are janitorial responsibilities, not W&Es.

    I can understand the need for mold abatement and electrical fixes. But the majority of the issues are basic cleaning issues that we all have to do in our own homes.

    Are there no janitors employed at TN Tatem. Most of these points do not require W&E involvement.

    • Politricks says:

      Here’s my favorite:

      “Poor ergonomic chair being used by teacher and a dusty white board”

  2. serengeti says:

    They called in sick when they were in fact not sick at all.

  3. Ahh says:

    Ah yeah, its not rocket science, it is cleanup and housekeeping issues. Everyone needs to stop pointing the finger, if this report calls for cleaning issues, what stopping a community effort of the school, because clearly the current condition is beyond the janitorial staff there. Seems they need a little help. This didnt happen over night, probably years and years of bad habits and i think all play a role in the condition of the school. Janitors, teachers, students and Prnicipal. All comes down to everyone taking pride in their school.

  4. watching says:

    the teachers called in sick as this would be the only thing to get this government’s attention.
    they have proven over and over that they don’t give a damn.

  5. bermuda beauty says:

    A lot of this cleaning sounds like it should be done by the custodians or a cleaning company. Sounds like the school just new a good old clean up !!!!!! Dust is something we just cant get away from here in bda. Question is was was done during the summer, when the minister said all the schools where ready. When really they wasn’t!!

  6. exchange says:

    What does any of this have to do with W&E??? Does the school not do basic cleaning? I would be embarrassed to publish this list of gripes and whinges.

    * Dirty couch
    * Dirty trophy display cabinet
    * Exterior of windows are dirty
    * Poor housekeeping and improper storage
    * Evidence of ants
    * No hand towels
    * Overgrown vegetation
    * Mail box shelves are dusty
    * Mop in dirty waste water

    Good good – are the people who wrote this the ones we rely upon to give our kids an education? Do they want parents to come to school to wipe the principals butt?

  7. clearasmud says:

    I thought that the Premiers responses were very poor and is reflective of the government’s inability to communicate effectively.

    • hmmm says:

      What are you attempting to communicate. What has it got to do with the laundry list of nonsense items?

  8. John says:

    I never knew Bermuda had mould ?!b!